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Chapter 180 - Even Hoodlums Dare Try Taking Advantage

When people were just sitting at home, matters were sent from heaven. This sentence certainly justified Yang Chen’s current condition. He was simply performing the duties of the Merit Transferring Disciple at the Nine Earth Manor, but there was always something weighing on his mind.

If it was just a matter of simple pill refining, Yang Chen wouldn’t care much about it. In fact, Shangguan Feng was currently substituting for Yang Chen to accept such requests, so naturally, for the time being, if disciples within the sect required some pills, they just had to follow the older rules and provide for their own materials and the price they had to pay was still just eighty percent of market rate.

However, when refining JieDan stage or higher level pills, Yang Chen had almost a hundred percent success rate. Only if someone asked for a second grade or a third grade pill, could there be some wear and tear. Many sect disciple were happy to gain Yang Chen’s help and, apart from receiving benefits, Yang Chen was also happy to let his Profound Spirit Furnace gain medicinal power.

Giving directions to a disciple regarding concocting pill recipes could not be considered as anything, but what amazed Yang Chen was the lowly person who was sitting in front of him. What kind of spell had been cast on him? He was surprisingly boasting that he was ashamed to look for the Pure Yang Palace and wanted Yang Chen to directly hand over the complete pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill to him.

This kind of nonsensical matter was just ridiculous. It didn’t even require Yang Chen to appear personally, the hall master of Foreign Affair Hall Xi Cheng Xin himself had driven him out.

From the beginning he started with a joke, who had said that Yang Chen had understood the complete pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill and even if he had understood it, why should he hand it over to him? In the cultivation world, the law of karma was considered the highest. Since Yang Chen had found something, it belonged to him, why would he hand it over?

The other person was directly driven out by Xu Chengxin. This was completely normal. Even the other sects would deal with it in the same way. If he had gone to the gate of the Greatest Heaven Sect to demand their secret recipes, it would be a miracle if they didn’t beat him. He would be very fortunate if they just politely turned him away.

In the beginning, Yang Chen hadn’t even heard about the matter. Hall master Xu Chengxin didn’t think it was necessary to make Yang Chen worry. The job of the Foreign Affairs Hall was precisely to settle troublesome matters of the sect and its disciples.

But this person didn’t go away and began to assertively claim that Yang Chen had stolen the recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill from his ancestors and that’s why he knew the method to restore the pill spirit at the most crucial time and refine the Heaven Seizing Pill.

The Heaven Seizing Pill’s recipe was first created by the ancestor of that family, nobody denied this fact. But everyone knew that the pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill wasn’t complete, and even the clan of that ancestor itself didn’t have the complete pill recipe not to mention other people.

The part of the Heaven Seizing Pill which Elder Wu had was probably obtained from someone belonging to the same clan as this person. At that time, he just had the intention to try and moreover at the beginning, Elder Wu had only thought about obtaining a piece of the blue green zoysia and only then think about refining the Heaven Seizing Pill.

That person kept insisting that Yang Chen had the complete recipe. This was simply absurd. Moreover, after the information spread, everyone wondere

d why this person didn’t appear before Elder Wu had ascended and asked him for the recipe. He just wanted to look for a youngster like Yang Chen.

Since he wanted the recipe so much, then why didn’t he go to the YuanYing stage experts Deng Yi, Zhu Peng or He LianYun, who had participated in the refining? Frankly speaking, it was clear that he just wanted to take advantage of Yang Chen, seeing that his cultivation and seniority was lower, so the sect might not attach much importance to him.

Although everyone understood this matter completely, nobody opened their mouths. Apparently everyone wanted to see if, since this person was making so much noise, things would take a turn for the better. If Yang Chen was not careful and broke under the pressure and revealed the secret recipe, wouldn’t everyone profit from it?

Although everyone had refused to comment on this pointless matter, they also didn’t say anything about Pure Yang Palace driving this person out. Nobody wanted to open their mouths casually for the fear of offending the Pure Yang Palace.

However, that person understood this situation quite differently. The Pure Yang Palace handling this matter like this was clearly bullying other people using force. But such a tyrannical style of handling made others not dare to say anything, so clearly this matter had some more problems.

Immediately after that, this person began to spread the so called proof among the cultivators, meaning the proof of Yang Chen possessing the complete recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill. The proof was precisely what He Lianyun had thought: including that Yang Chen was just a youngster, so it was impossible for him to have so much knowledge, so he certainly had to have used some kind of secret record or something like that. Moreover, this secret record was precisely the one which his ancestor had written, but hadn’t been able to pass down to the family.

This was still not enough. To increase the persuasiveness, that person also brought forward a witness: a YuanYing stage expert who had already participated in the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill once: He LianYun.

The time it took from the news to get out to the introduction of He LianYun was quite brief, only one month. When he heard this news, He LianYun immediately spat a mouthful of blood.

He LianYun had only looked for that person because he thought that he could use the ancestor of that person to borrow his identity to verify that Yang Chen had the Heaven Seizing Pill recipe, but he had never intended to publicly reveal himself.

Frankly, even He LianYun hadn’t genuinely thought this through. He just wanted to get the recipe from Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen. If he had reacted after the event, it would become apparent that he held an entrenched hatred towards Yang Chen and was also responsible for this matter. He hadn’t planned anything else for Yang Chen. He just wanted to humiliate him once and after this fact came out, it would certainly create some invisible enemies for Yang Chen.

He had just wanted to exploit that person, but that person was also not foolish. After realizing that even spreading the proof wasn’t sufficient, he knew that he couldn’t do anything more and immediately raised He LianYun’s name.

