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Chapter 181 - What Seems Reasonable Doesn't Have To Be True


Once Yang Chen’s words were heard, it immediately shook the minds of the elders, first and foremost Wang Yong. Yang Chen’s words were right. Was Pure Yang Palace’s reputation lower than that of a few hoodlums?

Not only the people who supported Yang Chen, but even all of the other hall masters showed a smile. Indeed, Pure Yang Palace’s method of handling these people was quite mild. Noblemen deceived by the pretense of reason would cause other people to take advantage of them.

The few elders looked at each other and the Palace Master was looking at them. When everyone’s gazes met, all of them could see the approval in the eyes of each other.

“Good, we will handle them as Yang Chen has proposed.”

The Palace Master immediately made his decision:

“Hall Master Xu, tomorrow morning you must warn the people of that clan that, if they dare to babble nonsense and slander my Pure Yang Palace’s reputation again, they must not blame Pure Yang Palace for being merciless. Also, give a prior notice to the people of the other sects that the reputation of my Pure Yang Palace cannot be tarnished by such people.”

No one opposed this decision, not even Liang Shao Ming said anything. Yang Chen’s words were quite rational. Was the reputation of Pure Yang Palace even lower than that of some hoodlums? Would fighting against them prove this?

Xu Chengxin was delighted. He could just barely deal with those people every day. Although he was not happy within his heart, he also could not use malicious words while talking face to face. After today, he could finally blow off his steam. The gloominess which had accumulated in the past few days had also been completely dispersed. If that clan still dared to babble nonsense, Xu Chengxin could greatly embarrass them.

“However, there is still He LianYun. He won’t be as easy to handled as that clan!”

Liang Shao Ming turned the subject towards He LianYun:

“He himself is a famous pill concocting master. Moreover, he also participated in the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill. Many people trust his words.”

“Forgive this disciple for being impudent.”

Before anyone could say anything, Yang Chen rushed to open his mouth and replied to Liang Shao Ming:

“Right now, disciple is also a famous and reputed pill master and has also participated in the refining of the Heaven Seizing PIll.”

The meaning of these words was clear: there was no need to attach any importance to He LianYun.

Without hesitation, Liang Shao Ming immediately wanted to berate Yang Chen :

“You are just a trifling Foundation stage youngster, even if you can concoct pills, you have just started doing so. How dare you compare yourself with a YuanYing stage pill concocting master?”

But he wasn’t able to say anything. Not to mention that He LianYun was no longer at the YuanYing stage, just talking of the Heaven Seizing Pill, Yang Chen was considered far more important than him. Moreover, in front of so many elders, how could he dare to speak about another person’s ambition and ruin his own reputation?

“If his words are reasonable, other people will definitely believe him.”

Although he was extremely furious in his heart, Liang Shao Ming replied very gently:

“Other people wanted to speak with you and we cannot always be barbarous and unreasonable?”

While Yang Chen and Liang Shao Ming were wrangling, the other people present did not interrupt in the slightest. Everyone was simply listening and looking at the show presented by Yang Chen and Liang Shao Ming.

“What reason?

Yang Chen retorted with a smile:

“That the pill which I refined for restoring the pill spirit coincidently worked on a failed Heaven Seizing Pill and that that’s how I got the pill recipe for the Heaven Seizing Pill?”

“Since so many people are also speaking against it.”

Liang Shao Ming conceded:

“We have no choice but to deal with it.”

“Which other people?”

Yang Chen suddenly asked with a smile:

“Have there been people from the Greatest Heaven Sect, whom you wanted to give the responsibility of presiding over justice? The Clear Sky Sect, Five Phases Sect, the Green Jade Immortal Islands or some other big dao sect? Which of these have spoken?”


Liang Shao Ming was unable to speak, so he could only admit:

“No, they haven’t said anything.”

But he immediately thought of something:

“They are all famous and prestigious sects. When they open their mouth, it will determine the outcome. Since they didn’t understand it clearly before, making a judgement would be inconvenient.”

“Then according to the words of hall master Liang, they haven’t reached any conclusion, right?”

Yang Chen keenly took hold of the idea within Laing Shao Ming’s words and immediately asked back:

“Since they don’t have any problems, why are we still worried about anything?”

“Then unanimously we also don’t have to mind it!”

Liang Shao Ming seemed to not reason against Yang Chen’s argument and could only take the stance of someone thinking about his sect while wrinkling his brows.

“When has my Pure Yang Palace’s conduct become so servile that we have to care about what people are thinking of us?”

Yang Chen strangely asked:

“What’s honest is honest and what’s muddy is muddy. A few insignificant people only had to spout some nonsense and we immediately started caring about how they think of us.”

