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Chapter 228 - Finding A Good Location20 Dec 2017

QingQiong Mountain was located on a gigantic island, but there weren't many green hills or clear waters there. Neither were there many types of trees also. It was very difficult to believe that this place surprisingly held a heavenly grade cave.

Yang Chen landed his Flying Shuttle, and everyone stepped on the island looking at each other in dismay. Although watching the majestic ocean surging with great waves every day had broadened their horizons, stepping on the land again after one whole month was much more delightful. However, their excitement soon turned to confusion.

"Here? There are demon beasts here?"

She Kui didn't believe that there could be demon beasts here. He even flew around the whole island once and asked Yang Chen with surprise.

Although there were a few high peaks on the island, there were only few coconut trees growing near the ocean. He even couldn't find any source of water present there. As far as he could see, the entire place was filled with mountain rocks.

Let alone demon beasts, any living organism would only be seen after great difficulty. That is if you don't consider the coconut trees growing near the ocean as living organisms.

"I believe you should not always trust books mindlessly!"

Gao Yue had rarely seen Yang Chen getting conned. Feeling happy, she assumed the attitude of an earnest master and guided Yang Chen.

However, her face looked so beautiful that even if she was talking to a board, then it also would have made Yang Chen feel envious. When he saw Gao Yue, he became dazed while suddenly looking at her beautiful appearance and unable to say anything.

"Junior apprentice brother!"

Gongsun Ling helplessly called him, trying to wake him from that kind of infatuated state. She couldn't help but feel somewhat bitter.

Almost anyone could see that Yang Chen's heart was on his master, but no one said anything. Moreover, Gao Yue had made her resolve that since she is Yang Chen's master, she would always think about him from a master's standpoint.

"Could the demon beasts be in the ocean?"

She Kui standing at the coast, gazed at the ocean wrinkling his brows. There were countless demon beasts swimming in the ocean. Everyone knew this fact. But he and Xie Sha were earth attributed demon beasts. Although among the five phases earth subdued water, but going into the ocean wasn't too convenient for them.

"If everyone knew about the treasures here, then wouldn't the people have already taken it away?"

Yang Chen didn't say anything towards his master, but he said this to She Kui and Xie Sha:

"Do you want to make a bet?"

"What kind of bet?"

She Kui and Xie Sha weren't afraid of making any bets with Yang Chen. In fact, neither of them cared much about the outcome. Cultivators and demon beasts' reasoning on different matters is sometimes greatly different.

"Bet all the earnings you get inside."

Yang Chen joked, but then he sensed it was not proper and supplemented:

"Half of your earnings, I mean."


She Kui and Xie Sha were completely unaffected. In any case, any treasure obtained would be because Yang Chen gave them the chance, so giving half their harvests to Yang Chen wasn't impossible.

When Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling saw Yang Chen being cheeky in front of two YuanYing stage experts, they also didn't try to stop him. They knew that She Kui and Xie Sha didn't care much about such things.

"Follow me then!"

Yang Chen immediately took the lead and flew on his flying sword towards the highest peak among all the other mountains. The others also weren't willing to fall behind and followed him.

All the peaks assembled on this island formed the QingQiong Mountain. The sect which initially resided on the QingQiong Mountain had fallen ten thousand years ago, so the fact that no one knew about it was completely normal.

After flying along the surrounding of the peak once, Yang Chen confirmed the position and drove his flying sword to reach halfway to the mountain, continuing to hover there.

Everyone was at loss while looking at Yang Chen's action, but no one said anything and calmly waited.

Everyone could clearly see a series of flickering formation symbols radiating from Yang Chen's hands, flashing and dying out without entering that almost vertical precipice. Different symbols contained different spirit power and spell formations and flickered continuously.

When Yang Chen stopped, everyone looked at the precipice opposite to them as if they had woken from a dream. Above the rock half hanging in the air, a transparent and barely visible door appeared. Even though they were cultivators, they could barely make out the door even at such close distance.

"You all go in first, after I go in, the door will close and vanish which could only be opened from inside."

Yang Chen instructed them:

"After going inside, remain cautious and don't run around everywhere for the time being, everyone stay together at the same place."

The sudden appearance of the door caused everyone to become cautious. When Yang Chen earnestly warned them, all of them understood that it was dangerous inside. Immediately, everyone prepared their defensive magic weapons and flying swords first, only then nodded to Yang Chen implying that they were ready to go in.

