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Chapter 226
Chapter 226- Exploring Another Residence

Yang Chen himself had sensed some disequilibrium in his cultivation. If he hadn’t been busy dealing with the Hundred Thousand Mountain to completely remove the threat to Gao Yue, then he would have already taken care of it.

On the surface, he completely seemed to be a fire attributed cultivator, since his cultivation in the fire attribute had surpassed others. But, this wasn’t a good phenomenon regarding the Yin and Yang five phases secrets or the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets that he cultivated.

The most important thing in the Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets was equilibrium. Although he could tolerate his fire attribute spirit power surpassing others for a short time, but finally he had to achieve equilibrium.

So Yang Chen had intended to spend some time on increasing other attributes spirit power. In any case, the fiercest people of the Hundred Thousand Mountain had been subdued, there will certainly be no one left who would want to take revenge for the young master or the old manager of the auction house, and even if someone would want to take revenge, it will be directed towards the Pure Yang Palace and not Yang Chen or Gao Yue.

Just when Yang Chen was going to leave, the Palace Master suddenly called him back and informed him about another matter which was giving him endless headache:

“I have made many trips to Clear Sky Sect. They have requested that Sun Qingxue should be treated the same as Shi Shanshan, asking you to not favour one and discriminate against another. Since you have already taken a trip with Shi Shanshan, then you must also go out with Sun Qingxue on a trip to gain experience.”

During his previous life, Yang Chen basically didn’t have to fight this kind of battle and thus didn’t have the least bit of experience about it. He was totally oblivious that his indecision and procrastination had caused great jealousy. In fact, among cultivators, very few people had to worry about this kind of problem. Yang Chen’s current problem was extremely unique.

“Yes, Palace Master!”

Since Palace Master had already instructed him, Yang Chen could only agree helplessly. He didn’t dislike Sun Qingxue and since he had already taken a trip with Shi Shanshan, then going with Sun Qingxue also wasn’t a big problem.

When the matter regarding Hundred Thousand Mountains was being planned, everything was arranged carefully and quietly, but when the alliance of the four sects genuinely made a move, they uprooted the enemy with an irresistible force.

The dao sects raised a great clamour after the Pure Yang Palace and other three sects made their move. But the matter had already reached this stage, it was completely impossible for anyone to try to stick their foot, regardless of whatever pretense they used. That wouldn’t be considered as helping, rather a scheme to forcefully seize the business of these four sects and incur hatred of ruining the livelihood of other people. No one would be foolish enough to infuriate both the Clear Sky Sect and Green Jade Immortal Islands at the same time together with Pure Yang Palace and Beast Taming Sects, both of whom had a Dacheng expert.

The follow up personnel had also been dispatched, and everything had been taken care of. Nine Dacheng experts with several YuanYing experts had formed nine squads and had began to receive underlings for controlling Hundred Thousand Mountains from behind the scenes.

A complete new mountain manor had been established at another location. Yang Chen had completely absorbed the thunder and lightning power of the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell and the battle among the thirteen Dacheng experts had already reduced the previous villa into pieces, removing any possibility of future use.

Usually three

Dacheng experts would be stationed here, one from each Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky Sect respectively. Since they have many experts and can take turns to come here. The last place would be alternated between Pure Yang Palace and Beast Taming Sect, each sect’s expert would take responsibility for ten years.

Naturally, these guarding experts wouldn’t have to manage anything specific. The ordinary matter would be handled by people who knew how to run a business and who would be dispatched by these four sects. It was clear that if the current system at Hundred Thousand Mountains was better than before, then the earnings will also be higher.

Regarding the worries of dao, demon and devil paths, the four sects displayed complete sincerity. This time, it was completely the fault of the Hundred Thousand Mountain who had destroyed the Pure Yang Palace’s sect area first. Taking revenge was the sole reason why these four sects had attacked. As for the future matters, business was business. It was completely unrelated to position of dao, demon and devil paths.

This position of view was approved by everyone. Apart from the Pure Yang Palace, the only ones who knew the actual situation were the Greatest Heaven Sect, but they didn’t dare to speak up. In any case, the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t just proclaim that the Pure Yang Palace wasn’t destroyed by the Hundred Thousand Mountains, rather by their mole at Pure Yang Palace!

Everything had been advancing properly according to the arrangements. The visits between the four sects had also become exceptionally frequent. This time’s trip was just for the spoils of war at the villa, which made everyone sufficiently excited. They couldn’t be considered a replacement of the heart questioning pill promised by Yang Chen, but such good affairs, the more they happen the better.

Pure Yang Palace’s Eccentric Hall’s hall master Gui Shanyou was among the people who were selected for the first turn to oversee the Hundred Thousand Mountain. The Hundred Thousand Mountain was basically his home, after pacify the few remaining disobedient people, the old tree demon again sprinkled large number of cassia tree sprouts with their numbers reaching several tens of thousands like he had done at MeiQing Mountain.

