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Chapter 234- No One Can Save A Person Who Is Courting Death19 Mar 2018


Upon hearing those words, the surrounding cultivators looked at their companion with astonished expressions, thinking they had misheard.

"This life and death I've challenge you to will settle who is most suitable for Fairy Shi!"

With the gazes of the surrounding cultivators on him, that companion stood tall and puffed up his chest, as if showing that he wasn't afraid of dying.

"There are no grievances or hatred between us. Why must you declare a deathmatch?"

Yang Chen shook his head:

"Forgive me, but I don't have time for this."

The other party acted as if blood had rushed into his head to the point where he even issued a life and death duel. Apparently, he had heard about Yang Chen's previous life and death duels. Yang Chen currently wasn't bored enough to battle with someone he didn't know. Furthermore, the challenge was over the affection of a woman, making this demand even more ridiculous.

"No grievance or hatred?"

The opponent suddenly sneered:

"My senior apprentice brother entered the MeiQing Mountain a few years ago to issue a deathmatch against you. Even now, his whereabouts are unknown. Did you kill him?"

"In this world, dying isn't something exceptional and not everything happens because of this Yang."

Yang Chen mocked him:

"A few years ago, my sect was destroyed and countless corpses were buried at that time. If you want to blame someone, blame those people who destroyed my sect!"

Yang Chen's declaration left the person who had taken the initiative speechless. The destruction of the Pure Yang Palace wasn't a secret. When people investigating the incident had arrived at scene, they could clearly see that not even the mountain protecting spell had been able to the sect from that sort of catastrophe, so people dying wasn't anything exceptional. Maybe his senior apprentice brother had been killed during that disaster? Regardless, the Pure Yang Palace had long ago publicly proclaimed that Hundred Thousand Mountains had been behind the attack. Furthermore, the Pure Yang Palace had also aligned with a few big sects and launched a retaliatory attack, exterminating the backstage power of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Thus, this person forcefully insisting that his senior's death had some relation to Yang Chen wasn't so conclusive.

But if a person goes insane and keeps courting death, then even heavens can't save them. When that person heard Yang Chen's words, he paused for two breaths and then suddenly yelled:

"If not for you, why would my senior apprentice brother have come here?"

"This Yang Chen hadn't invited anyone."

Yang Chen sneered. He had already begun to get impatient with dealing with these people:

"If anyone doesn't have anything else to say, then this Yang must excuse himself!"

The group of people looked at each other in dismay. Initially, they had intended to issue a challenge to Yang Chen and beat him to make him leave Fairy Shi. Nevertheless, they hadn't anticipated that this person himself would take the initiative to admit defeat. Their mission had been completely unsuccessful.

Even though they heard Yang Chen admit defeat, no one felt any sense of victory. The sensation of being looked down upon by Yang Chen had instead made these people, who were usually regarding as outstanding, feel humiliated and burning with rage. This kind of defeat - is it even regarded as defeat?

"You still have to pay for my senior apprentice brother's life!"

The person who had taken the initiative to speak earlier couldn't control his hatred any longer. He rushed towards Yang Chen while yelling loudly. His friend standing by his side had been thinking of how to dissuade him from acting recklessly, but it was already too late.

Just a moment ago, Yang Chen had already said that this matter didn't have anything to do with him. Regardless, if Yang Chen's accuser absolutely wanted to attach this matter with Yang Chen, then that was an unwise decision. Who didn't know that Yang Chen's name was presently listed among the peak pill concocting masters?. If they had only beaten Yang Chen while comparing notes, no one would have said anything as he was a pill concocting master, so him being inferior in cultivation would've been considered as normal.

Nevertheless, if he absolutely insisted on fighting a deathmatch with Yang Chen, then that decision was a completely foolish choice. On the one hand, even if he won, he might not necessarily be able to obtain Fairy Shi. Instead he would likely make enemies out of countless experts who desired pills from Yang Chen. If he lost, then the only outcome waiting for him was death.

"And it is not related to me!"

Yang Chen simply didn't pay any attention to his opponent's yell. He simply just turned around and left. This person couldn't be reasoned with.

Just as that person's friend let out a deep breath, he discovered, to his surprise, that his friend had raised his flying sword and silently stabbed towards Yang Chen, who had already turned his back.

No one among the group dared to utter a sound. Apparently, they had also been stupefied by this action of their fellow companion. Sneak attack, this, this was a sneak attack! Weren't we going to defeat Yang Chen fair and square?

Just at the instant when his flying sword was going to enter Yang Chen's back, Yang Chen's figure suddenly moved. His figure which had its back facing towards everyone, with a flash, turned to face everyone. His hand moved, shua, and he tried to swiftly grab the incoming flying sword.

