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Chapter 231- Body Transformation20 Dec 2017

After he said this, Yang Chen couldn't help but look down at his body and he was completely startled when he did so. The clothes on his body had surprisingly become too small for him at some point of time, although they weren't completely stretched taut, however he clearly looked very funny.

After sweeping with spiritual awareness, he immediately became clear about everything. During the few days he cultivated the Hunagjin Lisi Body Refining Technique, Yang Chen's figure had increased rapidly. His body wasn't well proportioned anymore, rather his muscles had increased greatly turning him into a bodybuilder.

Cultivators especially those who have reached foundation stage have automatic transformation in their body once the spirit energy of the world enters to body. Generally, very few people would have the figure of a strong man with their entire body full of muscles, most of the cultivators prefer well proportioned bodies since it has great benefits in both cultivations and coordinating with others.

But presently, Yang Chen had surprisingly transformed into a strong man with large muscles. His entire body seemed to be exploding with muscles. A single glance would leave the impression of overflowing power on anyone. However, this kind of body figure didn't provide any great superiority among the battle between cultivators, thus very few people would willing be let themselves be transformed into such appearance.

However some people who cultivate special body techniques would have this kind of body. How could Yang Chen's appearance transform so much? Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling were completely at a loss.

Once he stood up, Yang Chen discovered that his height which originally was only a little more than the two women had increased by much. Now if he wanted to look at them, he had to bow down his head to see.

Looking at the short clothes covering his body, Yang Chen forced a bitter smile while shaking his head and offered an explanation:

"I had encountered a good cultivation method and wanted to give it a try thus causing this transformation."

On his one side, the enormous stone stele was lying not too far from them, it could be assumed that they both understood what it was used for. Looking at Yang Chen's comical appearance with unfitting clothes, both of them couldn't control laughing and burst out laughing.

They completely were unworried that Yang Chen would have cultivated some unsuitable cultivation method which had created problems in his cultivation base, in this field, Yang Chen's knowledge and experience far surpassed both of them. So when they saw Yang Chen's comical appearance, they were unable to control their laughter.

Yang Chen knew that he looked a little funny right now, so he didn't pay any attention to the reaction of the both of them and directly went to the enormous stone stele lying on the other side. But before he bowed down and grabbed it to test his strength, Gongsun Ling shouted:

"Let me try!"

Once these words left her mouth, Yang Chen didn't contest with her. Gongsun Ling walked over here and grabbed the two metal handles refined by Yang Chen with both hands. She rotated her spirit energy which spread everywhere and the enormous stele was slowly left the ground.

A tender female lifting a enormous stone stele which was almost ten meters in height and multiple times thicker than her waist. If some ordinary person would have witnessed this scene, he will certainly be extremely shocked. But here, in the eyes of Yang Chen and Gao Yue, this wasn't anything exceptional. If someone with a cultivation of mid foundation stage didn't have the strength to lift of weight of thirty thousand catties then she can only be considered as extremely weak.

"Yang Chen, what use is your cultivation method?"

Gongsun Ling easily placed down the stone stele, she didn't seem out of breath and was completely relaxed:

"It doesn't seem very difficult to me!"

"I just found this cultivation method and wanted to try, that's all."

Yang Chen also didn't offer much explanation, some things were better left unexplained as they couldn't know that this is a cultivation method which could only be used by someone of the Heavenly Court. So he only gave a single line explanation to elaborate how formidable it was.

"Additionally, though it isn't difficult, but it also isn't too easy."

Yang Chen again supplemented and walked forward a few steps reaching the stone stele.

His one foot lightly touched the corner of the stone stele and the enormous stele suddenly flew high in the air as if it was suddenly struck by some large force. When it started to fell down with great momentum, Yang Chen stretched one hand and grabbed one handle within midair and stopped the stone stele from falling downwards and lifted it above his head. All of its weight was controlled by Yang Chen using just one arm.

Grabbing this metal handle, Yang Chen easily swung the stone stele through the air. Terrifying sounds echoed through the air and the stone stele was used by Yang Chen with one hand like using a rod in a systematic manner. However, regardless of whether he chopped down or swept across, it didn't encounter any material and was only swept and chopped through empty air.

After finishing the set of moves, Yang Chen lifted the stone stele and nimbly erected it by his side without disturbing even a speck of dust. The enormous stone stele was like a straw in his hand.

