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Chapter 213- The Elixir Is Called Heart Questioning Pill28 Sep 2017

"If we can hold it, then naturally it's worth it."

Xu Chengxin nodded without any hesitation, everyone present agreed with his words, even Liang Shaoming also consented.

Although the Hundred Thousand Mountain lacked spirit power, it was rich in resources. Who wouldn't covet those large number of natural resources? If they could hold it, who didn't know what the benefits would be?

"The problem is whether we can hold it or not."

Liang Shaoming immediately retorted:

"Relying on whom? Relying on just us? Or adding in experts from other sects? How many Dacheng experts can we have?"

Once Liang Shaoming said those words, it immediately raised a thought in the mind of all the elders. Yang Chen had gone into seclusion for concocting pills for Beast Taming Sect's Senior black tiger, so it was said that Senior black tiger promised Yang Chen a favour. Together with Hua Wanting of Clear Sky School and Gui Shanyou, there would be a total of three Dacheng stage experts.

Since Senior black tiger and elder Hua Wanting had agreed, naturally the sects behind them wouldn't also sit quietly, just the Clear Sky School itself could not be looked down upon. If these three powers form an alliance, then maybe there was some chance.

"Disciple had once obtained a certain pill recipe by accident."

Yang Chen slowly continued:

"Using certain year matured ingredients, an elixir known as Heart Questioning Pill can be refined."

"Heart questioning pill?"

Zhu Chentao was the hall master of Medicine Hall, so he was obsessed towards pill concocting. After hearing Yang Chen had some new kind of elixir, he impatiently asked:

"What kind of elixir is this? What use does it have?"

Not only Zhu Chentao, other people also raised their ears and looked at Yang Chen. Since he had mentioned the heart questioning pill at this time, then it was certainly in relation to the matter regarding Hundred Thousand Mountain, so everyone couldn't help but value it.

"This heart questioning pill isn't of any great use."

Yang Chen satisfied everyone's appetite and calmly said:

"At the time of making a breakthrough, when confusion arises in the heart, this heart questioning pill will ensure that devils from outside won't invade and it would just depend on your heart, thus increasing the chances of the breakthrough."


Yang Chen had explained it lightly, but each and everyone who heard it couldn't help but take a deep breath. Outer devils couldn't invade and just depend on your heart, what kind of object was this and he still says it doesn't have much use?

When someone tried to reach Dacheng stage from YuanYing stage or some Dacheng expert has to ascend, there was endless confusion in the heart. If this pill was taken at that time, wouldn't it greatly increase the chances of succeeding? What was the most difficult problem after reaching a bottleneck? Wasn't it the invasion of heart's devil since the dao heart wasn't stable? So was this pill something, which doesn't have much use?

"The requirements for making this heart questioning pill is extremely high and requires at least ten thousand years matured legendary herbs."

Seeing that everyone had become distracted, Yang Chen waited for a good while for everyone to accept it, only then he continued:

"Although it can also be used for cultivators below Dacheng stage, it really wasn't worth it."

Frankly speaking, this pill was for the use of Dacheng experts especially at the time of breakthrough, so it could be said to be of the same grade as Heaven Seizing Pill. But compared to the heaven seizing pill, the heart questioning pill had a great extent of applicability, at least after Dacheng experts use it, they won't have to continuously endure the medicinal power and won't cause their bodies to explode leading to death.

Naturally, people like Yang Chen who were extremely rich could also use it when they were at foundation stage or JieDan stage. But the requirement of ten thousand years matured legendary herbs was really too high and absolutely couldn't be supported by an ordinary foundation or JieDan stage cultivator. As for YuanYing experts, even their flesh would ache.

However, for Yang Chen, this wasn't a big problem. He had only recalled this heart questioning pill when he and Shi Shanshan had discovered those legendary herbs.

"This pill, how much assurance do you have in making it?"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao timely asked the question which was in everyone's mind.

"With sufficient ingredients, this disciple has 70% assurance."

Yang Chen made a rough estimation and gave a number which everyone could accept. But in reality, as long as Yang Chen had sufficient ingredients, there wouldn't be any problem.

"Ten thousand years matured legendary herbs, they aren't so easy to acquire!"

Zhu Chentao creased his brows. He definitely didn't have any doubt regarding Yang Chen's pill concocting level. Even until now, he always had the attitude of a student in front of Yang Chen.

Zhu Chentao's words also gave a voice to the problem in everyone's heart. If it was just thousand year matured herbs then they could still be acquired with difficulty, but as for ten thousand years matured legendary herbs, the difficulty to acquire them rises by a hundredfold.

"Previously, when disciple had gone out to gain experiences with Fairy Shi of Green Jade Immortal Island, disciple was fortunate enough to come across some herbs which could be used."

