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Chapter 227- Master Will Make The Decision For You08 Nov 2017

Coincidentally, all the people Yang Chen was thinking about had already gone out. Du Qian, Shangguan Feng, and Wang Yong, as well as Yang Chen's previous four servants, had surprisingly all had been sent out by their respective masters. Only his master, Gao Yue, and his senior apprentice sister Gongsun Ling were left.

"It can only be said that their luck is lacking!"

Yang Chen slightly regretted and gave up on waiting for them. He decided to do some scouting with his master and senior apprentice sister first.

This time, Yang Chen had planned to let his master and senior apprentice sister get some training as well as obtain some benefits for himself, so for the time being, he didn't inform other people of the sect. Moreover, reporting something to the sect required proof. He couldn't just go and shoot his mouth. It was better to first make a trip with them. This trip would also give him the opportunity to make up some excuse like they just encountered that location while travelling.

"Where are you taking us?"

Gao Yue knew that Yang Chen frequently did actions that astonished everyone. Therefore, she didn't feel it was odd and also didn't refuse and just asked him first about it.

"A good place. You don't need to worry about where we are going. In any case, disciple will never harm master."

Yang Chen didn't said anything to remove their doubts because he didn't want to ruin the surprise.

Gao Yue agreed. Gongsun Ling also nodded her head, so Yang Chen immediately went to the Palace Master to make a report. There was nothing to be done about it. Presently, he was a popular person in the sect, so he wasn't allowed to casually go out. The Palace Master must always know his whereabouts.

"Disciple is going out to gain experience with master and senior apprentice sister."

Yang Chen told him a little fib, since this wasn't any important matter, so he kept it a secret for the time being.

"Ok, but take She Kui and Xie Sha along and also remember to be careful!"

Naturally the Palace Master wouldn't restrict Yang Chen's freedom and only reminded him to take along the two experts as protection. Right now, the Palace Master was concerned about dealing with how the matter of the Hundred Thousand Mountains was being received as well as making the business arrangements and didn't have the time to solely concentrate on Yang Chen. In any case, as long as Yang Chen was safe, he could go wherever he wanted.

Everytime She Kui and Xie Sha followed after Yang Chen, both of them could kill people and loot their wealth, which perfectly suited their preferences. Especially, brazenly killing and plundering their belongings, which surprisingly also gained them praise from others. The current conditions were far better compared to when they were at the Desolate Valley. So when Yang Chen called for them, they both immediately left together with him.

Flying to the QingQiong Mountain would take a long time. Within the flying shuttle, Yang Chen remembered how he had enjoyed his time with Shi Shanshan and also made some fresh tea for his master and senior apprentice sister. After adding water properly, he placed the tea in front of his master, senior apprentice sister and the two eccentric hall seniors and waited for their assessment.

Gao Yue who was enjoying the filial respects from her disciple had no qualms about the tea being served. Gongsun Ling was also the senior apprentice sister, so it was also justifiable that she would only sit and relax. Even She Kui and Xie Sha were higher in seniority compared to Yang Chen, so Yang Chen was the only one who had to do all the work.

After calmly sampling the fine tea, Gao Yue slightly nodded her head to express her praise. Gongsun Ling also took little gulps in a dignified manner and didn't say anything for a long time, but the intoxicated expression in her eyes betrayed her otherwise expressionless face.

As for She Kui and Xie Sha, they were just recklessly destroying this beautiful tea, dampening the atmosphere by drinking one whole cup in one gulp and continued to cry that it was insufficient, which annoyed Yang Chen so much that he just wanted to kick both of them once.

"I have long heard about the Green Jade Immortal Islands' Fairy Shi's good tea, Yang Chen. Did you learned this skill from Fairy Shi?"

After enjoying the tea for a good while, Gao Yue asked him beaming with smiles.

Hearing this single sentence gave Yang Chen another headache, and he didn't know how to reply. Previously, he had never had the habit of making tea, he was just trying imitate the enjoyment when he had done this last time with Shi Shanshan on the Flying Shuttle, but hadn't anticipated that his master would start mocking him.

.Gongsun Ling also stopped drinking the tea and looked at Yang Chen with a thoughtful expression, as if waiting for him to reply.

"Not really, but I was reminded of this because of her."

Yang Chen neither confirmed nor completely refused to answer:

"However, disciple had learned this technique long ago, so the credit doesn't go to her."

After he said this, Yang Chen also felt somewhat strange. How could he remember the things he had done with Shi Shanshan so easily? Although juniors offering tea to their seniors isn't anything strange, but Yang Chen certainly wouldn't have done so earlier.