After all was said and done, the Pure Yang Palace was still a second rate sect. From elders to disciples, nobody had developed the confidence like the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect or the Five Phases Sect or any such big sect. Even if there had already been a great amount of change, gaining a Da Cheng stage expert and also possessing many YuanYing stage experts, it still had a weak background.

Would these trifling people have dared to talk about the Greatest Heaven Sect like this? Even after the incident at the Desolate Valley, apart from talking in private, how many people would have dared to criticize it in public? Also, wasn’t it only a few of the big sects that had such confidence?

What Yang Chen wanted to do was to slowly uplift the Pure Yang Palace to gain that kind of confidence. Even he himself was not sure what he had to say to make those people shut up.

“If we handle it like this, wouldn’t people say that our sect has started to behave tyrannically?”

Liang Shao Ming naturally didn’t agree with Yang Chen and asked a rhetorical question.

“Will those criticising people have any proof?”

Yang Chen directly looked in the eyes of Liang Shao Ming and raised his voice a little, but continued for everyone to hear:

“Like the Greatest Heaven Sect has arranged a spell formation at the Desolate Valley to collect the fifth earth true qi, will they have such conclusive proof?”

“No they won’t!”

Liang Shao Ming suddenly discovered that he himself surprisingly didn’t have confidence equal to this youngster, Yang Chen. With an empty voice he said:

“Only that He LianYun’s words are irrefutable. Moreover, his analysis is also quite reasonable, that would be difficult to deal with.”

After all was said and done, he just used He LianYun’ opinion.

“Then the Pure Yang Palace should forcefully request people from the big sects and ask for He LianYun to agree to a confrontation with this disciple in their presence and demand that he produce irrefutable proof. I wonder if senior He LianYun will dare or not?”

Yang Chen was completely aware of He LianYun’s cowardice. He had no problem with He LianYun saying anything, but he wanted him to agree to a confrontation in the presence of people and give irrefutable evidence, or he would be offending the entire Pure Yang Palace. But how would he dare? Otherwise, at that time, he wouldn’t have obediently handed over the Real Sun Fire under Elder Wu’s threat.

“This is a good option!”

Before Liang Shao Ming could open his mouth, the Palace Master interrupted and turned to Xu Chengxin:

“Hall Master Xu, after warning those people tomorrow, inform them that, if they are not convinced, then they can find their only witness He LianYun, and in the presence of the experts from these sects he can provide conclusive proof, which will confirm the truth! My Pure Yang Palace cannot bear the endless slandering of the sect’s reputation.

The Palace Master who had been in a good mood all along revealed a trace of killing intent while saying this. Everyone immediately realized that, if he wasn’t able to provide conclusive proof, he better imagine the consequences of slandering the Pure Yang Palace.

Although Pure Yang Palace was a second rate sect, it had already gained a Da Cheng stage expert and its strength had increased greatly and it had started walking on the path of a first rate sect. Even if it was a second rate sect, it could still not be slandered by any random person.

When Pure Yang Palace made the threat on the next day, those people who had originally been quite threatening immediately began to give in. The people of that clan, how could they still dare to say anything? They obediently retreated, thinking about how to handle this matter, or better yet, find He LianYun.

He LianYun was a loose cultivator. Although his school had some disciples, it didn’t have any great strength. If he was still at the YuanYing stage, then perhaps some people would have tried to help him, currying favor with a YuanYing stage pill concocting master, but at the moment he didn’t have many people who looked favorably on him.

And those numerous cultivators who were adding fuel to the fire to increase the pressure on Pure Yang Palace were hoping that it would give in, allowing everyone to get some benefits. But when the Pure Yang Palace took a tough stance, asking for He LianYun to produce evidence in front of everyone, who would still dare to take the side of He LianYun?

If they had any such proof, why would they act like rascals? They would have directly gone to a big sect and asked for them to speak justice. Using such underhanded methods clearly showed that they didn’t have any certainty and only wanted to take advantage of the crisis.

As for the confrontation, that was even more impossible. How could He LianYun possibly have the guts to do it? Precisely, right now, he also had to think about settling the rage of Pure Yang Palace. He had to find a sufficiently strong supporter to lean on. To stick in support in that clan’s fate, he would certainly not want calamity to befall him.

Among the sects, apart from mortal enemies, who would incur the hatred of a sect over an imaginary rumor? Even in his previous life, when the Greatest Heaven Sect was dealing with Pure Yang Palace, they knew that they had to eliminate the Pure Yang Palace completely, that’s why they took to such reckless behaviour. Without such determination, who would stick out their neck for few hoodlums?