Just when everyone was scratching their head, Yang Chan immediately gave an answer which stunned everyone:

"Refining a furnace of heart questioning pills shouldn't be a problem."

Hearing this, everyone's pupils shrunk. No one asked what he meant by a furnace of heart questioning pill, but looking at Yang Chen's appearance, they were certain that it was not one or two pills. If one heart questioning pill meant the support of one Dacheng expert, doesn't that meant that using just one furnace of heart questioning pill, Yang Chen could gain the support of more than ten Dacheng experts?

Ten Dacheng experts, added together with the ones who owed Yang Chen a favour, would mean almost half of the total number of Dacheng expert present within all the dao sects.

In front of this kind of force, not to mention Hundred Thousand Mountain, even Greatest Heaven Sect would have to stake all their resources together with the lives of all of their Dacheng stage experts to barely avoid extermination.

So didn't this mean that destroying those people of Hundred Thousand Mountain was already in the bag? When everyone present reached this conclusion, their heart became lively, seemingly the first question which Yang Chen had asked was not that stupid.

Whether the Pure Yang Palace could or could not hold the Hundred Thousand Mountain after conquering it? Everyone began to think about this question. Now they weren't discussing the feasibility of conquering it rather were genuinely thinking about the making the arrangement to gobble up the great wealth of Hundred Thousand Mountain in their purse.

If the Pure Yang Palace could really hold the Hundred Thousand Mountain, then the Pure Yang Palace would surely earn great wealth. As long as they do it properly, everyone had the confidence that within a hundred years, the Pure Yang Palace would certainly become a first rate sect.

Everyone's heart began to pound with the vision of the future whose hope had arrived this instant. Looking at Yang Chen, everyone felt that they had really obtained a great treasure.

Once the heart questioning pill came out, what about Heaven Seizing Pill's controversy, it would be thrown to one side. As long as they dominate the pill recipe and refining method, Yang Chen could walk anywhere within the cultivator's world without any fear.

Anyone who dared to offend Yang Chen, would also indirectly offend all the Dacheng experts who required a heart questioning pill, as well as those formidable experts who had the financial resources to pay the price of a heart questioning pill. When that time comes, who would dare to threaten Yang Chen, even the people of Pure Yang Palace wouldn't quarrel with him lightly.

Fantasy was always beautiful, but when returning to reality, they couldn't help but lose hope. It had to be said that the dreams of higher echelons of Pure Yang Palace were indeed slightly mistaken, even if they could conquer Hundred Thousand Mountain, they would still be unable to hold it.

This was the regret of all small sects, everyone present had to accept this fact. It seems that there was only one method that was to collaborate with few big sects and share the profits.

Actually, the benefits of the Hundred Thousand Mountain were so huge that even a big sect would be unable to keep everything to itself. After everyone thought about this fact for some time, they felt great relief in their heart, since the fact that even a big sect couldn't handle this matter so if Pure Yang Palace wasn't able to do it, then also it was not something for which they would lose face.

After realizing this point, it was time to think about the sects with which they would form an alliance with, this matter had to be considered very carefully. Which sect to accept and which to reject, this was Pure Yang Palace's own decision.

Moreover, the selected sects must also use their full power otherwise why should they receive a portion of benefit? If that happens, then the pressure on Pure Yang Palace would decrease greatly, at least the heart questioning pills could be provided to the experts of those sects.

At this instant, even Liang Shaoming's eyes were shining brightly, if he could obtain one heart questioning pill refined by Yang Chen for himself, then couldn't he immediately make a breakthrough from the peak of JieDan stage and reach YuanYing stage.

At this moment, Yang Chen didn't say anything and kept on calmly standing in front of them. Yang Chen also couldn't do anything about this matter and would still require the Palace Master and elders to make a decision.

"Green Jade Immortal Islands had always wanted to form an alliance with my sect, this time, we might as well have a chat with them."

One elder said, but while speaking his gaze turned to Yang Chen with a bitter smile.

Hearing this, everyone gave him a knowing smile. The matter of Shi Shanshan becoming a dao companion of Yang Chen was something that most elders agreed with, to obtain the support of Green Jade Immortal Islands. However, now they can also form the ties depending on profit and take their cooperation to next level. So when the time comes, even if Yang Chen really doesn't want to become dao companions, it would still not go as far as to Pure Yang Palace and Green Jade Immortal Islands becoming hostile with each other.

"Clear Sky School could also be considered as an option."

When the Palace Master opened his mouth, he also had a similar smile on his face.

Yang Chen understood that this was related to Sun Qingxue. However, he didn't say anything, if he could really resolve the matter of both females with this matter than that would be the best outcome.

