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The huge ripple formed a wave of several feet high and began to spread toward the surrounding. After a long time, the sea area slowly calmed down, but there were countless kinds of fish and shrimps with white belly on the sea.

When Yang Chen woke up, he didn’t even know how long he had fainted. He only knew that there was no pain in his whole body. The spiritual power in his whole body was empty and there was no trace of it left. In his Sea of Consciousness, it seems that there was still a heavy and clear bell sound, and it was endless.

Although it was said that he Woke up, but only his awareness was alert in his mind, his mind was still like a river, his mind was dizzy. Even if he wanted to concentrate, it was impossible.

Yang Chen could only lie on the ground like this, and slowly wait for a natural recovery. At this time, Yang Chen, don’t talk about taking a medicine, even controlling his spiritual power was impossible. The imperial power of the golden bell was evident.

Maintaining such awkward state, for at least three days, the shock in Yang Chen's Sea of Consciousness finally and slowly slowed down to a point that Yang Chen could accept.

Enduring the mad tremor, Yang Chen began to control his spiritual power and healed his injuries. In these few days, the water did not approach him, he was lying on the spiritual vein but he did not get even a little spiritual supplement. If it wasn't for Yang Chen's physical strength, he would have passed away.

Spiritual power slowly entered the dry meridian of Yang Chen, and began to slowly moisturize Yang Chen’s body.

After a while, Yang Chen finally got some strength and sat up with his arms.
The first thing he did after sitting wss to get two Profound Yang Fruit from the medicine garden and swallow it. The huge spiritual supply, coupled with the fullness of the food in the belly, made Yang Chen a little better. After the spiritual power of the Profound Yang Fruit was completely absorbed by Yang Chen, Yang Chen stopped doing anything and began to cultivate the Three Purities Secret Art..

In his Sea of ​​Consciousness, there was still the bell sound, and Yang Chen was still dizzy but he could not eliminate this influence.

The Three Purities Secret Art was worthy to be a Grand Supreme Elderly Lord cultivation method, only after cultivation One Heavenly Circulation and the feeling of shock has been greatly reduced. He did not say anything, and continued to practice.

With eight One Heavenly Circulation of the Three Purities Secret Art, for two days and two nights, there was no such tremor in his Sea of Consciousness again, and his mind had returned to full awareness. At this time, Yang Chen had practiced the Yin and Yang Five Phases Secret Art cultivation for several Heavenly Circulation, and frantically added to his lost spiritual power.

The golden bell still had it huge appearance, and it was placed not far in front of Yang Chen, but Yang Chen did not dare to move closer to it easily. Just a while ago, he almost disappeared, and Yang Chen can be sure that it was not the full power of the golden bell. In this case, if he disturb it, is it not courting his own death.

Yang Chen still does not know the situation outside the Hidden treasure house of the Dragon Palace. All the ordinary creatures within a hundred miles have died, and even the monsters below the Foundation stage have all died.

Those who were above the Foundation stage were all in a coma. Until now, after waking up, they eere still unable to distinguish between the southeast and the northwest, and all the monsters were stumbling around in a mess.

Sure enough, when Yang Chen looked at this golden bell higher than himself, he could only make a sigh. No wonder the old dragon king kept it in the treasure house. It has not even reached full power yet. After it reached full power, How would it become?

Speaking of it, Yang Chen was slightly affected. After all, the bell was initiated by Yang Chen's spiritual power. He was the initiator of the attack. The attack of the magic weapon would not hurt the owner. This is common sense. But just the impact, it has already caused Yang Chen to be so injured, really facing it’s full attack, he did not know what the situation will be like.

Such a good thing, Yang Chen’s heart almost bust with joy, he can’t wait to get his hands on it.

In any case, Yang Chen did not dare to input a little bit of spiritual power into the golden bell. Fortunately, laying down a Spiritual Awareness Imprint does not require spiritual power as a support, as long as his Spiritual Awareness is strong enough, Yang Chen still has an advantage.

Sacrificial refining? Yang Chen didn’t think about it. He sat directly on the obsidian jade rush cushion and began to collect the golden bell. At this time,his formidable Sea of Consciousness and huge Spiritual Awareness played a huge role, and began to penetrate into the entire golden bell little by little.

Even with the Three Purities Secret Art as the source of his Spiritual Awareness, Yang Chen still spent half a month to complete the initial steps.

When Yang Chen's Spiritual Awareness Imprint was successfully engraved in the golden bell, the golden bell violently turned into a golden shadow, which was then hidden in Yang Chen's body.

Boom, countless memories were like a breach, pouring into Yang Chen's mind. After a while, Yang Chen wad sure that these are the instructions of the golden bell. As long as je follow these instructions, he will be able to impel the golden bell witjout the slightest injury.

However, the spiritual power required to utilise the golden bell was no longer imaginable by Yang Chen. At least until Yang Chen reach the Nascent Soul peak he does not have to consider this issue.

Even if it is the peak of Nascent Soul, it would not be so easy if he want to understand the golden bell completely.

At most, it will be like this time, a resounding sound. I want to fly in Kowloon, the Golden Bell is ringing, and I will consider it again!

However, before this, the golden bell did not have any use. When the golden bell fits into the body of Yang Chen, it created a natural protective barrier for Yang Chen. It is equivalent to Yang Chen's body having a powerful protective magic weapon to protect Yang Chen at any time.

After discovering this, Yang Chen's mind naturally came up with a vocabulary: the golden bell cover. This is simply a true golden bell cover.

With the cover of the golden bell, even if Yang Chen stood in the dome hall, and he let the seven-seven flying swords slash at him, Yang Chen would not fill anything.

This is just the power of the golden bell after Yang Chen just collected the Golden Bell. If after Yang Chen perform sacrificial refining , the power of the golden bell will be more powerful and the protection will double.

The most powerful thing is that when Yang Chen thoroughly refined the golden bell, the enemy’s attack would even trigger the Golden Bell, and it would be directly countered by the golden bell.

This kind of magic weapon with both offensive and defensive features, even if it was in the Immortal world, it would be a rare treasure.

Bringing the Heavenly roar to the Dragon Palace, did not let Yang Chen be disappointed. Just this golden bell is enough to make Yang Chen stunned, but not to mention, there are six jade cases in the hall, waiting for Yang Chen to open the barrier one by one and collect the magic weapon inside.

Now, Yang Chen is looking forward to it, werr the rest as good as this golden bell.


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