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For the first few chapters i will release in parts after a few chapters i will add all into 1 chapter so please bear with it  for a while 

Just after coming in contact for a while, Yang Chen discovered that the barrier closest to the mouth of Heavenly roar on his hand has become more soft.

This is simply an unexpected surprise. If the Heavenly roar  can absorb all these things, it means that Yang Chen can easily get the things on the jade case.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen has been unable to hold back his excitement, and began to use the Beast Controlling Secret Art  to communicate with the Heavenly roar, to let it absorb the light as quickly as possible. In that case,he can quickly make a hole in the thickness of his arm, so that Yang Chen can reach in and take out the golden bell.

Heavenly roar also understood the meaning of Yang Chen, but the actual implementation, that is the problem. Of course, this cannot be blamed on him. It is really that the light that shines seems to be a general flow. After only a moment of loss, the light around it begins to supplement the loss, and the barrier begins to slowly harden.

It seems that this is a gradual process, Yang Chen can only wait slowly, while guessing what the golden bell on the jade case is.

This process took a whole month, and the Heavenly roar seems to be very fond of this kind of light, which it constantly absorbe . Yang Chen knows that there must be a lot of dragons qi in it, otherwise it will like it like this.

Almost every once in a while, Yang Chen will try to touch the restriction on the jade case. When the invisible barrier is found to be softer and softer, the surrounding light is getting shallower.

When the light finally disappeared, Yang Chen's hand had been put into the barrier impatiently. The originally sturdy barrier, was like a soft film at this moment, was broken quickly.
Yang Chen's hand grabbed the golden bell and then quickly retreated. Who knows if there will be any change in the restriction, and things will take a turn for worse.

The small golden bell looks like a golden bell that has been reduced countless times. It is an unusually beautiful bell that is full of delicate dragons mark. If you look at it carefully, there are nine golden dragons hovering on the outer bell. Each one has a different shape, and their claws are dancing, but each one is so beautiful and lifelike.

Inside the golden bell is a hanging metal ball that he does not know what material it is. The ball also has a  delicate pattern, but it is not a dragon shape, but a regular pattern.

In his hands, the golden bell is very light, as if it has no weight. Yang Chen tried to shake it. Unexpectedly, the ball inside the golden bell did not move, and did not make any sound.

This is not surprising. It can make the old dragon king become serious and put it in the Hidden treasure house, and also use restricted barrier to seal it. If it can be easily swayed, it will not be worth the prudentness of the old dragon king.

Filled with curiosity, Yang Chen began to try to input spiritual power into the golden bell. However, when Yang Chen's spiritual power entered the golden bell, it was like a needle entering the sea,it disappeared without a trace.

There is usually only one reason for this to happen, that is, the spiritual power input and the spiritual power required are really too far apart, which will cause such a situation.

After he estimated the amount of his spiritual power, Yang Chen had to be frustrated to admit that even if he put all his spiritual power into the golden bell, it is estimated that he could not meet the needs of the golden bell.

However, there is an East China Sea chart outside, and there are countless Spiritual veins on the huge chart, which can provide Yang Chen with a steady stream of spiritual support. Yang Chen didn’t want to go straight outside, so he found a submarine Spiritual vein that was not used by the sects. He put down the obsidian jade rush cushion.

Sitting on the obsidian jade rush cushion, Yang Chen held the golden bell in both hands, and then began to input his spiritual power into the golden bell. With the input of Yang Chen Spiritual power, the size of the golden bell began to grow bigger and bigger. Slowly, Yang Chen's hands could not easily contain it. He had to put the already grown golden bell in front of him and touch his hands on it top.

The spiritual madly poured into the golden bell, and the golden bell was getting bigger and bigger. When the golden bell changed to a higher level than Yang Chen's body, Yang Chen discovered that it was not good.

He have been unable to control the output speed of the spiritual power. The spiritual power input his body seems to be swallowed up by a black hole, and crazily flowed from his hands to the golden bell. The spiritual power I’m his whole body was absorbed in less than one hundred breaths.

Fortunately, Yang Chen is now able to control the absorption of the spiritual power with, his formidable Spiritual Awareness , the huge spiritual veins and the obsidian jade rush cushion come together to provide this possibility of a crazy absorption. In addition to being able to maintain his self-imposed absorption of Spiritual power from the obsidian jade rush cushion, Yang Chen can no longer do other things.

As soon as the Spiritual power entered his body, it was directly swallowed by the golden bell and none was left. Fortunately, Yang Chen's Yang Five Phases Secret Art provided 10 times more spiritual power and 10 times absorption speed than the ordinary Foundation stage. Which Let the supply of spiritual power to the golden bell become possible.

Yang Chen has now begun to regret it. This level of magic weapon is not something that he can use, but curiosity has caused Yang Chen to fall into this state he not able to get rid of. There is no other possibility than the crazy absorption of spiritual power by the Golden Bell.

What makes Yang Chen more and more fearful is that as the Golden Bell absorbs more and more spiritual power, the speed of the absorption is getting faster and faster, and there are signs that he is unable to keep up with the supply. If he can’t keep up with the speed of the golden bell’s absorption of Spiritual power, will he not be sucked in by the Golden Bell soon?

The surface of the golden bell began to brighten slowly, and the dragons became clearer and brighter. The dragon pattern above seems to have begun to bulge slowly, becoming like a relief, just like the nine gold dragons that are slowly inflating

Yang Chen's spiritual power absorption finally reached the limit and could no longer provide faster spiritual power  absorption. The golden bell seems to be able to feel the state of Yang Chen, and the speed of absorbing spiritual power was maintained at that level, and it did not change.

Quickly a light flashed, Yang Chen seemed to see the dragon’s eye that was facing him. The dragon’s eye flashed slightly. When he was doubting whether it was an illusion, the golden bell suddenly stopped absorbing spiritual power.

Just when Yang Chen was surprised, Yang Chen only felt a slight tremor of the golden bell, and a low and heavy bell sound rang from the golden bell .

The heavy sound was mixed with a terrible impact. Being so close, Yang Chen almost and instantly fainted.

In the sea where the treasure house is located, a huge ripple suddenly appeared, followed by a bang, causing  countless splashes. Within a hundred miles, all the creatures lost consciousness in an instant, and even the seabirds flying through the sky fell sharply.


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