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Yang Chen's voice, with the help of the Golden bell's power, reinforced his voice with the help of the barely able to use Golden bell. An invisible sound wave carried an unrivaled momentum and madly flew around.

Within the radius of a hundred li, the sound of the voice was sometimes low and sometimes deep but it clearly spread into the ears of everyone.

No one thought about it. Yang Chen didn’t do it himself, nor did he let Sun Qingxue go to ask Elder Hua Wanting for help, but sent a question directly to Lu Zhenyu, the Blue Cloud Sect's Sect Master.

If he just shouted a few times in this place, then it wouldn’t be too much. If there was a lot of trouble here, then it would be stopped by the high-ranking disciples who were at the auction site. It might be a good show.

But now, Yang Chen actually shouted out the name of Lu Zhenyu, and even said that their promise has not been fulfilled, and his words even had such a big momentum, even if there was a master here who tried to block, it was too late.

The auction site was in the interior of the Sect, which is located at a distance of tens of li from the sect master’s residence. Yang Chen's voice could definitely reach the ears of the Sect Master.

“Who is so bold? Daring to be so unruly in the Blue Cloud Sect?” Yang Chen's voice has not yet settled, and immediately there was a dignified voice which shouted. Everyone's eyes were in front of the scene, and a young woman's figure appeared at the door of the auction house, carrying an overwhelming pressure and appearing in the eyes of everyone.

Boom, the invisible pressure, directly impacted on the bodies of everyone at the entrance in an instant, whether it was the disciples or the people who were watching the excitement outside, all of them were pros­trat­ing at the same place, and they had no possibility of retaliation.

Sun Qingxue standing near Yang Chen was also the same. The woman who appeared was too strong, she was definitely a master of the Dacheng stage. The imposing momentum had made it so that everyone could not withstand it.

The only exception was Yang Chen, who stood still in the same place and stood up straight. With a relaxed look on his face, it seemed that he was faced with something trivial.

"Greetings Martial Aunt!"

"Greetings Martial Aunt!"

"Greetings Martial Aunt!"


A series of voices sounded, all of which were the sounds of greetings. The momentum made the people kneel down, which reduced it by more than half, but the frightening pressure still remained. Before the woman spoke, no one dared to get up.

The woman's gaze was naturally rested on Yang Chen. At this time, Yang Chen calmly greeted the woman
"Greetings Senior!"

The person who came here was an acquaintance that Yang Chen had seen before, Blue Cloud Sect's master of the Dacheng stage, Shi Yanhe. When killing in the backstage of the 100,000 mountains, this Elder Shi was also one of the people involved, and Yang Chen had a ca­sual ac­quain­tance with her. Today, he didn't expect that Elder Shi was unexpectedly here to oversee the auction house.

For Yang Chen not to react to her own Dacheng stage pressure, Shi Yanhe thought it to be very unexpected. But on this occasion, she couldn’t ask more questions, just nodded to Yang Chen in return.

However, Shi Yanhe immediately discovered that the voice was very familiar. It was the guy who just shouted. She couldn't help but frown and asked: “Yang Chen, have you just shouted here?”

In fact, it was not only Shi Yanhe, those who gath­ered to watch the fun, and those who had wicked intentions on Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen, which do not know the identity of Yang Chen? A few days ago, in the square market the reputation of  the wine and the bet , it had already spread in the Blue Cloud Sect. Those people didn’t mention Yang Chen's name at all, that was, if they had to take any responsibility, they could evade by saying that they didn’t know Yang Chen's identity.

Of course, the initial agreement between Yang Chen and the Blue Cloud Sect was clear to the top ranking members, but some ordinary disciples were not so clear about it. Deliberately holding Yang Chen without an identity token, some people were indeed unaware of it, but those who come up with this method know absolutely.

“Indeed!” Yang Chen did not deny it. It was even more impossible to deny it, It was very simple to admit.

“Today my sect auc­tion con­gress, ac­tu­ally has ne­glected a hon­ored guest!” Shi Yanhe fortunately opened her mouth, and what she said, directly shocked the many people who surrounded here. Even Shi Yanhe called Yang Chen as a honored guest, they just laughed at him, isn’t it a big trouble? A few guys lying on the ground, their figures had begun to tremble slightly.

Shi Yanhe was very polite, Yang Chen did not attack, but smiled slightly, and then said “The younger generation just wants to ask face to face, when Sect Mas­ter Lu said what he said the matter has been complied with,but what he promised, it has not been fulfilled.”