Although he felt strange, it didn't obstruct them from enjoying this pastime with nothing on hand. Yang Chen's technique was exceptionally good. Moreover, the water he had used this time was also far better as well as the maturity of tea leaves had been increased by two hundred years after being passed through the Medicine Garden, so the tea was more fragrant and stronger compared to when he had made it together with Shi Shanshan. Although Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling never had the habit of drinking tea previously, but that didn't stop them from relishing it now.

She Kui and Xie Sha were acting completely like servants, regardless of how high their cultivation was. They didn't care about anything and were only interested in following Yang Chen to kill and burn. On the whole journey, only his master and senior apprentice sister conversed with him.

"So where are you taking us?"

Seeing that they had reached ocean after Yang Chen had piloted the Flying Shuttle for two months and the Flying Shuttle had transformed into a huge ship floating on the ocean, Gao Yue couldn't help but ask.

"You will know when we reach there."

Yang Chen still didn't reveal anything, fearing that it would ruin the surprise. To reach QingQiong Mountain, they must cross the ocean, but seeing that his master was enjoying the scenery along the way, Yang Chen wished that the journey would last longer.

"Is it some place you have read about in some book?"

Gao Yue again guessed.


Yang Chen hastily nodded his head. Only now, he clearly realized how effective his image of a scholar and avid reader had become. Any unnatural matter could be pushed under with this excuse. In any case, others were incapable of verifying, and Yang Chen himself wouldn't also tell them which book it was. In fact, even if they tried to verify, it would take long time to properly confirm things.


Gao Yue didn't press him anymore and steered the subject to another direction:

"Yang Chen, how are you thinking of dealing with the Green Jade Immortal Islands' Fairy Shi and the Clear Sky Sect's Sun Qingxue?"

"Disciple himself doesn't know."

Hearing this question, a bitter smile appeared on Yang Chen's face and he sighed deeply. Actually, he also didn't know how to deal with it:

"Palace Master has said to not discriminate among them and had asked disciple to go out with Sun Qingxue on a trip to gain experience. Disciple was just fretting over this."

"What's there to worry about."

When Gao Yue saw Yang Chen's face, her mood suddenly became cheerful for some reason compared to her earlier depressed mood when she had mentioned this matter. She continued in a joking voice:

"In any case, whether it is Fairy Shi or Sun Qingxue, both are good talented geniuses. They are both immortal level figures so why are you unhappy that they want to become your dao companion?"

Seeing the ineffable smile on his master's face, Yang Chen didn't have the heart to change the topic and could only raise his hand lazily in response to his master's joke.

"Actually, you don't have to worry about it so much."

Gao Yue didn't stop there and her next words completely stunned Yang Chen:

"Great men usually have three or four concubines. There is also your senior apprentice sister Gongsun within the sect, although she cannot compare to the two fairies but you should accept them all, either way you have more than one type of spirit power, don't you?"

Once she said these words, not only Yang Chen was completely shocked, even Gongsun Ling was also frightened by Gao Yue's words. Her face flushed because of embarrassment and her thoughts were completely mixed up. She was even confused with where she had placed her hands.

After Gao Yue said this sentence, her heart suddenly felt relaxed. Yang Chen was her disciple. Anything happening between them was seemingly impossible. But since he was her disciple, Gao Yue as his master, must think about these things. Naturally the better wife Yang Chen got, the happier she would be.

Once she thought of this, although she felt some indescribable sadness, but another part of her heart also felt glad. He was her disciple so it was natural that she would wholeheartedly think and care about him. Since Yang Chen didn't know what to do, it seems his master would have to make the decision.


Yang Chen was at a loss of words and could only say these two words foolishly. Then his gaze moved from Gao Yue to Gongsun Ling who was sitting on other side feeling extremely embarrassed and hadn't said anything.

"What? You don't like your senior apprentice sister?"

Gao Yue seemed intent on discussing this topic and directly pulled Gongsun Ling towards her:

"Is your senior apprentice sister lacking in any way compared to those two? Have you looked properly? In terms of appearance, Ling'er can be considered as one of the best. In terms of talent, Ling'er has full earth spirit root, in terms of cultivation, she is almost at the same level as you. A match made in heaven!"

When she had been discussing the matter of Yang Chen's dao companion with Gongsun Ling, she had replied somewhat unnaturally. Gao Yue had seen through it long ago, but hadn't got the chance to talk about it. Gao Yue herself was having contradictory views, so how couldn't she understand what Gongsun Ling was thinking. Gongsun Ling was hindered by her status as senior apprentice sister and couldn't take the initiative, so Gao Yue had substituted her and proposed this. In any case, she was just concerned about her disciple, so naturally the more he got the better, the more suitable they were the happier she would be. Moreover Gongsun Ling was also an acquaintance, so when the time came, she would take good care of Yang Chen.

