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Chapter 194- Finally again a fire attributed cultivator17 Apr 2017

Presently, Yang Chen was trying to cultivate all ten attributes together. Right then, all were at the third layer of foundation stage. However, for other people, it was very strange, Yang Chen was of fire attribute, but he could still cultivate other attributes. Since his cultivation was low right now, other people didn't care, but when his cultivation rose higher, other people would certainly start raising questions.

In terms of spirit power quality, fifth earth spirit power was the most formidable at the moment. Using True Fifth Earth Secrets as a cultivation method and fifth earth True Qi as a spirit power, the one considered nearest to origin fifth earth. Next was first wood spirit power and second wood spirit power, one was the PengLai Divine Wood spirit power while the other was Blood Phantom Vine's spirit power.

Following it was fourth attribute spirit power, which was the Geocentric Flame's spirit power. Compared to fourth attribute spirit power, third attribute spirit power was slightly weaker. Even though the third fire spirit power had undergone tempering by Real Sun Fire and Nanming Fire and had been purified, neither of them could be absorbed at present, so it was much weaker. As for the other spirit powers, they were all ordinary and didn't have any special features and constituted the last grade of spirit powers.

Presently, Yang Chen could make use of the flames at the grade of the Profound Wood Flame. Absorbing the Profound Wood Flame would allow his third fire spirit power's grade to rise a little, allowing it to achieve equilibrium with the fourth fire spirit power.

The method was similar to absorbing the Geocentric Flame, where he would absorb a trace of the flame it, using the third fire spirit power to absorb and transform it.

The process was very simple and uninteresting, it only required Yang Chen to be able to endure the pain of self immolation during the flame purification and absorption process.

For Yang Chen who had already absorbed the Geocentric Flame as well the Real Sun Fire in his previous life and had also endured over ten thousand years of suffering, this was nothing. The only thing he had to pay attention to was avoiding a backlash from absorbing too many flames.

Ho Lin was amazed as she saw Yang Chen immersed in that sort of cultivation state right in front of her. Her amazement was only compounded when she looked over to see Zhu Chentao holding both handles of Profound Spirit Furnace, doing something she couldn't understand. What was more strange was that there was nothing inside the Profound Spirit Furnace, it made her all the more amazed.

However, despite not understanding what was going on, Ho Lin didn't make any careless moves. On the contrary, her actions became more deliberate and cautious, moving to the area between Yang Chen and Zhu Chentao between their pill concocting furnaces. In case some accident happened while Zhu Chentao was concocting, Ho Lin could substitute for Yang Chen to reduce the harm.

Zhu Chentao continued refining the ingredients meticulously, following the pre-determined plan. Of the multitude of ingredients, Yang Chen had already explained clearly which one to add when, what sort of temperature should be maintained, and how to control the flames. Zhu Chentao also remembered everything clearly.

Due to a combination of excitement and nervousness, Zhu Chentao entered a profound state. Apart from the pill concocting furnace in his hands, he couldn't see anything. Perhaps, even more strictly speaking, apart from the ingredients being refined in the furnace, he was unaware of anything around him and was wholeheartedly working on the process as discussed with Yang Chen without any mistakes.

Looking between Zhu Chentao's expression and Yang Chen's, Ho Lin suddenly comprehended something. She may not be gifted with talents like Yang Chen, but if she could learn hall master Zhu Chentao's temperament of not letting himself distracted, whether in cultivation or pill concocting, this attitude will be very good for her.

Traces of Profound Wood Flame entered Yang Chen's body one by one until it had sufficiently accumulated. At that time, third fire spirit power rumbled loudly and began to ignite. The fierce burning made Yang Chen's meridian ache as the third fire spirit power soon seemed to have completely exhausted itself.

Yang Chen knew that this was the Profound Wood Flame assimilating and compressing into his own spirit power. The familiar pain drilled through his body as an endless stream of energy came from the Profound Wood Flame. Finally, the entirety of his third fire spirit power had transformed.

Yang Chen quickly swallowed the Profound Yang Fruit which he had kept in his mouth earlier. Back in those days, the amount of spirit power in one of them was enough for Yang Chen for a couple of days was now barely enough to recover his spirit power. After being tempered, the spirit power transformation was even more fluid. After a few cycles of absorption and transformation, Yang Chen's third fire spirit power successfully transformed to Profound Wood Flame spirit power.


After the whole process was completed, Yang Chen once again entered his spirit sea. It had changed once more. Above the PengLai Divine Wood's tree trunk appeared many ring size flames. The raging flames were burning fiercely, and rose very high, but it didn't seem to be harming the trees in any way.

