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Chapter 241
The Jin Dan master exploded to death and the power of the explosion was not small . Even if Yang Chen had already driven the shuttle to escape more than 20 Zhang, he still felt the powerful explosive force .

Although it was not as powerful as the explosion of the Tenth Water Divine Thunder in the sea, if it was to explode in the shuttle, it may bring some damage to the shuttle . Yang Chen could now sacrificial refine the shuttle, but it couldn’t be repaired . Once it was damaged, it would not be worth the gain .

This was clearly the practice of some people ready for death . When joining certain organizations or going out for a certain task, they were restricted by the high-ranking people in the organization in advance . Once you want to reveal secrets, it would activate the restriction, which would lead to the explosion of the body . The Jin Dan master was obviously restricted .

However, looking at the shocked eyes of the Jin Dan master before his death, it seemed that he did not think that he would be restricted . Yang Chen estimated that he did not know when he was restricted by the people, otherwise he would not look like that .

In this way, Yang Chen really held the people behind the scene in high esteem . Being able to be so ruthless to your people, clearly they were not ordinary people . This kind of technique was usually prevalent in the Demon Sect . In the Dao Sect(s), unless it was a person ready for death, this method wouldn’t be used, and ordinary people would rarely come into contact with it .

For the death of these people, Yang Chen really does not care . Without them, Yang Chen could still dig the planner behind them .

As Yang Chen said before, the guy responsible for tracking was not among these people . So far, the people with the Yuan Ying ancestor had died, but the Spiritual Awareness Imprint in the Sea of Consciousness of Yang Chen was still there, which could only be explained that he was still not dead .

When the person was alive, Yang Chen could track the whereabouts of the other person . Maybe the guy who planned this time would never dream, Yang Chen could actually move the imprint on his own sea Consciousness, not to think that Yang Chen could rely on the Spiritual Awareness Imprint and in turn track the person who was tracking him .

However, Yang Chen does not intend to start doing this now . Since the other party could put restriction in these people, it would be equally okay to restrict the person who was tracking him . Before Yang Chen had means to solve this restriction, Yang Chen was not prepared to take this risks .

Looking at the Spiritual Awareness Imprint in his Sea of Consciousness, it was once again wrapped up by Yang Chen’s Spiritual Awareness thread(s), and did not reveal a little gap . It was impossible for the other party to trace Yang Chen’s position again . But this Spiritual Awareness Imprint was kept by Yang Chen . One day when Yang Chen cultivation base was strong enough, this was the clue to finding the people to settle accounts .
The bodies of the group of Jin Dan and Yuan Ying masters had become the flower fertilizer of the blood demon vine . What surprised Yang Chen was that Xiao Tian woke up before the battle, just in time to catch a glimpse of the battle .

The three Restricted Dragon Qi were a bit abnormal . So far, it seemed that it still had a full-fledged yet undigested appearance . Even the fragments of the flying swords that Yang Chen prepared for it had not been looked at . It was on the blood demon vine sword, and it was still not moving . He estimated that it was still digesting .

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Yang Chen no longer alarmed Xiao Tian, letting it be free in the medicine garden . He drove the shuttle and flew in the direction of the Blue Cloud Sect . Of course, at sea, it was still convenient on the sea floor, hiding his whereabouts and not attracting attention .

When there was a period of time on this road . When Yang Chen had nothing to do, he would sit in the shuttle and begin to cultivate .

Before he started gathering the Tenth Water True Essence Yang Chen had been drinking a mixture of the Mysterious Coral liquid and the wine distiller’s yeast . Drinking and sleeping, and then waiting to remove the impurities in his body, and he did not cultivate any cultivation . Now that the impurities in his body have gone down about seven or eight times, this was the first time he would cultivate under such circumstances .
The Three Purities Secret Art was good,but it was a Spiritual Awareness Secret Technique,and the impact on the body was not great . However, now the Three Purities Secret Art Third Layer, Yang Chen has been practicing to a very familiar level, and his Spiritual Awareness had reached the point of re-consolidation .

However, this kind of condensing was a one-off effort . Normally, it takes hundreds of years . Fortunately, Yang Chen now has the Spiritual Awareness of a Yuan Ying Soul Middle Stage master, and his Spiritual Awareness would not increase for the time being, and would not affect Yang Chen too much .
Yang Chen was now holding in his hand, there were at least two things that could both increase the cultivation base and increase the Spiritual Awareness . The Sect had a collection of more than one hundred kinds of flames for Yang Chen . Among them, there were many kinds of Third Grade flames . Once Yang Chen had completely absorbed it, it would immediately cause another change in his Sea of Consciousness, and his Spiritual Awareness would also proliferate .

