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Luo Yuan was desperately chasing, but he had some admiration for this younger generation junior in the foundation stage . It was not a master who had persisted for a year of restlessness after his sleepless pursuit, but it was this later generation junior who had done it, and he could not help but to admire him.

Luo Yuan, who was chasing him, suddenly found that Yang Chen at the bottom of the sea was suddenly lost from his sight. Under the shock, Luo Yuan immediately increased the intensity of the exploration of his spiritual awareness and probed in the direction of Yang Chen's disappearance.

However, during the ten breaths period, Yang Chen's trace appeared again within the scope of Luo Yuan's spiritual awareness exploration, which made Luo Yuan release a long breath. Perhaps it was just that there were certain things at the bottom of the sea that blocked his own spiritual awareness and exploration.

Yang Chen noticed the sudden increase in the intensity of the exploration of Luo Yuan, and quickly removed the Sea Pouring Jasper Cup, letting himself reappear within the scope of Luo Yuan's exploration again.

This little experiment made Yang Chen convinced that Luo Yuan could not find himself after he launched his Sea Pouring Jasper Cup. With this discovery, Yang Chen completely felt relaxed in his heart.

Now there was no question of whether Yang Chen could escape. If he wanted to escape, he could do it at any time. However, with this big life-saving treasure, Yang Chen's mind had more and more ideas .

His present Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art, Yang Chen was still missing two kinds , one was the Sixth Earth True Secret Art», the other was «Third Fire True Secret Art».

Although Yang Chen was a fire cultivator in his previous life, he did not get the «Third Fire True Secret Art» this formidable cultivation method.

Luo Yuan chased after Yang Chen, 90% of it was for the Third Fire True Essence, and the Third Fire True Essence, besides certain formidable fire attribute Monster Beast,if cultivators wanted to absorb it for refining, the most straightforward way was to cultivate the «Third Fire True Secret Art».

In other words, Luo Yuan behind him was likely to have the «Third Fire True Secret Art». This was simply a great joy for Yang Chen.

Moreover, even without this reason, Yang Chen would not let Luo Yuan off. Even if Yang Chen succeeded in escaping this time, Luo Yuan would still be able to get news about himself from the blue cloud sect when he went back. When the time came Pure Yang Palace was sure to be in unrest and disorderly.

Yang Chen did not want to bring this big trouble back to the Pure Yang Palace, saying that he could only take care of Luo Yuan in this unknown sea area. However, it was not an easy task to deal with the master of the late dacheng stage. Yang Chen had only one way, that was, to use another or more masters of the Dacheng stage to deal with Luo Yuan, killing people with a borrowed knife.

In the unknown sea areas, it was said that there were many dacheng stage monsters that had never been seen before. As long as Yang Chen met some, within the same distance that the two sides were about to approach each other, he would successful launch the Sea Pouring Jasper Cup escaping the exploration of the two sides and could easily make the two sides fight.

At that time, Yang Chen could hold his arms to see the killing of the two masters of the Dacheng stage. When the time came, it would be that Yang Chen would become the fisherman.

After making this decision, Yang Chen rushed to the depths of the unknown sea. Anyway, he could leave at any time, he was not afraid of anything. In the sea, was there anything more reliable than the magic weapon that the east sea Dragon King was serious about?

Luo Yuan certainly didn’t know Yang Chen’s plan, but as he was increasingly rushing into the deep sea. Luo Yuan’s mind couldn’t help but be nervous. He was no longer as relaxed as the first time he started to chase Yang Chen.

Up to now, Luo Yuan still can’t understand why when he had attacked him with his spiritual awareness, the attack fell on his body but it was not useful at all.

Yang Chen was just a junior in the foundation stage. Could he have such a magic weapon? But this had also strengthened the interest of Luo Yuan's pursuit. As long as he could catch up with Yang Chen, wouldn't these secrets all become Luo Yuan's own? Maybe he could get a good flying magic weapon, but he could also have a more powerful method of spiritual awareness cultivation.

The idea itself was not wrong, but the premise was that he could catch up with Yang Chen and could also force Yang Chen to say these methods. Whatever he thought now, it was just a fantasy.

Both sides had their own ideas in their minds, but no one wanted to give up first. Everyone maintained this chasing and escaping posture and continued to fly deep into the unknown sea.

No one thought that such a chase would take a full five years, and they were already millions of miles into the sea. In the meantime, it was not that they had not met monsters in the dacheng stage, but it was because they basically had the cultivation of the early dacheng stage. It was easily settled by Luo Yuan, and even allowed him to harvest the bones of many dacheng stage monsters.

Just this harvest, let Luo Yuan become satisfied. The bones of the dacheng stage monsters were not found anywhere, anytime, and, among these bones, there was a complete dacheng stage monster’s Monster Core .

With these Monster Core, Luo Yuan could  completely learn from Elder Wu Xiong in the absence of the Third Fire True Essence, and collect the medicinal materials of the Heaven Seizing Pill, and then gather together several alchemists who could refine the Heaven Seizing Pill, and refine the Heaven Seizing Pill once more.

If Luo Yuan knew that the later generation junior that he was pursuing was one of the alchemy masters who refined the Heaven Seizing Pill in the past, it was not known what expression Luo Yuan's face would make.

But at present, Luo Yuan was still desperately chasing Yang Chen, for fear that he would flee. Otherwise, Luo Yuan would spend a certain amount of time to refine the bones of these dacheng stage beasts into puppets. The beast puppets in the middle of the sea. Their  speed would definitely be able to catch up with the current shuttle’s speed.

Yang Chen was also secretly complaining. The several dacheng stage monsters that he encountered before were relatively weak, and not Luo Yuan's opponent. He doesn’t know where he came from, he was so powerful.

However, Luo Yuan did not find out that Yang Chen was able to escape his spiritual awareness. In front of the dacheng stage masters, he only thought that he would be distracted, so he could not determine the position of Yang Chen. But as soon as the battle was over, Yang Chen's whereabouts would be found, which would allow him to continue to pursue him with confidence.

There are more nights to go, and they would inevitably encounter some. In this sea, after all, there were countless powerful monsters that existed in the extreme areas.

Yang Chen did not feel the existence of the monster, but he noticed a hint of Wind Tribulation flavor. Yang Chen had experienced it himself, he had suffered a Pill Tribulation of the Heaven Seizing Pill, which made Yang Chen's impression very deep.

In the thousands of miles ahead, there was a powerful monster that would soon be faced with a Wind Tribulation, a thousands of miles away, it would only takes a day to reach there.

Luo Yuan was more powerful, but in terms of knowledge, he would not even amount to one percent of Yang Chen. He followed Yang Chen, and stupidly fell into the territory of the monster crossing tribulation.


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