Grabbing a flying sword with one hand? The eyes of the entire group of people became wide open. How is this possible? But the circumstances in front of them simply made them unable to believe their own eyes.

Their fellow companion's flying sword, flickering with light, had been pinched between two fingers by Yang Chen. The sword continued to tremble incessantly between Yang Chen's two fingers, but it was unable to break free. A struggling expression appeared on their companion's face with beads of sweat appearing on his forehead.

It was simply one strike and couldn't even be regarded as deathmatch, so how can there be beads of sweat appearing on their companion's forehead? How is this possible? But this was exactly what was happening in front of them right now.

The most astonishing thing was that Yang Chen's hands were still empty. If he had some kind of glove or even a cover over his fingers, then also everyone could understand. Then it would've been just a magic weapon against a magic weapon. Maybe the difference between the magic weapons was just so vast? But surprisingly, Yang Chen had grabbed their companion's flying sword with bare hands. Was this still something a human could accomplish?

If Yang Chen had been a YuanYing stage or higher level expert, then it wouldn't have been so astonishing, since the large disparity between their cultivation base was enough to make up for the magic weapon. But Yang Chen clearly was at the foundation stage, the same as them. But he still had grabbed their companion's flying sword with a bare hand and their companion had been completely incapable of resisting.

Could it be that this was Yang Chen's true strength? While everyone kept guessing, Yang Chen had already made his next move.

Since the other party had launched a sneak attack and with the intent of taking his life, even if Yang Chen's temperament was even more forgiving, it would still have been impossible to not feel enraged towards these people.

The same time when he grabbed the flying sword, Yang Chen's expressions also became cold. He ruthlessly gazed at the master of the flying sword and suddenly said in loud voice:

"For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor. We didn't have any previous grievance or hatred but today you surprisingly tried to take my life, so you must not blame me in the afterlife!"

Before his words had fallen on the ground, Yang Chen's hand applied force and under the shocked gazes of the group of people, the flying sword grabbed within his hand was forcibly broken down into two by his fingers.

What was this? The group of people were left speechless by this act which occurred in front of their eyes. Using a flying sword to break another flying sword, this was something which everyone could accept, because there are difference between the quality of flying swords. Even using another magic weapon to break a flying sword also could be accepted, as some magic weapons were comparatively harder than others.

But using fingers to pinch the flying sword like pinching a small insect and easily breaking it into two halves, what was this? Yang Chen's fingers, could they be high grade magic weapons?

However, Yang Chen didn't intend to provide another opportunity to the master of the flying sword. He stretched his one hand, gripped Heavenly Roar's body within the Medicine Garden, and simultaneously, the Bright Ray Sword under Yang Chen's control flew into its mouth.

Heavenly Roar seemed to have understood what Yang Chen was trying to do and obediently served Yang Chen. When the sword hilt of Bright Ray Sword entered Heavenly Roar's mouth, its body suddenly began to transform.

The long dragon like body began to coil around, twisting around Yang Chen's hand and immediately transformed into a golden coloured sword hilt and opened its large mouth, to swallow the bright ray sword. However once it closed its mouth, the sharp edge of the bright ray sword extended out of Heavenly Roar's mouth. Heavenly Roar's head also transformed into a sinister demon's head.

Suddenly a thin layer of light which was invisible through naked eye, appeared on the sword edge of Bright Ray Sword. If Yang Chen hadn't been the master of Bright Ray Sword and Heavenly Roar, he basically would've been unable to sense this minor transformation.

Accompanying the melodious sound of sword being taken out, Yang Chen's Bright Ray Sword appeared in front of everyone. However, the appearance of the Bright Ray Sword didn't astonished anyone, since all of them were still hadn't sobered up from the shock of Yang Chen stopping their attack with three fingers.

Others didn't know that these people had been in contact with each other for the past few days, hoping to join hands and cause trouble for Yang Chen and would compare notes with each other everyday to prepare for today. Thus they were clear about the quality of this person's flying sword. Even if it may be inferior to their flying sword, but it couldn't be called weak by any means.

However, it was still easily broken by Yang Chen, this also implied that even if they all unsheathed their flying sword, the results would still be the same. Yang Chen wouldn't even need to use his flying sword, just the force of his fleshly body will be sufficient to beat them all.

However, when the sword appeared in Yang Chen's hand, they all noticed the peculiarity of Yang Chen's offense. He surprisingly was holding it in his hands, could Yang Chen be unable to control flying swords?

Once this thought entered their mind, immediately some of them were tempted, especially the friend of the person who had attacked Yang Chen. Since they had already attacked and Yang Chen had also broken his friend's flying sword, there was no option other than to battle. Why not use this opportunity to surround and kill Yang Chen? This would also fulfill everyone's desire, providing them a chance to chase after Fairy Shi?

