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How Could It Be

Indeed, once people knew that he had the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas, the number of enemies he would need to face would definitely exceed ten thousand. Even if he could take down tens of thousands of cultivators with ease, he could not possibly fight the whole cultivation realm.

Hua Wanting became more suspicious of him instantly. If that was the case, why did he present it in front of her in the first place? Although she did not raise the question, her eyes had sold her out.

"If I can't keep it safely, using it immediately is a good choice. Then no one will think about getting it from me," Yang Chen explained with a faint smile.

After listening to the near preposterous reason, she became speechless. This explanation of his had shown that he knew just how valuable the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas was, while Yang Chen only made such decision because of that exact reason.

Of course, Elder Hua did not know there was an overabundance of the liquid inside the bottle gourd. Yang Chen had more than enough to bathe himself or even swim in it. At that moment, she failed to look for a reason to reject him.

Yang Chen could've asked her to keep it safe for him, but he gave it to her disciple instead. As a senior, it would be inappropriate to take advantage of someone from the younger generation.

"Moreover, if I am overly dependent on it, I will not be able to improve upon my pill concoction mastery." Yang Chen started talking again to provide his reasoning. "As long as I have the pill concoction mastery in my hands, there will not be any difference whether or not I have items like this one."

Hua Wanting was moved by Yang Chen's recklessness. But to think it through, what Yang Chen had said actually made sense. He was only at the foundation building stage but he managed to concoct the Heart Questioning Pill, the Heaven Seizing Pill and the black tiger spirit supporting pill. Just as what he had said, if he were to depend on additional substances, his technique on concocting pills would not better.

Yang Chen understood the fundamentals well, which was why he had made such a decision. Hua Wanting could not help herself but envy Yang Chen's master for having such an outstanding disciple. His sect would also prosper and develop due to his existence.

Luckily, Yang Chen's gift was advantageous to her disciple. There was no doubt that Sun Qingxue would gain countless benefits upon consumption.

It would be the master's honour to see their disciple excel. Elder Hua was convinced, so she did not stop Sun Qingxue from drinking it anymore. She nodded her head at Sun Qingxue, hinting her to consume it according to Yang Chen's instruction.

Initially, Elder Hua had thought of keeping some for herself in case the sect needed it. But after seeing that Yang Chen did not reserve any, she did nothing of that sort eventually. When Sun Qingxue was benefited by the liquid, the sect and Elder Hua would indirectly gain an advantage as well. She comforted herself by thinking that way as she watched Sun Qingxue gulp down the cup of Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas.

"There isn't much taste to it," commented Sun Qing Xue cheekily after finishing the drink. That left Hua Wanting at a loss for words. Instantly, the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas began showing its effect. She felt light-headed and muttered under her breath, "So dizzy!" before falling into her master's arms.

Hua Wanting had expected such a response and speedily carried her out of the room. In the blink of an eye, her shadow vanished, leaving only Yang Chen in the room. There was only an echo lingering in the room. "Yang Chen, you can rest here in the meanwhile. I will look for you once Little Xue wakes up."

Under Hua Wanting's care, Sun Qingxue should be just fine. Yang Chen was not very worried about her as well. He had rested in her room for a few days but he could not go outside. He practised the Three Purities Secret, the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets and the Huangjin Body Refining Technique, each once every day. With the rest of his spare time, he was just examining the jade slips in an orderly manner.

Even though the reputation of Yang Chen's excellent wine had been known all over Clear Sky Sect, nobody came to disturb Yang Chen. Perhaps Elder Hua had instructed them not to do so. He was very relaxed while minding his own business, either reading his books or cultivating.

In the meantime, Elder Hua had paid him a visit twice. Her compound was just next to Sun Qingxue's, very close to each other. This had made things more convenient for Sun Qingxue when she wanted to ask for advice from her. Actually, even if she did not come by, she would still know what Yang Chen was up to.

Elder Hua was just sighing emotionally. A youth like Yang Chen who could maintain his composure was even rarely seen even among the excellent disciples in the Clear Sky Sect. If she were to ask herself, she would not just simply give the cup of Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas away like what Yang Chen had done. Moreover, he was giving it to someone with no relations to his own sect, making it more unbelievable.

The only explanation was that Yang Chen actually cared for Sun Qingxue. Anyway, she had confessed to him that she wanted to become his dao companion for dual cultivation before this. Yang Chen even said he would think about it. Nonetheless, with such a big cup of the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas, it had revealed his attitude clearly. Elder Hua was quite satisfied with the dao companion Sun Qingxue had chosen.

Yang Chen had owed his life to Hua Wanting. Moreover, he was so reliable at such a young age while his pill concoction mastery was also almost the best in the world. He even cared for Sun Qingxue, so it seemed that Little Xue had a respectable taste.

Had Yang Chen known that his gift for Sun Qingxue would be associated with so many other things, he would certainly regret giving it in front of Hua Wanting. He was not reluctant about the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas. More importantly, he did not want be misunderstood. Should he know about this earlier, he would have just given it to Sun Qingxue secretly. Nobody would know and there would not be such a big fuss.

After consuming the cup of Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas, Sun Qingxue slept for ten consecutive days. Naturally, her body started excreting a lot of wastes. There weren't any problems from her side under Hua Wanting's meticulous care.

When Sun Qingxue appeared in front of Yang Chen once again, there was a different kind of expression on her face. Hua Wanting had explained to her what the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas was together with its rarity. Facing Yang Chen at this moment, she was extremely grateful.

"Thank you, Brother Yang!" she thanked Yang Chen from the bottom her heart, feeling exceptionally glad. He was willing to give her the Dark Coral Liquid of the Four Seas which meant there was a place for her in his heart. She did not wish for anything else. All these were more than enough for her.

"What's with the courtesy? You're looking quite lively!" After examining her from head to toe, he nodded as he felt satisfied. After excreting the wastes in her body, her skin had become fairer and clearer. Feeling energetic, she seemed to have gotten younger all of a sudden.

"It seems to me that the Clear Sky Sect's auction is starting soon right?" He saw that Sun Qingxue was getting a little shy and quickly changed the topic. "Isn’t it time for you to bring me there and have a look?"

"The auction starts tomorrow. I am already ready for it," said Sun Qingxue while taking a jade slip out. She then handed it to Yang Chen and told him, "These are the items that are going to be auctioned tomorrow. You may have a look and see if there is anything you want. I will buy whatever you want for you."

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