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Chapter 230- Discovering Treasures Continuously20 Dec 2017

Yang Chen had never expected that this legendary abode on QingQiong Mountain would bring such a pleasant surprise for him. This was completely beyond his expectations. Apparently, he need to make a trip to all the regions left behind by the immortals in the Mortal World, maybe they would have similar surprises waiting for him.

In his previous life, when Yang Chen was in the Mortal World, he never had the chance to access such high grade objects. At most, he would hear the information that some precious treasure had appeared for which countless sects would contest with each other. Among them were also some place where Ying and Yang Five Phases True Qi would be found, like the Fifth Earth True Qi of the Desolate Valley.

Among the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets, presently he still lack two methods. One was the Third Fire True Secrets and other was the Sixth Earth True Secrets, but now his hopes of obtaining them were raised again.

Although he had an idea about the location of those two methods, but Yang Chen was fully convinced that finding those two methods absolutely wouldn't be difficult compared to his rebirth.

What he must do presently was to increase his strength quickly. His cultivation of foundation stage was really insufficient in front of this grade of cultivation methods.

Although Yang Chen had already cultivated the Fifth Earth True Secrets and the Seventh Metal True Secrets, but that was because of coincidental opportunity and the main thing was that the places he absorbed the Fifth Earth True Qi and Seventh Metal True Qi were both safe places. But according to his memories, he knew that the other true qis of the Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets would all be found in dangerous places where he had no way of reaching with his present strength.

"Did you find anything good?"

He could see that although Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had undergone great changes during the training battles, they didn't conceal their joyous look from Yang Chen. Seeing this, he couldn't help but ask.

"There wasn't anything good, just some demon beasts."

Gongsun Ling replied with a smile. Gao Yue standing near her also nodded her head.

"Are you so happy because of these demon beasts?"

Yang Chen didn't believe their words, if there were only demon beasts then they wouldn't have been acting like this. After pondering for a moment, he immediately guessed something and asked with a smile:

"Senior apprentice sister, have you discovered some unique spell formation?"

"Nothing can be concealed from you."

Gongsun Ling stopped smiling and she started grumbling:

"Can't you pretend to not know for once? Guess now what kind of spell formation is it?"

Yang Chen stared at Gongsun Ling for a good moment which made her feel extremely uneasy. Only after more than half of her face had turned red, did he stop and say with a smile:

"Actually, the spell formation most worthy of studying is that classification spell formation in the outer hall and these safety spell formations, other than that, there aren't many things which can catch your attention. Senior apprentice sister, am I right?"

This time, even Gao Yue was slightly stupefied and suddenly asked:

"Then tell me what did I find?"

"Master should have discovered some tool refining method, am I right?"

Yang Chen turned towards her:

"Or you must have found a fragment of some magic weapon which you can use for consultancy?"

"If I hadn't personally witnessed your cultivation until today, I would really have thought that you are some kind of monster."

Gao Yue was astonished and said in a resigned tone looking at Yang Chen.

"If what I said is correct, then here are some jade slips which both you and senior apprentice sister should read once."

Yang Chen took out some jade slips from the pile he was reading through and handed them to the two:

"Only remember, although creative thinking requires guidance but you don't need to read much about the refining methods and techniques to lay down spell formations."

Yang Chen had specifically left these for them. Naturally he still had even higher grade ones but they were suitable for both of them for now. Moreover, Yang Chen didn't think that it wasn't worth for master and senior apprentice sister to research and study these ancient things in detail. The main priority here was to absorb that kind of creative thinking and not those techniques.

Both of them acted like they were holding their most precious treasures. It had to be said, Yang Chen guess was right at the mark. Gongsun Ling was intrigued by the spell formations in the safe zone as well as the spell formation which classified them according to cultivation. Not only that spell formation could prevent YuanYing stage and higher level demon beasts from coming outside, they also could easily throw away experts like She Kui, barring their entry into the regions not meant for them. This spell formation was an exceptionally good defensive spell formation.

As for Gao Yue, she had accidentally encountered some magic weapon fragment and discovered the hints of a strange tool refining method which was completely different from the tool refining techniques used presently. She was a fire attributed cultivator and was fond of refining weapons so she became excited instantly after discovering this.

However, they didn't waste much time pondering over them and remembered that Yang Chen had a pile of jade slips so certainly some of them must have information about these things. And as expected, as soon as they mentioned it, Yang Chen directly delivered them what they wanted.

