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Chapter 211- Expert's Turn To Be Surprised07 Sep 2017Note:umm, I intended to release the chapter on 3rd but my editor's timezone had almost a difference on 12 hours compared to me, so while waiting for him to come up, I slept and forgot to tell him to edit and then came 5th, where same thing happened, so I got it edited yesterday this time. This would be the chapters for 3rd, 5th and today. Hopefully next can come out day after tomorrow and I will also try to make that schedule, 1 chapter in every alternate day for now.

Under the astonished gaze of that cold man, the golden coloured domed palace hall appeared, covering Yang Chen's entire body inside. The enormous golden seal directly smashed against on top of the domed hall. Spark flickered out but the domed hall wasn't damaged.

"Humph, just relying on one defensive magic weapon, you dare to be so arrogant?"

After discovering Yang Chen's support, the cold man sneered, his figure suddenly rushed forward, following along the perimeter of the domed hall.

Under the control of the cold man, the golden seal rose incessantly and then smashed fiercely on the domed hall again and again. But regardless of how he attacked, the domed hall was like a steel cast, not moving a single jot, there was not even any traces of attack left on it.

On the contrary, after continuously smashing down several times, several scratch marks appeared on the golden seal. After discovering this fact, regret appeared in the heart of that cold man, he had spent a lot of time refining this golden seal, if it got damaged like this, then the gains would certainly not make up for the losses.

Seeing Yang Chen holed up within the turtle shell gave a headache to the cold man, since he couldn't find any method to deal with him.

He was a majestic YuanYing stage expert, but surprisingly, he couldn't deal with a foundation stage youngster with a body protecting treasure, how could he endure this? Within the Hundred Thousand Mountains, he was considered a lofty figure who always kept his word, could it be that he was going to fail to do so at this MeiQing Mountain?

Since Yang Chen was already holed up and he couldn't do anything, so it need not be said that the only choice that the cold man had was to retreat. Since Yang Chen was so confident, then he certainly must have notified the experts of Pure Yang Palace, if he couldn't deal with Yang Chen in a short period of time, then apart from retreating, there wasn't another option.

He had dared to behave so atrociously in the sect watched by a Da Cheng stage expert, even though the Dacheng stage expert was rumored to have weak cultivation, a Dacheng stage expert was a Dacheng stage expert, not something a YuanYing stage expert like him could contend against. Furthermore, the Pure Yang Palace also had several YuanYing stage experts, while he was alone, he couldn't simply oppose the entire Pure Yang Palace.

While he was contemplating whether to retreat or not, he surprisingly discovered a fatal weakness of the domed hall. The defense of the great hall was sufficient, but that great hall had openings in four direction, so anyone could go in anytime.

"The trick you used was formidable, but it had such a fatal weakness, seems like even the Heavens wants you to die. Who could stop your death then!"

The cold man burst out laughing and hooted these few words, before directly entering the great hall.


Sitting at the center of the great hall, his mind seemed to be controlling the defense of this hall. Seeing the cold man charge in, Yang Chen shook his head in pity and took a long sigh:

"The Heavens provided you a road to life but you didn't take it, hell doesn't have any doors yet you burst in, you yourself are courting death so don't blame other people!"

"Looks like you still don't want to admit your mistake!"

The cold man sneered, without the least bit of hesitation, he figure directly flew towards Yang Chen. His master had ordered him to capture Yang Chen alive if possible, if he can't, then return with Yang Chen's head. Now, Yang Chen was just sitting on one side, giving the cold man a perfect opportunity to capture himself.

"For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor, fellow daoist, please be on your way!"

Looked at the figure rushing towards him, a trace of ridicule flashed in his eyes and he immediately spoke out his catch phrase before killing people.

As soon as Yang Chen, said these words, the cold man also felt something was wrong. The golden seal which he had already collected back, appeared like a huge shield in front of his body.

Ding ding ding ding, after a series of concentrated collision like a torrential rain, countless nicks appeared on the cold man's golden seal. While at the same time, countless flying sword also appeared behind his body, forcing him to release his own flying sword and obstruct the attack of those flying swords with incomparable difficulty.

"Seven Steps Bewitching Killing Spell, fellow daoist, if you can break this spell formation, then myself will go with you."

Yang Chen remained leisurely seated at the center of the great hall, looking at the countless swords crazily attacking the confused cold man. He continued in the same tone:

"But if fellow daoist can't break through this spell, then next year, this day will be your death anniversary!"

Forty nine flying swords, all of which were highest grade flying sword used by YuanYing stage experts, under the effects of the sword spell, their power had increased crazily.