She Kui and Xie Sha lead the way, they were YuanYing stage experts, so if they encountered something dangerous, they will be able to resist it for sometime. They were followed by Gao Yue, who had unleashed her fire attributed spirit power restoring her cultivation base back to JieDan stage. The last one was Gongsun Ling followed by Yang Chen.

The door seemed to have a criss crossed spell formation on it. After entering, there found a long twisted tunnel. Everyone followed Yang Chen's instructions and didn't run around carelessly, only checked their surroundings.

In terms of spiritual awareness, Yang Chen could be said to be the most formidable one among them. Furthermore, after releasing the spiritual awareness threads, the extent of his probe was even larger than She Kui and Xie Sha. Only after carefully investigating once, Yang Chen felt at ease.

A small fire was lighted using a very small fire attributed spell formation. This fire only had the size of torch and could sustain on a low grade spirit stone for a long time. This was refined by Gongsun Ling herself for use at the Immortal Falling Well, now was the perfect chance to use it again.

Everyone felt much more comfortable after the flame was ignited. Yang Chen indicated that there isn't any danger here but everyone still remained on their guard and slowly moved forward in the tunnel. Especially She Kui and Xie Sha who were holding their snake tooth dagger and scorpion tail thorn respectively and moved forward as if they were facing a huge enemy.

The tunnel was very clean without the slightest speck of dust even after so many years. Seemingly it was because of the spell formation for eliminating dust. This seemed the most plausible explanation since even the spell formation for special entrance had lasted so many years, then what to speak of a minor spell. This region was supposed to be rich in spirit power so this was normal.

However speaking of spirit power being abundant, Yang Chen was somewhat confused, this tunnel seemed to be completely ordinary without the slightest sensation that it was rich in spirit power, this matter made him extremely suspicious.

This ancient tunnel was completely composed of bricks which were engraved with some symbols unknown to everyone. Surprisingly, usage of spiritual awareness was also cut off within the tunnel, so moving in this ten thousand years old, even if it was Yang Chen, he also had to be cautious.

Others following behind him, kept slowly moving but no one had as many thoughts as Yang Chen. All of them were extremely vigilant to defend against any possible danger they may encounter. Yang Chen had told them that if their luck wasn't good, they may encounter countless demon beasts and puppets, this thought weighed heavily on everyone's mind.

Suddenly light appeared in front of them, seeing it, Yang Chen hinted for Gongsun Ling to extinguish the fire. Everyone walked a few more steps and could immediately see a huge and illuminated hall.

The appearance of the halls shocked everyone, the size of this hall was far larger compared to Pure Yang Palace's main hall. It had sufficient to hold more than a thousand disciples with enough to spare.

The hall was completely empty, apart from the single decorated door from which they entered, there weren't anything else. The enormous hall didn't even have a single pills which made it seem even more empty. At the top of the hall, several hundred flickering pearls could be seen which illuminated the hall making it feel as if it was day time.

On the other side of the hall, there were five glittering door like things. There was nothing in other places, except from the jade tiles neatly spread on the floor, the hall was completely empty.

"That should be the exit."

Yang Chen had rough knowledge of some things, he said pointing towards the door.

No one else had any other idea and followed behind Yang Chen to arrive in front of those door arranged in a row. Soon after, Gao Yue turned her head and asked Yang Chen:

"Which door should we pick?"

Without waiting for Yang Chen's reply, She Kui had already opened the door on the right most side. Seeing this, Yang Chen was alarmed but before he could stop She Kui, a white light suddenly flickered and then She Kui's body was thrown towards the other side of the hall by some kind of huge pressure.

While everyone hastily rushed towards She Kui to support him, She Kui slowly stood up. When he saw Yang Chen examining his body with a confused gaze, he hastily yelled:

"There's no problem! There's no problem!"

A force which can casually throw away a YuanYing expert like She Kui towards the other end of the room, when the others thought about the source, they were extremely terrified. She Kui was only thrown towards the other end, but hadn't suffered any internal injuries and soon stood up on his feet. After making some random movements, he seemed to be completely fine.

Everyone's gaze was fixed on Yang Chen, waiting for his response. Yang Chen bitterly smiled while inspecting She Kui, but didn't say anything and only shook his head.

"Those five doors should be arranged according to cultivation realm difference."

Yang Chen didn't continue the suspense and began to explain:

"People with different cultivations can enter different doors. The rightmost one should be for Dacheng experts."