Yang Chen's words were clear, these can be used as guides to learn the thought process of their predecessors, but the techniques themselves shouldn't be learned. Both of them also understood that after more than ten thousand years had passed, every type of cultivation methods or techniques had been improvised greatly, so they shouldn't neglect the fundamentals.

The most important treasure of this legendary cave were still those training location. They even allowed people to undergo life and death experience, after obtaining the jade slips, both women didn't start reading them immediately rather put this matter aside for now and went outside again to continue battling.

No one asked Yang Chen anything about why wasn't he participating in this training. Both women seemed to have realized that Yang Chen didn't require this. Seeing the disappearing figures of both females, Yang Chen stood up and stretched his body. Looking at the groups of palace halls, he suddenly felt very relaxed. If this life could last for eternity, wouldn't that be beautiful?

Unfortunately, this was only a dream, the path of cultivation wasn't so gentle. At most, they could stop caring about worldly matters, but there was still the heavenly tribulations, so Yang Chen couldn't help but relax now.

After stretching his body, Yang Chen again sat down and began to continue his search among the pile of several hundred thousands of jade slips. After obtaining the «Ninth Water True Secrets» previously, Yang Chen was convinced that there was certainly another similar treasure hidden among these countless jade slips waiting to be discovered by him.

Naturally, he didn't forget his cultivation while continuing his search. The Three Purities Secrets which were at third layer wasn't stopped and was continuously revolving through his body allowing Yang Chen to have a clear head and feel energetic.

He would stop after going through hundred jade slips every time and cultivate the Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets and move his spirit energy once through all the meridians. Cultivation wasn't something where he would advance in a single night and receive a flash of enlightenment, regardless of whether it was Yang Chen or Gao Yue or Gongsun Ling or even She Kui and Xie Sha, none of them slacked in their cultivation.

Hard work doesn't fail. When Yang Chen had continued to sit for approximately half a year, he finally discovered an absolutely shocking cultivation method within the pile of jade slips which he had never expected to find there.

This cultivation method was said to be found unexpectedly because this was the cultivation of some servant of the Heavenly Court which basically shouldn't appear within the Mortal World. It was only for immortals which could only be found among the cultivation methods of Heavenly Court after entering there.

This cultivation method was called «Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique».

Huangjin Strongman was a servant at the Heavenly Court, so this method was prepared mainly for weak servants at the Heavenly Court. Naturally, the prerequisite of cultivating this cultivation method was that not only one's physical body must be strong but also its power must also be sufficient.

The main condition to cultivate this cultivation method was that one must have at least 18,000 kg of power. This wasn't the power generated by rotating their cultivation base, rather strength of only the physical body. Attaining this kind of power by just relying on the physical was almost impossible.

Before he began the cultivation of this body refining technique, Huangjin Strongman still had to cultivate a heap of supplementary cultivation methods and fulfill this condition, only then could he truly began the cultivation of Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique.

In the eyes of others, Huangjin Strongman seemed to have reached this level of strength by carrying heavy objects from one place to another, but the real reason was this. Huangjin Strongman had great power but weaker battle prowess so he could only work like a low level servant in the Heavenly Court.

But, Huangjin Strongman didn't continue to live his entire life like this. When his strength reached a certain level, he revealed his terrifying power which didn't seem to lose to spirit power of cultivation methods. For example, within the book 'foolish old man moves the mountain', the two sons of Kua'ershi had casually carried the Taihang Mountain and Wangwu Mountains and separated them.

Body strength to extreme limit is extremely terrifying and comparable to remarkable abilities which could move mountains and drain seas. This was a true fact otherwise no one would have cultivated this kind of cultivation method.

For Yang Chen, this Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique was a completely unexpected benefit. The benefits provided to him by the QingQiong Mountain didn't stop at a perfect training location and Ninth Water True Secrets, now he had also obtained the Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique.

It was completely impossible within the Mortal World that there would be anyone else whose physical strength would reach 18,000 kg. But Yang Chen was different, his physical body had nourished by the blood of countless immortals and thus had already reached its peak condition. Furthermore, Yang Chen had tempered his physical body before starting cultivation, so by the time he entered Pure Yang Palace, his body had already been remarkable.

