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Chapter 182 - There Is No Method To Determine If It Is Genuine

22 Feb 2017

The Palace Master, Zhong Jiao, also heard this and when he heard this, his face showed a smile. Looking at those representatives, his heart was completely relaxed.

The group of people had come over wanting to use the argument that, what He LianYun said was reasonable, to make Yang Chen admit that he had the Heaven Seizing Pill’s recipe. However they hadn’t expected Yang Chen’s analysis would create such a complex problem between the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Phases Sect. This was simply reaping what they had sown, so how could the Palace Master watching from the sidelines not be happy about it?

“These kind of matters cannot be confused with each other.”

From the other side, a representative of the loose cultivators association immediately spoke up.

“That is correct.”

Yang Chen didn’t refute him and admitted with a smile:

“However, if you don’t wish to consider this matter, this junior has heard of another rumor which involves your precious alliance.”

Yang Chen raised another rumor about a magic weapon secretly manufactured by the elder of the loose cultivators alliance, which surprisingly resembled a powerful treasure of the Greatest Heaven Sect. There were a lot of similarities, everyone had heard this rumor many times. Yang Chen once again analysed and reached a very reasonable conclusion, that the alliance’s elder had stolen the secret method of refining from the Greatest Heaven Sect.

“Venomous slander!”

The elder of the alliance was enraged and slapped the table, starting to berate Yang Chen in a loud voice.

“Many thanks, senior for providing justice!”

Yang Chen replied with the same sentence:

“He LianYun is indeed a lowly person and has used venomous slander!”

Using the other person’s words to refute themselves, Yang Chen simply provided an explanation. After the two examples he gave, not only could the group of delegates not determine if he had the pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill, they actually became extremely careful of each other.

“Saying anything more is pointless. Just take out whatever pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill you have and it will be clear by testing it once!”

Finally the representative of the loose cultivators alliance, He LianYun’s support, no spoke diplomatically and bluntly expressed his greed.


But Yang Chen agreed, placing much emphasis on this, as if he had blurted it out accidently.

Once these words came out, the ones who were amazed and turned pale in fright were not only those delegates, even the Palace Master Zhong Jiao was affected. Just as he was about to warn Yang Chen, the representative started speaking:

“You are willing to take out the pill recipe?”

“I can take out the pill recipe.”

Yang Chen again expressed his intentions clearly:

“Only, senior, how do you intend to authenticate it? Do you even know the genuine recipe for the Heaven Seizing Pill?”

“Isn’t this simple?”

With Yang Chen willing to hand over the pill recipe and repeated provocation, the representative of the alliance was unable to think calmly, so without much thought, he immediately spoke:

“Wouldn’t refining it once in accordance with the pill recipe make it clear?”

“Senior is indeed an expert. You have this junior’s admiration!”

Yang Chen immediately showed his approval to that person and with a smile across his whole face he said:

“When junior had refined the simple foundation stage pill

, out of ten attempts five had failed. But senior surprisingly requires only one try to refine the Heaven Seizing Pill! Can senior be the number one pill concocting master in the world?”

The representative of the alliance had originally thought that as long as Yang Chen handed over the pill recipe, everything else would be easy to deal with, but he hadn’t anticipated that he would be put in such awkward position. When Elder Wu had refined the Heaven Seizing Pill, it could already be considered as extremely fortunate that he was successful in only one try. Elder Wu himself had thought that he had to have used up his entire luck in refining the Heaven Seizing Pill in this one try, but other people trying to refine it in one attempt was simply a dream.

For a Da Cheng stage expert, the Heaven Seizing Pill was the same as the yin and yang nature pill for a Foundation stage cultivator. Even if Deng Yi and Zhu Peng refined it again, their success rate wouldn’t be more than fifty percent. When they would refine the Heaven Seizing Pill again, even one percent success rate would be a great fortune for them.

“After refining many times, wouldn’t there be success at least once?”

The alliance representative’s complexion turned red and he hastily explained.

“Wow, the noble alliance is truly rich and imposing, this junior is in awe!”

Yang Chen again raised his thumbs towards him:

“It can even easily obtain high quality blue green zoysia! The Da Cheng stage demon beast’s constituent spirits are also easily available to you, is it possible for this lowly junior to get some benefits and buy one or two? Senior can rest assured, I will pay the market price!”

This time, the representative of the alliance didn’t know how to deal with this. His expression seemed to convey he was completely embarrassed, unable to even move his limbs. But the rage on his face flourished more and more.

“It is embarrassing, but this junior still has a few questions which this junior wants to ask the seniors.”

As if he hadn’t seen his expression, Yang Chen immediately turned to the representatives sitting in front of him and cupped his hands:

“If the refining fails, how can seniors determine if the success rate was low or the pill recipe was wrong?”

