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Yang Chen had made a series of pretense, which had already wetted the appetite of Jiu Xian, it should be remembered that before the gambling it was said that in addition to this glass of wine, there would be nothing else.

When he smelled the wine, Jiu Xian knew that he had lost miserably. In this world, there was such a great wine, just the smell, could make people intoxicated.

However, the wine was in front of his eyes, smelling the flavour, he restrained himself, grabbed the little jade cup, looked at the quantity which was not enough, and could not help but feel  some reluctance.

Under his nose,he smelled it for a while and enjoyed the rare flavour. Senior Jiu Xian couldn't bear it anymore. He took the wine glass and sent it to his mouth. He looked up and poured it into his mouths.

On the tip of his tongue, he immediately felt the most delicious stimulation. It was just the wine made from just a drop, that was, just enough to moisturize the tongue. He Contained it in his  mouth for a long time, Jiu Xian was reluctant to swallow it into his belly.

A burning sensation passed directly from his mouth to the soles of his feet and back to the top of his head, then changed to a cool feeling. Between the cold and heat, the spiritual power of his whole body seemed to be burned up, his  pores opened naturally, and a burst of alcohol qi spurted out, and then under the control of Jiu Xian, it was smashed back into his pores.

Senior Jiu Xian was no longer able to maintain his posture and sit respectfully,he closed his eyes and look up to the sky, the intoxication and enjoyment appeared unobtrusive in the eyes of the audience.

The people who lined up to buy wine,were stalking their heads one by one,and kept sucking their noses. The sound of sucking on the scene did not stop, as if everyone wanted to absorb all the wine qi that was in the air.

“One more cup!” Senior Jiu Xian finally opened his eyes again and put the glass on the table, but he was not willing to let go, still holding it in his fingers, and said to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was not stingy, and he gave a full cup of wine to Jiu Xian, looking at him with a smile.

However, at this moment, Jiu Xian had no interest in Yang Chen's theory. This glass of wine was simply a jade liquid, and all the wine worms buried in his body were hooked out. It seemed that a small hand had been extended in his throat. It kept rushing and wanted the wine to be poured into the mouth immediately.

After making a long intoxicating sigh for a long time, Jiu Xian finally finally sent this small glass of wine into his mouth. With the action of Jiu Xian, the sound of swallowing water was heard on the scene, and Sun Qingxue behind Yang Chen was immediately shocked.

Sun Qingxue did not expect it at all. Yang Chen's drop of wine turned out to be so delicious. When she was a child, she was from a good family and she had a lot of wine. Although she don’t like the things in the cup, she could also find out whether the wine was good or bad.

The alcohol qi made several drinkers drunk, Sun Qingxue was so close, but she was fine. Obviously her drinking capacity was also good. But Sun Qingxue still couldn't imagine, there were so many people who simultaneously swallowed their saliva unexpectedly.

They were all from Blue Cloud Sect. Their behaviour made Sun Qingxue very embarrassed. In front of Big Brother Yang, could they not keep the face of Blue Cloud Sect?

However, looking at Jiu Xian of the Yuan Ying’s face making such a look, Sun Qingxue could not blame those who  were the same. This kind of wine, this was a delicious food that people should have!

After giving the two cups to Jiu Xian, Yang Chen no longer intended to give him anymore wine. He turned and directly put the jug into the small hand of Sun Qingxue: “Little Xue, take it.”

“Brother Yang, this is too expensive!” Sun Qingxue also knew how to understand the value of this jug, and hurriedly shoved it back.

„Oh, is not that precious,this is just the distiller’s yeast that the clear water melts." Yang Chen would not have Sun Qingxue reject it, and directly shoved it back „First take the solution, wait for the day i to let you taste the special brew that is the Top Grade delicacy."

After this words, the people around listening and Jiu Xian, were all stunned. This kind of wine was actually not that precious? However, Yang Chen's words were very reasonable. The distiller’s yeast that the clear water melts, was certainly inferior to the distiller’s yeast that was specially-made as a liquor to hydrates, this was general knowledge.

This also meant that there was something more delicious. The eyes of Senior Jiu Xian had already lit up,he was staring at Yang Chen, just like staring at a peerless treasure. However, while watching Yang Chen, he didn’t forget to let the corner of his eye follow the jug in Sun Qingxue's hand.

The special drink was of course wonderful, but it wasn't enough? At the moment, it was only the jug in Sun Qingxue's hand that could solve it. Senior Jiu Xian had  begun to rack his brains to find a way, how to get the cup of wine in Sun Qingxue's hand. He was Strong enough to grab it? As a Senior, and also a guest of Blue Cloud Sect,in Blue Cloud Sect he can’t do anything like this. It seemed that only way was to use things to exchange for it.

“Senior, this wine, how is the taste compered with Blue Cloud Immortal Class?” At this time, Yang Chen asked such a sentence, and suddenly let Jiu Xian immediately recall the taste of the two glasses of wine, and couldn't help but swallowed his saliva.

He wanted to shake his head and don’t admit it, but Jiu Xian looked at the jug in the hands of Sun Qingxue, and couldn't help but say it. Finally, there was only one point “I lost!”

Jiu Xian was also trustworthy , directly throwing his own Cosmos bag to the table: “Look at what you want,and take it yourself!” Under his control, the mouth of the Cosmos bag had been opened, waiting for Yang Chen to pick it himself. This is a bet. Under the eyes of the public, Jiu Xian would never reconciled, not to mention the large jug of wine next to it.

This bet Yang Chen made was righteous, and had no polite thoughts. He opened the Cosmos bag directly and began to look at the things inside.

As a Senior of the Yuan Ying stage, there  were many good things in his Cosmos bag. However, those so-called high-level magic weapons, Yang Chen did not look at it. On the contrary, a small thing thrown at the corner of the Cosmos bag by Jiu Xian caught Yang Chen’s attention.

It was a wooden sign with a very irregular shape and a pattern of twisted characters. It looked very ancient, and if there was not a spiritual power support, it might have decayed.

“This?” Jiu Xian looked at Yang Chen who actually picked such a broken wooden card, and thought that it was a bit of an accident, could not help but screamed: “Are you sure?”

“Of course!” Yang Chenkou replied affirmatively.

“Weird!” Jiu Xian stared at Yang Chen with a strange look. He said: “This is what this old man got by chance. No one knows what the patterns are. If you want it, take it!”
(To be continued)

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