How could the cold man, surrounded within the spell, pay attention to Yang Chen's mocking tone, he taken out all his body protecting magic weapons to protect himself from the swords, but even then, he couldn't completely safeguard himself from the swords and was totally at a loss.

Presently, the cold man was repenting, why was he so greedy and muddleheaded to believe that such a formidable defensive magic weapon had such a fatal flaw? Even if it seemed like a flaw, it was clearly a deadly trap. If he had known about this earlier, then he would have promptly retreated and wouldn't be in such sorry position.

Yang Chen also secretly exclaimed in admiration. Actually, under the Seven Step Bewitching Killer Spell, this cold man had preserved for the longest time. Naturally, this was because of his cultivation.

Previously, among the trapped people, the most powerful ones had a cultivation of JieDan stage, so they basically couldn't do anything in front of this sword spell formed from forty nine high grade swords used by YuanYing stage experts and would immediately die. But now, this person himself was at YuanYing stage, moreover, he seemed to be late YuanYing stage, so he had the ability to stop the successive attacks.

However, this was all he could do. He had used all his defensive magic weapons, including that golden seal, which was all covered with countless nicks. Few of the low grade magic weapons were already approaching the point of breaking down.

While Yang Chen sighed seeing this, the sound of a flying sword and protective armour breaking echoed in the hall and both of them immediately turned into pieces. With two less defensive magic weapons, the cold man had even more difficulty in defending his left and right side. In just a moment of carelessness, a flying sword immediately discovered the gap and penetrated his arm.

The sharp pain made the cold man yell loudly and while he was slightly distracted, that golden seal was pierced by series of flying sword turning it into an enormous seal with holes all over.

This golden seal was his most beloved magic weapon, and it was comparable to his destined magic weapon, but after it got damaged by those flying sword, the cold man's spiritual awareness immediately suffered a backlash.

Under these dire circumstances, the cold man couldn't do anything to reverse the tide. He had only preserved for five more breath's time, when the golden seal was turned into pieces by more than a dozen flying swords. On his side, the cold man didn't have anymore formidable weapon which could compare to the golden seal.


The cold man knew that he had reached his limit. He cursed towards Yang Chen while doing his utmost to endure.

"Indeed, but not as despicable as a late YuanYing stage expert coming to deal with a foundation stage youngster like me!"

Yang Chen sneered:

"Don't worry and be on your journey, senior!"

Under the gaze of that cold man, these forty nine swords were like blood hungry wolves flocking around him. Before his body had even fallen on ground, it had already turned into pieces.

"Seems like I will have to go to Hundred Thousand Mountains to settle this issue, once and for all."

Yang Chen looked at the ground filled with body parts and called out the five JieDan stage females cultivating in the great hall of the Medicine Garden, with just one thought from him, those females began to clear up the mess and gather the spoils. As for Yang Chen, he began to think the consequences caused by this matter.

This time when the enemy had come, he wanted to intimidate Yang Chen and wanted him to serve the enemy in the the field of pill concocting. But now, after Yang Chen had killed the late YuanYing stage expert, there was no room for negotiations in this matter. The enemy would certainly go crazy and retaliate against Yang Chen and the people close to him.

If he was the only one to suffer from attacks, then Yang Chen wasn't scared, but he was afraid that something might happen to Gao Yue. Last time, Gao Yue had already suffered injuries at the Hundred Thousand Mountains, if she suffered a mishap again because of this incident, then Yang Chen absolutely wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

As for today, it was just the scout before the enemy launched a full scale retaliation attack. In any case, if those guys injured Gao Yue, that wouldn't be a good thing. At that time, Yang Chen was worried about Gao Yue, so he hadn't eliminated the threat completely. But now, it was time to settle this matter once and for all.

Other matters could wait but this one couldn't. Yang Chen immediately began to ponder regarding dealing with these people. Naturally, the most important thing was to inform the sect about this matter so that they could also be on their guard.

This YuanYing stage expert didn't have anything good on himself. That man seemed to have spent a lot of time on the golden seal and allowed it to become as powerful as his destined magic weapon, but it was still not his destined magic weapon, so it being inferior to the sword spell was completely normal.

However, the materials refined to make the golden seal were quite rare. Unfortunately, the YuanYing stage expert's level in refining tools was so so. Although it could be used to bully those young geniuses, when compared to a genuine high grade magic weapon, it was extremely inferior.

