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Chapter 235- Still Being Pursued22 Mar 2018

MeiQing Mountain market wasn't restricted for outsiders or rogue cultivators. Someone keeping a constant watch over the market was ordinary. For this group of silk-pants, who had no worries in their lives, a long wait for him there was certainly not ordinary.

Someone had gathered them together using an excuse like challenging Yang Chen for Fairy Shi. Moreover, that person had also used a common topic to push all the hatred on Yang Chen.

The first person was clearly incited by someone. Given the nature of these silk-pants, face was the most important thing. After Yang Chen had conceded defeat, they had gained face, so at least most of them wouldn't think of attacking him. But that person not only argued with him, he even took the initiative to attack Yang Chen. Clearly he wanted to coerce everyone into attacking and had hoped that Yang Chen would be killed in the confusion, thus creating trouble for Pure Yang Palace.

What he hadn't expected was that Yang Chen would break his attack using just three fingers, subduing most of the group. With no other way in sight, he could only use the other two people to attack, one of whom was some young master of the Wang family. The outcome, they were killed by Yang Chen's one strike, thus leading to the present situation.

Regardless of whatever is said, Yang Chen had killed someone. Those people who escaped would certainly claim it publicly. Even if Yang Chen chased after them and killed as many as he could, someone would still spread the information about Yang Chen killing people.

Regarding this, Yang Chen didn't care much. His only worry was that these people hiding behind the scenes might use this incident to bring harm to his master. Fortunately, Yang Chen wouldn't need to spend a long time on this time's trip. His trip this time was to the hidden treasury of the Palace of Dragons to check whether Heavenly Roar's dragon clan's bloodline could be used to remove some of the seals and obtain some treasures.

Just the flying shuttle, which he had received from there, had assisted Yang Chen many times. He had obtained that treasure after removing the simplest seal. It was obvious what grade of treasures he would receive after removing those difficult seals. Once he thought about those treasures, Yang Chen could barely control his heart.

Yang Chen had also discovered that as his cultivation advanced, the speed of the flying shuttle also increased. When he was at the initial foundation stage, it clearly didn't have its present speed.

When he reached the coast, Yang Chen submerged the flying shuttle into the ocean, without revealing anything. Even if someone was chasing after him, Yang Chen was truly convinced that no one could match to flying shuttle's current speed within the ocean.

The deep dark ocean bed was serene and dangerous, but with the high speed of the flying shuttle, Yang Chen simply didn't care. Those demon beasts who might chase after the flying shuttle didn't have the required formidable strength. Those who were sufficiently powerful couldn't catch up to the flying shuttle. Last time, Yang Chen had confirmed this.

It required him around ten days to reach the secret treasury of the Palace of Dragons. Yang Chen set the direction and coordinates properly and began to cultivate.

Whether it was because of the sudden change in the surroundings after he entered the ocean or whether it was because of the powerful hindrance provided by the ocean water, those people who wanted to chase after Yang Chen would have to pay a great price. Yang Chen suddenly felt as if someone was chasing him.

How was it possible? Apart from Dacheng stage experts, even Wang Yong himself wouldn't be able to chase Yang Chen if he couldn't sense Yang Chen's direction. Nevertheless, presently some formidable spiritual awareness was clearly tracking him.

After realizing this, the first thing that Yang Chen did was to immediately examine his body and check for spiritual awareness imprint or something like that. After a proper inspection, he confirmed that this wasn't the case.

Yang Chen became somewhat desperate. If the enemy had engraved some sort of spiritual awareness imprint on his body, then he could easily use the blood river within his consciousness sea to deal with him. Although presently, the Immortal Executing Blade was being refined within the blood river, but to get rid of the imprint, Yang Chen didn't need to move the blood river. He only needed to throw the imprint within the blood river.

Last time, Guan Yueying was tormented by Yang Chen using the same method while she chased after him to hunt him down, and a majestic YuanYing stage expert became a captive of a trifling foundation stage cultivator like Yang Chen. That was when, Yang Chen didn't know any deadly tricks. If Yang Chen could sense the hostility, then the enemy would easily lose consciousness.

If it wasn't on his body, then it was certainly on some object that he owned. Yang Chen began to thoroughly inspect all his treasures.

The Medicine Garden and the domed large hall were both within his Achievement Ring. Yang Chen couldn't think of any expert within this mortal world whose spiritual awareness could penetrate the Achievement Ring to track him down. Moreover, the Medicine Garden was the treasure which was given utmost priority by Yang Chen and had been refined several times by him, but he had never discovered any spiritual awareness imprint.

