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“Auction?” Sun Qingxue was stunned. She didn’t think that Yang Chen wanted to participate in the auction. What was wrong with it, just because of the current schedule: “It will take ten days or so, what does Brother Yang wants to buy, maybe I can help you.”

“There is no specific goal.” Yang Chen was not in a hurry. In ten days, Yang Chen could still wait. Blue Cloud Sect often had some good things to auction, he don’t know what he would catch up with this time. However, there was nothing in particularly to be hidden from Sun Qingxue: “I am planning to buy some raw materials for brewing. If there are any miscellaneous books or anything, I can also take them.”

Yang Chen love of miscellaneous books was notorious. The last time he treated elder Hua Tingting, he directly asked for 20,000 volumes of books. At that time, Sun Qingxue was present and was very clear about it.

“There may not be many books in the auction.” Sun Qingxue shook her head and said very directly: “There will definitely be a cultivation method, Alchemy and refining technique in the auction, and it is impossible to auction the miscellaneous books.”

Yang Chen did not have such an idea to buy a miscellaneous book at the auction, just to play this dice. He came to Blue Cloud Sect, just to look at what was good, but there was really no fixed goal.

"There is a place to sell the raw materials for brewing. You don't have to wait for the auction Brother Yang." Sun Qingxue immediately began to ask Yang Chen for another request: "In the inner market of Blue Cloud Sect,There is a world famous wine, ‘Blue Cloud Immortal Class’, which is the unique wine of the Sect. If you like Brother Yang, I will buy some for you.”

Blue Cloud Immortal Class was made by a low-level disciple of Blue Cloud Sect who had no hope of cultivating. After some masters improvement, it became the unique wine of Blue Cloud Sect. The non- Blue Cloud Sect disciple or the people who are in conflict with Blue Cloud Sect cannot enjoy it. Yang Chen came here twice, because the timing was wrong, he could not taste this kind of wine.

Originally based on Sun Qingxue's Foundation Stage disciple status, she was not qualified to purchase it. But now because Sun Qingxue was elder Hua Tingting’s disciple if she wants some Blue Cloud Immortal Class. It was really not a problem.
Moreover, with Sun Qingxue’s current aptitude, if Sun Qingxue revealed a plan to buy some Blue Cloud Immortal Class, a large number of people would be willing to buy it for her.

Of course, Yang Chen now had the qualification to purchase some of it, even the qualifications to participate in the Blue Cloud Sect auction, let alone buy Blue Cloud Immortal Class.

In his previous life, Yang Chen also heard about the name of the Blue Cloud Immortal Class, but he had never had a chance to taste. Now it was just as Sun Qingxue said that Yang Chen would have to taste it.

“Well, let’s go and see how this Cloud Immortal Class tastes like!” With interest, Yang Chen immediately stood up.

Sun Qingxue laughed in front of Yang Chen, leading the way for Yang Chen. The two drove their flying sword and soon came to the market inside the Blue Cloud Sect.

Blue Cloud Sect was wealthy of being a top-notch martial art school, and even the inner squares was so lively. Pure Yang Palace was relatively inferior, and there was even rare auctions in Blue Cloud Sect. Just the number of disciples, Pure Yang Palace had a long way to go to catch up.

There were many disciples in the Foun­da­tion stage in the market, but there were also many Jindan masters, and even the occasional Yuan Ying ancestors. The Sect encourages disciples to exchange some of the things they get, and learn from each other. Almost all the major sects were the same.

Sun Qingxue took Yang Chen and soon came to a shop that looked very unremarkable. It was inconspicuous, because this shop was very small, inside the shop, there was three jars on the inside of a simple wooden counter. Apart from these, there was nothing else, not even a stool for sitting.
The owner of the shop was a middle-aged man who had a Foun­da­tion Stage Mid­dle Stage cultivation, which was very common. He was dressed very neatly, he was holding a spoon of alcohol and pouring wine into a small jug.

How­ever, com­pared with the crude­ness of shop, out­side the shop the was a long queue. Al­most every per­son was holding a wine-drinking instruments,or bot­tle gourd, a vial, or a jade pot, with an­tic­i­pa­tion on their faces.

“Well, today seems we will be unable to catch up.” Looking at this situation, Sun Qingxue’s brow wrinkled: “Blue Cloud Im­mor­tal Class only sells three jars every day, and with this waiting line, what can I do?”

It was not easy for Yang Chen to come to Blue Cloud Sect, and rare to have a drink with him, but to catch up with so many people, so Sun Xiaoxue was very embarrassed. She couldn't go in front of these people and there no one she knew to replace in the line.

In the air, there was a scent of wine, and the closer it was to the store, the stronger the taste. Yang Chen looked up and sniffed a few mouthfuls and snorted.

His action was like a standard drunkard. Someone in the queue next to him suddenly smiled. It was estimated that they have done similar actions before.

However, the drunkard was still a drunkard, no one was willing to let out his position. One day, three jars, each person can’t exceed one jin (0.5 kg). It was counted that only one hundred people could taste this wine every day. No one wanted to give their valuable enjoyment to others.

Sun Qingxue had seen the back to the front of the line. What disappointed her was that there was no one of her acquaintances among the long line. And the line was obviously more than one hundred people, at least three hundred people, it seems that the share of the next three days of wine had also been booked.

Inside the Blue Cloud Sect, there was no need to say that it was impossible to cut the queue. Perhaps they had a strong backing on the outside, but it could still not be done. Here, the powerful people do not dare to break the rules. This was the enthusiasm of the Blue Cloud Sect.

Seeing that there was no way for Yang Chen to taste the wine, Sun Qingxue almost cried out in a hurry. Yang Chen could hardly come once, but he has encountered such a situation, how could Sun Qiaoxue accept?

“Don’t worry, Qiaoxue!” Yang Chen looked at Sun Qingxue's anxious look and was moved. He immediately sighed and said: “I have already smelled the wine, and it doesn’t matter if I can’t drink it.”

When Yang Chen said this, Sun Qingxue became anxious, her brows were wrinkled, and she suddenly said: “I am going to find Master to think of a way!”

Just one jin (0.5 kg) liquor, Yang Chen had not paid at­ten­tion to it. More­over, this Blue Cloud Im­mor­tal Class was re­ally also or­di­nary, after tast­ing the dis­tiller’s yeast that was in the bot­tle gourd of the old Dragon King had left be­hind, the good wine of this rank, al­ready was un­able to excite his liquor worm.

„Don’t !" he jokingly said, be­cause of liquor she wanted trou­ble a Great As­cen­sion stage Ex­pert(s), this was too inconspicuous, Yang Chen blurted out: „This liquor fla­vor is or­di­nary, it can­not be that good. Wait for me to brew some peer­less del­i­ca­cies per­son­ally, i will make you taste!"
“Don’t say a word!” Sun Qiaoxue hasn’t heard what he said, but the people in the line heard it,and loudly scolded.
(To be continued)

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