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“What?” The people have not recovered completely from the shock of the trap set by Yang Chen for the late dacheng stage master, and they were unable to sit still by the news of Yang Chen.

“Are you sure of it.” The master of the palace waved his big hand, blocking the noise of the elders, and directly told Yang Chen.

“Yes,palace master!” Yang Chen did not scorn, and began to talk.

Now all the high-level members of the Pure Yang Palace seem to have been twisted into a rope, and all the elders voted in favor of Yang Chen's murder and revenge on the Luo family.

Only for this point, Yang Chen would inherit those feelings and repay it, now the elders, including Gui Shanyou, no one could stop the master of the late dacheng stage, this showed clearly that everyone puts Yang Chen's safety above all else. Even at the risk of destroying the sect, they wanted to avenge Yang Chen.

Another point was that Pure Yang Palace and several other sectarian alliances have mastered the 100,000 mountains for more than a decade. In the past ten years, several sects have completely controlled this place, and the income has gradually stabilized. They could free their hands and busy themselves with other things.

The Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave was originally prepared by Yang Chen for the sect. It was originally thought that he would take a while to report it to the sect. Now the time was ripe, and Yang Chen would also take it out.

Naturally, the excuse was that he saw the record in an ancient book, so he found the place. As for going with Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling ,Yu Kui and Xie Sha, he was completely curious at the time. As for why the few people have not reported it to sect so far, it was also the meaning of Yang Chen.

No one would investigate why the people did not report it at that time. Yang Chen had already said very clearly that he was afraid for the sect. What everyone was interested in was the layout of the Immortal’s Cave.

When Yang Chen could be graded, each level had a corresponding safety line, ample spiritual power, a large number of houses, and also a large number of monsters, which could be used as a battlefield for disciples. The elders suddenly looked like golden eyes, hated they could not to start now, go to the cave.

After controlling the 100,000 mountains behind the scenes, Pure Yang Palace began to enter a stage of rapid development, and their resources and manpower began to enrich. The high-level members were also worried about the fact that the mountain gate of Meiqing Mountain was too small to carry more and more disciples. It was impossible to think that a mountain gate that was more than ten times larger than the current Meishan Mountain would be delivered to them out of the thin air.

The elders could no longer use shocked to describe their feelings. It seemed that in addition to their shock, they have an extra layer of embarrassment. Such a large number of masters did not achieve these things, but a disciple of the foundation stage had considered it, and even had completed it, this was why the big shots were so embarrassed?

“Yang Chen, you speak honestly.” An elder, Gao Shiyan, who hadn't talked to Yang Chen before, asked: “What is your cultivation base now?”

When they heard the question of Elder Gao, everyone seemed to be confused. They all looked at Yang Chen curiously, waiting for Yang Chen's answer.

“This disciple now has a Foundation Stage Eight Layer Cultivation Base, Elder!” Yang Chen honestly said that he was at the highest level of Fourth Fire spirit power.

Yang Chen said the truth, several elders turned out to have an expression of disbelief. It was no wonder that it was simply impossible to build a foundation Stage Eight Layer and want to escape from the chase of a master in the late dacheng stage.

“The disciples have had some other adventures, so there is a very fast magic weapon in my hands.” The shuttle had appeared many times, and Yang Chen does not have to hide it. He directly summoned the shuttle, letting the elders to inspect it.

In the Chamber of Deliberation of the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen did not have to worry about the elders who would be eager to come after his magic weapon.

The elders took the shuttle first, and after careful exploration, they were handed over to another elder. The shuttle turned a big circle in the hands of the elders, and then returned to Yang Chen's hands.

At this time,there was no one who didn’t believe in Yang Chen's words. As soon as their spiritual awareness explored the shuttle, everyone knew that if it was them who utilised it, the speed of the shuttle would be unbelievable. Such a flying tool, a master using flying sword not being able to catch up could be understandable.

“If every disciple of the foundation period has your ability, then we can do nothing with these old bones, as long as we practice.” The speaker was Gao Shiyan, who was just beginning to ask questions. His words have caused the unanimous approval of several elders.

“Thank elder for your praise!” After Yang Chen's modest statement, this again threw a message.

"The disciples have sorted out some of the jade slips found in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, and they have been marked according to the categories." As he said, Yang Chen took a lot of jade slips out of his Qiankun bag: "This is ten thousand years before. The inheritance of the former sect, the disciples did not dare to specialize, but also asked the palace lord and elders to dispose of them.”

Looking at the tens of thousands of jade slips that suddenly appeared on the ground floor of the Chamber of Deputies, the top level members of the Pure Yang Palace was once again in shock. He completely got the inheritance of an ancient martial art sect, this was simply something that was only in the legend, and it was a good thing to open the protagonist mode plus super plug-in, which could even fall on the head of the Pure Yang Palace?

“Most of these are cultivation merit law.” Yang Chen briefly introduced: “However, the theory of these cultivation merit law are from  thousands of years ago, and there are still some small differences, and only the elders can identify those which could be cultivated directly. Those which need a little modification before being cultivated.”

Although Yang Chen could do the same thing, but Yang Chen does not want to pull himself too high, and second, Yang Chen does not want to fall into this tedious work. The sect has a research martial arts hall, it was the professionals who could do this,and it was appropriate to give it to them.

“In addition, there are a large number of jade articles about the alchemy refining formation and other aspects. This disciple is still sorting it out.” Yang Chen did not take it all at once, but left a part “When this disciple have sorted it all out, i will hand it over to the sect.”

“There are a lot of miscellaneous books. These estimates have to wait for a while.” Yang Chen does not converge in front of the elders, and there was no fear in him “This disciple will study slowly, and the time may be longer.”

This was what Yang Chen discovered. These things were originally owned by Yang Chen. Even if Yang Chen didn’t bring it out, everyone couldn’t say a word. Now Yang Chen gave it all, and for the group of high-level executives, it was another surprise.

When Yang Chen came back, he immediately made a series of surprises, and even let a few well-informed high-level elders not be used to it.

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