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Chapter 229- Unexpected Surprise20 Dec 2017

Gongsun Ling's yell attracted everyone to rush over here, when they saw this scene, mix of surprise and alarm could be seen on their face.

Everyone was clear, regardless of whatever kind of medicinal ingredients or magic weapons they find, none of that could be compared to a sect's inheritance. And these densely packed jade slips was precisely that inheritance.

"What are you all looking at? Collect them quickly!"

Looking at everyone rooted to the spot, Yang Chen hastily reminded them what should they do:

"God knows what danger will we face, first collect these, then we will see what to do."

Everyone seemed to have woken up from a dream and under Yang Chen's reminder, all of them scattered in different directions and began to collect the jade slips one after other within their qiankun pouches. There was no time to look at these, everyone was focused on collecting the jade slips first, then if they got the opportunity, they can take a look.

After rushing for one hour, all these were collected. After completing everything, everyone looked at each others with a smile on their faces.

"Other layers must also have some!"

Gao Yue suddenly realized and yelled with surprise reminding everyone.

Without saying anything, they directly made a beeline for the entrance gate of main and returned back to the original hall. Yang Chen said to She Kui and Xie Sha:

"You both, one go to YuanYing stage region, one go to JieDan stage region. First collect all the things in the Concealed Scripture Halls before anything else."

Apart from Yang Chen, no one else knew the dangers of this dwelling. Hearing Yang Chen's words, She Kui and Xie Sha went through the third and fourth door. Yang Chen however pointed to the second door and said:

"Master, senior apprentice sister, we will go through this one."

Saying this, he stepped through the door.

The scenery again transformed, everything was different from the earlier place, but the main structure was mostly identical. The three of them quickly found the location of Concealed Scripture Hall. It didn't betray their expectations, foundation stage region's Concealed Scripture Hall was also similarly filled with jade slips.

No one was courteous this time, first they were focused on collecting these treasures, then move about on other things. After a wave of looting, the Foundation stage region's Concealed Scripture Hall was raked clean by the three of them.

After they returned back to the hall, She Kui and Xie Sha still hadn't come back. After all, they were collecting by themselves so they wouldn't be quick like Yang Chen who had two more people to help him and required more time.

After approximately two more hours, She Kui and Xie Sha finally returned back to the hall. However, their expressions weren't so good.

"What happened, some problem inside?"

Yang Chen hastily asked.

"We discovered JieDan stage demon beast under a mountain."

She Kui had entered the JieDan stage region, he continued:

"However, they hadn't advanced inside."

"YuanYing stage region was also the same, only the enemy there was more powerful puppets."

Xue Sha had also discovered a formidable opponent:

"In the beginning, I thought they were going to attack but later discovered that they cannot come near. Only then could I feel relieved and collected the jade slips."

Yang Chen had known about this earlier, but it allowed others to discover something interesting. Now, everyone could understand the main use of this dwelling.

"So what do we do with all this?"

Gao Yue was completely at a loss while staring at the four qiankun pouches filled with jade slips, in a daze. While they were collecting it, she hadn't felt it to be too much, but when the time for putting these to some use came, she realized there were indeed too many jade slips.

Even a second rate sect like Pure Yang Palace had more than a million jade slips in the sect's Concealed Scripture Pavilion which recorded all types of things about cultivation methods, pill concocting, tool refining, spell formations, all types of cultivation knowledge as well as all sorts of scattered information.

This dojo was sufficiently two to three times the size of Pure Yang Palace, the jade slips collected by everyone numbered in several millions. The question of what to do with all these things had put everyone at loss.

"For you!"

She Kui and Xie Sha were straightforward and directly threw their qiankun pouches to Yang Chen. They were demon beasts so these cultivation methods and others things of humanity weren't of any use to them. It would be better to give them to Yang Chen as his portion because if there was something among these which they required, Yang Chen wouldn't be stingy. Yang Chen had made this fact clear over the time, so both of them didn't have any worries about it.

Seeing She Kui and Xie Sha's action, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling looked at each other and smiled suddenly as if they had formed a mutually agreeable decision. They also tossed their qiankun pouches to Yang Chen:

"Yang Chen, this is for your toil, if there is something among these which you think we need, then give it to us."

Everyone had a multitudes of thought running through their mind regarding this enormous dojo. It was completely impossible for their group to seize it for themselves, however if they just hand it over to sect, that also won't be a justifiable way to deal with it.

