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“Of course, these wines have lost some key things and steps in the brewing process…” Yang Chen nodded and explained “Where the wine is the ultimate, but the spirits are not enough. With my distiller’s yeast It is still a line.”

Yang Chen was not afraid to talk much, the more the wine immortal listens, the more greedy he would become. Especially after he tasted these two great wines, the result would be even worse.

"What’s missing?" The wine immortal, immediately asked, "do I need to find the spiritual wine brewed by the martial art sects?"

“The secret will not be passed on, Senior, the secret will not be passed on!” Yang Chen stretched out a finger and shook it in front of his eyes. He smiled and said: “This is the secret of this younger generation junior, and it will never be easily leaked.”

The wine immortal was even more anxious, but it was not too good to force it. He could only accompanied it by a smile and asked Yang Chen: “This little brother, when you brew, can you let this brother open his eyes?”

A Yuanying stage Senior, was like a child with a grin, squatted in front of her, showing the appearance of a smile and pleading, so that Sun Qingxue could no longer hold back, and laughed out.

“Not at all.” Yang Chen also laughed out, but he was much deeper than Sun Qingxue, and he was not on the spot: “However, what does the seniors plan to use to trade?”

When Sun Qingxue smiled,the wine immortal was a little embarrassed, but he heard Yang Chen's tone , and immediately became refreshed. Whether or not he was in line with his Yuanying stage Senior's identity, he went forward and asked anxiously: "You want do you want?”

“What does the senior have?” Yang Chen would not take the initiative to say what he wanted, so his purpose would not be too strong, maybe it would be self-defeating. Let the wine immortal say it out, that’s appropriate.

The wine immortal was a bit guilty on the spot. He had a good life, most of his things were related to the wine, and there were really not many other things. Even his cultivation dase was due to drinking, just like Shangguan Feng, liked to do business, obsessed with it, and cultivated as nature slowly. For this reason, besides the things related to wine, there were not many things on the wine immortal.

The reason why there was the Eternal Spring Wood, was because of the other characteristics of the Eternal Spring Wood. The wine glass made by Eternal Spring Wood could maintain the original taste of the wine to the utmost extent and would not volatilize. But it was not used by him, but he traded it with Sun Qingxue.

Suddenly, Jiu Xian remembered one thing, and suddenly slapped his thigh fiercely, shouting loudly: “You would certainly like this!” He said, taking two steps, smiled and asked: “If I have some news about a high-level Fire Seed, i don’t know if i can exchange it for your wine?”

“You can! Of course!” Yang Chen's eyes also lit up on the spot. When he questioned Dan Fang from the beginning, he let go of the words, allowing everyone to use a Fire Seed to exchange for a medicinal pill, and the Pure Yang Palace has been vigorously Collecting Fire Seed, of course, it was fine to exchange it with the wine immortal.

“I know where there is a nether world fire and Earthly Fiend fire..” When he heard that Yang Chen agreed to exchange, the wine immortal immediately reported the names of the two flames: “Fifth Grade Fire Seed, how many wines can you exchange it for?”

“It’s just news, not a fire Seed .” Yang Chen smiled and corrected it. He also brought the wine immortal to the news side more and more: “The news of the Fifth Grade Fire Seed, four hundred jin, what do you think?”

“Deal” Jiu Xian was overjoyed, four hundred pounds of Yang Chen’s fine wine, save a little drink, drinking a pound a day, could support him for more than a year. The two kinds of fire seeds news was eight hundred pounds, which would last more than two years. It was a long time, enough to find some other news.

“Right, can other news be exchanged?” After discovering that the news could be exchanged for wine, the wine immortal immediately realized that he had other sources of information: “Alchemy materials, various kinds of Pill furnaces, would these be ok?”

“Yes!” Yang Chen nodded again, which made the wine immortal happy to the extreme. He doesn’t have many other things, but on the news he had a lot of information, no matter how much was wanted. Doesn’t this mean that he could always find Yang Chen for wine in the future?

“However, Senior, this younger generation junior have not yet brewed the auxiliary wine.” Yang Chen hurriedly interrupted the pleasure of the wine immortal, and the ugly words said in the front: ” if you want the alcoholic wine to be ready, you need to wait at least one year later.”

“No problem, it is OK to use these two for the time being.” The wine fairy certainly knows that brewing takes time, but he was almost inseparable from Yang Chen’s wine now. If these days were broken, it would be a big trouble.can want the short remaining life

“In addition, Senior, we can have words first.” Yang Chen once again agreed with the wine immortal “If you use some of the news of the past to perfuse, don’t blame this younger generation junior for not appreciating your kindness.”

“That is natural!” The wine immortal did not dare to boast, and patted on his chest to ensure: “Which one you feel is inappropriate, you can not count.”

“Good!” Yang Chen finally no longer had other requirements, but seemed to think of something in general,and curiously asked "How will the senior send his own news every time? What if this younger generation junior does not decide?”

“It’s easy!” Jiu Xian was involved in exchanging news among cultivators. Of course, he has his own way: “Every big market has a Wine Immortal House, which is my brother’s industry. There is nothing else in it. If you want the news, go inside and ask the shopkeeper, bring the things, and leave it to the shopkeeper .”

When he said this, the wine immortal directly handed over a small jade card “Hold this, just look for the shopkeeper, he will tell you what to do.”

After receiving the jade card, Yang Chen could not help but felt awe. The wine immortal looked like a game dust, but this arrangement was definitely a big deal. No wonder he could easily navigated between several major gates. No one was a fuel-efficient lamp that can live in this world.

“Well, this younger generation will go out and practice in the near future. If the senior need it, you can exchange some to satisfy your cravings.” Yang Chen also did not forget to remind the wine immortal “When this younger generation returns to the sect, after brewing,I will leave some of it to the sect, even if this younger generation junior is not in the sect, the senior can also exchange for it.”

This was to let the wine immortal and the Palace Master Zhang Jiao to trade, what news was needed, would be decided by the Palace Master Zhang Jiao. A very easy trick, the news of the wine immortal would be exchanged with the Pure Yang Palace.

“Good!” Jiu Xian felt that this arrangement was good, otherwise if Yang Chen had a retreat for decades he could die. After he applauded, he suddenly remembered a question: “What is the name of this wine, does it have a name?”

“Jade Dragon Wine!” Yang Chen is too lazy to name something too elegant, and directly gave this.

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