Pure Yang Palace’s tough stance made both He LianYun and that clan’s people turn into ostriches. However, after two months, Pure Yang Palace went ahead to welcome more than ten special guests.

These guests included people of a few big sects, headed by the Greatest Heaven Sect and people from an alliance of loose cultivators coming together. The Clear Sky Sect, the Five Phases sect, the Green Jade Immortals Island, all of them had a share. When they arrived at Pure Yang Palace, they were quite polite towards Pure Yang Palace, saying that they wanted to help save their reputation, but they still required to talk to Yang Chen properly to get to the bottom of the matter.

These delegates had taken the stance of being helpful to Pure Yang Palace, making Pure Yang Palace unable to refuse. However, among them, the people from the alliance of loose cultivators seemed to be quite aggressive, which made Palace Master Zhong Jiao unhappy. The outcome became clear very quickly.

Seeing that the events were far from encouraging, He LianYun had turned to the loose cultivators alliance. The loose cultivators alliance also had a Da Cheng stage expert. Combined with the other experts of the loose cultivators alliance, they had to investigate the matter clearly. However, speaking frankly, all of these people just wanted to use this for their gain.

Yang Chen was led to the these people by the Palace Master. After making his greetings, he sat down in front of them, waiting for their questions.

“Yang Chen, we all have good intentions.”

The representative from the Greatest Heaven Sect opened his mouth:

“He LianYun participated with you in the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill. It seems as if some misunderstanding was created at that time and we will try to clarify it, so as to avoid hurting your and Pure Yang Palace’s reputation. So if we offend you, we ask you to bear with it!”

Seeing the other party, a YuanYing stage expert talk so amiably, Yang Chen also couldn’t deny them and could only respond with:

“You flatter me senior, whatever doubts you have, just ask.”

“This time, what do you think about what He LianYun said? Although it is just his analysis, there is some reason in it.”

Greatest Heaven Sect’s expert was still as polite as before and asked with a smile:

“Do you agree?”

Apparently they had already reached an agreement, only this expert from the Greatest Heaven Sect would speak and the other people would not open their mouths and just listen quietly.

“Yes, it is somewhat reasonable.”

Yang Chen nodded his head, but also didn’t deny it.

“Somewhat reasonable is good, haha!”

The smile of the face of the representative asking questions widened even more:

“He LianYun doesn’t hold any conclusive proof, after all, who knows if you have the pill recipe or not. This is not good, but it is also not good to denounce someone, we all were thinking of hearing your explanation on this.”

“Many more matters also seem reasonable.”

Yang Chen didn’t seem to nervous and replied with a smile:

“Senior, but an argument having reason doesn’t mean that the matter is true.”

“What does that mean?”

The smile of the other person didn’t lessen and his voice was also free of tension:

“Things that seem reasonable, why aren’t they true?”

“I will ask seniors to forgive this junior for being impudent!”

Yang Chen smiled at the Palace Master sitting on one side and then calmly said:

“The Greatest Heaven Sect has a ying transformation pill, the Five Phases Sect also has a nirvana pill. These two types of elixirs have nearly the same use, both are used by peak JieDan experts after ying transformation.”

This was something known to nearly everyone, so nobody had any problem. Yang Chen also didn’t speak nonsense and picked at the theory behind these two pills, their refining method, the ingredients used and so on, and analyzed it once. Naturally, it was just a shallow analysis, after all he didn’t have the perfect pill recipe, but the analysis was not far from the truth.

“These two elixirs are quite similar, even ninety percent of their ingredients are the same, but the nirvana pill came out first and the ying transformation pill appeared some time after it, such a coincidence.”

Yang Chen concluded beaming with smiles:

“Seniors, do you believe that the ying transformation pill recipe is a copy of the nirvana pill’s recipe? Seniors, do you think that this junior’s analysis is quite reasonable?”


The complexion of the representative of the Greatest Heaven Sect changed. He was not smiling anymore. Moreover, the complexion of the representative of the Five Phases Sect also changed. When he looked at the Greatest Heaven Sect’s representative, there seemed some other motive. All of the representatives started looking at each other in dismay.

“Complete nonsense!”

The representative of the Clear Sky Sect clapped his hand and berated Yang Chen:

“These are all rumors, you don’t even have the pill recipe, how can you dare to spread such a misconception?”

“Many thanks, senior for providing justice!”

Yang Chen immediately stood up and cupped his hand towards the representative:

“Finally this junior has been proven innocent! He LianYun also hasn’t seen the pill recipe, how can he dare to spread such a misconception?”

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