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Chapter 232- Arousal Of Bloodlines Complete05 Jan 2018Note:Happy new year.

Before he fed the blood of Heavenly Roar Dog to his Heavenly Roar last time, he had already completed the master pet bonding contract with his spirit pet and the spell had already began to take effect within his body and Heavenly Roar's body. This master pet bonding contract couldn't be altered by even the Dragon King let alone the Heavenly Roar who was just Yazi.

During the previous time, Yang Chen had fed the complete remaining blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog to him. After continuously feeding it little by little many time, its body had adapted to the blood essence and his body had already began to transform into that of a dragon.

After feeding it the blood essence this time, the final result was about to appear. Whether the bloodline of Yazi had been completely aroused or whether only a part of it had been aroused, it would be seen after Heavenly Roar woke up.

The abnormal change in the spirit energy as well as the main location where it was happening being the the blood cacoon of the Heavenly Roar, there was no question about it. Certainly, the final transformation process had been completed.

But Yang Chen also hadn't expected that such enormous amount of spirit energy would be required to arouse the bloodline in Heavenly Roar. Within another moment, the amount of spirit energy remaining within the clean bottle went down to half. The spirit energy was being used up more quickly than the intake.

Yang Chen was greatly alarmed and immediately found the mouth of a spirit vein and placed the clean bottle there. The clean bottle after being controlled by Yang Chen, began to absorb spirit energy madly from the spirit vein.

After Yang Chen had refined the clean bottle last time, he could control it even more easily. Naturally, it was just his good luck that this cave had abundant spirit veins, otherwise Yang Chen also didn't know where would he supply spirit energy to his own Medicine Garden.

With the clean bottle absorbing spirit energy crazily, the remaining amount of blue liquid which signified the spirit energy within the clean bottle began to slowly rise. This was after all the residence of a large sect, so spirit energy was plentiful even far more compared to Pure Yang Palace, naturally this place will absolutely meet the needs of Medicine Garden.

Yang Chen continued to maintain the extravagant use of spirit energy for full one day and one night. Enormous amounts of spirit energy was concentrated at the location of Heavenly Roar and was being used up rapidly. Moreover, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness was still unable to penetrate the resistance of spirit energy, so he didn't have any idea what was going on inside.

To prevent the Heavenly Roar from giving up halfway and awakening because of lack of spirit energy, Yang Chen put his full attention to control the clean bottle to absorb spirit energy. As long as the amount of spirit energy in the clean bottle dropped below 90%, Yang Chen controlled it to quickly absorb it to the limit. Who knows whether this kind of transformation which had just began would require how much spirit energy?

Yang Chen was just being cautious here. After one day and one night had passed, the speed of absorption of spirit energy was again increased by the blood cocoon. If Yang Chen had been controlling the maintain the spirit energy of the clean bottle above 90% at all times, then maybe the supply of spirit energy would've been suddenly broken.

This instant, the spirit energy was again used up ferociously depleting nearly 80% of the total spirit energy of the clean bottle. Yang Chen was greatly alarmed and used his frightening control to absorb spirit energy rapidly and replenish the supply. The bottom of the clean bottle's blue liquid could be vaguely seen at this point, Yang Chen used his full concentration to make sure that the supply isn't broken.

Fortunately, this kind of sudden depletion of spirit energy happened only once in awhile, moreover wouldn't continue unceasingly. After facing this situation, Yang Chen broke out in cold sweat, he again controlled the Medicine Garden to increase the absorption speed.

This kind of situation would happen once every hour. After understanding the pattern, Yang Chen also dealt with it carefully. Finally he continued to maintain the spirit energy of the clean bottle filled to the limit, as long as some of the spirit energy inside would be depleted it would be immediately replenished.

Yang Chen even used the QingQiong Mountain cave's controls to guarantee that supply of the spirit energy is adequate. He even shifted the spirit veins other regions to come here. The amount of spirit energy supplied with the convergence of these several spirit veins would make anyone' eyes go green with jealousy.

However, the longer this situation continued, the happier Yang Chen became. The more the amount of spirit energy was absorbed would mean more spirit energy would be required to arouse Yazi's bloodlines, which would mean the more percentage of Yazi's bloodlines aroused. The thought of Yazi's bloodlines being aroused completely brought a smile to Yang Chen's face in front of this nightmare.

Feeling this, although controlling the clean bottle to absorb spirit power was tedious and he couldn't distract for a single moment, but Yang Chen was gladly enduring all the hardships, wishing that this day would last longer.

