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Either the Law or the Sect Master Is at Fault

Sun Qingxue was also intimidated by Elder Hua's position. She did not dare to move a muscle as she had no other choice. The gap between their levels were too great. She could not neglect the pressure like how Yang Chen did, and now she could not even become the Snow Dance Fairy. Before Elder Shi, the hall master of Law Enforcement Hall, she was just like a disciple who had been scared shitless.

Elder Shi had called Sun Qingxue to speak up and the latter certainly did not dare to disobey. She explained the conflict that had happened in great detail from the beginning when the disciples started to quarrel with them to how Yang Chen wanted to leave, only to be constantly provoked by the crowd. She spilled everything out without reservation.

It went without saying that she was still a disciple of the Clear Sky Sect. She was just describing the actions of the Jindan cultivator. As for the people who were aiding him, she did not put too much emphasis on them and only mentioned them briefly.

"Yang Chen, is what Little Xue said true?" Shi Yanhe questioned right after Sun Qingxue had finished talking.

"They are," he replied with a nod. Yang Chen would not let Sun Qingxue down.

"Liu Shichang, is what Little Xue said true?" questioned Shi Yanhe to the Jindan cultivator who came forward just now.

"They are." The Jindan cultivator was Liu Shichang. He did not dare to play any tricks in front of Elder Hua and admitted with a nod. His face was pale as chalk the moment he said those words. His body was shaking continuously as if he was going to crumble at any moment. It seemed like he could not even stand upright anymore.

"Barring you from entering the auction was appropriate according to the sect's regulations since you did not bring the token as identification." Shi Yanhe was perplexed by this matter. The situation had developed to this stage and it was indeed giving her a headache.

The disciples who were guarding the sect's auction were merely carrying out their duties. The blame was clearly not on them. Yang Chen did not have the token as identification on him, so he naturally couldn't gain entry to the auction. If it had been Shi Yanhe who was in the guards' shoes just now, she would have done the same thing.

However, she had known that Yang Chen was qualified to enter the auction. Either way, it was still Yang Chen's fault for not bringing his token as identification. Nevertheless, Yang Chen was not a member of the Clear Sky Sect. It would not be appropriate for her to rebuke him.

In her opinion, Liu Shi Chang was at fault too. He should not have mentioned anything regarding the Pure Yang Palace. As for the others, she did not think that they had done anything wrong. This was a time when the Clear Sky Sect was cooperating with the Pure Yang Palace. In addition to that, Yang Chen had the ability to concoct the Heart Questioning Pill. Hence, she could not cover for her disciples too much.

"Liu Shichang should not have talked inappropriately, and he should apologise for that," decided Shi Yanhe, "However, Yang Chen, you did not bring your token as identification, so according to the regulations, you cannot enter the auction."

"I am not very familiar with the regulations of the auction." said Yang Chen with a smile after listening to what she had said, "Sect Master Lu, back then when you promised me the qualifications to enter the auction, you didn't give me any token as identification. If the regulations of the auction state thusly, then the fault must lie with…"

Yang Chen dragged his voice towards the end but did not finish his sentence. However, everyone at the scene understood what he was going to say next. It must be that Sect Master Lu did not keep his end of the promise.

Shi Yanhe was stunned. She did not think that the sect masters had not given him a token as identification after they had made a promise to Yang Chen. She then guessed that some mistake must have occurred somewhere due to rushed work.

The most of the fault probably lied with Elder Mo Qian. She had made up her mind to murder Yang Chen before this. So why would she even bother so much about him? It was Elder Mo Qian who had collected the miscellaneous books. She should have given the token as identification to Yang Chen too. But since she had plotted against murdering him, she did not give it to him as it was unnecessary.

After that, Elder Mo Qian had disappeared. Sect Master Lu also paid little attention to minor issues like this. Consequently, the result turned out this way. Either the sect master had defaulted on the promise or the regulations of the auction were poorly planned. She had to make a choice among the two options. If it had been someone else in her position, it would still be a hard decision.

Yang Chen was not a citizen of the Clear Sky Sect. He did not know about the laws of the auction, so he was excusable. Moreover, regardless of the numerous laws that been enforced, if nobody kept the promises that had been made how would that reflect on the sect to outsiders? After reaping the benefits and promising the other person certain conditions, she was now using her own laws to not fulfill their word. What would other people say if that were the case?

"It may also be possible that an error occurred because of the rush." Yang Chen did not let Elder Shi be in an awkward position for long. He quickly finished his sentence and gave her a way out.

"The person who handled this matter must have made a mistake. I will investigate this matter and give you a reasonable explanation." Shi Yanhe used Yang Chen's reasoning to step out of the situation all the while defending the reputation of the Clear Sky Sect. Since the person in charge was at fault, it couldn't be the sect master's fault.

"So, senior, does Sect Master Lu's promise still hold?" Yang Chen then asked, "Can I still participate in the auction?'

"I am a man of my word," said a voice suddenly out of nowhere. It must be the sect master of the Clear Sky Sect, Lu Zhenyu. She had been there not knowing since when.

"I formally pay my respects to Sect Master." All the ordinary disciples kneeled once more. Only Shi Yanhe and Yang Chen remained standing and bowed. Shi Yanhe was the sect master's junior apprentice sister. She only needed to bow to Lu Zhenyu and did not need to kneel.

"Every disciple here, except for Sun Qingxue and Liu Shichang, shall go to the Law Enforcement Hall and receive a hundred whips. All of you must face the wall and repent your mistakes for half a year." Once Sect Master Lu arrived, he did not say much and announced the punishment for the crowd. "Liu Shichang, you will receive five hundred whips, face the wall for ten years and you are not allowed to receive any allowance for five years."

Every disciple, even the disciples who were guarding the auction were included. It seemed that Sect Master Lu understood the incident in its entirety. He even knew about the sneaky adjusting of the level of admittance at the last minute. Those who had involved themselves in the matter dared not utter a word. All of them accepted the punishment obediently.

"Yang Chen, since I have promised you that you can participate in the auction, it goes without saying that you can join," Sect Master Lu then turned to Yang Chen and said, "From today onwards, Yang Chen of the Pure Yang Palace does not need any token as identification to enter the auction. He can enter and exit the auction as he wishes."

The last sentence reverberated and echoed throughout. Yang Chen's had asked his question with a different intention in mind but the results were satisfactory nevertheless. Everyone had heard the sect master's final decision.

This decision shocked many. The sect master had made an exception of the law of the auction for Yang Chen alone. He had just enforced a new ruling specifically for Yang Chen, whose position had risen a few levels right away in everyone's heart.

The face of those who teased and ridiculed Yang Chen earlier became paler than ever. They would not have done such a stupid thing in retrospect.

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