Everyone seemed to have suddenly understood, according to this hypothesis, the doors should be divided between Qi layer, Foundation stage, JieDan, YuanYing and Dacheng stage. Experts can enter any door for cultivators lower than their cultivation, but they definitely cannot enter the doors for higher level cultivators, even if some kind of spatial item like Medicine Garden was used, it was still impossible.

This time, She Kui didn't dare to move around randomly, just opening a wrong door had made him clearly realize that he wasn't anything formidable here. No one had come here before them, therefore everyone had unanimously agreed to check out the qi layer door first. In case, some mishap occurs, they should be able to handle it with their cultivation levels.

Yang Chen pushed his hand inside the leftmost door and didn't sense any repulsion as if outside was completely empty. Yang Chen pulled his hand back and signalled She Kui and Xie She that everything was ok. Seeing this, both of them immediately took out their destined magic weapons and went inside followed by Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling respectively.

The scenery suddenly changed, the region where everyone found themselves had huge fields, mountains, rivers, grasslands, forests and everything else that could be found. Everyone was gobsmacked seeing this.

It was really deserving to be called a heavenly grade magic weapon, even the Qi layer region was surprisingly this large. Yang Chen flew within the sky and looked everything, roughly estimating it to have a perimeter of 1000 miles.

The place where they had appeared was the exit of a huge palace. Below them was a group of grand palaces situated on the mountain. These grand palace filled the entire peak of the mountain.

What surprised everyone was the quietness here, without the slightest sound. The quiet among the large number of grand palace seemed quite eerie to them.

"Let's see if it worth something which should be collected!"

Suddenly Yang Chen excitedly said:

"I told you that I will lead you to riches, let's see how good your luck is!"

Everyone again looked at Yang Chen with amazement, but seeing the serious look on his face, all of them were excited and began to disperse.

"Wait wait!"

Yang Chen suddenly stopped everyone:

"This is the region for Qi layer disciples, if you encounter demon beasts and puppets, then don't kill the ones whom you can allow to live, they will be good for training of disciples in the future." " Everyone agreed, Yang Chen again supplemented like an old man:

"Treasures are also the same, don't be greedy for things which you don't need, leave some things for the future generation. We will again find treasures in high level areas!"

"Yes we know! Troublesome!"

Gao Yue smiled towards Yang Chen while impatiently saying this. Then she urged her flying sword and began to tour around the group of palaces.

Yang Chen also began to scroll around with curiosity in the surroundings of the nearest palaces. After taking a round around the group of nearest palaces, he discovered that it was basically a fully functioning sect's encampment. All types of palace halls, all types of dwellings for disciples and other such things were built in complete detail.

The only strange thing was that although there was no one inside them, but there still wasn't any speck of dust inside. Soon, Yang Chen discovered an extremely concealed aureole outside the group of palaces, he had almost skipped over it while sweeping the surroundings with his spiritual awareness and was only able to find it because the formidable spiritual awareness threads formed by Three Purities Secrets.

After examining for a moment, Yang Chen finally became certain that this wasn't just a simple aureole rather a boundary. After coming out of this aureole, he could sense the presence of demon beasts, but after coming inside, the presence immediately vanished. In other words, the area inside this aureole must be safe zone.

After discovering this, Yang Chen was completely dumbfounded, how was this a simple sect encampment, it was clearly a sect's encampment and locations for training together. This was basically the most suitable location for a sect, a perfect location for a dojo.

After entering here, he could clearly sense the abundant spirit power, which made him feel a little like when he had entered the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. Although it was as rich as Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, but this was a region for Qi layer disciples, who knows what kind of surprises were waiting for him at the Foundation stage, JieDan and YuanYing stage locations?

"Yang Chen, quickly come!"

Gongsun Ling's voice suddenly echoed from far away, because the region was too quiet, her voice had transmitted from a long distance.

Yang Chen was startled and hastily flew towards her. While flying towards her, he saw Gongsun Ling standing in front of an enormous palace hall. There was a large board handing in front of the palace hall. On the board, three words were written in ancient language "Concealed Scripture Hall".

Seeing that Gongsun Ling wasn't in trouble, Yang Chen slightly calmed down and advanced towards the Concealed Scripture Hall. Although there was nothing special about it on the outside, but when Yang Chen entered the Concealed Scripture Hall, he was stunned.

Countless enormous bookshelves on whom numerous jade slips were neatly arranged. This Concealed Scripture Hall is surprisingly not empty.

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