Actually, when Yang Chen spoke about the heart questioning pill, the vast sea and sky opened in front of everyone's eyes. Accept whose cooperation and reject whose, it all depended upon Pure Yang Palace's own decision.

"Greatest Heaven Sect's strength is great and it also handles all outside matters fairly, shouldn't we include them also in the cooperation?"

After Palace Master Zhong Jiao had spoken, Liang Shaoming also gave his suggestion.

"Strength being great is acceptable, but they handle outside matters fairly, how can you even say that?"

Law Enforcement Hall's hall master Meng Xian immediately retorted. During the past ten years, Law Enforcement Hall had been unable to find any of the traitors planted by the Greatest Heaven Sect which made Meng Xian furious, so now seeing Liang Shaoming surprisingly mention Greatest Heaven Sect, how can he not release his anger:

"During the matter of Desolate Valley, how did Greatest Heaven Sect's attitude seemed fair to you? Or could it be that since they sheltered your traitorous disciple Chu Heng, that's why you think they are fair and just?"


Liang Shaoming couldn't speak more than one word, he had mentioned them with selfish motives but hadn't expected that hall master Meng Xian would refute so fiercely.

Not only Meng Xian, even Palace Master Zhong Jiao looked at Liang Shaoming with disgust hidden deep within his eyes. Everyone was aware that Liang Shaoming had some friends in the Greatest Heaven Sect, but talking drivel in this kind of situation was just a joke. In any case, this had made Palace Master Zhong Jiao and hall master Meng Xian place serious suspicion on Liang Shaoming.

It was not like both of them hadn't doubted Liang Shaoming when finding the hidden traitor within the sect. But afterwards, both of them felt that Liang Shaoming was the hall master of Luminous Moon Hall and would be an elder of Pure Yang Palace in the future, so why would he lower himself to rely on Greatest Heaven Sect's charity? Therefore, their suspicion towards Liang Shaoming had weakened greatly, at most, they felt that because of his disciple Chu Heng's matter, he didn't look favourably on Yang Chen.

Last time was Liang Shaoming's first offence, but now, Liang Shaoming had surprisingly spared no effort to speak on Greatest Heaven Sect's behalf, how could this be a good sign. So the future investigation had to be shifted towards Liang Shaoming.

In fact, by sheltering a traitor of Pure Yang Palace and using their disciples to attack Yang Chen, they proved themselves to be the sect's enemies. Furthermore, deploying a secret piece in the sect, even after all these actions, if the Palace Master Zhong Jiao still consents to cooperate with Greatest Heaven Sect, then he shouldn't have become the Palace Master in the first place.

Although the other elders didn't know about such complications, they also agreed with Meng Xian's words. Greatest Heaven Sect's actions towards Five Phases Sect had already caused the other big sects to become resentful towards them.

If they really want to walk with Greatest Heaven Sect, then maybe the Green Jade Immortal Islands and the Clear Sky School wouldn't agree so easily. In the extreme case, it might also destroy the relationship of Pure Yang Palace with these two sects.

In fact, after forming alliance with Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky School, these two big sects, the Palace Master could also draw in Beast Taming Sect. With two first rate sects and two second rate sects, controlling Hundred Thousand wouldn't be difficult.

However, these kinds of benefits would certainly give rise to other people's greed. After discussion the topic with everyone, it was concluded that they must also rope in the Rogue Cultivator's Alliance.

Thus, everything was arranged properly. Naturally, the premise of all this was the destruction of everyone at Hundred Thousand Mountains, and the most crucial thing was the time required to refine Yang Chen's heart questioning pill.

"After getting hold of Hundred Thousand Mountains, in the future, we will require some rules to administer it."

This was Palace Master Zhong Jiao's other decision

"How will the benefits be divided, whether to allow the devil and demon cultivators, whether to let demon clan and devil sects to join it, all these would require discussion between all parties."

Everyone consented to this point because after all was said and done, the time of discussion with all parties would still depend on Yang Chen.

"It seems like we would again have to trouble you, Yang Chen, to refine the heart questioning pill."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao faintly smiled towards Yang Chen:

"Since the ingredients are all gathered, how much time would you require in pill concocting?"

"If uncle master Zhu helps….."

Yang Chen made a rough estimation:

"Two years would be enough, I think. This pill isn't difficult to refine."


Palace Master Zhong Jiao replied without any hesitation:

"You put your mind to pill concocting. I know your cultivation requires flames, from tomorrow, the sect will dispatch disciples to secure flames for you, you will also obtain hundred thousand sect contribution points. Moreover, you will also get another chance to enter sect's Secret Pavilion. If you have any other requirements, just mention without any hesitation, just refine the heart questioning pill within two years."

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