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These twenty bodies of the praying mantis, Yang Chen saw that were all in the Yuanying stage. In this closed secret plane, they simply couldn’t be promoted to the Dacheng stage, so their life force was naturally not that long.

To be sure, these dead bodies were all females. Yang Chen knew a little bit of the habits of the praying mantis. It seemed that after mating, the females praying mantis would eat the male praying mantis to ensure the nutrition of the next generation.

What made Yang Chen strange was that, could it these mothers could not advance because they had eaten the same Yuanying stage praying mantis. Or was it because of eating the male praying mantis, so it would there have the cultivation base of peak Yuanying stage? In short, this was already a mystery and cannot be solved.

“Take half of it, you pick first!” Yang Chen waved his hand, and once again worked with Sun Qingxue on sharing it.

The body of a Yuanying stage Yao beast was very precious, even if it was Sun Qingxue, this little girl who doesn’t know much, it was also very clear. Sun Qingxue didn’t think like Shi Shanshan who allowed Yang Chen to tell her what to take. She didn’t act polite with Yang Chen. She started directly, and then counted the right ones. Then she took the twelve and left the  thirteen left to Yang Chen.

“Why don’t you take one more?” Yang Chen asked strangely.

“I just got one more.” Sun Qingxue said, in front of Yang Chen she did not hide her thoughts “This is exactly the same as us.”

“Go back and don’t give it to others easily. Take it to Elder Hua and let her handle it.” Yang Chen nodded. He didn’t say anything on this issue. He just urged Sun Qingxue, who had no experience would be deceived by others “If you can refine the shackles, you will have a few more Yuanying-level shackles.”

The body of the Yoa beast in the Yuanying stage, not to mention that the body of this beast was a treasure, just the monster core alone, it was priceless. If the two come in and didn’t gain anything. And they have these praying mantis corpse, they would already be full of gain.

These complete Yoa beast corpses were the best raw materials for refining puppets. The puppets could even keep their cultivation base. In this respect, Yang Chen would not get involved in others issues, and he was afraid that the Blue Cloud Sect would not have a few refining methods. The only regret was that Yang Chen became angry and cut the five living fellows heads off.

With this huge harvest, the rest was not important. After the enthusiasm of the two people, they were very casually transferred to the next door.

This room was a location for refining, and all the scattered around it were refining materials. Presumably, the savings of the entire sect of the past years were all here, almost covering the entire room.

Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue had to dig out the materials one by one under a thick pile of dust to let Yang Chen distinguish.

There were a lot of good things, but unfortunately, besides the metal attribute and the earth attribute of the materials, other wooden attribute and Water Attribute have decayed and rotted, there was not much left.

The two didn’t care. there was something to take, and the materials were very good. Sun Qingxue was very happy. Blue Cloud Sect set a lot of rules, Sun Qingxue did not go out to practice, although she had a master of the Dacheng stage, but they were not rich. With these things, Sun Qingxue also became a smug figure of a small rich woman.

Only the last door was left, and Sun Qingxue's interest was not diminished,she pushed the door to directly open it. A flash of fire suddenly soared from the gate to the outside. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s hand, Sun Qingxue almost would be hit by the flame.

“What is this?” Sun Qingxue was also shocked and turned around, but found that Yang Chen looked at the flame that had been retracted and smiled, could not help but curiously asked.

“Pure Flame True Fire!!” The smile in Yang Chen's eyes was not hidden at all. Looking at the flames, Yang Chen almost laughed loudly.

“Fifth Grade Fire Seed?” Sun Qingxue’s eyes also lit up. Yang Chen used eight hundred pounds of jade dragon wine to inquire the whereabouts of two kinds of fires seeds from Jiu Xian, the Nether world fire and the Earthly Fiend fire, but it was just Fifth Grade Fire Seed. There was actually a Fifth Grade Third Fire in front of them. Was this not the luck of Yang Chen?

She learned that this was the kind of fire seed that Yang Chen needed. Sun Qingxue couldn’t help but be happy for Yang Chen. In this room, it seemed that there was only such a flame, it seemed that Yang Chen was none other than the person who would have it.

However, Yang Chen's happiness was far more than just finding a Fifth Grade Third Fire. Although the Pure Flame True Fire could be as good as the True Sun Fire, but one thing was that the True Sun Fire was really invincible. Pure flames true fire usually had a Third Fire True Essence with it.

This was a strange relationship, although the pure flame true fire was not the highest level of fire seed, but it could be associated with the most original source of Third Fire True Essence.

Yang Chen thought that he could only find the Third Fire True Essence in the spirit world, and complete the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art. He did not expect that in this secretly discovered secret plane, there would be such a big thing waiting for himself. Now that he saw it, he estimated that the Flame True Fire and Third Fire True Essence,, it should be the real reason why this unfortunate martial art sect was destroyed!

It was a pity that the enemy’s luck was not good. They didn’t find what they wanted, but this time it was cheaply found by Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue.

“Yang Da Ge it is a fire Seed, it is naturally for big brother Yang.” Yang Chen has not opened his mouth, but Sun Qingxue had already handed these things to Yang Chen. Even if her sect needed it, it was not as big as the need of big brother Yang's. This was Sun Qingxue's idea.

“Protect me!” At this time, Yang Chen was not polite with Sun Qingxue, and directly ordered in a sentence. Then he took out the obsidian jade futon and placed it on the wellhead in the hall. He began to collect the pure flames true fire and the Third Fire True Essence on the floor of the room.

Sun Qingxue said nothing, she took out her flying sword and began to wait around. In fact, in this secret plane, they have already looked over it. Except for this room full of fire, there was no one in the other rooms, and there would be no enemies.

It was simple to gather the pure flames true fire. After all, Yang Chen didn’t absorb it now,he was just gathering it. So long as he could preserve the fire seed, preserve the pure flames true fire. The real trouble was to gather the Third Fire True Essence.

With Yang Chen's current cultivation base, it was indeed a slightly insufficient. Fortunately, there was an underground Spiritual Pulse, which could provide a steady stream of spiritual power, which made Yang Chen's progress almost smooth.

Just refining and conserving the Third Fire True Essence Talisman, Yang Chen has been refining for more than four months. When it came to gathering the Third Fire True Essence, it took a long time. This action had lasted for five years, and this has only collected the Third Fire True Essence that flowed from the fire pulse under this room into the jade bottle.

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