It was even more impossible for the imprint to be placed on the Profound Spirit Furnace as presently it was completely branded by Yang Chen as his own. Even if other people held the Profound Spirit Furnace, they wouldn't be able use it. If their control over fire wasn't as good as Yang Chen's, the only outcome from trying to use Profound Spirit Furnace would be that they would be unable to control the countless flames and would then be turned into ashes by the Profound Spirit Furnace.

If someone had engraved the spiritual awareness imprint on Profound Spirit Furnace, the only conclusion would be that his spiritual awareness would be burned completely by Real Sun Fire, Real Moon Fire as well as Nanming fire and the enemy would turn into a vegetable like Mo Qiang. Moreover, the Profound Spirit Furnace was also within the Achievement Ring, so it was impossible.

Bright Ray Sword and Blood Phantom Vine sword were both within the Medicine Garden together with Heavenly Roar. Their incomplete sword spirit had already been engulfed by Heavenly Roar. If the spiritual awareness imprint was on them, then it would've already become a good meal for Heavenly Roar.

Although the flying shuttle was a possibility, but until now, Yang Chen had no method of refining the flying shuttle and could only engrave his spiritual awareness imprint. However, even to accomplish that, Yang Chen had to spend at least few months time. It must be known that Yang Chen's spiritual awareness was extremely formidable and had reached mid YuanYing stage. If others wanted to leave their spiritual awareness imprint on it, they would only be able to barely touch it.

Until now, the flying shuttle was under Yang Chen's complete control, which clearly explained that the flying shuttle hadn't been forcefully imprinted by others.

Apart from these treasures, which Yang Chen considered as his most precious, all the other ordinary items were placed within the qiankun pouch refined by Wang Yong. After Yang Chen carried out a similar inspection on them, he quickly discovered a problem.

There were a few qiankun pouches within, which belonged to the few people whom Yang Chen had killed not long ago which also included the qiankun pouches of that young master and his two JieDan stage bodyguards. The tracking spiritual awareness was engraved on top of each of these.

This wasn't strange, usually all the large sects would use the tracking spell formation so that they could find their disciples. This would act as a safety measures as well as was also a way to guard against the unexpected. So this sort of tracking imprint on the qiankun pouches of that young master as well as his followers was absolutely normal.

The only abnormality was that those few people whom he had killed at the start of that farce clearly didn't belong to the same sect. Unexpectedly, the tracking imprint on their qiankun pouches was identical. This was a little bit weird.

This only had one explanation. Those people, even including those who had fled the scene, were all guinea pigs who were delivered to Yang Chen to be killed so as to track Yang Chen's movements.

If Yang Chen hadn't entered the ocean, thus forcing the opponent to increase the intensity of his inspection because of the resistance offered by several layers of ocean water, he wouldn't be able to discover the enemy's plans.

Collecting the spoils of war after killing the enemy was common practice followed by everyone, and Yang Chen was no different. Perhaps, the enemy had made this plan based on this common practice and had even incited those youths, by using the name of Shi Shanshan, to cause trouble for Yang Chen.

As long as Yang Chen killed a few of these people, he would certainly fall within this trap. Moreover, as long as Yang Chen killed someone, these people could publicly claim to attack Yang Chen out of hatred for killing their allies.

But the opponent wouldn't have anticipated, even in their wildest dreams, that Yang Chen's spiritual awareness would surprisingly be so formidable and would be able to discover the traces of the imprint created by them, which even some YuanYing experts would be unable to sense.

After discovering the enemy's tricks and discovering that it was all done by the same person, Yang Chen didn't impatiently remove the spiritual awareness imprints.

There was a great difference between knowing that you had an enemy and knowing who it was. Yang Chen wasn't willing to destroy the little clues that he had found.

He cautiously sent out his spiritual awareness thread and completely wrapped the spiritual awareness imprint on some qiankun pouch, easily controlling to enter within his consciousness sea and placed it at the edge of blood river. This spiritual awareness imprint could be thrown within the blood river at any time.

After verifying that there wasn't any other tracking imprints, Yang Chen used his spiritual awareness thread to strictly bind that spiritual awareness imprint so as to make it impossible for the enemy to track him using this spiritual awareness imprint.

Following this, Yang Chen rummaged through the other qiankun pouches and conveniently collected all the objects inside, placing them into his qiankun pouch. Afterwards, he started throwing those qiankun pouches towards formidable beasts which he had encountered. Within short two days time, all of them were thrown to the sides of demons beast of the ocean.

Convinced that the enemy had completely lost tracks of him, Yang Chen again continued with his search. Who knew what these formidable demon beasts, who had encountered him, would be feeling right now? After completing this trip to the Palace of Dragons, he would properly have his fun with these people. However, presently, Yang Chen didn't have any intention of dealing with these people. Yang Chen had aroused Heavenly Roar's dragon race bloodline with great difficulties, he was impatient to see what kind of treasures he could obtain using them.

