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Chapter 218- Huge Trap23 Oct 2017

Facing Wang Yong's question, Palace Master knitted his brows before finally giving him an ambiguous reply:

"We have a suspect for the time being, but we still don't have any concrete evidence."

Wang Yong creased his brows, clearly feeling dissatisfied. He was Palace Master's senior apprentice brother, so naturally, he could have this attitude towards Palace Master when they were alone.

Palace Master also didn't tangle much with this question. During the investigation through the countless years, the Law Enforcement Hall hadn't relaxed even a bit, but that traitor seemed to have sensed something and hadn't shown his presence. This matter of the Hundred Thousand Mountain was also another opportunity. At least with this opportunity, if the traitor knew about this, shouldn't he inform the Greatest Heaven Sect?

Next, the Palace Master introduced Yang Chen's grand plan for the Hundred Thousand Mountain in detail. While at the same time, the Palace Master also told Wang Yong about the heart questioning pill. Particularly, he was extremely envious that Yang Chen had left a heart questioning pill for Wang Yong. Although the Palace Master himself had one, Wang Yong hadn't done anything in these matters which would earn him the pill. Therefore, Palace Master couldn't help but feel envy.

While Yang Chen was in seclusion absorbing the flames, Wang Yong felt great satisfaction upon hearing about how remarkable his grand disciple was. Once the information about the heart questioning pill became public, then those doubts about the Heaven Seizing Pill would also disappear.

All of these concerns were trifling matters. What really got Wang Yong excited was Yang Chen's grand plan. Swallowing the entire Hundred Thousand Mountain wasn't something that anyone in the Pure Yang Palace would dare to think about before Yang Chen came.

When Gao Yue heard about all these topics from Wang Yong, she felt even more delighted. The main reason why Yang Chen intended to attack the Hundred Thousand Mountain was still because of Gao Yue. Compared to others, Gao Yue understood this point most clearly. Even though, these days, Gao Yue had endured and hadn't gone to see Yang Chen, but she still paid close attention to information about him everyday.

She waited for Yang Chen to come out of seclusion with great difficulty, and as expected, Yang Chen directly went to meet Wang Yong. Wang Yong was extremely excited and showed Yang Chen the qilin horn destined flying sword Wang Yong had refined. He acted as though he was showing his own child.

It had to be said that Wang Yong was an exceptional tool refining master. The sword completely adhered to the characteristics of the qilin horn with only slight transformations to the horn, which was used as the foundation by adding some materials. The blazing flying sword seemed to give a burning sensation when held in hand.

Any enemy facing this sword would not be able to avoid the impression of being absolutely unable to escape annihilation under Wang Yong's hand. Under the crazy fire attribute, the killing intent of the ninth water attribute was completely concealed. Unexpectedly, Wang Yong hadn't wasted this attribute, and as such, he proved himself to be an expert.

In front of his great master, Yang Chen didn't hide his knowledge. Holding the qilin flying sword in both hands, he closed his eyes and used his spiritual awareness to examine it. Within the spirit sea, a magnified qilin sword quickly appeared.

"Great master, forgive the disciple for being impudent."

After observing it for a good while Yang Chen opened his eyes and first asked forgiveness from Wang Yong.

Both Wang Yong and Gao Yue didn't understand what Yang Chen meant, however Wang Yong indicated that there was no harm in speaking his mind.

"The sharp end is completely perfect, but there are defects on the sword on this side, particularly here, here and here."

Yang Chen pointed out three places:

"At these places, the supplemental materials haven't completely combined with the qilin horn, allowing some ninth water spirit power to leak out, which isn't good. Additionally…."

Hearing Yang Chen's words, Gao Yue's complexion turned unsightly and she immediately reprimanded him:

"Yang Chen!"

Wang Yong was Gao Yue's master, but this grand disciple, Yang Chen, was surprisingly being so impudent in front of him.

Seeing that Gao Yue's wasn't happy, Yang Chen could only force a bitter smile and closed his mouth, without saying another word.

But unlike Gao Yue, Wang Yong didn't seemed to be offended. Hearing Yang Chen's words, he held the flying sword in his hand and explored the three places where Yang Chen had mentioned using his spiritual awareness. The flying sword was his destined flying sword and was mentally linked to him, so he quickly discovered the trace of spirit power leaking out. If Yang Chen hadn't pointed the leak out, then just with his spiritual awareness, he wouldn't have been able to sense this little amount of spirit power.

At this time, Wang Yong's expression transformed, he looked at Yang Chen as if seeing some monster. That burning gaze somewhat confused Gao Yue.

"Additionally what?"

Wang Yong hastily asked. Yang Chen had said additionally before he was interrupted by Gao Yue, so clearly there was some other problem as well.


Gao Yue anxiously protested and complained:

"If you continue spoiling him like this, then in the future he will be even more impudent."

"His words were correct. There were indeed some flaws in this flying sword."

Wang Yong realized why Yang Chen asked for his forgiveness before. He handed the flying sword to Gao Yue, signaling her to carefully observe it.