It was already the day he had decided with Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling. She Kui and Xie Sha had already come over. Not finding Yang Chen at his usual location, the four people quickly searched for him. But when they found Yang Chen, he hinted to them to stay quiet. Meanwhile, seeing the spirit veins of all five attributes converging near him, they were all shocked.

Yang Chen wanted them to wait. No one protest against it, and finding the abundant spirit power here, all of them sat down in Yang Chen's surroundings and began to cultivate. However, even the spirit power used up by these four people, including two YuanYing stage demon beasts, also couldn't compare to the spirit power absorbed by the clean bottle in the time it takes for an incense to burn.

The region which he couldn't probe with his spirit power was still quite large. Yang Chen was somewhat anxious, thinking about whether his Bright Ray Sword and Blood Phantom Vine Sword would get damaged. The Bright Ray Sword was his master's precious gift for him. Yang Chen would rather have the Blood Phantom Vine Sword get damaged than some accident happening to the Bright Ray Sword.

Fortunately, Heavenly Roar was more fond of higher grade flying swords and the Blood Phantom Vine Sword was of higher grade than the Bright Ray Sword. This fact was undisputable. Yang Chen only hoped that during the process of arousing Yazi's bloodline, this fact wouldn't change! Otherwise Yang Chen really didn't know how would he face his master after losing the Bright Ray Sword.

After one month, the blood cocoon finally stopped the process of absorbing spirit power. Yang Chen's spiritual awareness was finally able to enter that region, however he could only probe the blood cocoon from the outside. He was still unable to uncover the situation inside.

Fortunately, both the Bright Ray Sword and Blood Phantom Vine Sword weren't damaged. Not only that, these two swords had even undergone some sort of transformation. Apparently after being washed by a large amount of spirit energy, even the minutest impurities they had were also removed. Yang Chen was even doubtful whether Heavenly Roar had used these two swords as a medium to absorb the crazy amount of spirit power?

The situation inside the blood cocoon was still unknown, but it also seemed to have undergone some sort of transformation. Initially it was somewhat soft but presently it seemed to have become hard. There were even the sounds of some indistinct activities inside coming through, but they weren't very clear.

These activities seemed to continue for approximately one month before the blood cocoon finally calmed down. Immediately following this, suddenly a crack appeared on the thick cocoon crust.

During this time, everyone, including Yang Chen, were sitting in their positions. Yang Chen didn't dare to relax in monitoring the cocoon and discovered this transformation which startled him again. Finally, Heavenly Roar had aroused his bloodline and his true body would now come out.

The only question was whether this time his body would have completely transformed into that of Yazi or not.

When the blood cocoon finally split open, a small head appeared from inside. The face and head were still the same.

Soon, its long body walked out of blood cocoon, wiggling constantly, floating in the air in the Medicine Garden. When Yang Chen's spiritual awareness probed it once, his pupils shrank immediately.

Yazi, head of a dog and body of a dragon, sure enough it was so. That long body clearly was the body of a dragon. Apart from the beautiful scales, its body also had four dragon paws, on each dragon paw there were five claws.

Obviously the Yazi bloodline had been thoroughly aroused. The instant he looked this body which had completely transformed into that of a dragon, Yang Chen understood where the large volumes of spirit power had gone. Just the transformation of Heavenly Roar's original body to the current situation would require astonishing amounts of spirit power.

As soon as Heavenly Roar came out of the blood cocoon, it impatiently started eating the cocoon crust. Soon after, its body again wrapped around the Bright Ray Sword and the Blood Phantom Vine Sword again entered its mouth, completely satisfying it.

Yang Chen's first thoughts were that now it would rest, but suddenly, Heavenly Roar seemed to have sensed something and rushed towards a direction after releasing the Bright Ray Sword and putting down the Blood Phantom Vine Sword.

Within a few breaths, it had already rushed towards the Medicine Garden. Although it was unable to enter because of the Medicine Garden, but it looked extremely anxious with its long body twisting and tangling continuously.

With one probe of his spiritual awareness, Yang Chen immediately discovered that on the outer side of the Medicine Garden, in this direction, was where She Kui and Xie Sha sat. Yang Chen's sudden movements had surprised everyone who looked at him doubtfully.

"What did you both collect over there?"

Yang Chen suddenly asked, without showing any politeness or any respect shown towards seniors of sect by a junior.


She Kui and Xie Sha replied almost at the same time. They simply didn't mind his attitude, soon after they looked at each other and She Kui opened his mouth:

"We fought many battles with several demon beasts over there, they were extremely envious that we can transform into humans. Wait until the time we fight again, we will ask old man Gui to teach them a lesson once. Maybe then we will get some high level members for Eccentric Hall."

