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Chapter 219
Chapter 219- Main Culprit Hasn't Appeared

Naturally, at this moment, Yang Chen a foundation stage disciple that was going to travel, but if he had to go alone, then that would really be excessively careless. Therefore, two people were appointed to accompany Yang Chen. One was She Kui, and the other was Xie Sha.

The people of Eccentric Hall had pretty good relation with Yang Chen, and everyone in the Pure Yang Palace understood their relationship. Therefore, after assigning two YuanYing experts to follow after him, it seemed like the Pure Yang Palace was serious about protecting the heavenly talent who had the pill recipe of the heart questioning pill.

Old tree demon’s main body didn’t enter the domed palace hall from Yang Chen’s room. Rather it entered after Yang Chen left the Pure Yang Palace mountain. He moved quickly and properly observed everything.

What surprised Yang Chen was that even when his gaze swept over this area and he probed it with his spiritual awareness thread, he still didn’t sense anything.

When Gui Shanyou entered the domed palace hall, Wang Yong who was hidden inside, didn’t sense anything strange. Such a huge affair, in Yang Chen’s view, was comparable to danger. Having Gui Shanyou with him, made him feel much more secure.

Yang Chen didn’t use his flying shuttle and instead just took out an ordinary flying sword and began to ride on it towards the Clear Sky Sect.

The Palace Master had already told Yang Chen about Sun Qingxue. Having no option, Yang Chen could only find an opportunity and have a good discussion with her.

On the journey from the sect to the exit on the mountain, they flew on their flying swords, allowing many people to see them. Yang Chen didn’t care in the least, as he had wanted the people to see him. If he hadn’t wanted to be seen, then why would he fly so openly?

Travel time from there to the Clear Sky Sect would take around one month if they flew slowly. Yang Chen didn’t care about the time and calmly flew at normal speed.

When more than ten days had passed, nothing out of ordinary had happened. Yang Chen wasn’t worried, as he knew that the Greatest Heaven Sect had endured patiently for several hundred years to lay down their spell formation in the Desolate Valley. Perhaps the Greatest Heaven Sect was only confirming something during those ten days.

When they neared the Clear Sky Sect, Yang Chen didn’t wait for the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect to come out. Instead, he had expected the experts of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Once the enemies showed themselves, Yang Chen immediately knew that they belong to the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Since they had a devil cultivator and also a demon cultivator in their ranks, they certainly couldn’t belong to the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Speaking of experts, they had only sent two YuanYing experts and three JieDan experts. It could be assumed that since their YuanYing expert went missing last time, without any warning, they had increased the number of YuanYing experts this time just to be safe.

They also couldn’t do anything about it. Yang Chen also had two YuanYing experts, She Kui and Xie Sha, on his side, so unless the enemy also had two more YuanYing experts, they simply couldn’t resist him. The leftover three JieDan experts were probably sent to assist the two YuanYing experts and capture Yang Chen.

Last time, that person had disappeared at the MeiQing Mountain without any news, perhaps the people of the Hundred Thousand Mountain would also have searched for him for long time. They certainly must have felt that he hadn’t concealed his movement properly and disturbed the experts of the Pure Yang Palace and had thus been killed. This time, they seemed to have learn

ed the lesson and kept following Yang Chen until he was far away from the Pure Yang Palace. Moreover, only when they didn’t see anyone assisting Yang Chen and the others on his journey did they decide to act.

“Seize him!”

The expert who had appeared this time, unlike their last expert, didn’t talk much. He immediately started moving as soon as he appeared, not leaving Yang Chen and others with him any time to prepare.

Unfortunately, in front of old tree demon, these people couldn’t hide themselves and didn’t know that they had been discovered several days ago.

At the instant the enemy attacked, She Kui and Xie Sha, who had been enduring for long, immediately rushed towards them. Under Yang Chen’s directions, She Kui and Xie Sha had been refining their destined flying swords during the last twenty years, and they had also obtained little success. During these past ten days, they had been enduring, just restraining their strength, worried that they might not get the chance to show their treasures, so the enemy attacking was exactly what they wanted.

The enemy had been preparing for a long time. One YuanYing expert together with one Jiedan expert against Xie Kui, and the other YuanYing expert and another JieDan expert to deal with Xie Sha. The last JieDan expert rushed towards Yang Chen.

A dazzling huge net, covering a perimeter of several tens of meters dropped on Yang Chen’s head. But the enemy using this huge net didn’t have any killing intent and only wanted to capture Yang Chen. With the dropping of this net, a heaven defying pressure pushed towards Yang Chen.

This kind of pressure didn’t worry or bother Yang Chen, and the people of the Hundred Thousand Mountain weren’t the ones he was waiting for. However, since they had come to seek him on their own, Yang Chen also wouldn’t be polite.