Gao Yue was also a tool refining expert, although she wasn't as formidable as Wang Yong, she could still be called a rare talent. Seeing this, she doubtfully took the flying sword and began to probe it carefully with her spiritual awareness.

After Wang Yong had finished refining the sword, and when Gao Yue had first checked it, she hadn't sense any problems with it. But now, after she had focus on the particular places to find the flaws, it became much easier.

However, even then, Gao Yue had to spend a long time and was only able to discover one place where spirit power was leaking. There was nothing that could be done about her abilities, as amongst the three of them, her spiritual awareness was the weakest. Moreover, this flying sword wasn't her destined flying sword. Likewise, she didn't have the ability to channel the flying sword within her spirit sea, so discovering any flaws wasn't easy for her. If it was someone else in her place, they wouldn't have been able discover anything even if Yang Chen pointed out the flaws.

"This small leak which takes a long time to discover shouldn't be much of a problem, right?"

Gao Yue gently said. Although she discovered that Yang Chen's words were true, but Gao Yue didn't think this little leak would be such a big problem.

"It's not a big problem for the time being."

Yang Chen smiled and shook his head:

"However, in the future, if great master continues refining and using this as a foundation, then these few regions can become weak points of this dual attributed flying sword, which might be discovered by experts. Then, this secret weapon would cease to remain secret."

His words were comparatively polite, in case Wang Yong's trump card was discovered by someone, that would be dangerous. Facing normal experts wouldn't be a problem, but in case he encountered someone who could discover these flaws, then the discovery would likely result in a hidden disaster.

"What else?"

Wang Yong repeated his question again and waited for Yang Chen's reply.

"A destined flying sword really doesn't need such a superfluous sword hilt."

Yang Chen smiled and pointed towards that seemingly exquisite sword hilt:

"Great master's characteristic isn't to hold the sword and attack, which is different from disciple. This sword hilt can affect the qilin horn's completeness. It is like drawing legs on a snake and is completely unnecessary. Instead, removing it would be better."

"In the last few years, I have sensed that this flying sword seems to be missing something."

After saying this, Wang Yong suddenly laughed as if he had gained enlightenment:

"But now, I realize that this was because of this sword hilt. Indeed, it is completely unnecessary."

Gao Yue didn't say anything anymore, this disciple Yang Chen seemed more and more mysterious in her eyes. When she heard that Yang Chen had refined a super elixir like the heart questioning pill, she wasn't surprised. From the beginning, Yang Chen had appeared to her as an extremely formidable pill concocting master. But how could he be so proficient in refining tools?

Not only Gao Yue, even Wang Yong was also completely stunned. Although his shock was deeper than Gao Yue's, being a peak YuanYing stage expert, none of the surprise showed on his face like it did on Gao Yue's expression.

But still, Wang Yong gasped in admiration in his heart. It seems like this grand disciple of his had many deeply concealed secrets. After refining something like the heart questioning pill, Yang Chen even gave him such a big surprise.

Regardless of whatever was said, regardless of whatever kind of monster Yang Chen was, he was still Wang Yong's own grand disciple and Gao Yue's disciple. The more outstanding he was, the more glory he would bring for Wang Yong.

All the things Yang Chen mentioned were small worries, for the time being, there wasn't anyone in the mortal world who could realize these flaws, so mending these flaws later wouldn't create problems. Currently, the main priority should be the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Compared to anyone else, Wang Yong had a clearer understanding of the benefits his sect would obtain if they could succeed in capturing and holding the Hundred Thousand Mountains with the help of a few other sects. When that time came, Pure Yang Palace's strength would increase exponentially. Such a big matter should be treated as the most important and urgent matter.

Naturally, the heart questioning pill was also delivered to Wang Yong. Yang Chen didn't need to hide anything from his great master:

"Great master, quickly consume this heart questioning pill, you strength will increase greatly so that when the time comes for the main battle, you will be considered as another powerhouse. Furthermore, in the future, I will refine another batch of these pills, so don't feel anxious about using it now."

When Wang Yong had first told Gao Yue about this heart questioning pill, she had understood that it was a peerless elixir, but hadn't expected that Yang Chen would so lightly give one to Wang Yong. She was thinking of saying something, but suddenly she remembered the countless peeled fruits in her qiankun pouch for everyday consumption. She seemed to have realized something and didn't say anything.

The planning for capturing the Hundred Thousand Mountain had already been going on for five years. All the sects involved were properly coordinating with each other and were only waiting for the Pure Yang Palace to lead the attack. But before that, Yang Chen still had to make a trip to personally invite the people he knew.

Senior black tiger of the Beast Taming Sect, Elder Hua Wanting of the Clear Sky Sect — both of them had to be personally invited by Yang Chen. This was necessary etiquette expected from a younger generation. While at the same time, Yang Chen's trip was also an opportunity to capture the traitor hidden in the sect.