Naturally, the broken golden seal was kept, along with all kinds of magic weapons on his body and his qiankun pouch, nothing was left behind, everything was taken. Even his flesh and blood weren't wasted, the Blood Phantom Vine was still very weak and this kind of expert's blood and flesh was perfect as a supplement. Although the effects weren't very powerful, it was better than nothing.

"A person from Hundred Thousand Mountains?"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao calmly heard Yang Chen's narration. After a moment, he raised his head:

"Convene all the elders, then tell them the details of the story."

This time, Pure Yang Palace had fallen under the lust of a great power. Moreover, a bloody battle was quite possible. The enemy had been a hegemon in the Hundred Thousand Mountains for many years, his strength couldn't be belittled. All the elders had come except was Wang Yong who was refining his destined magic weapon in seclusion. When the elders looked at Yang Chen, they seemed to be slightly surprised. It had just been few days after he had cured senior black tiger's injury, they were wondering what kind of big matter had Yang Chen caused this time? Apart from elders, several hall masters had also been called. This matter concerned the security of Pure Yang Palace, so naturally, they were thorough. "Yang Chen, you tell them about the matter, don't forget any details."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao didn't waste any time after seeing that everyone had arrived and directly instructed Yang Chen.

"Yes, Palace Master!"

Yang Chen bowed and saluted all the elders, then he began to tell them about this matter from the beginning.

Hearing that 25 years ago, when Yang Chen had just reached the foundation stage, together with She Kui and Xie Sha, he had razed the Hao Yi mansion at the Hundred Thousand Mountain to ground. Moreover, had also destroyed the Devil Flame Valley's auction house and killed the manager and young master, even if the temperament of these elders and hall masters had toughened recently after all these big matters, all of them were astonished. Each and every one of them was stunned and looked at Yang Chen stupified.

Only, the hall master of Eccentric Hall, Gui Shanyou wasn't the slightest bit perturbed, this was something, he had experienced so there was no need to make a fuss about it.

Killing four peak YuanYing stage experts of Hao Yi mansion, moreover, returning back with a Dacheng stage expert, Gui Shanyou, doing all of this when he was just at the initial foundation stage. When he reaches JieDan stage, or YuanYing stage, what kind of accomplishments would he have then?

Despite being shocked, they became cautious after hearing Yang Chen's words. If the enemy really turned to the disciples of Pure Yang Palace to fulfill his revenge against Yang Chen, then it would certainly be a disaster. These people of Hundred Thousand Mountains shouldn't be taken lightly.

Everyone was thinking about this matter, no one said anything. The hall master of Law Enforcement Hall, Meng Xian, asked him after some time:

"Are you certain, you killed a late YuanYing stage expert? What kind of weapons did he use?"

Meng Xian couldn't help but be suspicious, even if Yang Chen was very outstanding, he was only at the late foundation stage. Moreover, he had only reached this level recently. Even if this cultivation speed greatly surpassed many people, hearing that Yang Chen had killed a late YuanYing stage expert by himself, Meng Xian didn't dare to believe it.

"Maybe, you were anxious about the battle and had mistaken the enemy's cultivation!"

Speaking this time was the hall master of Luminous Moon Hall, Lian Shaoming. During the time he was punished to be in seclusion, Liang Shaoming had already planned the cultivation of the flying sword which would be his destined magic weapon, his cultivation also seemed to become formidable compared to before. Although his voice was calm, it was full of suspicion towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didn't reply, but took out the golden seal which was in a disastrous state and gave it to Meng Xian. After taking the golden seal, Meng Xian was immediately startled and raised his head to look at Yang Chen with some astonishment in his eyes, only then did he lower his head and begin to observe the golden seal properly.

This golden seal couldn't be refined by ordinary people, also, not everyone could use it. It was different from the sword spell in Yang Chen's domed hall, the sword spell could used anytime as long as the Medicine Garden had sufficient spirit power. But this golden seal required an expert to control it, if one isn't at YuanYing stage, then he could forget about controlling it.

After Meng Xian had looked over it, he passed it to Palace Master Zhong Jiao. Soon after, all of them observed it once and each and everyone's gazes changed after observing it.

How many formidable flying sword did Yang Chen use to destroy the golden seal to such a state? This was the first time Yang Chen had revealed a bit of his strength in front of all the elders and palace master and all of them were looking at Yang Chen in shock!

Naturally, they had another expression. All of them could see that the material used to make this golden seal was certainly not ordinary. The golden seal had been damaged to this state because of the disparity in level of tool refining, however, the material used was extremely precious. It was a guarantee that anyone who possessed this golden seal could make a high grade flying sword from it.

Unfortunately, this golden seal was Yang Chen's loot.

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