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Jiu Xian thought that Yang Chen said that once he lost, he would not bring out more. He smirked in his heart, Yang Chen was really a person who couldn’t understand good wine, could it taste more delicious than the Blue Cloud Im­mor­tal Class, how could it be compared with it.

After hearing the words of Yang Chen, Jiu Xian was startled and looked at Yang Chen, suddenly having a sense of confidant. A good wine drinker,wasn’t afraid of drinking wine.

As Yang Chen said, once he tasted the delicious wine today, he would never taste it again, but what could he do? Seeing that Yang Chen was so determined, it seemed that he had no fear of it. For a while, Jiu Xian felt a sence of loss.

But soon Jiu Xian understood, that he had almost fallen into Yang Chen's evil scheme. If Yang Chen could take out a delicious wine that was more delicious than Blue Cloud Im­mor­tal Class, why would he still line up here?

Understanding this section, Jiu Xian directly shook his head and sneered: “That is the future, today this old man really has to wait for a taste of your wine.”

“Little Xue, go find some water!” Yang Chen did not say anything more at the moment, directly directed at Sun Qingxue.

Sun Qingxue was anxious, thinking about how to resolve the situation between Yang Chen and Jiu Xian. Listening to Yang Chen's words, she couldn't help but become awkward. Once Yang Chen couldn't get it, wouldn't it be very difficult? She couldn't help but screamed: “Yang Da Ge!”

“I haven’t lied to you?” Yang Chen smiled softly and seemed to know why Sun Qingxue was anxious.
When she heard this sentence that Yang Chen had said several times to make her heart felt at ease. Sun Qingxue didn't know what it was, and she suddenly felt relieved. When Yang Chen said this, the kind of confident appearance made Sun Qingxue seem to return to the execution ground of the whole family, and it seemed to return to the small courtyard where the master was riddled with Blood Phantom Vine.

So, Sun Qingxue had no doubt again,she directly rushed into the restaurant. As a Blue Cloud Sect's disciple, it was not a big problem to go in for a glass of water. After a while, she walked out with a large basin of clear water.

The folks of the restaurant were also smart, and they have heard the movement here. They did not hesitate to move a table out, and bring a set of chairs to the front of Jiu Xian. Jiu Xian was impolite, sitting directly in the chair unceremoniously, waiting quietly.

Sun Qingxue put the large basin of water on the table, and then naturally walked behind Yang Chen. Yang Chen did not talk much nonsense, but also sat on the opposite side of the table.

From his Cosmos bag, Yang Chen took out a large jade wine glass, almost three or two. Later, Yang Chen thought about it and it seemed to be a pity. He took the glass back and replaced it with a small cup of two quantities and put it on the table. At the same time, a pot of jug was pulled out and placed next to it.

This action was very obvious. The meaning of his expression was very clear, he can’t bear to drink a large glass of the wine,so he would only use a small cup.

Seeing this look, even Jiu Xian was looking forward to it. The way Yang Chen cherished it, could there really be a better wine?

In the eyes of the public, Yang Chen injected the clear water into the jug. This action coursed a doubt in the people watching. Was this going to be wine or drinking water? The people on the side began to talk about it.

There was such a big movement here, and other people who bought and sold in the square market have also come around. Although not everyone was good at drinking wine, but a well-known wine drinker senior and a younger generation’s bet, it was still very worth seeing.

After completing everything, the pot had already been filled with more than half of the clear water. Yang Chen stood up and bowed his head to the people around him. He loudly reminded: “You, friends with shallow alcohol capacity, please take a few steps back, so that you can’t get affected.”

What does it mean? Have they been reminded of drinking yet? This was too much to look down on! Everyone has such an idea in mind, arrogant! Did he really think that alcohol qi could  make people drunk?

The way the people were acting, Yang Chen didn’t care, anyway, he had already said it and if the others does not listen, it was not his business. At most, some people would be smoked and drunk, and if they were drunk in the local area. It was not a big deal.

Jiu Xian had been irritated by Yang Chen's move. The more Yang Chen was like this, the more he felt that he was right, the alcohol qi could make people intoxicated, what kind of strong liquor was this? Before Yang Chen took out the wine, Jiu Xian had already begun to sit uneasily, without the image of a senior.

In the long-awaited hands of Yang Chen, he don't know when a blue-yellow gourd appeared. Yang Chen held the gourd's waist, opened the gourd cover, and carefully began to tilt slowly over the jug.

A drop of viscous liquid slowly appeared from the gourd's mouth, and then reluctantly lingered on the gourd's mouth for a while, which completely separated from the gourd, slammed into the water of the jug. Immediately, Yang Chen was like hiding a treasure, and quickly covered the gourd and kept it.

From the time the liquid appeared, the eyes of the people did not move. The strange thing was that although Yang Chen was very solemn, but everyone couldn’t smell a trace of wine, was this the wine that Yang Chen talked about?

Senior Jiu Xian was also wondering, but soon he no longer doubted Yang Chen's words. Among the jug, there was a faint smell of wine. He sat down closer to it and smelled the most clearly.

This wine's smell faintly spread around, and everyone smelt it. Slowly, the wine was getting stronger and more fragrant. There were a lot of good wine drinkers here. At this moment, a series of sounds like sucking of the nose was made, one after another, it was interesting.

However, the exudation of the wine taste did not stop at all. As time went by, the more the fragrant smell quickly filled the entire market. There were a few with shallow cultivation, and their face had already begun to appear red, and they were actually intoxicated and a little bit drunk by the alcohol qi.

The original street had a flavour of Blue Cloud Immortal Class, but at the moment, the nose of the people and the mind was full, but all of them were filled with this mellow wine, and there was no such thing as the Blue Cloud Immortal Class.

The performance of the Seniors Jiu Xian was even worse. Although he was sitting neatly, his nose was swaying in a row, as if he wants to completely absorb the smell of this fragrance into his nose. If it weren't for so many people watching here, maybe Jiu Xian couldn't hold it anymore, and the jug would be taken up and drunk already.

Yang Chen finally picked up the jug and shook it gently in his hand, so that the wine yeast dissolved more fully. With his movements, some people in the city finally fell down and whistled and snored.

However, no one cared about this. Everyone’s eyes were moving with the jug in the hands of Yang Chen. After a while, Yang Chen grabbed the jug and gently picked a small cup on the table.

“Senior, please!” After filling it, Yang Chen rushed to the opposite side of Jiu Xian, made a request for action.
(To be continued)

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