In fact, the whole matter of the Hundred Thousand Mountain was just a huge trap. When Yang Chen revealed his plans in front of all hall masters and elders, he had already set the bait. After that, he immediately communicated with the Palace Master and hall master Meng Xian in secret.

Speaking franking, Yang Chen already suspected someone in the upper echelons of his sect was the spy for the Greatest Heaven Sect. As for whom he suspected, hall master Liang Shaoming of Luminous Moon Hall bore suspicion, which even both Palace Master and Meng Xian understood. However, when he mentioned his suspicion, it was too specific and both the Palace Master and Meng Xian could only force a smile.

Pure Yang Palace certainly couldn't just punish a hall master with just mere suspicion without any proof. The benefits of the Hundred Thousand Mountain campaign were indeed gigantic. Moreover, if they succeeded, then not only the Pure Yang Palace, but even the supporting sects like the Beast Taming Sect, the Clear Sky Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Islands would also benefit greatly.

The Beast Taming Sect could still be tolerated, no matter how much it grew, they wouldn't be able to stand on equal footing with the Greatest Heaven Sect even with the conquest of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Clear Sky Sect and Green Jade Immortal Islands were different. If they succeeded, then they would definitely be placed above the Greatest Heaven Sect. Moreover, the benefit based alliance of these two big sects would certainly cause a big headache for the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Previously, there was no important information which might cause the traitor to move, but this time, the influence and consequences of this affair were too great. If nothing happened, then that would clearly explain that the traitor was not among the upper echelons of the Pure Yang Palace.

Moreover, if the Greatest Heaven Sect wasn't stupid, then they wouldn't do anything which would set themselves against the alliance of the Clear Sky Sect, the Green Jade Immortal Islands, the Beast Taming Sect and the Pure Yang Palace. The Hundred Thousand Mountains weren't like Desolate Valley which was already under someone's influence. This region was located on the boundary of dao, devil and demon — three powers. If it was captured by a dao sect, then certainly that would be good news. Someone trying to destroy them from inside would be considered a traitor to all dao sects.

However, the Greatest Heaven Sect wouldn't miss this opportunity. To regain their lost influence, there was only one way, and that was to attack Yang Chen. When Yang Chen was in seclusion, the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn't do anything, but since he had stepped out, that precisely was the chance they were waiting for.

Yang Chen had already committed to the higher ups of the Pure Yang Palace that as long as the ingredients were available, he would again refine a batch of heart questioning pill after 30 years. As long as they could obtain the heart questioning pill and its recipe, then even if they lost the benefits of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, the Greatest Heaven Sect with more experts would still be able to stand up as equals to those two sects.

Presently, Yang Chen's cultivation base was only at the foundation stage, but he still could kill a YuanYing stage expert. Even though his formidable magic weapon had played a big role in his victory, he had already become very difficult to deal with. If they waited for his cultivation to increase again and reach the JieDan stage before attacking, then it would become even more difficult to get rid of him. After all, with the increase in the master's cultivation, the strength of their magic weapons also increased. This fact was common sense.

Therefore, they needed to deal with Yang Chen as soon as possible — the sooner the better. Even if they couldn't capture him alive, killing him was also another way. In any case, the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect never thought Yang Chen as any good. It would be better to kill him. At least in the future, the Pure Yang Palace wouldn't have the chance to rise to power.

Yang Chen himself was the bait and only needed to wait to see whether the people of Greatest Heaven Sect bit or didn't bite. Naturally, all this was kept secret from Gao Yue as Yang Chen didn't want her to worry about him.

As for Wang Yong, he also didn't have any clear idea in the beginning, but later, the Palace Master found a good opportunity and told him secretly. Only then did Wang Yong know that Yang Chen was taking such a risk. Later, Wang Yong secretly met with Yang Chen but didn't inform Gao Yue.

"When you go, I am coming with you."

Wang Yong didn't have any intention of debating his intentions with Yang Chen and directly gave his decision:

"Don't try to make excuses, I know you have things like a Medicine Garden, so no one will know I am going with you."

Yang Chen didn't try to refuse Wang Yong's decision . His master's strength was a little weak, but the great master was at the peak the YuanYing stage. Together with his destined flying sword, even if he encountered a Dacheng expert, he had the strength to hold his own. So obviously, Yang Chen wouldn't reject the assistance of his great master and nodded his head.

Naturally, another major character, the old tree demon Gui Shanyou, was also accompanying him. Until now, only a part of his body had appeared in front of everyone. Apart from Gao Yue and Yang Chen, no one knew where his main body was. When Yang Chen went out this time, Gui Shanyou's main body also moved into domed palace hall. The strength of his main body was more formidable compared to the other portions. He himself could hold his own against two or three ordinary Dacheng experts.

Wang Yong again disappeared before the eyes of everyone under the excuse of entering seclusion for a brief period. Everyone thought he had gone to cultivate, but hadn't anticipated that he was hidden in Yang Chen's domed palace hall and was accompanying Yang Chen on his trip.

Yang Chen going out of the mountain meant that huge bait had been set. Now they only had to wait for the response of the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

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