When the roots of all had been combined together, Gui Shanyou would know of all activities in every area of the Hundred Thousand Mountains at all times. So, no one could be more suitable than him to be appointed among the first overseers. Naturally, it was Gui Shanyou’s clone which had gone to sit guard, and its original body was still at Yang Chen’s courtyard in the Pure Yang Palace absorbing PengLai Divine Wood.

The matter of operating business had no relation with Yang Chen for the time being as it was being dealt by specialized people from the four sects. Yang Chen rushed back to Gao Yue’s side. His master’s water attributed cultivation had already reached mid foundation stage, so it was time that he should discuss cultivation with his master.

Yang Chen had revealed a lot of things on this trip. Heart questioning pill, thunder pomegranate as well as magic weapon which could kill YuanYing stage experts. If someone would want to attack Yang Chen in the future, he would certainly factor all those things. Yang Chen could only find some other trump cards which other people couldn’t possibly know about.

His great master had already refined the fire qilin’s horn into a flying sword, but his master’s flying sword hadn’t been settled yet. At the same time, Yang Chen also needed to think about Gongsun Ling’s destined flying sword. Recalling about the remaining magic weapons at the Palace of Dragons, Yang Chen’s heart began to beat faster.

Heavenly Roar had already swallowed half of Heavenly Roar Dog’s blood essence. The bloodlines of Yazi within his body had been completely aroused. Present Heavenly Roar didn’t look like that weak little pup anymore. Its head had remained the same but its body had grown longer, resembling more and more a dragon’s body.

The long slender body would remain wrapped around the bright ray sword all day long without the slightest fear of its sharp edge. Within its mouth, it would hold the second wood flying sword tightly, afraid that someone may snatch it. Only Yang Chen could take the flying sword away from him.

Yazi, dragon’s second son, had the body of a dragon and the head of a dog, an unyielding temperament, was a brave and ruthless warrior, and fond of belligerent killing. He would always hold a magic weapon in his mouth, had glaring eyes, and would be engraved on the sword hilts and knife end’s to increase their strength.

Heavenly Roar had began to look like the legendary Yazi more and more with time. Perhaps right now, the bloodlines were being aroused frantically. After Heavenly Roar had completely transformed into Yazi, he might completely remove the restrictions at the Palace Of Dragon King and collect all the items left there.

Thinking this, Yang Chen again looked at Heavenly Roar’s figure, and without any hesitation, fed it the remaining half blood essence.

“Yang Chen, you tell us. Since the sect had suddenly seized the Hundred Thousand Mountains, would it attract the envy from other sects?”

Gao Yue had just heard about the sect’s large scale action and couldn’t help but feel astonished at the daring of sect’s upper echelon. When Yang Chen had hurried over to her, she had been discussing this issue with Gongsun Ling. As she saw yang Chen, she naturally asked him.

“How can that happen?”

Yang Chen laughed, then started to explain:

“The issue of our sect mountain being destroyed was just an excuse. The Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky Sect were the main force. My sect and Beast Taming Sect were only assistants. If other sects have some ideas about the Hundred Thousand Mountains, then first they must think of a way to deal with Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky Sect.”

The two females had only been talking about it, but they weren’t worried much. However, Gao Yue kept staring at Yang Chen for a long time with saying anything. She then asked with a straight face:

“Is this all because of you?”

“Hundred Thousand Mountains were unwilling to give up and insisted on settling old scores.”

Yang Chen nodded his head, this time. He also fearlessly informed Gao Yue of the truth:

“Disciple had already been attacked by them twice. Disciple was afraid that they would come after master and thus made the first strike to get the upper hand.”

Gao Yue had guessed the entire story. Last time, Yang Chen had raised a commotion at the Hundred Thousand Mountains without the slightest hesitation. If he hadn’t been worried about Gao Yue’s injury then he wouldn’t have let them off lightly just by getting rid of that auction’s manager and young master. If at that time, any one of the four Dacheng experts had been present, then Yang Chen wouldn’t have had the slightest hesitation in using his blood river. Then even if he would have to again refine his destined immortal beheading blade, he would have certainly massacred the entire Hundred Thousand Mountains, turning it into an ocean of blood.

Regarding her disciple’s thinking, Gao Yue just didn’t know what to say that would be good. However, the most sensitive heartstrings in her heart again began to stir. A lump formed in her throat and tears glistened in her eyes. But, in the end, she was able to endure in front of Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling.

For her, Yang Chen had surprisingly uprooted the entire Hundred Thousand Mountains which had four Dacheng experts. While he was only at the foundation stage now. Thinking about this, Gao Yue was moved emotionally while being astonished and alarmed at the same time.