The other thing in Yang Chen hands was the Tenth Water True Essence . This was a must-have for the cultivation of the Tenth Water True Secret Art cultivation in the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art, and it was also a relic that could cause changes in the Sea of Consciousness . After absorbing the Tenth Water True Essence, it wad true that there would be a miniature ocean in his Sea of Consciousness . As for Cultivation Base and Spiritual Awareness promotion,it was simply an easy matter .

However, Yang Chen did not intend to do these two things in a short time . So far, Yang Chen’s cultivation has grown far beyond Gao Yue Shi Shanshan Sun Qingxue Gongsun Ling . Haste brings no success, it was the most basic truth . Everyone understood that Yang Chen would not make this mistakes .

A sharply elevated cultivation required more time to consolidate the realm . There was no way to do this . If he didn’t do this, he would have to pay . No power was worth this price . What Yang Chen needs now was to consolidate his cultivation with a peace of mind, so as not to cause any major problems .

The Three Purities Secret Art did not bring Yang Chen many surprises, the true pleasant surprise, came from the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique and the Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art .
When Yang Chen cultivated the Three Purities Secret Art, and immediately began to cultivate the Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art, he immediately noticed the changes in his body .

The speed of the spiritual power in the various departments in his body’s meridians was almost 30% faster than usual . When fighting, Yang Chen didn’t notice it, and he didn’t have the extra energy to manage those things, but now in the state of cultivation, he immediately found these anomalies .

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The speed of his spiritual power circulation had increased, moreover before, Yang Chen had always thought that some of the positions of some meridians caused by his cultivation being too low have some obstacles, almost all had disappeared . Spiritual power flowed through his body, without any feeling of being restricted, and it was so comfortable .
Moreover, after the Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art One Heavenly Circulation was completed, Yang Chen himself was able to clearly perceive it . Compared with the past, after this One Heavenly Circulation the increase in spiritual power was also a little more .
The speed of the circulation was increased, there was no hindrance in the meridians, and the added spiritual power was a little more, seemingly not a big change, but after a long time, it would be absolutely enviable the crazy gap that could be added .

The Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art already had given Yang Chen a pleasant surprise, but a bigger pleasant surprise, actually came from the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique .

The body of Yang Chen, because of Old Demon Yi’s Demonic Art, had absorbed several thousand Divine Immortal life essence, and was already formidable to the extreme . Without any other assistance,he could achieve the strength surpassing 30,000 Jin .
But this De­monic Art had its drawbacks, that was, the essence of life absorbed was too much and too mixed, resulting in many impurities in the body . This was a hidden hidden danger, but unexpectedly Yang Chen actually had the good luck to get so many Mysterious coral liquid .

The impurities in his body were almost exhausted . During the cultivation of the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique, the sudden burst of power in his muscles filled his body with a feeling of madness, and almost scared Yang Chen .

He Knew that there would be benefits, but he did not expect it to be this strong .

After removing almost all the impurities from his body, the feeling of the Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique transforming his muscles and the refining of his body was clearly reflected in Yang Chen’s Sea of Consciousness . Just as Yang Chen himself magnified countless times in his Sea of Consciousness , letting his soul be separated and watched it happen .

Under the effect of the refining, his bones were more compact and firmer, and his strength was greatly increased . His Muscles were also like people who were constantly adding strength to Yang Chen . As for the most critical muscles, it was even more amazing . Just looking at the increase in size, you would know that his strength was definitely enhanced .

Not only that, the shortcomings of the current stage of the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique seemed to make Yang Chen look different in the eyes . The places that were strengthened were not uniform enough, and some places were too much, at a glance .

Up to now, Yang Chen knew that the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique would not only increase his strength in the early stage, but people would have a kind of barbaric body shape, and also knew that at the later stages of the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique the body could be restored To the original normal body shape .

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At first, this kind of refining technique was too focused on the muscles and the bones, naturally there would be some imbalances . The inflated muscles would of course become the real nemesis . If Yang Chen had no such ability, it would have been impossible to restore his original body shape except for the step-by-step cultivation of the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique to the extreme .

But now, Yang Chen already knows where the problem was, and his current body had become more adaptable to the refining effect of the refining technique . As long as Yang Chen spends a lot of time and focuses on certain parts, he could re-adjusted his uneven body .
In this way, Yang Chen could achieve the later stages effects in the early stage of the Yellow Turban Reinforcement . This was not just a change in body shape, but it also means another incredible increase in physical strength .