When Gongsun Ling saw Yang Chen's actions, she couldn't help but burst out laughing again so much so that she couldn't stand properly. Gao Yue standing by her side, although wasn't so excessive as Gongsun Ling and still had her mouth closed but her both shoulders were trembling incessantly trying to control her laughter. Actually, the clothes on Yang Chen's body were too unsuitable, so regardless of how elegant his movements were, they only seemed like a monkey performing tricks.

"It certainly seems like your strength has increased."

Finally the two women stopped laughing, Gongsun Ling said still smiling:

"But didn't you say it wasn't so difficult?"

"Little Ling, Yang Chen's thinking is impossible for us."

Gao Yue standing by her side wasn't smiling anymore and pointed out to Gongsun Ling:

"Everything he had done until now isn't just him getting lucky!"

After all being in the JieDan stage, her judgement was much better compared to Gongsun Ling. She could see Yang Chen's ferociousness with one look.

Gongsun Ling was a clever person and she immediately understood what the words meant and was instantly stupefied, not daring to laugh anymore. Just by relying on power of physical body, he could easily swing around the enormous stele weighing more than thirty thousand catties. What kind of terrifying strength was this?

They had heard long ago that Yang Chen's physical strength was astonishing. Before he had began his cultivation, he had beaten Sun Haijing unconscious using Sun Haijing's own thousand catty talisman, but both women had never expected that the strength of Yang Chen's physical body would surprisingly reach this stage. Within an instant, even Gao Yue was also completely astonished.

That enormous stone stele weighing more than thirty thousand catties was like air in Yang Chen's hands, he could move it around so easily so presently how powerful was he exactly? Both women were already at a loss, is this still a human?

Presently Yang Chen was feeling a burst of happiness. With only first time cultivation, his physical body's strength had already surpassed thirty thousand catties. With just this cultivation outcome, he could have easily blocked the golden seal of that YuanYing stage expert from few years ago just by relying on his physical body.

What's more, this Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique not only increases the power of fleshly body, it also refines and tempers it and even the strength of the person will also be upgraded by a substantial degree. From inside to outside, from bones to skin, everything had experienced a complex transformation. As his fleshly body become increasingly more formidable, even his defensive power will also continue to increase.

Bones are the main pillar of support for the body, if he wants to his body to be able to support a weight of more than two hundred thousand catties, then his bones must certainly be able to support comparatively higher pressure. Even the muscles also followed the same reasoning.

Yang Chen knew that this moment was still too far, these were the results of first time cultivation that's all. As he continued to walk down this path, his body structure would undergo increasingly more transformations. In the future, he wouldn't even need to rely on defensive magic weapons. Just by relying on his physical body, he would be able to block the attacks of majority of magic weapons.

Huangjin Strongman's only weak point was his speed, but in this case, Yang Chen certainly didn't have that flaw. These strongmen couldn't use any other cultivation methods that's why they had relied on this method, but this wasn't the case for Yang Chen.

Moreover, Yang Chen also knew that as his cultivation of this Huangjin Strongman Cultivation Method continues to increase, his body will undergo more and more enormous transformations. His body certainly won't continue to have this body builder type structure, rather finally it would tend to become well proportioned as the cultivators prefered, but its formidable power won't be affected the least bit.

After ascending to the Heavenly Court, there wouldn't be great possibility to encounters opportunities to allow the body to undergo transformation, before one's cultivation reaches the rank of Great Principal Golden Immortal. Very rarely can someone reach the rank of Huangjin Strongman so his first choice was to create a formidable fleshly body right now.

Yang Chen had just began his cultivation in the mortal world and still had two opportunities to ascend, so undergoing body transformation depended on his willingness. Moreover, even a fool could see that when will he have higher achievement in this cultivation method, if he starts cultivating now when he had just began on the path of cultivation or if he starts cultivating this technique after ascending to Immortal World.

However, for the period of time, Yang Chen could only maintain this body build. At least, until Yang Chen had achieved great success in this Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique, after that his body would again undergo transformation. Regarding this, Yang Chen didn't care in the least whether cultivator's battle prowess has any relation with his body appearance?

His biggest problem right now were his clothes, every time they looked at him, both woman couldn't control their laughs. After they had enough fun on his expense, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling didn't return back to train rather searched through their qiankun pouches to search for some demon beast's corpse to peel the skin and make clothes for Yang Chen.

Yang Chen had never expected to see the day when he would be calmly preparing tea by the side of his master and senior apprentice sister watching their lily white hands which were used for tool refining and creating spell formations, sewing clothes for himself. This warm sensation was on another level compared to instant he had received the Bright Ray Sword.

