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Either the Law or the Sect Master Is at Fault

Yang Chen's voice was able to travel so far because of help from the golden bell. He had used the golden bell which could barely function to louden his voice before letting his voice out. The shapeless soundwave was accompanied by an unparalleled momentum that helped spread it to its surroundings uncontrollably.

A crisp yet deep voice propagated into the ears of everyone within fifty meters instantly.

Yang Chen did not move a muscle nor did he ask Sun Qingxue to invite Elder Hua Wanting to come over. Nobody would have thought that he was actually directing his question towards Lu Zhenyu of the Clear Sky Sect.

It would not be much of an issue if he was just shouting a few words out. The most that could happen was the high level disciples who were guarding the auction would just put an end to that. That would be some fun to watch anyway.

But now, Yang Chen was calling out Sect Master Lu's name. Moreover, he was questioning if the promise the sect master had made earlier still held. With his loud voice, even if an expert were to appear and stop him, it would already be too late.

The auction was held at the inner sect and it was just a few metres from the sect master's residence. Yang Chen's sceam had surely been heard by the sect master.

"Who dares to take such liberties at the Clear Sky Sect?" Yang Chen's echo had not ceased yet but it was soon followed by another harsh voice. Out of nowhere, a shadow of a woman emerged at the entrance of the auction in front of everyone's eyes. She was sending out enormous pressure around her.


The formless pressure was felt by everyone at the entrance. Instantly, the crowd, including the disciples and the spectators fell onto their knees. There was no way they could resist it.

Sun Qingxue, who was beside Yang Chen also did the same. The woman who had just appeared must be very formidable. She was surely a Dacheng stage expert. Just by her manners, everyone already could not handle it.

The only exception to that was Yang Chen. He was still standing upright at his spot. He had a relaxed expression on his face, as if he had just done something insignificant.

"I formally pay my respects to Aunt Master!" echoed the crowd


Only voices of people paying their respects could be heard. The pressure that had made people fall onto their knees was then halved. Nevertheless, the force that remained still made everyone tremble with fear. Before the woman said a word, nobody dared to stand up.

Her gaze was automatically fixed at Yang Chen. Only at this moment, Yang Chen then cupped his hands in front of his chest and made a bow, "I formally pay my respects to Senior Shi!"

The woman was actually familiar to Yang Chen. She was Shi Yanhe, a Dacheng expert of the Clear Sky Sect. During the termination of the secret organisation behind the Hundred Thousand Mountains, Elder Shi was one of those who were involved in the operation. They had only met once back then. Who would have known that she was the one in command of the auction today.

Shi Yanhe was surprised that Yang Chen did not yield to her immense pressure. But she couldn’t ask about it on such an occasion. She just nodded her head towards Yang Chen as a greeting.

However, she immediately realised that his voice was very familiar. It was the same voice as the person who had shouted and screamed earlier. She raised her brows and asked, "Yang Chen, are you the one who was calling out just now?"

Apart from Shi Yanhe, those in the crowd and those planning to frame Yang Chen all knew who he was. He had made a reputation for himself after betting with the Wine Immortal in the market a few days ago. His name was now known all over the Clear Sky Sect. Those people did not mention Yang Chen's name because if there was any blame, they could avoid it by saying they had not known Yang Chen's identity.

Of course, people that were at the higher ranks knew about Yang Chen's agreement with the Clear Sky Sect. However, the ordinary disciples did not quite understand the agreement. Using the absence of the identification token as an excuse on purpose, the person who had thought of the idea clearly knew about the agreement. Some of the people however, actually had no clue about it.

"Yes!" Yang Chen admitted truthfully without denial.

"My sect's auction had delayed some of the honoured guests." After saying that, everyone was frightened. It was better off when she kept silent. Even she had addressed him as an honoured guest. Wouldn’t the people who had laughed at him be in hot soup? Some of the people who were kneeling on the ground began to shiver.

Given how polite Shi Yanhe was,Yang Chen did not explode with anger. He smiled a little and said, "I just want to ask about what you had said before this. The things you have promised me, do they still count?"

"The things I have said and the promises I have made naturally still hold," she assured him. She did not even wait for the sect master to come over to give him an answer.

After answering Yang Chen, Elder Shi just remembered the disciples who were still on their knees. She then said, "All of you, stand up!"

Her voice was soft but clear as it travelled into everyone's ears. After Shi Yanhe's words, the force around her vanished. When the force had decreased, only then did the crowd stood up. But after they stood up, they were still standing in an orderly manner. They were not daring enough to let out a heavy sigh of relief.

"The promises still hold?" Yang Chen sneered and said, "It doesn’t look so, does it?"

"What is going on?" After hearing what Yang Chen had said, she lost her temper immediately. And for Yang Chen to question her word was practically a joke. But she had no idea what had happened, so she questioned just to be sure.

Although Shi Yanhe was the one in command at the auction, she didn’t pay constant attention to any commotion in her surroundings. There had not been a person who dared to cause trouble in the Clear Sky Sect before this. Most of the time, Elder Shi would be engrossed in her cultivation. She would only make her appearance when something had come up. She had only appeared now because of Yang Chen's scream, but she wasn’t aware of what just happened.

After Shi Yanhe shouted angrily, which disciple would dare to step out and speak? Each of them was hiding in the corner, keeping quiet out of fear. And those who stirred trouble up in the first place were shivering tremendously non-stop.

The crowd could not control their fear towards Elder Hua. Apart from being a Dacheng stage elder, she had another identity. She was the sect's Law Enforcement Hall's master. If any of the disciples had committed any wrongdoings, it was up to her to decide the punishment. Which disciple would not cower in fear after hearing her name? Who would even dare to face her now that she was mad with that kind of position?

"Little Xue, you do the talking." Shi Yanhe did not even need to look around. She already knew the culprits behind this were the people on the scene now. None of them would need to open their mouths. She might as well just call out a name.

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