At that time, Yang Chen had mowed down Shen Da and others using a metal rod strengthened by thousand catty talisman. Although the thousand catty talisman didn't exactly have the power of thousand catties, but after many thousand catty talismans were used to strengthen the talisman tool iron rod, then it should have the strength of at least 30,000 catties or 18,000 kg. Even if Shen Da wasn't influenced by the thousand catty talisman since he was the master of the talisman tool but after it was reinforced with several thousand catty talismans; he basically couldn't stand while holding it.

At that time, Yang Chen had barely entered the qi layer while now the spirit energy of all his ten attributes was already at foundation stage and his body was being nourished by the spirit energy of the world and had become even stronger. Although Yang Chen hadn't tempered only his physical body for a long time, but his body's foundations were still there and would remain there eternally.

Yang Chen also hadn't tested whether he did truly have the strength of 30,000 catties, but since he had found such a formidable method, so wouldn't not cultivating it be a complete loss?

Thinking about the time in the future, when he would hold his Immortal Executing Blade possessed by Yazi as well as possess formidable spiritual awareness as well as physical body, who would still dare to resist him? With a physical body which could move mountains and seas, reinforced by the spiritual awareness condensed by the Three Purities Secrets as well as the immortal executing blade bestowed by Yazi, he could cut monsters, armies, anything. At that time, there wouldn't be any living being who would be able to escape in one piece from him.

Cultivation method used by low level servant? Too inferior to show in public? Yang Chen never had such thinking. In his view, there was no difference between the power of nobles or peasants, there was only the power itself.

However, the conditions of cultivating the Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique were very strict. If his physical body didn't have the power of 30,000 catties, then his body would simply be incapable of supporting the enormous pressure produced by cultivation of this technique and would crack, causing him to die.

With no way out, Yang Chen could only test himself first to confirm whether he truly had the required strength or not. Otherwise if his body cracked during cultivation and he died, that wouldn't be funny.

There was no lack of things for testing here. Yang Chen randomly chose a pile of stone which should surpass the thirty thousand catties energy constraint. He refine these stones to create a stele with a handle. Just to be sure, he added another thousand catties of stone in the mixture and began to test.

Since he hadn't relied on his only physical strength for a long time, Yang Chen first used the body refining fists solemnly. After warming up, he crouched down and grabbed the handle of the stele with his both hands and began to lift it.

After some slight shaking, the enormous stele slowly left the ground. With Yang Chen using his full strength, he raised it above his head.

Bang, the enormous stele which was triple the height of Yang Chen and thick enough that his arms could wrap around was directly thrown on the ground by Yang Chen. Although it wasn't easy for Yang Chen to produce the strength to lift up thirty thousand catties, but using his full strength, he was able to lift it up.

This was sufficient to confirm that Yang Chen's body had already satisfied the basic condition for cultivating the Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique and he could cultivate this cultivation method which increased his physical body's strength and strengthened it.

When Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling noticed the difference in Yang Chen, he was already sitting on one side, cultivating this Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique. The reason why they found him different was because Yang Chen's body seemed to have suddenly inflated from inside, from time to time, some part of his body would again swell or suddenly shrink. Below his body, there seemed to be a strange monster which was incessantly saluting it with both hands, all of this was extremely strange.

Both women were slightly astonished, but no one dared to bother Yang Chen. Yang Chen seemed to be extremely serious, so he certainly must be practicing some strange cultivation method he found here. However, hadn't he said to them that they must only think creatively using the concept to create the cultivation method but must not learn the cultivation method itself? Then why is he himself cultivating some cultivation method from here?

Yang Chen's body continued to transform continuously. Every part of flesh on his body seemed to strongly thumping and compacting, every muscle on his body had become even more formidable compared to before it was compacted.

While cultivating, Yang Chen hadn't discovered that within a short time, his entire body was filled with strong muscles. Every part of flesh on his body had faintly swelled up and covered the whole body.

When all of his flesh had stopped transforming, Yang Chen finally completed his first cultivation of Huangjin Strongman Body Refining Technique. As soon as he stopped cultivating, Yang Chen immediately sensed the presence of Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling.


Yang Chen had spent half a month during the first cultivation of this body refining technique. But Yang Chen didn't think that it was something the two females would be astonished about. However the expression on the faces of his master and senior apprentice sister didn't resemble their calm expressions, so what was the matter here?

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