All YuanYing stage demon beasts are very intelligent, this fact was undoubtable. She Kui and Xie Sha also knew their position within the sect presently and because of being always looked down upon, they wanted to pull in some more comrades to increase their number. Probably, with She Kui and Xie Sha using themselves as examples and again adding in the benefit of Appearance Transformation Secrets, maybe the Pure Yang Palace would again gain a few more YuanYing stage demon beasts.

However, this was a discussion for later. Presently Yang Chen was interested in the knowing the object they obtained. Xie Sha had already opened his qiankun pouch and emptied it. A pile of objects fell down from it.

In one glance, he surprisingly found more than ten pieces of high grade puppets. These weren't live puppets like Mo Qiang. Rather, they were refined using various materials and used either spirit stones or spirit assembling spells to provide energy. Could it be that Heavenly Roar wanted these pieces?

Yang Chen neared two large pieces, but Heavenly Roar inside the clean bottle was still constantly wandering, seemingly it had no interest in these.

Presently, it wasn't suitable to bring Heavenly Roar in front of everyone. Yang Chen also didn't have any other option other than choosing in its place. So he could only search through the pile one item at a time.

There were all sorts of bones, skin, and teeth from the skeletons of the YuanYing stage demon beasts preserved from countless years ago, which would make anyone's eyes go green with jealousy. But for Yang Chen and Heavenly Roar who showed no interest, they were just like a pile of garbage.

However, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling seemed to have been obsessed with these things. Both of them quickly rushed forwards and began to examine all these bones from corpse of demon beast.

While looking through this pile, Heavenly Roar suddenly stopped moving when Yang Chen held a piece of a flying sword. He seemed to be waiting anxiously for Yang Chen to throw the piece inside.

After confirming that Heavenly Roar wanted flying sword pieces, Yang Chen didn't say anything and began to crazily search for pieces of flying sword.

These several hundred similar pieces, which She Kui and Xie Sha had collected from some place where the original sect had suffered a mishap, were casually thrown in the Medicine Garden by Yang Chen. However, he collected the remaining ones. Then he began to analyze one of the pieces carefully.

Yang Chen's first impression was that it had been manufactured using some ancient refining technique which had died out countless years ao. Soon, his spiritual awareness wrapped on all the pieces and the magnified picture of this piece appeared within the spiritual sea.

The refining was pretty good according to that era's standard, but presently according Yang Chen's opinion, there were still many regions which needed improvement. Development was the necessity of time. The refining techniques have also been improving constantly.

Since he couldn't see what was so unique about these sword pieces that made Heavenly Roar go crazy, Yang Chen could only collect these pieces. However, his spiritual awareness entered the Medicine Garden to check on Heavenly Roar's movements.

Just one glance immediately stunned Yang Chen. At this moment, Heavenly Roar's body was wrapped around the Bright Ray Sword and Blood Phantom Vine Sword, but he wasn't biting any of the pieces. All the pieces thrown to him were lying in front of him at this moment. Following which, Heavenly Roar did something the result of which made Yang Chen unable to believe his eyes.

As if taking a deep breath, Heavenly Roar deeply inhaled on the piece of flying sword and immediately a hazy mist appeared around the piece of flying sword. The hazy white mist left the flying sword piece and entered Heavenly Roar's nostrils.

After absorbing this, Heavenly Roar seemed to be content. Holding the two swords close to him, it closed its eyes and began to rest. That satisfactory expression on its face was similar to someone who had gone to bed after eating a delicious meal.

Yang Chen who had seen this complete act, was shaken to the core. That hazy mist which rose from the flying sword must be the spirit which had been formed flying sword had undergone refining countless times. Perhaps, this was an intelligent spirit but this kind of tool spirit really did exist. Even some high grade magic weapons, all would have a constituent spirit sealed within like the pill spirit of Heaven Seizing Pill.

That hazy mist must be the unfinished tool spirit. Yang Chen devour tool spirits, but Yang Chen had never known that even these pieces of magic weapons also have incomplete tool spirit within them which can also be devoured. Even Yang Chen was doubtful that this was the only path for Yazi to mature.

There aren't magic weapons which have tool spirit, but the flying swords which had developed incomplete tool spirits after undergoing countless refinings were countless, so many that they even became a cause of distress for the masters of these magic weapons. There were many things which Heavenly Roar could pleasure himself with.

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