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The auction inside the sect was very formal. Preparing the list of items in the auction in advance could also make the people in sect make preparation in advance, which was very thoughtful.

When Sun Qingxue came back, she didn’t have to leave again. This was her room, her courtyard. Seeing Sun Qingxue who was looking at him with anticipation, Yang Chen explored into the jade slip with his Spir­i­tual Aware­ness.

Originally, Yang Chen did not have any specific goals, but after roughly sweeping through it, he found out that there was somethings good in this auction that made him feel tempted.

The auction actually had the Earth Pole True Fire, the Earth Pole True Fire! This was a fifth grade flame just like the True Sun Fire, True Moon Fire and the Southern Bright Trigram Fire. Yang Chen already had the True Sun Fire and the Southern Bright Trigram Fire, both are fifth grade third fire spirit powers. In addition to the Earth Pole True Fire, this fifth grade fourth fire spirit power would complement each other.

If in his past life, Yang Chen had a True Sun Fire, he would certainly did not dare to expect more. But this time was different, since Yang Chen wanted the Yin-Yang Burning Heavenly Fire, it would require a lot of Fire Seed, Fifth Grade and higher Fire Seeds were rare, so if he bumps into with great difficulty, Yang Chen must obtain it at all costs.

There was no other special surprises, but there was still a Spiritual Spring that made Yang Chen very tempted. This was a Spirit Spring that was collected from the roots. The water was clear and it was a good water for cooling alchemy or refining equipments. However, Yang Chen was not tempted to use it in alchemy or refining, but felt that if the water quality was good, it could be used for wine making.

If people knew Yang Chen's intentions, it was not known how many people would knock him over to the ground and then step on his face and swear at him. Although Spirit Spring was not a rare thing, but if it was only used for wine making, isn’t it really a waste?

Of course, everyone can’t imagine how much the amount of wine that Yang Chen wanted to dilute was tens of thousands of years of wine and as huge as a lake. The Spiritual Spring may not be enough.

The two items alone were enough to make him spend money. The other ingredients and magical herbs did not spark Yang Chen's interest the slightest bit. There were actually a few techniques that seemed quite interesting. But if he were to buy them in the Clear Sky Sect's auction, it would not seem appropriate. Hence, he gave up on that thought.

“Yang Da Ge, is there anything you  need?” Sun Xiaoxue had been waiting for Yang Chen’s decision saw that Yang Chen had put down the jade slip, and hurriedly asked.

"Yes!" he said, nodding. It seemed that his luck was quite good after all. He could even come across such a good item like the Earth Pole True Fire. It seemed that his luck had turned.

Nevertheless, the Blue Cloud Sect was willing to auction the fifth-grade flame off, instead of trading it for contribution to the sect. This meant that the sect was too rich and arrogant. Otherwise, it could only mean that the owner of the flame lacked spirit stones. If he had handed the flame to higher authorities, he would gain some contribution points from the sect but he wouldn't make any spirit stones.

No matter what, since Yang Chen had already seen it, it was not necessary to compete with others.

“What do you want Big Brother Yang? I buy it for you!” Sun Qingxue listened to what Yang Chen wanted, very happily, and immediately yelled that she wanted to buy it for Yang Chen.

"You?" Yang Chen looked up and down at Sun Qingxue, and then asked very strangely: "How many spirit stones do you have? Is it enough to buy it?"

“I can ask Master to borrow some spirit stones first.” She looked at him in a diffident manner. Her master was an elder of the Great Ascension stage but as a disciple at the foundation building stage, she did not have much savings. She still couldn't afford something from the auction by her own merit.

“Forget it, your Big Brother Yang, have a lot of money.” Yang Chen reached out and gently stroked Sun Qingxue’s small head very intimately, Sun Qingxue seemed to enjoy it too, and does not dodge.

“What do you want?” Sun Qingxue asked curiously.

"You know that I want to brew some wine, right?" Yang Chen said with a smile: "There is a Spirit spring, which should be good for winemaking. When i look at the water quality,you can buy it if appropriate."

Although it was written down on the jade slip, he could only verify the quality of the actual item once he had seen it. Some of the qualities of the water were suited to refining tools while others might be used for concocting pills. But most of them could be used as drinking water. Of course there were some exceptions to this and Yang Chen was worried about just that.