The range of spirit sea once again began to expand, only this time the range of expansion was not very large, stopping after only expanding twenty percent. His spirit sea was now nearly as large as it was before he had healed Gao Yue.

His spiritual awareness had increased again, but had stayed within the boundary of JieDan, reaching peak JieDan stage. If it increased any more than now, it would make its way into initial YuanYing stage.

Now that the third fire spirit power had completely transformed into Profound Wood Flame, it had also upgraded the third spirit power. Yang Chen again ate a Profound Yang Fruit to recover his spirit power and was pleasantly surprised to discover that his third fire spirit power had reached the fourth layer of foundation stage and entered mid foundation stage.

Opening his eyes, Yang Chen was slightly distracted to find Ho Lin staring intently at him. But seeing Ho Lin in protective mode made him extremely satisfied at her performance so far.

A soft query to Ho Lin, and he was aware that four months had passed. Yang Chen walked to Zhu Chentao's side and began to examine the refining situation.

Zhu Chentao didn't seem to pay any attention to Yang Chen and was wholeheartedly concentrated on the pill concocting furnace within his hand. Looking at his situation, it seemed that he had been persisting for these entire four months. Seeing this, Yang Chen couldn't help but admire him more and more, thinking that choosing Zhu Chentao for this pill concocting was correct.

There hadn't been the slightest bit of mistake in pill refining until now, if he continued at this rate, within only three more years, Zhu Chentao can successfully refine all the ingredients and deliver them to Yang Chen to work on.

There was still plenty of time left, so Yang Chen once again sat down cross-legged. After exhorting Ho Lin to be careful in tending to the two of them, he again took out the Profound Spirit Furnace. This time, Yang Chen had intended to absorb the Green Phosphorous Flame.

Green Phosphorous Flame was fourth fire attributed and was the same grade as Geocentric Flame. For Yang Chen, this also wasn't anything difficult and only required some patience and time.

Everything was going according to Yang Chen's plan, including the absorption of these flames. During this pill concocting period, Yang Chen was aiming to make people recognize that he only had a fire spirit root and was fire attributed cultivator, not a mix-up.

Absorbing and refining the Green Phosphorous Flame was not difficult, the only difficulty lay in fusing the Geocentric Flame and the Green Phosphorous Flame. However, Yang Chen's present goal was not fusion, but rather absorption. All the other things come after that.

After four months, Yang Chen had again completed the absorption and refining process. The fourth fire spirit power within his body had completely changed into two types. Among the spirit power flowing within one hundred and eight paths, half belonged to Geocentric Flame spirit power while another half belonged to Green Phosphorous Flame.

Absorbing the flame made Yang Chen's spirit power rise again as fourth fire spirit power directly broke through the third layer of foundation stage and entered fourth layer.

The largest transformation still happened within the spirit sea, the spirit sea had again expanded this time and had finally reached the size it had been before Yang Chen and Gao Yue's dual cultivation. A ball of flickering light appeared within the sky. It didn't resemble flame at all, but Yang Chen knew, this was Green Phosphorous Flame's truest and simplest form.

His spiritual awareness which had already reached the peak, finally broke through and entered initial YuanYing stage with seemingly unstoppable force. Only this time, his spiritual awareness was even more compact and seemed to be of higher quality.

At this moment, within Yang Chen's body, only third and fourth fire spirit power had reached fourth layer. Although the other spirit powers had broken through too, but they had stopped at the third layer's peak without upgrading any further.

After resting for a little bit and examining Zhu Chentao's situation again, Yang Chen sat down cross-legged and began to absorb Cold Ice Flame.

Under Ho Lin's gaze, with these eight short months of cultivation, Yang Chen's body began to emit a dense fire energy. If it is said that previously she couldn't sense any particular attribute strongly from Yang Chen, it was clear now that Yang Chen was a cultivator with a fire attributed spirit root.

The presence of fire was growing more and more vigorously, but the strange thing was that while emitting that sensation of flames raging vigorously, he was also simultaneously emitting the shady sensation of phosphorescence. It was extremely strange.

Ho Lin had recently reached foundation stage not too long ago and still hadn't accepted any master. At most, she was consolidating her realm under Yang Chen's guidance, so naturally she didn't realize what was happening. But very quickly, Ho Lin discovered after four months that Yang Chen's body had begun to radiate an ice cold sensation that felt like it could freeze bone to the marrow.