The huge net knocked off against a tangled tree, and then suspended on top of it. In the next instant, this huge net returned back with even more frightening speed compared to when it had dropped down. The master of this huge net was completely stupefied and didn’t know what had happened and was covered by the huge net.

Yang Chen hadn’t wanted to tangle with the people of the Hundred Thousand Mountain. He didn’t want to alert other enemies and had no option but to ask old tree demon to make his move and quickly settle this.

Wang Yong also wasn’t willing to remain idle and couldn’t wait to use the newly refined qilin flying sword. The YuanYing expert battling with Xie Sha was afraid of that his spirit power attack might injure Yang Chen and was somewhat restrained from the beginning. Suddenly, a red light flickered and with one thought from that YuanYing expert, a piece of armour appeared in front of him stopping the red light.


With a light sound, the red light directly pierced through that piece of armour and stabbed the opponent’s chest. Soon, the red light reappeared from the enemy’s back.

With a blood curdling scream, that YuanYing expert fighting Xie Sha fell from the sky. Seeing this, the JieDan stage demon beast was astonished and was about to flee. When Xie Sha coldly snorted and released the pressure of a higher grade demon beast, it caused the entire body of that demon beast to become weak. He didn’t dare make any movements and curled up on the ground without moving.

The grandeur of the red light hadn’t waned and rushed towards the two experts battling She Kui. The YuanYing stage cultivator fighting She Kui was a demon cultivator, seeing the red light, he didn’t show anxiousness. His body trembled once and released a black smoke which instantly turned into black fog, which covered his entire body.

When this black smoke touched the body of the assisting JieDan cultivator, a hissing sound could immediately be heard and his clothes instantly turned into rags. Clearly, this black smoke had corrosive properties. She Kui loudly laughed, his body flickered once and entered the black fog without any hesitation.

Wang Yong’s qilin sword rushed through the sky and pounced on the other JieDan expert.


Without giving him any time to respond, it directly stabbed through his body.

In an instant, among the five opponents, two had already died and two others had been subdued. The only one left was the devil cultivator concealed in the black fog who was stubbornly resisting.

However, She Kui didn’t make everyone wait for long and within five breaths’ time, a blood curdling scream transmitted from the black fog. Soon, the black fog was dispersed by a strong wind. She Kui’s snake tooth daggers had pierced through his opponent’s shoulders, and the devil cultivator’s body was hanging on those daggers and was carried out by She Kui.

With the assistance of old tree demon Gui Shanyou, no one within the surrounding hundred miles would discover what had happened here. Three people were left alive which was sufficient to obtain the information of the Hundred Thousand Mountains’ current situation.

That demon beast who had been scared by Xie Sha, was trembling with fear under the pressure of She Kui and Xie Sha. Before these two YuanYing experts, he was curled up on the ground, answering every question asked without daring to hide even the slightest bit of information. Sometimes the workings of the demon beasts’ world was much simpler than human world.

Just as Yang Chen had expected, the secret organization in the Hundred Thousand Mountains was still thinking of capturing Yang Chen and was completely engrossed in their wishful thinking. They didn’t have the slightest idea about the imminent danger heading their way.

That was kind of expected since, although the Pure Yang Palace had been making arrangements for five years, they had been extremely careful. Other than the upper echelons, no one had any idea about this. Similarly, in other sects also had limited this information to the higher ups without any leaks. The supporting sects also realized that this was a rare opportunity to control the Hundred Thousand Mountains from behind the scenes and didn’t want to destroy their chances recklessly.

Even the person whom Yang Chen suspected to be the traitor didn’t have any collusion with the Hundred Thousand Mountains. So Yang Chen’s information also hadn’t been leaked.

Yang Chen questioned him in detail, although it took a long time, it allowed the Pure Yang Palace to have a clearer understanding of the workings of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. However, the knowledge he obtained would still not be enough. It was always better to be prepared.

That person who was entrapped within the huge net was a rogue cultivator and had been staying at the Hundred Thousand Mountains for many years, so he knew how to take advantage of the situation. After he saw Wang Yong killing two people with his sword, he didn’t have any idea of resisting and sincerely revealed everything he knew.

Although these two JieDan cultivators couldn’t tell much about secret information like the insider details of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the back-stage supporters, the relations of among crews and their strength, they did inform Yang Chen about the circumstances of dao, devil and demon cultivators intermingling in the Hundred Thousand Mountains. This information could be considered as important, since the Pure Yang Palace would have to supervise them one day.

As for that demon cultivator, he had lost consciousness due to severe injuries. After some thinking, Yang Chen handed him over to Wang Yong and old tree demon to torment him in any way and obtain the information from him while also scooping out some precious treasures.