“Okay! Good!” Sun Qingxue was hoping that there was something that Yang Chen would need from the sect. Whether the item was expensive or not was another issue. Anyway, an Alchemist Master of Yang Chen's level would have spirit stones in abundance. It was painfully apparent from how he treated the Four Seas Mysterious Coral liquid like a normal juice.

Sun Qingxue had treated him like he was one of theirs and was no longer being modest with him. If she could afford it, then she would buy it. If she could not, then Yang Chen would purchase it himself. There was no difference.

On the second day of the auction, in the early morning, Sun Qingxue took Yang Chen to the auction venue. To be honest, Sun Qingxue had only come to this kind of auction with her master for a few times. She wasn't qualified enough to participate. It was not because of her status, but rather her financial background.

It seemed that the auction was very well-received. By the time they arrived, many people were already there. There were a few disciples standing guard at the entrance of the auction, verifying the identity of each visitor. There was no other way. The sect was big and there were thousands of disciples there. They could not possibly recognise each and everyone of them. Hence, they could only rely on their identity cards for verification.

Unsurprisingly, Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue were stopped from entering by the two young disciples who were on duty. "I'm sorry, fellow dao disciples. Those who are not involved in the auction can’t be allowed entrance."

The two guards then ignored them. Sun Qingxue took her sect identification out swiftly and displayed it to the two guards.

"Junior apprentice sister, this is a high level auction. Disciples at the foundation-building stage are not allowed to enter." The guard only looked at Sun Qingxue’s identity card and immediately knew her identity, but still stopped Sun Qingxue.

"What?!" Sun Qingxue was shocked. When did the auction change to a high level auction? And since when did the auction restrict people from entering? She then thought of an idea and tugged at Yang Chen's arms, "He is an honoured guest of the sect and is qualified to enter the auction. I am just following him inside to observe the auction, is that fine?"

From the moment they had arrived here, Yang Chen had sensed that the atmosphere was out of the ordinary. As soon as Sun Qingxue tugged at his arms, he could feel the unfriendly gaze from the other people's eyes towards him. It looked like the main problem was not due to some high level auction, but was because of her intimacy towards him.

"The sect's honoured guest?" The guard was still smiling politely. Nevertheless, he insisted on carrying out his duty and instructed, "Please show the token that has been given by the sect, the one that proves his status as an honoured guest of the sect."

For some important guests, the sect would issue an identity  token. Blue Cloud Sect was too big. Even people in this sect couldn't recognize each other clearly. It was normal for outsiders to not be recognized.
Therefore, this VIP token does have it usefulness.

However, Yang Chen became embarrassed at this moment. At the time, when they talked about the conditions with the Blue Cloud Sect's Sect Master, everyone cares about the safety of Hua Wanting, but no one remembers this issue, but they only verbally approved the qualification of Yang Chen. But this VIP token had never been given to Yang Chen.

Later, although Yang Chen went to the sect once again, but he was directly invited by Elder Hua Wanting, he also did not have the opportunity to get the VIP token, at this moment, the disciples were full of smiles and stretched out their hands, but Yang Chen couldn’t bring anything out.

“It seems like I forgot to bring it!” Yang Chen certainly couldn't say that the Blue Cloud Sect's Sect Master did not give it to him. He could only use such a reason to meditate. However, everyone was a cultivator, and almost all of their belongings are kept in their Cosmos bag. This excuse was too rotten. Even Yang Chen felt a little embarrassed.

Looking at the appearance of Yang Chen, there seems to be a look of sorrow in the eyes of the disciples. There was a burst of laughter around at the same time, and then a voice came out: “Can’t get the token? What kind of honored guest,are you pretending?”

When the sound came out, it was immediately followed by a burst of laughter, and it seemed that people around it had begun to watch with excitement. And a few people who were interested have begun to push forward.

Sun Qingxue's face became very difficult to look at. She was very familiar with this voice. It's clear that they often wanted to get close with her, and Sun Qingxue has never given them face. She didn’t think that they would come and disturb her at this time.

Especially in front of Yang Chen, they made such a big embarrassment, Sun Qingxue almost cried out. With these many onlookers, it was clear that they were taking the opportunity to humiliate Yang Chen. The root was this problem was herself.

However, the reason the other party spoke of  was very justified. In this high-level auction, only Jiedan stage masters and above could enter. Sun Qingxue had not reached this level, and didn’t have the qualification to enter. And Yang Chen, the so-called VIP, had no identity token, so the refusal was justified. Even if the Blue Cloud Sect's Sect Master came over, he couldn’t blame anyone.