Hearing Gao Yue suggest her so openly, Gongsun Ling bashfully lowered her head, but for some reason she felt loosened. The words hidden deep within her heart were being spoken by Gao Yue. Although she wasn't personally raising the issue but the load on her mind had been removed.

Right now, Gongsun Ling was feeling nervous thinking about what Yang Chen's answer would be. Whether he would think she was shameless and was using other people to suggest her. However she also didn't know what to say in this situation. Her tender body had already started to slightly tremble.

Yang Chen hadn't anticipated that his master would surprisingly think that this was the way to show concern for him. /this situation was completely different from what he had thought. In his heart, the person he loved most was his own master. He had thought only about her for more than ten thousand years in his previous life. With great difficulty, he had been able to see her again and enter her tutelage and again experience all those beautiful moments. How could his master suddenly try to find other people for him?

"No……..I don't dislike senior apprentice sister."

Yang Chen was upset but he knew that this was not the time to break the heart of Gongsun Ling. If he said that he didn't like her then it would certainly hurt her. However, this situation was completely different from what Yang Chen wanted, but how can he speak his mind?

Hearing Yang Chen's words, Gongsun Ling's shivering tender body suddenly became tranquil. All of a sudden, warm currents began to flow through her heart making Gongsun Ling's whole body from top to bottom feel relaxed.

During the few breaths of time when she was waiting for Yang Chen's answer, Gongsun Ling felt as if she was going all out and fighting with some and felt her body weakening as if her strength was being pulled out by someone. Once these words came out of Yang Chen's mouth, Gongsun Ling was almost unable to support herself and felt weak in her knees. Fortunately, she was already sitting and hadn't lost her self control completely.

After arranging her thoughts as the master, Gao Yue suddenly discovered that she could easily see what Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling were thinking. Because of their previous contact, Gongsun Ling had favourable impression towards Yang Chen but didn't dare to say anything.

As for Gao Yue herself, deep within her heart, she also hated to push Yang Chen towards other people. However, she was Yang Chen's master, so how could their relationship be possible? How could they not consider the bond between master and disciple? Gao Yue still hadn't come to accept such situation.

"Since this is the case, then I as your master will make the decision. What else were you worried about?"

Gao Yue completely assumed Yang Chen's master's attitude and said to him with a straight face.

Too sudden, all of this was too sudden. Yang Chen was completely shocked by Gao Yue's words and seemed to have gone completely silly.

Following the order of seniority between master and disciple, Yang Chen must listen to Gao Yue's instruction. This was to display his respect towards his master. But if he followed his feelings, then whatever the case may be, he could never accept such arrangements made by Gao Yue.

He hadn't been reborn after spending over ten thousand years previously and entered the tutelage of his master again, just to see his master arrange another dao companion for himself.


Yang Chen suddenly smiled and said:

"Do you think that the Clear Sky Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Islands would agree to their heavenly talents jointly becoming the dao companion of the disciple?"

Since he couldn't accept master's arrangements, Yang Chen must find a justifiable reason to refuse them. Moreover, this reason should be something significant.

The Green Jade Immortal Islands and the Clear Sky Sect were both outstanding big sects. Permitting their heavenly geniuses to become Yang Chen's dao companions was already their limit. If he simultaneously dual cultivated with the disciples of both sects, then that wouldn't be forming relationship between the sect rather it would be provocation.

Yang Chen thought of this reason, Gao Yue also started to think about it and couldn't help but feel discouraged. However when she saw the slightly depressed Gongsun Ling, she gritted her teeth:

"Since you can accept them both simultaneously then just become the dao companion with your senior apprentice sister. It will also free you from worrying about them."

Once these words came out of her mouth, Gongsun Ling felt even more ashamed and lowered her head. Both her hands were fiddling with the small tea cups as if trying to wring out water from them. There was nothing she could dare to say, so she just remained seated at her place.

"That would require the Palace Master's approval."

Yang Chen forced a smile. The sudden transformation in Gao Yue's attitude had completely confused him.

"You are correct!"

After some thinking, Gao Yue could only abandon this topic grudgingly:

"Then you tell us. This training location we going towards, what kind of things will we encounter there?"

Although Yang Chen had maintained complete secrecy on this topic, but at this moment, he didn't care about leaking out a few things:

"Perhaps there won't be anything too special. If our luck is good, we might find a pile of thousand year old herbs, magic weapons left by seniors or perhaps some lost cultivation method, spirit veins contained abundant spirit power and things like that."

"If our luck is good?"

This topic wasn't so embarrassing for Gongsun Ling, hearing the clues mentioned by Yang Chen, she immediately rhetorically asked:

"Then what if our luck isn't good?"

"If our luck isn't good then….."

Yang Chen turned his head to look towards She Kui and Xie Sha who were equivalently excited and suddenly replied with a smile:

"Then we may find some fierce demon beasts as well as formidable puppets."

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