The qiankun pouches of the two dead people had already been swept up by She Kui and Xie She. These two eccentrics had learned the importance of these resources, and had therefore already begun to collect treasures. Naturally, they also had their portion among the things sold within Shangguan Feng’s shop, so presently these two could also be considered as wealthy.

The old tree demon calmly threw out some small trees covered all traces of the battle, even the spirit power fluctuations had also been removed.

As for these two JieDan stage cultivators, Yang Chen had thrown them into the domed palace hall after sealing their senses. Since they had cooperated, Yang Chen didn’t want to make things difficult for them. After conquering the Hundred Thousand Mountain, he would require some people like these.

The rest of the journey passed without any incident on their way to the Clear Sky Sect. There were no signs of anyone ambushing them. To give face to the Clear Sky Sect, Yang Chen also walked on foot and requested to see the Clear Sky Sect’s elder Hua Wanting. Soon after requesting, Sun Qingxue’s bouncing figure appeared in front of everyone.

Since She Kui and Xie Sha were also present, Sun Qingxue didn’t show any intimacy with Yang Chen and saluted both the eccentrics following the proper etiquette. She then led all three of them to see elder Hua. Although she didn’t say anything, Yang Chen could see the happiness in Sun Qingxue’s expression.

“This time, this junior has come to request senior’s assistance.”

In front of elder Hua Wanting, Yang Chen again showed proper manners.

The Palace Master had already clarified about the matter so elder Hua Wanting knew about it clearly. However, Yang Chen had to make this trip to give face to Clear Sky Sect and elder Hua Wanting.

He also delivered the heart questioning pill which he had prepared long ago to elder Hua. Even though, she was a Dacheng expert, but seeing the heart questioning pill, expressions of surprise appeared on her face.

Originally, she had believed that after taking one pill, she wouldn’t have the chance to take another. She had never expected that other than using the favour she owed, Yang Chen would surprisingly gift her another pill. Since she had personally experienced the effects of heart questioning pill, she couldn’t help but be moved.

“Good, I agree.”

Elder Hua finally promised:

“Notify me when to attack.”

“Many thanks senior!”

Yang Chen loudly thanked her.

“No need to thank me, I had already promised long ago to help you once.”

Hua Wanting didn’t accept his gratitude and calmly said. After taking a look at Yang Chen once, suddenly a faint smile appeared on her face:

“Yang Chen, you are compatible with my little Xue, your attributes are also suitable for each other, you should become her dao companion. It would be much better than becoming the dao companion of that girl Shi Shanshan!”

Yang Chen hadn’t expected that with her status, elder Hua would say such a thing, causing him to choke on air and cough, putting him at a loss. Elder Hua also wasn’t forceful and continued with a smile:

“It’s a matter between you juniors, I cannot interfere. We elders forcing you is also not appropriate, I understand that sometimes forcing isn’t the best way. I only want to let you know that you don’t have to be afraid of the pressure from Green Jade Immortal Islands. You will receive support from little Xue’s side but you also cannot be biased.”

“Yes, senior!”

Yang Chen absolutely hadn’t expected that a Dacheng expert surprisingly would say this to him. At this moment, he also didn’t know what to say. Even though he had been a Great Principal Golden Immortal, but didn’t have the experience regarding such matter, so he simply agreed.

“Little Xue, you see off Yang Chen!”

Elder Hua instructed Sun Qingxue who was waiting upon them. A smile bloomed on her face, and she led Yang Chen out of the guest hall of Elder Hua.

From beginning to end, Yang Chen had only invited Elder Hua once, but hadn’t talked about which matter. Sun Qingxue clearly didn’t know about it, and elder Hua also hadn’t said anything, so this could be regarded as a little secret between both of them.

Sun Qingxue happily gave a tour of the Clear Sky Sect to Yang Chen. This time, her behaviour was completely different from the last time when she had met Yang Chen. She was confident, beautiful, brimming with enthusiasm, and fully reflected the title of a heavenly talent in the cultivation world. Furthermore, within the sect, no one dared to bully her anymore.

This Sun Qingxue was identical to the Snow Dance Fairy in Yang Chen’s memories. Yang Chen felt extremely gratified in his heart while also distressing over the matter of Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan in his mind, but he couldn’t find any solution over how to resolve it.

Yang Chen didn’t spend a long time at the Clear Sky Sect and immediately hurried to the Beast Taming Sect to meet Senior black tiger. Although Sun Qingxue was reluctant to part with him, she could only follow Yang Chen until his figure disappeared, gazing at him with a broken hearted expression.

During the journey to the Beast Taming Sect, Yang Chen suddenly received some information from old tree demon. On the way to Green Jade Immortal Islands, the Palace Master had suffered an accident.

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