Nobody had a clear answer to this question. Originally the success rate of the pill was very low, so if the refining failed, nobody could clearly determine if it was because of the ingredients, the method or actually the pill recipe being wrong.

“Even if the refining is successful, do seniors intend to find a Da Cheng stage expert who is about to ascend to determine if the Heaven Seizing Pill is fake or genuine?”

Without caring for what these people were thinking, Yang Chen immediately threw out another question:

“If there is a Da Cheng stage senior who ate the pill but failed in his tribulation, would it be considered as a problem of the Heaven Seizing Pill or the Da Cheng stage expert?”

The Heaven Seizing Pill would only increase the chances for success of passing the tribulation, but it did not guarantee it. This was common knowledge which almost everyone knew. So if it couldn’t be distinguished properly, what proof could anyone have?

Leaving aside the fact that the success rate of refining a Heaven Seizing Pill was extremely low, where could so many Da Cheng stage experts, who were just about to ascend, be found to authenticate it even if the refining was successful?

Even if so many Da Cheng stage expert could be found, who would be willing to turn into a guinea pig? In case Yang Chen missed or added another ingredient, just as he himself had said before, the Heaven Seizing Pill would turn into a life seizing pill, so who would be willing to bet on Yang Chen’s character?

“I’m willing to help as long as seniors can answer this junior’s question.”

A gentle smile made its way onto Yang Chen’s face and he respectfully said:

“This junior will offer you the pill recipe which this junior knows!”

How could they reply? Among these people, the highest cultivator was at the peak YuanYing stage and the possibility of reaching Da Cheng stage was still uncertain for them, so how could they speak for a group of Da Cheng stage experts? Just as Yang Chen had said, even if he handed over the pill recipe, nobody would know if it was genuine or fake, so why go to other people to determine if their pill recipe was the pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill or not?

“In addition!”

As if he wanted to crush these people to death with his words, he continued to speak:

“If, after using the lives of tens of hundreds of Da Cheng stage experts, the pill recipe was found to be fake, this junior requests seniors to take his place and receive justice. He LianYun has slandered this junior and my Pure Yang Palace, so he can not be let off lightly!”

The faces of those more than ten representatives sitting in front of Yang Chen turned bright red. Initially they had thought that maybe this time they would be able to obtain the pill recipe for the Heaven Seizing Pill, but it turned out to be just a dream.

Elder Wu’s ascension had indeed provoked a group of people, everyone was thinking that the Heaven Seizing Pill was great. While, in reality, the Heaven Seizing Pill was still great, but people forget about the troubles it brought with it. If a Heaven Seizing Pill could just be obtained by getting the pill recipe, then it wouldn’t be called Heaven Seizing Pill.

A sect which had more than a hundred Da Cheng stage experts who could come and verify if the pill recipe was genuine or fake and moreover could also easily obtain blue green zoysia hundreds of times, as well as constituent spirits of Da Cheng stage demon beasts, regardless of which sect it would be, it would already be unrivalled in this entire world, why would it still need to use some crisis to gain something from Pure Yang Palace?

Leaving aside the fact that the Heaven Seizing Pill would increase the chances of success in ascension, for the people participating in this matter, it was something a long time in the future, so even if they could get the pill recipe, they may not find the ingredients and even if they could find the ingredients, they may not be able to refine it successfully, so if the word spread that they acted like this with a Foundation stage junior, they would certainly lose face.

Finally at this moment, the representatives who had come today were all extremely embarrassed. They couldn’t stand, they couldn’t sit, they couldn’t walk or leave, unable to even speak in their embarrassment. Each one of them was feeling extreme regret and boundless resentment at the same time.

Yang Chen’s final words just a moment ago targeted these people’s resentment at He LianYun. If it were not for that culprit inciting the quarrel, why would they have been embarrassed? At the same time, they didn’t have any favourable opinion of Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace, but at this moment they were sitting in the territory of the Pure Yang Palace, so regardless of their hatred, they could only endure it.

Yang Chen had already returned to Palace Master Zhong Jiao’s side and both of them were beaming with smiles, while appreciating the wonderful expressions on the faces of these representatives. After a good moment, the Palace Master coughed, attracting the attention of everyone.

“Fellow daoists, many thanks for your concern regarding my Pure Yang Palace’s reputation. This time the misunderstanding regarding my Pure Yang Palace has been completely cleared up, all thanks to the contributions of these fellow daoists!”

Palace Master’s words were quite sly. With the premise of clearing up a misunderstanding, he had regained his good name again. But whatever he said, these people couldn’t refute him. Since they were unable prove if it was a genuine pill recipe for the Heaven Seizing Pill or not, why should they become the vile characters here?