Even if both of them weren't skillful with their hands, but still their proficient control over their flying swords allowed them to easily control the sewing needles, furthermore with Gao Yue's achievements in tool refining, it only took the two women less than two days to create a leather pants and gown using the skins of demon beasts.

These clothes had not only been sewed but also undergone simple refining by Gao Yue. However, since these were just for temporary use by Yang Chen, they also haven't put much thought in making them.

But even then, Yang Chen excitedly picked them up and quickly rushed to the empty palace hall to try out the gown and pants. This time, since they were made in accordance to his present body appearance, so after adorning them, they were completely fit for him. What's more, since they had been sewed in front of him by his master and senior apprentice sister, he felt a cozy sensation after wearing them.

When he came out of the hall in front of Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, a shine passed through their eyes on seeing Yang Chen wearing these clothes, even though both of them had been the ones who designed this outfit.

Gao Yue had specially designed the gown and pants in heroic style matching with Yang Chen's present valiant body. When Yang Chen wore them, the lining of his swelled muscles could be clearly seen on the outfit, simply like a living violent statue. The blatant sensation of power produced by stretching of muscles together with Yang Chen's strong presence was extremely bewitching.

Gongsun Ling's face turned red since these clothes didn't cover his entire body, the part of arm below the shoulders was exposed, which made him look wild. Even Gao Yue's face also turned red, her gaze remained fixated on the ground for a few moments, before she again dared to look back at Yang Chen.

"Many thanks master, many thanks senior apprentice sister!"

Yang Chen expressed his gratefulness to both women, however then he shamelessly puffed up his chest and said:

"The handiwork of master and senior apprentice sister seem pretty good, how do I look?"

"In the first glance, you seem like some hired thug of somewhere."

Gongsun Ling again made fun of him and laughed. When Gao Yue heard this, she also smiled gently. This one smile removed all the awkwardness in the atmosphere.

"Good, master and senior apprentice sister, in the future, the responsibility of being the hired thug of this cave would belong to me."

Yang Chen also made a joke, which again caused everyone to laugh.

Following this, Yang Chen asked them about the results of their training as well as their future plans. Gongsun Ling didn't have anything on her mind and was of the intent to continue training, but Gao Yue didn't want to do so.

"We must again make a trip back to the sect for now."

Gao Yue was senior most person among the three people and thus her words carried the most weight:

"Presently, Yang Chen is the most important disciple of the sect, so he couldn't disappear for long time. At least, we must let the sect know that you are safe. Otherwise, it will attract all sorts of troubles."

Yang Chen was presently one of the most important people in Pure Yang Palace. Everyone was well aware of this. If he traveled outside to gain experience for one or two years, that's not a problem, but if he remained outside for long time, that would be something the sect wouldn't allow. Gao Yue was aware of this fact. Yang Chen also understood.

"Then you both should continue to train for six more months, after six months, we will return back to the sect."

Yang Chen nodded his head agreeing with Gao Yue's intentions.

Both women also didn't waste any time and again stepped out of the safe zone and began to gain battle experience by fighting demon beasts and puppets. As for Yang Chen, he again immersed himself within the jade slips.

She Kui and Xie Sha also would come over to take a look from time to time, Yang Chen also notified them about their next plans during last visit. During these past two periods, he also didn't know about what happened at Hundred Thousand Mountains, so he also must visit there once he returned back.

After approximately five months, less than one month's time was left before he had to leave with Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling. At this time, Yang Chen who was immersed within the jade slips, and he suddenly discovered an abnormality in the Medicine Garden's clean bottle.

This legendary cave was full of spirit energy which Yang Chen had used long ago to fulfill the lack in his clean bottle and the clean bottle could absorb the spirit energy at all times, thus would always be full of spirit energy. But at this instant, Yang Chen suddenly discovered that the spirit energy in the clean bottle was rapidly depleting. Within a short while, nearly a quarter of its spirit energy had been used and this process was still continuing.

Being greatly alarmed, Yang Chen hastily controlled the clean bottle to crazily absorb spirit energy and simultaneously his spiritual awareness entered within the clean bottle to investigate the matter in detail which had caused this unexpected anomaly.

Once the spiritual awareness entered within the clean bottle, it experienced a huge resistance by the spirit energy. Yang Chen's spiritual awareness was unable to move forwards. Moreover this enormous resistance seemed to be coming from the place where he had put his Bright Ray Sword and Blood Phantom Vine Sword.

That should be his spirit per Yazi's location.

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