He finally reached the secret treasury of Palace of Dragons. That large unremarkable sea rock again opened up the entrance after Yang Chen completed manipulating a series of complex mechanisms, and he was finally able to enter the secret treasury.

Sure enough, Yang Chen's expectations weren't betrayed. Once they entered within the treasury, Heavenly Roar again began to wriggle crazily, wanting to be let out.

Since there weren't any outsiders here, Yang Chen immediately released Heavenly Roar. At this moment, Heavenly Roar, no longer resembled a small pup like before. He completely resembled Yazi with his dog head and dragon body. After the transformation to a dragon body, Heavenly Roar didn't walk on the ground and rather flew within the air.

Heavenly Roar, who seemed to be extremely attracted towards something within the palace's treasury, continued to fly slowly but unwaveringly in the front. Yang Chen unhurriedly followed behind him, curiously looking towards the direction Heavenly Roar was flying.

After flying for a good while, Heavenly Roar finally struggled to land on an enormous sea map. He seemed to have been exhausted after reaching the map and directly descended on some flickering location which marked a spirit vein on the sea map and began to rest. At the same time, it turned its head towards Yang Chen as if expecting something from him.

Yang Chen thought for a moment and threw some pieces of magic weapons, which he had found at the QingQiong cave, in front of Heavenly Roar.

Heavenly Roar was certainly waiting for his reward He opened his large mouth and took a deep breath with all his might. The shining mist again appeared on top of the few pieces and entered Heavenly Roar's mouth. Those pieces immediately lost their lustre and transformed into ordinary rubble, losing all the evidence of being a magic weapon.

Yang Chen didn't throw these pieces away, and he collected them within his qiankun pouch. These chunks were good raw materials, although these magic weapons had been broken and were now just raw materials that hadn't been ruined.

After resting for a time it takes for half an incense to burn, Heavenly Roar again recovered his strength and began to fly. This time, he directly flew into the main hall.

Following behind Heavenly Roar, Yang Chen also entered the main hall. Soon, Heavenly Roar rushed towards the dragon pearls on top of the throne kept at the center.

Yang Chen was watching his silhouette, filled with expectations, hoping for some restrictions on the side of the throne to open up.

Peng, Heavenly Roar, who was flying forward, directly knocked against an invisible barrier. The sound of a collision echoed, and he fell down on the ground.

Pah, Yang Chen exhaled out the air he had holding because of nervousness and sighed in his heart, shaking his head. Apparently, Heavenly Roar had the same problem as Yang Chen. Its cultivation wasn't sufficient and hence couldn't gain the approval, being unable to open the restrictions.

Although Yang Chen was disappointed after realizing this, he didn't lose all hope. His cultivation base was indeed extremely inferior, being only at the trifling foundation stage. Thus, being unable to open the restrictions was normal. If he had truly been able to remove the restrictions, then the only thing could be said that the restrictions weren't powerful and there wasn't anything good behind them.

Heavenly Roar constantly kept spiraling around that dragon pearl, filled with impatience. Regardless of the number of times he tried, he was unable to get within a one meter radius of that dragon pearl.

However, Heavenly Roar's bloodline was indeed extremely pure, the dragon pearl apparently flickered a few times, apparently it had sensed the strong presence of dragon race on Heavenly Roar's body. But it only flickered a few times and nothing more, a weak descendent of dragon race was still incapable of obtaining its approval.

Yang Chen grabbed Heavenly Roar with his hands and transmitted a thought to him. Heavenly Roar quickly calmed down and stopped rotating around that dragon pearl. He calmly sat on Yang Chen's arm, placing his small head at the back of his hand, becoming motionless. Apparently, he had also understood that his strength was quite low and insufficient to obtain the dragon pearl.

After placating Heavenly Roar, Yang Chen walked towards the eight jade cases. That jade case which previously contained the flying shuttle was completely empty. Yang Chen tried to extend his hand to the other jade cases.

Perhaps, Heavenly Roar's dragon clan's bloodline was truly effective. The jade case on which the small golden bell was placed, which Yang Chen had been unable to previously reach with his hand, sudden opened with a brilliant light.

Yang Chen was greatly exalted, and he again extended his right arm on which Heavenly Roar was sitting and soon encountered the same barrier. Yang Chen knew that this was the restriction of the jade case, however, presently, many changes had happened with it.

After coming in contact with the hand, the invisible barrier surprisingly softened up. This discovery, left Yang Chen both surprised and joyous. What was even more unexpected was that Heavenly Roar opened his small mouth and began to absorb the golden brilliance, bit by bit.

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