Yang Chen had already led the sect to capture the Hundred Thousand Mountains very recently, if he again delivers this formidable dojo to the sect within such short time, then it will surely cause many people to raise their brows. By now, Yang Chen had done many astonishing things successively, if one more world shaking matter comes from him, then probably even the people within the sect would be unable to stand by idly.

One person getting in limelight all the time by himself isn't really a good thing. Therefore, for a long time in the future, this place will remain their private dojo.

Who discovers it, gets it. This is an accepted argument within the sect. All these jade slips and other inheritance type of things clearly belong to them only. However, since Yang Chen had led them here combined with the fact that he is also fond of reading different things, all this things should be best handed over to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen had led them all here so he trusted them enough to believe that if they found something suitable for him, they wouldn't secretly hide it otherwise he wouldn't have informed them about here. All of them were clearly aware of this fact.

After giving Yang Chen the jade slips, everyone sat down at the original hall and began to discuss their next action. After discovering that the demon beasts and puppets cannot enter a circular boundary, all of them clearly realized the situation here. This was simply the most suitable place to cultivate through battling, such a chance doesn't come by easily, they shouldn't waste it so easily.

"Probably everyone has discovered that this is a suitable location for your cultivation."

Yang Chen suggested a solution for them:

"Why not cultivate here once?"

This proposal obtained everyone's consent. The existence of the safe zone was enough to ensure the everyone's survival during training, She Kui and Xie Sha didn't have any hesitations and directly returned to the YuanYing stage experts' battling region.

Gongsun Ling also stood up while looking at Yang Chen and Gao Yue, after bidding them farewell, she also entered the Foundation Stage battling region, leaving behind only Yang Chen and Gao Yue within the main hall.

"Yang Chen, when are you planning to hand over this location to the sect?"

Gao Yue thought about it but felt that it was better to ask the question directly, therefore asked the question which she had been in her mind for a long time.

"When master enters the upper echelons of Pure Yang Palace or maybe when our Pure Yang Palace faces some calamity which could exterminate the sect."

Yang Chen laughed while informing her about his original plans.

"Upper echelons?"

Gao Yue shook her head:

"It is still too early to think about those imaginary matters. Yang Chen, what do you think, which path should be for master to test myself?"

"Foundation Stage!"

Yang Chen said without any hesitation:

"Qi layer region isn't useful, but gaining battle experience starting from low level battles is better, increasing your level step by step will make your foundation robust. Additionally, sometimes master should try to deliberately not kill those demon beasts and instead capture them alive. That would be even harder."

"Good, then I will go to the foundation stage region."

Gao Yue agreed without any resistance and again asked:

"What about you?"

In Gao Yue's view, Yang Chen apparently had never gone through any kind of battle experience. Moreover, he seemed to always understanding everything. Sometimes Gao Yue was unable to determine Yang Chen's present level.

"Disciple will also go to the foundation stage region."

Yang Chen smiled:

"However, forget about fighting, disciple will stay on one side and take a look at those jade slips."

As if she had guessed what Yang Chen was thinking, Gao Yue didn't seem to be surprised. Nodding her head, she said to Yang Chen:

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Yang Chen stood up and followed after Gao Yue to enter the foundation stage region. Gongsun Ling's figure had already disappeared from their view. She must have already gone outside the boundary. Gao Yue also chose some random direction and urged her flying sword towards it without saying anything.

As for Yang Chen, he casually walked to one corner which was rich in spirit power and laid down his black obsidian mat and sat on it. After making the preparations, he opened a qiankun pouch and began to go through those jade slips one by one.

The jade slips were sorted properly, according to different realms as well as different attributes. But those on some specific content were still mixed, so Yang Chen had to carefully read them one by one.

The dust filled bookshelves, were an identical mark of those sects who had disappeared from the cultivation world. Of all the jade slips, few hadn't been categorized.

It was naturally impossible for Yang Chen to read the several million jade slips in a short time. Thus, Yang Chen gave priority to examined the cultivation methods described on them first and see whether any of those methods caught his eye. The things from ten thousand years ago had many differences compared to the present.

However, while checking for cultivation method, at the same time Yang Chen also took a rough glance at the contents of all the jade slips, differentiating and categorizing them according to cultivation methods, spell formations, pill concocting, tool refining, cultivation insights and other random things.