“If the Sovereign has said something and the matter has been complied with, the promised thing, of course, counts!” Shi Yanhe did not even have to wait for the lord to come forward, and gave a positive answer directly.

After answering Yang Chen, Elder Shi seemed to remember the sects dis­ci­ples who were crouching on the ground, and screamed at the crowd: “You all get up!”

The sound was not loud, but it was heard very clearly and had penetrated into the ears of everyone. With the words of Shi Yanhe, the remaining power of on their body disappeared without a trace. Everyone was under a light pressure, and dared to get up, but after standing up, they were all standing in a well-behaved manner, they did not dare to make a single noise.

“Kept his promise?” Yang Chen suddenly smiled “Not nec­es­sar­ily?”

“What’s the matter?” When Yang Chen said this, Shi Yanhe’s face could not help but change at once. Yang Chen actually questioned the commitment of the Blue Cloud Sect's Sect Master, which was simply a big joke. But she didn’t know what was going on, she immediately yelled and asked.

Although Shi Yanhe was to oversee the auction house, she was not always concerned about the movements around her. When people who dared to make trouble in Blue Cloud Sect have not appeared yet. Most of the time, the elders would still be immersed in their own cultivation, and only come out when something happens. At the moment, Elder Shi was shocked by Yang Chen's loud shout. Elder Shi just appeared, and didn't know what had just happened.

Now, Elder Shi Yanhe was so angry, which disciples dared to stand up and talk, all of them wanted to shrink their bodies to the most hidden corners and keep silent. And the few people who have just provoked the incident, their figure was already like a sieve,it kept shaking nonstop.

Apart from being fear inspiring, Elder Shi in addition to being an elder of the Dacheng stage had another identity, that was, the Law Enforcement Elder of the sect, and the disciples who made mistakes would be punished by Elder Shi. Among the disciples, who hasn’t heard the name of Elder Shi and could not help but shrink back? who would dare to face Elder Shi who have gotten angry.

“Lit­tle Xue, you!” Shi Yanhe didn’t even have to look at it and knew that it was definitely the presence of these people who made a disaster. No one would open their mouth, then she would name them directly.

Sun Qingxue was also oppressed by the imposing pressure of Elder Shi, and she did not dare to move. She couldn't do anything about it,with the huge difference in level, she couldn’t ignore the pressure like Yang Chen, and now she has not yet become the Snow Dance Fairy Maiden who was famous in the world. In front of the Law Enforcement Elder Shi, she also had the appearance of a frightened disciple.

Elder Shi named Sun Qingxue to speak, and Sun Qingxue did not dare to neglect it, she described the conflict in detail. About how even when the disciples began to cause trouble, Yang Chen was leaving and everyone repeatedly tried to provoke him and everything else that occurred.

Of course, after all, Sun Qingxue was a disciple of the Blue Cloud Sect. She only described the behavior of the Jiedan master who jumped out. As for the guys who helped around, there was not much to say, just a few words.

“Yang Chen, could Little Xue’s words be true?” After Sun Qingxue finished explaining,Shi Yanhe immediately asked.

“It is true!” Yang Chen certainly would not dismiss the explanation of Sun Qingxue,and nodded.

“Liu Shichang, could Little Xue's words be true?” When Yang Chen nodded, Shi Yanhe immediately turned to the Jiedan master who had just begun to raise his head,and asked.

“It’s correct!” The Jiedan master was Liu Shichang, in front of Elder Shi, how would he dare to play tricks, and honestly nodded. When he said this sentence, he was already pale and his body was trembling nonstop, he appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

“According to the rules of the sect for the auction, you didn’t bring your identity token today. It was not a problem to stop you.” Shi Yanhe also became a bit puzzled, This was an issue that really brought headaches.

These rules ​​of the Sect for the auction were kept by the disciples, and they were obviously not mistaken. Yang Chen did not have an identity token. Naturally, he could not enter. It was estimated that if Shi Yanhe was present at the time. It was also estimated that she would make the same decision.

However, Shi Yanhe knew that Yang Chen had the qualification to participate in the auction. To put it bluntly, Yang Chen just did not have the identity token. However, Yang Chen was not a person of the Blue Cloud Sect. If they wanted to scold him, it was not appropriate.

In the eyes of Shi Yanhe, Liu Shichang was indeed wrong. He should not have talked about the Pure Yang Palace like that. As for the rest, Elder Shi didn’t think that the sects disciples were wrong. At present, it was the time when Blue Cloud Sect and Pure Yang Palace had cooperated, and Yang Chen had the ability to refine the Ask Inner Heart Pill, but he cannot overwhelm the disciples too much.

