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In a rather happy mood he rushed back to the main hall, Yang Chen tried to let Yazi open the pagoda’s restriction. It was a pity that this time, Yazi could not do so.

The pagoda restriction light outside did not even flash.

It was not that the level of Yazi was too low. That was, the level of the restriction was too high for only two reasons. Yang Chen could only turn to the next one,the two long-horned jade cases.

It was a pity that the two long-horned restriction still had no movement. He tried it all until he was near the bottle gourd, this time it had a response.

The light was shining again, but this time it was not a white light, but a blue one.

Tazi was obviously happy, and it’s big mouth was enjoying the light, just like something delicious.

Yang Chen could feel a trace of dragon qi from those lights, which was a natural tonic for Yazi. For Yang Chen, it also meant that he could get a heart-warming treasure again.

The solemn piece bottle gourd placed in the jade case did not seem to be eye-catching. The side was large, and it was asymmetrical. The whole gourd showed a dark yellow colour that seemed to have not been picked up for a long time. There was still a lot of mottled shadows on it. He doesn’t know how many years have passed with it lying here.

The middle part of the gourd was tied with a red string, which was very casual. He didn't know what was inside, why it was kept here by the Dragon King.

The devour of the Yazi was not urgent, Yang Yang also patiently waited, while quietly practicing the Three Purities Secret Art. After the sound of the golden bell, Yang Chen's Spiritual Awareness was somewhat shocked and he had to practice insanely.

Half a month later, the restriction on the periphery of the jade case with the gourd was once again swallowed up by Yazi. Yang Chen had been waiting for this moment, and could not wait to grab the gourd.

The gourd was not big, and the place where his hand was holding, the waist just fit perfectly. That part seems to have been held often, and a light was shining from it. Making it very comfortable to hold.

In his hands, the gourd seems to have little weight, but it was not very heavy.

When gently shaked, you can even hear a screaming sound inside, as if it was filled with something.

Yang Chen's other hand was immediately placed on the mouth of the gourd. That part of the gourd was stuffed with a cork. Stretching his hand and using force to try and open it, Yang Chen immediately became stunned, this gourd could not open.

This was normal, as if it could be opened easily, it would be strange. If it was that easy it would not be worthy of the attention of the Dragon King.

However, with the lessons from the golden bell,
Yang Chen did not dare to input his spiritual power casually, he went out and find a position on a Spiritual vein to sit down and started to follow the old method, first he used his Spiritual Awareness Imprint to bind it .

The strong sense of the Nascent Soul Middle Stage formidable Spiritual Awareness was enough to bind(collect has been changed to bind) this gourd.

However, it still took Yang Chen a full half-month to successfully lay down his own Spiritual Awareness Imprint in the gourd.

Just like the golden bell, when the Spiritual Awareness Imprint successfully entered the gourd, a series of memories directly entered the mind of Yang Chen through the Spiritual Awareness Imprint, and Yang Chen knew how to control the gourd.

What surprised Yang Chen was that the gourd turned out to be just a container, which made Yang Chen almost collapsed. Just a container, was worthy for the old dragon king so seriously to place it here? Isn’t a Cosmos bag enough to put things in, why should it be placed in this gourd?

However, although it is only a container, there were still some functions that were different from the Cosmos bag.

This hoist could only store liquids, and it had a very powerful function.

Different liquids could be stored separately and would never affect each other. And would bring out exactly the liquid the gourd owner wanted to pour out.

This was not the most exciting function of this gourd. The most important function was that no matter what liquid was put in, it will be affected by the action of the gourd itself and will change more and more towards the mellow direction.

If this was the case, this gourd was simply a beautiful wine gourd. Think about it, the wine you brewed would be more and more mellow, what kind of taste would it have?

Of course, it’s not just limited to fine wines, but there were other things like Fragrant Liquid, which could also be aged. What does aging mean? Increaseing of it age.

As long as a liquid stuff was put into the gourd, it could age without you knowing it. Was there anything more beautiful than this?

Yang Chen couldn’t wait to open the gourd. When he opened it, he found that there were only two kinds of liquid inside. A thick and infinite liquid, with an amber glow. The other was a purple liquid, which emitted a little bit of fluorescence, and it was beautiful.

The amount of these two liquids were very shocking, and each one was like a huge lake. The liquid that when you shake the hoist screams outside was simply two giant lakes.

With Yang Chen’s knowledge, it was easy to preliminarily determine what these two liquids were. However, as soon as he saw such a huge amount, Yang Chen was somewhat uncertain.

He found a piece of jade and used a flying sword to quickly spin it into a jade cup. He placed it in the Profound Spirit Furnace. After a simple burning of the True Sun Fire and Moon True Fire, Yang Chen picked up the gourd and gently dropped out an amber thick liquid out of the gourd.

As soon as the liquid entered the jade cup, it instantly gave off a wonderful smell. This smell, Yang Chen directly stood in the same place. This taste, this taste, is this really the taste of the most mellowed wine, how is this possible?

The reason why Yang Chen was not sure of it was,because of that huge lake, it was too much. How many raw material was needed to make so much a wine. Just smell the smell of this mellowed wine , and you would know what kind of precious raw materials were used inside. Numerous monks could compete for a lifetime for these things. To the old dragon king, it was nothing but a raw material for winemaking. How was this humanly possible?

What maked Yang Chen feel the most unbelievable was that this treasure trove was not known for how many thousands of years it had been here.

With the aging and mellowed effect of the gourd, how delicious were these wines now? Yang Chen felt it was almost impossible to guess.

Perhaps, in the heavenly court, the jade wine of the celestial beings were also so much like this. It may even be worse than this. We must know that it had only been a few years after the rebellion in the heavenly court. The new Jade emperor was only a few years old. With that chaotic situation, it was certain that no good things would be left for the rebels.

Even if it was the current Jade Emperor, it was impossible to enjoy this level of fine wine.
(To be continued)

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