His search naturally began from looking through foundation stage cultivation methods, but after going through several hundred cultivation methods, Yang Chen discovered that the cultivation world had indeed moved forward continuously. The cultivation methods from ten thousand years ago already lagged behind, and even the concept could be said to be conflicting with the cultivation methods of modern world.

At least within these past ten thousand years, cultivation methods had gone through great transformations involving opening more meridians, having even more potential as well as increasing the rate of spirit power absorption. The changes had been so enormous that cultivation methods of the past era and the current era couldn't be mentioned on the same terms.

Many rapid transformations had been happening within the world continuously. It was basically impossible for anyone who had found cultivation methods of ancient sects by fluke to start their own sect. Because of the countless ages of research and improvement by countless experts within the last ten thousand years, the present level of cultivation methods was at least two grades higher compared to before.

So far, every big sect would have specialized halls of experts to research the cultivation methods. Often, the big sects would sell their outdated cultivation methods to small sects and rogue cultivators.

When these cultivation methods will similarly spread to other big sects who would also have research specialists who would extract what they needed and remove the unnecessary parts, absorbing other's experiences to enrich their own sect's cultivation methods.

This was also the reason why Yang Chen didn't care much about choosing a cultivation method at a lower grade. After passing through this research and exchange, actually the speed of different cultivation methods was nearly the same, only the cultivation speeds were different.

But high level cultivation methods weren't the same, after reaching the YuanYing stage, the further cultivation included not only absorbing spirit power everyday, but a majority of it also relied on mental assurance as well as gaining an understanding of the natural order rather than just cultivating laboriously at early stages.

This is also the reason why after reaching the YuanYing stage, the people who had mediocre talent quickly fell behind compared to geniuses. The original difference of only several hundred years became as large as the difference between heaven and earth after reaching the YuanYing stage.

Yang Chen was only looking at these methods for consultation and didn't care much about gaining other things from them. While he was immersed in this process, time continued to pass. Yang Chen even didn't feel that a long time had passed, but Gao Yue informed him that one year had already passed.

During this one year, others also didn't bother Yang Chen much and were busy with their own cultivation. It has to be said that the growth acquired during battle is the quickest. When they encountered some demon beast which they couldn't beat, then that sensation of doing their utmost to return back to the safe zone, to return back alive, was precisely the best strategy for growth in cultivation.

Within this one year, Gongsun Ling's temperament had undergone a huge changes. She didn't seem that same sort of naive like before. Instead, her body radiated a hidden killing intent which ensured that she wasn't someone to be easily trifled with.

Before, mostly the disciples of Pure Yang Palace pursued a full faith in the principle of "not only to contend but to become invincible". This principle gave the feeling that the only way to increase cultivation was fair and honest. But, most disciples easily interpreted this as standing aloof over worldly matter, although their mental state ascended quickly but when facing genuine tribulation, they seemed to lack a sort of ruthlessness and determination. Many Pure Yang disciples had died because of this reason, including the previous life's Gongsun Ling.

Presently, Gongsun Ling didn't face this ending anymore. This was an extremely gratifying transformation. In fact, from the time the upper echelons began to conspire to capture the Hundred Thousand Mountains, this thought had began to slowly transform to the most widely spread thoughts of competing to win.

If Yang Chen didn't stop reading continuously, Gongsun Ling and Gao Yue would not come over and bother him. But just when Yang Chen withdrew himself from the books, both women appeared within the first moments after discovering this.

Yang Chen didn't continue anymore because he had found something which made him extremely excited. Within the several million jade slips, Yang Chen unexpectedly discovered the «Ninth Water True Secrets» of the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets.

This was mixed up with YuanYing stage cultivation methods and had been reviewed by people as extremely difficult to cultivate. Probably it was because people at that time didn't know that these Ninth Water True Secrets could only be cultivated with Ninth Water True Qi.

The most unexpected thing was that despite it being a «Ninth Water True Secrets» from ten thousand years ago, this cultivation method among the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets hadn't experienced any changes those ten thousand years?

This was the most original cultivation method, there almost wasn't any margin of improvement in it for a long time. After obtaining the Ninth Water True Secrets, Yang Chen had already obtained eight types of cultivation methods of the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets, only two remained which he hadn't found yet.

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