Only this time, cultivating the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique, Yang Chen felt that the effect of power improvement was much higher than before . It seemed that no matter what type of cultivation, the body was still the most basic and most important .

After One Heav­enly Cir­cu­la­tion this time, the effect of the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man Body Re­fin­ing Tech­nique was 50% better than usual . The strength that broke out of his muscles made Yang Chen feel a little surprised . If he followed this situation, in less than hundred years . It was estimated that Yang Chen could reach the high-level of the Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man .

You should know that the high-level Yel­low Tur­ban Strong­man, even in the Heav­enly Court where spir­i­tual qi was almost everywhere, it would take at least several hundred years to reach this level . Moreover, they were not mortals when they began cultivation .

Yang Chen did not know how to evaluate his own Heaven De­fy­ing luck . The old dragon king was really powerful, no wonder he had a separate treasure house, those magic weapons that relied on luck to win, but also really could not be compered with these things that Yang Chen had already in his hands .

With these good things, Yang Chen’s first thought was of course his Master . There was the Mysterious coral liquid . When he went back,he would let his Master take the Mysterious coral liquid and drink it . Bathing with it was also OK . Anyway, he had a big lake of it .
As for others with good relations with Yang Chen, Mas­ter An­ces­tor, Head­mas­ter Palace Mas­ter, Old tree mon­ster, other el­ders, Se­nior Sis­ter, Se­nior Brother, every­one could have a big cup first . If they were sick it was to treat an ill­ness, if they are not sick­ they could use it to build up their strength, Pure Yang Palace had Yang Chen, their wel­fare ben­e­fit sim­ply was a big deal for him .

In the past, when Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan went to take the Howl­ing Ce­les­tial Dog Blood Essence, he was very appreciative of Shi Shanshan’s tea making skills . However, Yang Chen liked wine, and tea was only something that he tasted occasionally . Now that he had a wine cellar the size of a lake, it seemed necessary to brew some refreshing wine to mod­u­late .

The Mysterious coral liquid was good, but every time you drank it, you have to sleep a lot, which was inconvenient . It was better to drink wine for it’s taste .

That bottle gourd, Yang Chen has decided to call it the wine jug . What would a tens of thousands years of wine in a large lake, be called if not a wine jug? This was also true, when Yang Chen brewed wine it could also be put in, when he want to drink, he could pour it out at any time .

If Blue Cloud Sect had an auction, he would have to collect a large amount of raw materials for brewing . At the same time, he would also look for Little sister Sun Qingxue . If it was convenient, he would also give her a cup of Mysterious coral liquid, which was definitely good for her cultivation .

Along the way, Yang Chen was cultivating, until he approached Blue Cloud Sect, he took up the shuttle, and then summoned an ordinary flying sword . Then he slowly-controlled the flying sword and flew to the gate of the Blue Cloud Sect .

This was not the first time Yang Chen came here . The last time he came to invite elder Hua Tingting, the people of Blue Cloud Sect were also very familiar with Yang Chen . He asked to find Sun Qingxue and sent a message without saying anything . After a few hours, Yang Chen saw Sun Qingxue rushing over .

“Brother Yang it good to see you!” Sun Qingxue still had her young face . When she saw Yang Chen, her face instantly became filled with a smile, and she said hello .

Yang Chen had come alone to find her, Sun Qingxue’s mood was generally good . This Elder Hua’s proud disciple, Blue Cloud Sect’s current genius disciple, like a young miss in love , called Yang Chen, and he didn’t know whether to blush .

“Little Xue!” Yang Chen had a kind of younger sister love for Sun Qingxue . Although she was a little embarrassed now, it does not prevent Yang Chen from seeing that Sun Qingxue was very happy . Of course, there was another reason for her happiness . In the future, the Snow Dance Fairy Maiden who was famous all over the world, had such an expression in front of him .

When he thought about it, he felt an indescribable satisfaction .

“Just passing by the way, and decided to pay a visit . ” Soon after seeing Sun Qingxue’s happiness, he was replaced by a headache, seeing Sun Qingxue’s happy appearance, Yang Chen also said nothing to disturb her, and could only find these words “won’t you invite me in?”

Sun Qingxue brought Yang Chen into the sect gate with joy and leaps, and introduced the famous scenery of the Blue Cloud Sect to Yang Chen . He was happy and looked at it with joy from his heart .

“Is there a Blue Cloud Sect auction recently, would i have the qualification to participate . ” After a long day of rest, during the rest in Sun Qingxue’s small courtyard, Yang Chen took the opportunity to ask .

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