“It sure is a misunderstanding, I say! Pure Yang Palace has been famous for its righteousness and honesty, how could they steal the property of someone’s ancestor?”

Immediately, someone picked up Palace Master Zhong Jiao’s words to disentangle themselves.

After that there weren’t any problems for Yang Chen or the Palace Master. With the assistance of a group of elders, they arranged a great feast for the representatives of the big sects and the alliance for helping them in clearing up the misunderstanding. Afterwards the representatives jointly issued a high profile statement in which the matter of the pill recipe for the Heaven Seizing Pill was completely based on a misunderstanding. People were just spreading falsehoods and should not be trusted.

Afterwards the Palace Master, with assistance of the group of elders, ‘reluctantly’ sent the representatives off and followed them with his eyes until they disappeared, flying on their flying swords. The Palace Master Zhong Jiao could not help but feel relaxed in his heart and immediately burst out laughing when everything was over.

The group of elders didn’t know the details, but seeing the Palace Master laughing so heartily, they could not help themselves and started inquiring about it. The Palace Master would naturally not conceal such a joyous matter, it had to be shared with all of his fellow disciples.

When the Palace Master told them about the events from beginning to end, repeating Yang Chen’s words, including their expressions at the end, the other elders also could not help themselves and burst out laughing. This kind of satisfactory affair should be recorded in golden letters.

The matter of the Heaven Seizing Pill’s recipe had evaporated with the declaration of the big sects and the alliance. All rumors disappeared completely into thin air. Even if someone recalled it, it was only considered as a topic of idle chatter and not some great opportunity. As for the people involved, they had either turned into a joke or complete villains who had to be purged.

As for that clan, they hadn’t gained anything after making so much noise, other than the reputation of being hoodlums. As for He LianYun, he was called from the alliance from whom he had asked for help and was humiliated greatly by an elder who had great authority. Not killing him was already lenient.

Battered and exhausted, He LianYun had turned into a target of scorn and had no choice other than colluding with the people of that family. Although that clan had been turned into a joke, they still had a lot of manpower which could be used. Also, even if He LianYun was of no use, he was still a successful pill concocting master. Both sides once again started to collude for their nefarious aims.

Their common enemy was Yang Chen, this was the understanding between them. Nobody remembered that it was not Yang Chen who went after them and turned them into enemies, apparently they had mutually decided to forget this point selectively. But one thing that they did not forget was that the humiliation had to be paid back.

He LianYun had already thought about this deeply. Even when Yang Chen was at the Foundation stage, he had such great knowledge and experience, moreover he was also capable of refining an elixir to restore the pill spirit. Even if he didn’t have the pill recipe for the Heaven Seizing Pill, there was still another thing: Pure Yang Palace also didn’t have any great or famous pill concocting master, then the only explanation was that Yang Chen had at least some kind of rare record of pill concocting.

He had to get hold of this rare record, whatever means he had to use. Moreover, Yang Chen had to die, but before he would die, He LianYun still wanted to snatch the Real Sun Fire back from Yang Chen to wipe away his previous shame. As long as he could get his hands on the flame and the rare record, He LianYun was convinced that he would surpass Deng Yi and Zhu Peng, becoming the number one pill concocting expert in this world. Only at that time, when everything would go his way could he be proud of himself.

But this was all possible only if Yang Chen had not absorbed the Real Sun Fire. He LianYun didn’t think he could, but after seeing Yang Chen’s cultivation and his control of fire, he wasn’t sure. If he had absorbed it, then He LianYun had only one option: he could only ask Yang Chen to willingly hand over the flame.

This was a great inconvenience because, knowing Yang Chen’s craftiness, he knew there wouldn’t be any opportunities. Moreover, it was said that Yang Chen had two YuanYing experts following him, so attacking him also wouldn’t be easy. He had to find some other method to do it.

That clan still firmly believed that Yang Chen had forcefully stolen their ancestor’s pill recipe and viewed Yang Chen as a thorn in their side, their mortal enemy. The group of people immersed themselves in bitter cultivation and began to wait for the day when they could take their revenge.

After suffering in humiliation for many days, He LianYun’s disciple obtained an important piece of information from some mysterious person and hastily reported back to He LianYun.

Yang Chen completely obeyed his master Gao Yue, moreover, he also greatly cared about her. As long as Gao Yue said anything, Yang Chen would absolutely not disobey. Although dealing with Yang Chen was not easy, his master had recently sealed her own cultivation for some mysterious reason, which nobody knew and had begun to cultivate a water attributed cultivation method from the qi layer, thus becoming extremely weak.

Hearing this, He LianYun’s eyes immediately shone. An opportunity had come!

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