For such a simple reason, Yang Chen had first taken out the heart questioning pill and then the thunder pomegranates. The appearance of any one of those items could easily send the cultivation world into turmoil, but Yang Chen had revealed them to ensure her safety and remove the mark from her back. Such affection, Gao Yue didn’t even know how to respond to them.

Gongsun Ling looked at Yang Chen with eyes full of envy but also with tenderness. Even if cultivators were supposed to have severed all their emotions, but in the end, some human feelings still remain.

“No need to be anxious. The matter has already been dealt with.”

Yang Chen consoled his master. Looking at master’s almost crying face, Yang Chen’s heart was filled with sweetness. For his master, even if he had paid an even higher price, then also what would be the problem?

“For some years, stay within the sect. Don’t run around everywhere!”

Gao Yue commanded in a dignified and unyielding tone:

“Presently, there certainly will be many people on the outside who would wish to harm you, so you must not casually go out.”

“Yes, master!”

Yang Chen also didn’t oppose and agreed. In any case, Heavenly Roar would still require a long time to absorb the blood essence. During this time, he would obediently remain inside the sect and accompany his master.

However, Gao Yue’s concern also reminded Yang Chen. The Pure Yang Palace had allied with the Green Jade Immortal Islands and the Clear Sky Sect and had captured the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Although temporarily people wouldn’t dare to have any ideas about the Pure Yang Palace, as the profits poured in, it would certainly attract the greed of others. Maybe they couldn’t do anything to the Pure Yang Palace as a whole, but dealing with some disciples of the Pure Yang Palace wasn’t impossible. The cultivation world couldn’t do without such matters, so he needed to properly make the preparations to counter them.

Naturally, the best method was to substantially increase the battle strength of all the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace. If the strength of the entire Pure Yang Palace increased, then it would be like the top sects, and others wouldn’t dare to have devious ideas about them.

For the time being, Yang Chen didn’t have any method to care for all the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace. However, the case was different for the people by his side like his master, Gongsun Ling, Du Qian, Wang Yong or Shangguan Feng. The strength of those people must be increased quickly.

Soon, Yang Chen remembered a place which was greatly suitable for everyone at the foundation stage to temper themselves and increase their battle strength. Moreover, this location still had other benefits. That place didn’t hold much significance for Yang Chen, but after he could completely control it, it would offer an exceptional training location as well as a place to retreat to at a critical time.

Even a crafty rabbit has three burrows. Currently Pure Yang Palace had just the MeiQing Mountain and the Hundred Thousand Mountain. The sect still lacked one more. The location Yang Chen had recalled was just perfect. It could be regarded as a training location for a long time, and if he could collect it for himself, then it could act as exceptionally good habitat for the Pure Yang Palace.

The grade of this legendary abode was very high. As Yang Chen remembered, this cave was left by someone facing death’s door at the QingQiong Mountain and was sealed at the moment. The seal required a special method to be opened. As for collecting it, the process was an even more troublesome.

The spirit power on QingQiong Mountain was far more plentiful compared to MeiQing Mountain. That cave could even be classified as blessed by god. It was quite far from MeiQing Mountain where thePure Yang Palace was currently located.

Yang Chen had many such caves in his memory, but he couldn’t occupy them all by himself. Moreover, compared to the Dragon King’s Palace where magic weapons were hidden, which cave could be considered a better residence? As for the others, naturally Yang Chen would give priority to the people by his side to obtain the benefits first.

QingQiong Mountain’s legendary abode had been sealed for a long time. Reportedly, it had many demon beasts and puppets. Presently, it was unknown how these inhabitants might have matured. One thing was certain, the cave was naturally divided into different grade palaces and other locations which contains demon beasts and puppets of different grades, making it an exceptionally good training location.

The legendary abode was sufficiently large. Even if the entire Pure Yang Palace, which contained thousands of disciples, was to move in, there would still be much space left. Even if the Pure Yang Palace was much larger, the legendary abode would still be able to hold it. Originally, it was the place for a large sect to take refuge in, but some unknown entity exterminated the entire sect. Later it became the dwelling of someone from the Heavenly Court, and now it had fallen into Yang Chen’s hands.

There weren’t any other problems with this cave, and it was just the perfect place to be used to train those people by his side. It was also a good place to stroll around sometimes. He knew that apart from the demon beasts and puppets, this cave dwelling also contained a large number of medicinal fields which had been sealed for more than ten thousand years. If they hadn’t been wrecked by the demon beasts, then he could obtain many benefits. Moreover, it was also unknown whether the treasury of that large sect had been plundered or not.

Even if, it didn’t contain all these, just the location, which had exceptional spirit power, was enough to nurture ten thousand year old demon beasts and was already a treasure which could make anyone drool over. If he even plucked a body hair from any of those demon beasts, it could also be sold as a thousand year old profound silk.

This kind of place was perfect for master and Gongsun Ling to temper themselves.

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