“Liu Shichang’s words are not proper, he shouldn’t have said that. He would apologize to you.” Shi Yanhe immediately decided: “However, Yang Chen does not have an identity token, in accordance with the rules. You can’t participate in this auction. .”

“The rules of the sect are clear to this younger generation junior.” Yang Chen listened to Shi Yanhe’s words and smiled a little. He said “Sect Master Lu promised that this younger generation junior had the qualification to participate in the auction, but never gave this younger generation junior any tokens. So, if it is against the rules of the sect, it might be…”

After Yang Chen's long speech, he never continued again, but everyone who was present understood that his next words would definitely be that Sect Master Lu's words were not counted and his promise was invalid.

Shi Yanhe was shocked. She never thought that the lord had promised Yang Chen but he unexpectedly did not give him an identity token. At that time, Shi Yanhe probably guessed a few points, and she understood that this was definitely a mistake.

This must be credited to Elder Wan Qian, he had earlier decided to kill Yang Chen, where will be thoughtful for Yang Chen. The collection was collected by Elder Wan Qian, and this identity token was also given to Yang Chen, but there was no intention to kill, so there was no such thing.

Later, Wan Qian disappeared, and Sect Master Lu certainly did not pay much attention to such a small matters, and it had evolved into the present scene. Either the rules were wrong, or the lord was a villain who’s promise don’t count, Elder Shi had to choose one and whichever would be embarrassing.

Yang Chen was not a member of the Blue Cloud Sect so he does not understand the rules inside Blue Cloud Sect,so It was excusable. And because of their rules, what they promised , no one has implemented it. In the eyes of outsiders, wasn’t this taking advantage of others? They took the benefits and promised other people’s conditions, and now take their own rules and do not honor their promise, what else would other people say?

“That may be a mistake , it is possible.” Yang Chen did not let Elder Shi stay awkward for a long time, and immediately said to complete his sentence, which made Shi Yanhe a little relieved.

“The person who is responsible for the management made a mistake, I will supervise it in detail, and for this matter i will give you an explanation!” With this step of Yang Chen, Shi Yanhe immediately followed up. But at this moment, Shi Yanhe still had to maintain the face and reputation of the lord. So It could only be the fault of the person responsible for the management, not the mistake of the lord.

“Senior, what Sect Master Lu promised, would it be complied with?” Yang Chen then asked again,he had to chase after the qualification of the auction: “This Junior can still enter the auction and join this auction right?”

“If I said something,or I promised something, of course, it counts.” There was a voice coming from the side, it was Blue Cloud Sect Lu Zhenyu ,Sect Master Lu, it was not known when he had appeared here.

“Greetings Sovereign!” All the ordinary disciples kneeled down and bowed to greet,only Shi Yanhe and Yang Chen were standing up to greet. Shi Yanhe was the apprentice sister of the sect master, she only needed to salute, there was no need to kneel down and worship him. Yang Chen was a guest. Although his age was small, there was no need to worship him.

“All the disciples here, except Sun Qingxue and Liu Shichang, should go to the law enforcement hall to receive a hundred whips,and face the wall for half a year.” Sect Master Lu just arrived and directly announced the punishment of everyone present “Liu Shichang You receive five hundred whips, and would not receive any monthly contributions for five years, face the wall for ten years!”

All the disciples, together with the disciples who have just been guarding the auction, were counted. It seemed that Sect Master Lu had already understood the ins and outs of the matter, and even the small means of temporarily adjusting the auction level was known to him. Those who participated in the matter, did not dare to say anything, all of them accepted the punishment of the Sect Master.

“Yang Chen, I promised you that you can participate in my sect auction, you can naturally participate.” Sect Master Lu immediately turned to Yang Chen “From now on, Pure Yang Palace Yang Chen can come to my sect to participate in the auction, there is no need for you to bring any Identity token with you!”

The latter sentence, also travelled a hundred li, and just like Yang Chen's first question, it had the same effect, so that everyone has heard the decision of the sovereign.

This voice made countless people horrified. For Yang Chen alone, the lord actually revised the rules of the auction, and set a new rule for him alone. Yang Chen's position in the eyes of everyone has suddenly reached countless steps higher.

As for those who have just participated in teasing and ridiculing of Yang Chen, they looked even more ashen. If they knew this before, they wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

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