This sensation was extremely strange. It was clearly flame, but anyone who could sense it also felt an impression of deep cold. By this time, Ho Lin finally remembered that fire attributed cultivators can absorb some different flames, so in all likelihood, this was some kind of ice attributed flame.

Cold Ice Flame, Geocentric Flame and Green Phosphorous Flame were all of similar grade, but compared to Geocentric Flame and Green Phosphorous Flame, Cold Ice Flame was slightly more difficult to absorb. For better or worse, Geocentric Flame and the Green Phosphorous Flame both had high temperatures, but the Cold Ice Flame had a temperature below freezing.

Yang Chen had already prepared for this long ago. With three flames as a foundation, he began to steadily and surely absorb traces of Cold Ice Flame into his meridians. Soon enough, fourth fire spirit power's one hundred and eight paths were evenly divided, every thirty six spirit power threads, between the three flames.

Absorption of the Cold Ice Flame once again lead to upgrade of fourth fire spirit power. This time, the fourth fire spirit power broke through fourth layer and entered fifth layer.

In his past life, when Yang Chen reached foundation stage, it had taken him fifteen years to reach third layer. But in this life, over the course of a single year, his fourth fire spirit power had jumped two layers and his third fire spirit power by one. Overall, his fire attribute spirit power had entered mid foundation stage.

His spirit sea had expanded once again, reaching one hundred and fifteen mu. Around the roots of the PengLai Divine Wood and Blood Phantom Vine, many large ball shaped flames had appeared, extremely pure and transparent, like everything touched by it would freeze over.

Spiritual awareness had again upgraded, reaching the peak of initial YuanYing stage. With the slightest increase, it would be able to break through.

From the outside, at present, Yang Chen's body was radiating signs of the fire attribute, especially fourth fire spirit power which had the highest cultivation.

Zhu Chentao's refining had also proceeded without the slightest mishap. He was single mindedly concentrated on refining without slowing down even a little bit. Within the time of one year during which Yang Chen had absorbed three flames, relying on his astonishing willpower, Zhu Chentao had continued to persist with the refining.

Ho Lin also discharged her duties as helper earnestly, aptly bringing the ingredients Zhu Chentao needed, whether it was feeding him yang qi pills or yuan cultivation pills, allowing Zhu Chentao to maintain sufficient spirit power. Yang Chen didn't dare to give Profound Yang Fruits to Zhu Chentao> That kind of high grade supplement would have no greater benefit, only distracting him and making him feel regret at using such a high grade supplement.

At this rate, this refining would still require two more years. Only then Yang Chen would take the stage. Currently everything was moving according to the plan.

Keeping to his own schedule, Yang Chen once again sat down and began to fuse Green Phosphorous Flame and Cold Ice Flame within his body. For the time being, he wouldn't be fusing the Geocentric Flame, he still required it to raise the grade of refining.

The process of fusing flames was again a process which would again increase his spirit power, allow the fire attribute within his body to rise in quality and also imply that Yang Chen's fire attributed cultivation had become even more formidable.

Compared to refining, fusing the flames was even more difficult, but fortunately, the grade of flames was not very high, reducing the difficulty. Moreover for Yang Chen, it was only a matter of time and patience.

For the next two years, the fourth fire spirit power paths in Yang Chen's body where Green Phosphorous Flame and Cold Ice Flame were flowing, incessantly touched, fused and separated in a continuous cycle. But in the final two months, they began to genuinely fuse together without any distinction.

Ho Lin had already became accustomed to the unusual changes in Yang Chen's body. At the same time, she had also understood that his spirit power had increased greatly within a small period. Although, she didn't know how to react to this. In a short three years, Yang Chen's cultivation seemed to have increased by yet another layer, finally breaking through to fifth layer, at the point of entering late foundation stage.

This time's upgrade was naturally because of fusion of the flames. Fourth fire spirit power had again upgraded, and Yang Chen's body was clearly emitting the presence of fire attributed spirit power. But this time's spirit power upgrade didn't lead to increase in spirit sea's area nor spiritual awareness. The true form of those flames in the spirit sea hadn't fused and were still present.

The fire attributed spirit power seemed to be outstanding compared to other attributes' spirit power. Regardless of whether it was third fire or fourth fire, both had surpassed the other attributes, so the spirit power of other attributes wasn't that eye-catching.

At this stage, Yang Chen finally could confidently declare to anyone that he was a fire attributed cultivator with a fire spirit root. Moreover, the best way to increase one's fire attributed cultivation was to absorb and fuse all kind of flames.

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