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Do You Still Remember Your Promise

The auction in the inner sect was very orderly. They had prepared a detailed list of the items that were going to be auctioned. This gave the people in the inner sect a rough idea of the items that were going to be auctioned off. The auction was very carefully worked out.

Sun Qingxue had no intentions of leaving now that she had come back. This was her room, her compound anyway. She looked at Yang Chen eagerly and he started using his spiritual awareness to investigate the jade slip.

Yang Chen had no objectives in the auction initially. But after sweeping through the jade slip, he realised there was an item that he desired among the items that were going to be auctioned.

The auction actually had the Real Terrestrial Pole Fire, the Real Terrestrial Pole Fire! This was a fifth grade flame just like the Real Sun Fire, the Real Moon Fire and the Nanming Fire. Yang Chen already had the Real Sun Fire and the Nanming Fire, both are fifth grade third fire spirit powers. In addition to the Real Terrestrial Pole Fire, this fifth grade fourth fire spirit power would complement each other.

If he was in his previous life, Yang Chen would surely not wish for more after having the Real Sun Fire. However, things were different now. Since he wanted the Yin and Yang Heaven Burning Flame, that meant that he needed a substantial amount of flames. It was difficult to obtain a flame that was fifth grade and above. Now that he had coincidentally stumbled across it, he must have it one way or the other.

The other items did not intrigue him much except for a soul spring. The fountain would collect clear water. Its water was great for cooling things down when concocting pills or refining tools. However, he was not thinking of using the water to concoct any pills or to refine any tools. If the quality was good enough, it could be used to brew the wine.

If people had known his motives, they would have beaten him down to the ground. Then they would step on him ferociously and rebuked him right in his face. Although the soul spring was not uncommon, but it would still be very wasteful to use it to brew wine.

Of course, the people could not imagine the massive amount of water that would be needed to dilute the substantial amount of yeast. Even the stream of soul spring would not be enough to dilute it.

The two items alone were enough to make him spend money. The other ingredients and magical herbs did not spark Yang Chen's interest the slightest bit. There were actually a few techniques that seemed quite interesting. But if he were to buy them in the Clear Sky Sect's auction, it would not seem appropriate. Hence, he gave up on that thought.

"Brother Yang Chen, is there anything you need?" asked Sun Qingxue after seeing him put the jade slip down before awaiting his reply.

"Yes, there is!" he said, nodding. It seemed that his luck was quite good after all. He could even come across such a good item like the Real Terrestrial Pole Fire. It seemed that his luck had turned at the right moment.

Nevertheless, the Clear Sky Sect was willing to auction the fifth-grade flame off, instead of trading it for contribution to the sect. This meant that the sect was too rich and arrogant. Otherwise, it could only mean that the owner of the flame lacked spirit stones. If he had handed the flame to higher authorities, he would gain some contribution to the sect but he wouldn’t make any spirit stones.

Nonetheless, since Yang Chen had seen it, then he would not need to compete with the others anymore.

"What do you want? I'll buy it and give it to you!" Sun Qingxue was delighted to hear that he had something in mind. She then cheered loudly, shouting that she would help him buy it.

"You?" He looked at her from head to toe and questioned, "How many spirit stones do you have? Is it enough?"

"I can borrow some spirit stones from my master first." She looked at him in a diffident manner. Her master was an elder of the Dacheng stage but as a disciple at the foundation building stage, she did not have much savings. She still couldn’t afford something from the auction by her own merit after all.

"Forget about it, I am a wealthy man." Yang Chen extended his arms and stroked her head intimately. She was enjoying it and did not shy away from him.

"So what do you actually want?" asked Sun Qingxue again as she was still curious.

"You know that I want to brew some wine, right?" Yang Chen said smilingly, "There happens to be a soul spring in the auction. Using it to brew wine isn’t such a bad idea after all. You can buy it for me after I check whether the quality of the water is good."

Although it was written down on the jade slip, he could only verify the quality of the actual item once he had seen it. Some of the qualities of the water were suited to refining tools while others might be used for concocting pills. But most of them could be used as drinking water. Of course there were some exceptions to this and Yang Chen was worried about just that.

"Sure, sure." Sun Qingxue was hoping that there was something that Yang Chen would need from the sect. Whether the item was expensive or not was another issue. Anyway, a pill-concocting master of Yang Chen's level would have spirit stones in abundance. It was painfully apparent from how he treated the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas like a normal beverage.

Sun Qingxue had treated him like he was one of theirs and was no longer being modest with him. If she could afford it, then she would buy it. If she could not, then Yang Chen would purchase it himself. There was no difference.

The auction was held on the second day and she had dragged Yang Chen to the venue early in the morning. To tell the truth, Sun Qingxue had only come to this kind of auction with her master for a few times. She wasn’t qualified enough to participate. It was not because of her status, but rather her financial background.

It seemed that the auction was very well-received. By the time they arrived, many people were already there. There were a few disciples standing guard at the entrance of the auction, verifying the identity of each visitor. There was no other way. The sect was big and there were thousands of disciples there. They could not possibly recognise each and everyone of them. Hence, they could only rely on the visitors' identifications for verification.

Unexpectedly, Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue were barred from entering by the two young disciples who were on duty. "I'm sorry, fellow dao disciples. Those who are not involved in the auction shan’t be allowed entrance."

The two guards then ignored them. Sun Qingxue took her sect identification out swiftly and displayed it to the two guards.

"Junior apprentice sister, this is a high level auction. Disciples at the foundation-building stage are not allowed to enter." The guard took a glance at her identification and knew who she was immediately. However, he still forbade her from entering.

"What?!" Sun Qingxue was shocked. When did the auction change to a high level auction? And since when did the auction restrict people from entering? She then thought of an idea and tugged at Yang Chen's arms, "He is an honoured guest of the sect and is qualified to enter the auction. I am just following him inside to observe the auction, is that fine?"

From the moment they had arrived here, Yang Chen had sensed that the atmosphere was out of the ordinary. As soon as Sun Qingxue tugged at his arms, he could feel the unfriendly gaze from the other people's eyes towards him. It looked like the main problem was not due to some high level auction, but was because of her intimacy towards him.

"The sect's honoured guest?" The guard was still smiling politely. Nevertheless, he insisted on carrying out his duty and instructed, "Please show the token that has been given by the sect, the one that proves his status as an honoured guest of the sect."

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