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No one would take Yang Chen's joke se­ri­ously. However, what Yang Chen said that it was necessary for every elder to refine a puppet. Even if it was a master of the Yuanying stage, he could refine it.

Originally, the Pure Yang Palace had eight Yuanying stage ancestors, and later Lin Yunfeng died, but they got Zhu Chentao in addition, so it still eight. The Pure Yang Palace was not polite to Yang Chen, and wanted about eight corpses. As for the cul­ti­va­tion method tech­nique for re­fining pup­pets, the Pure Yang Palace still does not lack this thing.

Although Yu Kui and Xie Sha were also masters of the Yuanying stage, their cultivation was different from that of Dao Sect members. It was said that Yang Chen could only find a solution.

There were countless things sent out in a blink of an eye, but Yang Chen didn’t have the slightest distress. This was how he thought about the Pure Yang Palace, and with the decision of the Lord and elders, the things of the Pure Yang Palace were not much different from those of Yang Chen's, as long as he could use it,it could be freely used.

This kind of treatment, even a few elders couldn’t enjoy it, because their merits were not enough. But with Yang Chen's young age he was already above these elders.

What was rare wss that no one would have any dissatisfaction. After all, Yang Chen's things were actually taken out, no one could write it off.

Refining was not too difficult for Yuanying stage masters, although the corpse of the praying mantis used to be in the peak of the Yuanying stage, but after all, the monster core was still there, which made it even easier.

It was possible to double the Yuanying stage fighting power of the Pure Yang Palace in a short period of time. This was more important than anything else, and even surpasses the urgent need to go to the Blue Vault Moun­tain Im­mor­tal’s Cave.

Of course, Yang Chen would definitely insist that he would not leave at least until his master woke up. He thought everyone knew this, and so no one had taken the initiative to mention this. In the end, Yang Chen took the initiative to talk about the situation in the Im­mor­tal’s Cave.

“Please elders also prepare. When you go directly to the cave, you can collect it, move it back, and put it elsewhere. It's better to be overseas.” As he said, Yang Chen handed out a piece of jade slip. The method of collecting the Blue Vault Moun­tain Im­mor­tal’s Cave was recorded above.

This Im­mor­tal’s Cave was still very difficult for Yang Chen to collect. His cultivation base was not enough to collect it. However, the power of several elders in the Pure Yang Palace were able to collect the Im­mor­tal’s Cave in a stable manner.

In this way, the Blue Vault Moun­tain Im­mor­tal’s Cave would be truly grasped by the Pure Yang Palace, and the Pure Yang Palace disciples could more easily enter the Im­mor­tal’s Cave to cultivate. Of course, the disciples who could enter the Im­mor­tal’s Cave must also be loyal disciples who have undergone numerous tests.

It was also a great joy to hear and listen to the overseas Im­mor­tal’s Cave collection. Only in this way, the improvement of the strength of the people was becoming more and more important, and refining had become a top priority. Once someone was in danger in the process of collecting, they would be able to come in handy.

The Palace Mas­ter Zhang Jiao and several elders united several masters of the Yuanying stage, directly retreating, to refine the whole body. Yang Chen returned to his master's small courtyard.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw a white-clothed Gong­sun Ling. Upon seeing Yang Chen, Gong­sun Ling's eyes released an ex­tra­or­di­nary splen­dor, and she stood up with her teeth clenched. She couldn't help it anymore. She rushed over and rushed into Yang's arms.

Yang Chen's defense was not enough. When Gong­sun Ling's body was in his arms, he felt that it was not right, but he could not push Gong­sun Ling away at this time. He could only let Gong­sun Ling hold his neck and stick tightly to his own body.

Before Yang Chen felt embarrassed, Yang Chen had already heard the cry of Gong­sun Ling. This time, Yang Chen became more and more helpless. He didn’t know what to do. He could only stand in the same place and listen to Gong­sun Ling crying. For a long time, he remembered to gently hold the slender waist of Gong­sun Ling with both of his hands, and gently patted Gong­sun Ling on the back for a few times.

“I’m fine.” Yang Chen’s voice finally stopped Gong­sun Ling’s crying. But Gong­sun Ling still held Yang Chen and refused to let go, as if she was is afraid that he would disappear from her eyes in the next moment.

Yang Chen had to comfort her for a long time, which made Gong­sun Ling lose herself. However, Gong­sun Ling, who put down her arm, was already flushed at the moment, and she was too shy to look up at Yang Chen.

He haven’t seen her for more than ten years. Gong­sun Ling had also lost a lot of fat. However, her cultivation base had a great improvement. It must be that there was a lot of hard work in these days.

In this case, if Yang Chen was not stupid, he could see what was going on. The beautiful flavour was heavy, but Yang Chen does not dare to comply with anything, but at this moment, how would Yang Chen speak out?

On the contrary, it was the appearance of Gong­sun Ling, that was what Yang Chen thought of,he directly took out a cup of the four seas mysterious coral liquid and sent it to Gong­sun Ling “Senior Sister, drink it.”

“What is this?” Gong­sun Ling was really attracted by the purple four seas mysterious coral liquid, and whispered.

“Don’t worry, it’s good to drink.” Yang Chen brought the jade cup of four seas mysterious coral liquid to the small and cherry mouth of Gong­sun Ling, and didn’t say much, just let Gong­sun Ling drink it.

Gong­sun Ling did not insist, this Yang Chen’s hand,and slowly drank this big cup of four seas mysterious coral liquid.

“Senior Sister, you will have me in the future. After you have slept, you don’t have to worry about anything.” Before Gong­sun Ling just drank and didn’t fall asleep, Yang Chen said this words to Gong­sun Ling.

Listening to Yang Chen's words, Gong­sun Ling closed her eyes in a smile. Like Chen, Yang Chen was holding her up from the waist and settled Gong­sun Ling into the room next to him.

The Master and Senior sister, naturally had their servants to take care of them. This time the two women fell asleep, at least for ten days, after that Yang Chen, went straight to the Hall of Fame and went to look for Gui Shanyou and Yu Kui and Xie Sha.

Under the help of the Ask Inner Heart Pill, the old tree demon body had completely absorbed the Penglai Di­vine Wood. Now Gui Shanyou was much more powerful than before the avatar was lost. His aura was more and more peaceful, and he looked like a person who had attained en­light­en­ment.

Lan Ying’s demon power crystal, Yang Chen temporarily lend it to Gui Shanyou, let him investigate it for a period of time. Although they were not the same, they belong to the same monster lineage, Gui Shanyou could learn from it.

Yu Kui and Xie Sha were even simpler. Two corpses with their heads cut off their heads. Although they were decapitated, the monster core was complete and directly plugged into the two.

The power absorption of monsters, sometimes it was easier than that of Dao Sect cul­ti­va­tors. The two guys directly swallowed into their belly the two huge corpses of the praying mantis and their monster core, as long as they were thoroughly digested. It was easy to get the power contained in the monster core.

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