They didn’t know who leaked that Yang Chen did not have the identity token, but it was clear that this time the arrangement was indeed flawless. And in front of so many people, it was true that Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue's face would be lost.

Yang Chen's aim in the auction was to buy things. If he went in, and he could only watch and he can't participate. The what was Yang Chen going to do? He thought it was an opportunity this time, but he didn’t expect to encounter such a trouble. It seemed that this time he could only returned empty-handed.

“Since the rules are so, then we will not go in.” Yang Chen thought about it, a Earth Pole True, it was really not worthy of Yang Chen being submissive. Since they won’t let him in, then he won’t go in. This was Sun Qingxue’s master’s door, and Pure Yang Palace and Blue Cloud Sect have recently cooperated closely, and Yang Chen couldn’t go overboard.

Sun Qingxue had become so angry that her apricot eyes became round and biting, and if the sect disciples was forbidden to fight, she may have already started. She has also heard that Yang Chen wanted to settle the quarrel and make peace with the parties involved, she turned and bowed het head and said to Yang Chen: “Brother Yang, let’s go, Master can definitely take us in.”

Immediately, a Jiedan master who was qualified to enter the auction site came over and smiled at Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen. “„Sister Sun, does not need to trouble Elder Hua, Senior Brother can lead you to go in? Your friend can also go to have a look together, but, cannot buy thing casually."

“I don’t want to trouble Fellow Daoist!" Yang Chen didn’t want to make trouble, and flatly refused.

“Wait a minute!” The guy who spoke did not expect Yang Chen to react like this. He thought that Yang Chen was not allowed to enter this auction, but now people turn around and leave, can’t you watch it without much fun?

“Does Fellow Daoist have other matter?” Yang Chen looked at the performance of the other party with a sly look. He was very angry in his heart. He had already given the Blue Cloud Sect face, and the other party had to be so unruly. If they went too far, it could not be blamed on Yang Chen for being impolite.

“Fellow Daoist is a disciple of  the Pure Yang Palace?” The disciple of the Blue Cloud Sect knew the origin of Yang Chen, but pretended to ask a question, and then did not wait for Yang Chen to answer, and immediately continued: “in the Pure Yang Palace there are no auctions of this size and scale. Fellow Daoist do you not want go in and open your eyes?”

When these words were spoken, there was a sneer around them, and there were also a few people who deliberately shouted.

“This is a good opportunity, Fellow Daoist have to go in to have a look!”

“There aren’t many opportunities for such an eye-opener! Don’t miss it!”

… A series of voices was continuously heard, all of them were a group of people who seemed to be in the early stages of the Jiedan realm and the late stage of the Foundation Stage, they were surrounded by the sounds. As for the disciples who were on duty, they looked around with lively eyes and smiles, staring at this side, without saying a word.

“Open eyes? Are you belittling my Pure Yang Palace??” Yang Chen’s voice slightly brought a little anger, this was not a provocation to himself, but disrespect to the Pure Yang Palace. Yang Chen eyes was staring at other’s eyes, and suddenly asked “Is this the meaning of your own Fellow Daoists, or the meaning of the Blue Cloud Sect?”

Yang Chen's questioning, let all the people shut their mouths. This question was not answered well, but it was a big problem. Although the Pure Yang Palace was a second-rate sect, it was now working with Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island. Not to mention being disrespectful to their allies. Even without this partnership, Pure Yang Palace was not so easily bullied.

“In the Pure Yang Palace, indeed, there is no auction of this scale!” The Jiedan master accompanied with smile, but he refused to admit his mistake: “My humble self have good intentions, this Fellow Daoist should not misunderstand. If you don’t want to, Then please return back.”

“That’s the case, but it is necessary to see the precious items in the  auctions!” The other side advised Yang Chen to go back, but Yang Chen did not intend to leave.

“Oh? Do you want to go in with me?” The Jiedan master was surprised, but this ending was not exactly what he wanted? So he asked with a smile.

“I don’t need to bother Fellow Daoist!” Yang Chen sneered: “There is a way to do it.”

“Won’t you just depend on the identity of Elder Hua?” In the crowd next to him, a voice with doubt was immediately heard, and suddenly it caused a burst of laughter.

“Sect Master Lu, our agreement has still not been completed?” Yang Chen stood in the same place and shouted loudly. The huge voice was like Huang Zhonglu, and it spread far and wide.

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