Two flying sword silently appeared behind Yang Chen and fiercely rushed to chop down Yang Chen. The people in front of Yang Chen, could see that someone had moved to attack him, but no one said anything. Yang Chen being killed, also meant that they would've gain the chance to get close to Fairy Shi.

However, Yang Chen just sneered. The Bright Ray Sword in his hand, moved once as if he had grown eyes behind his back, and two "Pengs" echoed. The two flying swords behind his back, were easily broken down into four by him.

With Heavenly Roar possessing his weapon, the flying swords used by these foundation stage cultivators, were even easier to cut than tofu. Even before the edge of his blade had come in contact with opponent's flying sword, the portion of sharp energy already dispersed everywhere and cleaved the enemy's flying sword into two halves.

These two flying swords were the destined flying swords of their respective masters. Once these two were destroyed, instantly the masters of the flying sword began to howl in grief. Yang Chen didn't pay any attention to it, his figure moved like lightning and quickly chopped down towards three people who attacked him. With one horizontal slash, the three of them transformed into six pieces. Blood filled the ground and their internal organs fell out creating a puddle.

Yang Chen had already collected the three qiankun pouches and returned to his original position, by the time everyone realized what had happened. He had completed his attack, within the time it takes for a spark to die out. No one could even respond.

"He killed fellow daoist Wang!"

A shocked yell suddenly echoed from someone. That desperate and terrified voice, apparently declared that this 'fellow daoist Wang' whom Yang Chen had killed, wasn't an ordinary person.

Almost everyone looked at the scene as if they were looking at a ghost. All of them began to edge backwards and move away from Yang Chen, as if Yang Chen was the personification from some kind of demon.

The most unexpected this was that the two JieDan experts among these these people, were still standing at the same place, looking at Yang Chen coldly as if they were looking at their mortal enemy.

"You dared to kill young master!"

One of the JieDan experts, squeezed these words while howling with grief:

"Prepare to die!!"

Another JieDan expert, hadn't said anything rather directly attacked.

It needn't be asked, these certainly were the bodyguards of some young master. However, they hadn't expected that Yang Chen will attack so rapidly that they won't be able to stop him. At this moment, only by killing Yang Chen could they provide an explanation for young master's life.

Their attacks hadn't affected the surroundings, but, the omnipotent presence of JieDan experts appeared. Those foundation stage fools by their side, basically couldn't endure it and cried out in surprise. Then they began to flee in all directions.

Everyone was aware that blood had entered the eyes of the two JieDan experts. They were unable to protect the young master, this crime was sufficient to send them on the path of death. Facing death's door, these two JieDan experts may not attack the life long friend of young master, but maybe they would take their anger out on them and maybe send them to accompany the young master. Furthermore, Yang Chen's next target probably will be them. So none of them dared to stay there for long and began to run in all directions.

These people who didn't even know which direction they were rushing towards because of panic, naturally didn't know what happened after they left. They had no idea that at the instant, they began to escape, five veiled females suddenly surrounded the two JieDan experts.

The five females had appeared silently, but their attack was extremely weird. Using the Five Female Profound Spell which they had used many times, they instantly covered the two JieDan experts within the spell.

Bang, even more fierce JieDan pressure caused those escapees to run even faster, wishing that their parents had given them an extra limb. They didn't even dare to turn their head around, let alone speak of using spiritual awareness. If they used spiritual awareness to probe this terrifying scene, then apart from being devoured by backlash, there won't be any other result.

The two JieDan stage bodyguards also lost all hopes. In one moment of carelessness, Yang Chen had killed their young master, and presently, the five females who had appeared suddenly also let them know that killing Yang Chen to avenge their young master was already an extravagant hope. Not to mention that it was still unknown whether they would be able to leave here alive.

These two who were facing death's door, had never expected this. Clearly, Yang Chen was just an ordinary disciple, even though he had shown great potential in the field of pill concocting, but still how can the Pure Yang Palace dispatch five JieDan stage experts to protect him? His security was even stricter compared to young master Wang.

However, it was already impossible for them to know the answer. After being captured under the Five Female Profound Spell, they could only resist for few moments, before each of them was stabbed by five flying swords and both of them died while looking at Yang Chen with resentful gaze.

Pointless challenge, meaningless deaths, Yang Chen didn't knew how to evaluate these people. However, until the day he settles Shi Shanshan's affair, these kind of events will continue to happen. Who asked Shi Shanshan to allow her name to shock the entire world, causing countless people to desire to be her dao companion?

What made Yang Chen most suspicious was the fact that he had barely shown himself and he was immediately found by these people. Yang Chen definitely wouldn't believe there was no conspiracy going on here and these people who had no worries in their lives, were simply waiting all the time for Yang Chen to appear at the MeiQing Mountain?

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