It had to be known that He LianYun’s name was currently much more useful than that person who had never been famous, even though he had fallen to the JieDan stage from the YuanYing stage. But everyone knew that Elder Wu had found the Real Moon Fire, which was on the same grade as the Real Sun Fire, for He LianYun. As long as he would absorb it, restoring his cultivation to previous level wasn’t impossible.

It had to be said that He LianYun’s analysis also had some merit. At least it could be presented in front of everyone without him embarrassing himself. If he hadn’t understood the Heaven Seizing Pill deeply, how was it possible for him to get the ingredients for restoring the pill spirit so casually? If thought of this way, then there was certainly a possibility that Yang Chen had the complete recipe for the Heaven Seizing Pill on him, and that possibility was moreover not small.

This was simply a huge discovery. Everyone’s attention was immediately concentrated on Yang Chen once again, after the ascension of Elder Wu and the hurricane produced by Heaven Seizing Pill.

“Even if they look for a hundred more excuses, it will still be useless.”

Yang Chen replied to Xu Chengxin. The person from that family just believed this point firmly and directly came to the sect. He didn’t even use any familial piety or family relations to request it, he just demanded that the Pure Yang Palace hand over the pill recipe so that they could use it.

The stance taken by them was certainly very low, since Yang Chen had refined the Heaven Seizing Pill, then even his sect, the Pure Yang Palace could be in the possession of the pill recipe, so they were even willing to let Yang Chen take the place of being the successor disciple of that ancestor, so that he didn’t need to betray the Pure Yang Palace. Yang Chen could even use the natural resources of that ancestor like he wanted, as long as he was willing to hand over the pill recipe.

“From the start, I didn’t have any kind of pill recipe for the Heaven Seizing Pill with me, so looking for it is useless.”

Naturally Yang Chen denied it flatly. He wasn’t lying, he really didn’t have it.

In Yang Chen’s memories of his previous life, even the the creator of the Heaven Seizing Pill didn’t have the have all ingredients for the pill recipe, so it was unworthy for Yang Chen to remember it. The reason why he was successful was because he had had a thorough understanding of the medicinal nature of all kinds of medicines. It basically didn’t have any relation with the pill recipe.

“This is only a crafty plot of He LianYun.”

After He LianYun’s name was raised, Yang Chen immediately understood what was going on. That nasty person had surprisingly used such a despicable method.

The people from that family were currently hanging around outside of the Pure Yang Palace, like a pain in the neck, shamelessly insisting on the pill recipe. Although the Pure Yang Palace could eliminate such lowly characters, they had a reputation as an honest and upright sect, which stopped them from doing anything. They could only endure the disturbance created by these people while feeling vexed.

“This matter has to be resolved!”

The Hall Master of the Foreign Affair Hall was distressed and even the Palace Master Zhong Jiao had begun to worry.

These minor characters were certainly not the cause of his worry, but now some sects had also begun to push the wave and add billows, wanting the Pure Yang Palace to negotiate with them and hand over the things of their ancestor to them for the sake of their face.

The people of that family also weren’t stupid. In order to gain support of as many people as they could get, they had even put out words that, when they obtained the pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill, they would certainly not keep it to themselves and would immediately make it public to these cultivators, to fulfill the dream of their ancestor to help everybody.

Once these words came out, many sects immediately offered their support to them. Earlier, regardless of whether Yang Chen had seized the Heaven Seizing Pill’s recipe or not, at least he had made it public that the recipe for the pill to restore the pill spirit was not up for discussion. Most people knew just one point, that if Yang Chen still thought he could get a seventh grade flame in exchange for it, he could dream on!

The other party had used such a despicable plan, staining his reputation, yet he could only use his sect’s status as an upright sect and he didn’t dare to move against them. Perhaps, finally feeling vexed, he would do something that would benefit these shameless people which would just increase his worries.

It had to be said that He LianYun’s plan of provoking these people was pretty good. Although they had also implicated his name by putting it forward, since he had been involved in the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill, other people also wanted his help to think over it. Looking at Yang Chen and Pure Yang Palace’s faces covered in mud, He LianYun was extremely happy in his heart.

Although the big sects hadn’t issued any statement about it, some smaller sects had begun to offer their support to that family. In the beginning, the Pure Yang Palace didn’t pay any attention to it, but when more and more people began to talk about it, they had to acknowledge it.

The Palace Master and a few elders had already gathered with the Hall Master of each hall to discuss about it, since Yang Chen was involved.

“The people of that family are extremely noisy and disturbing, which is very unpleasant!”

Xu Chengxin was the most distressed and the first one to complain about it:

“We must find a way to shut them up!”

“Have you thought of any method?’

Wang Yong’s gaze immediately fell on him:

“Hand over the pill recipe which my grand disciple created? Pah!”

“Uncle Master, I don’t have any such opinion!”

How could Xu Chenxin dare to create a misunderstanding with Wang Yong? He hastily said:

“But the disturbance they are creating is very bad for the sect’s reputation. The number of new disciples entering the sect has reduced by a lot this year.”

“Let the clowns jump. It’s not worth your attention!”

An elder on good terms with Wang Yong snorted:

“I figure they just care about ruining our reputation. Such minor family, they can be handled in just one night, why worry so much about it? We are cultivators, we only seek a clear conscience, so let the others shout as much as they want.”

Once hearing these words, the Palace Master forced a bitter laugh. If they wanted to kill them, why not do it earlier. Though he had said one thing right: they just wanted to ruin the reputation of the Pure Yang Palace.

“Perhaps we can ask Yang Chen to hand over the pill recipe to a fair and just sect to judge it, then we will know if it is the pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill or not.”

On the other side, Luminous Moon Hall’s master Liang Shao Meng wrinkled his brows:

“As long as we can remove this misunderstanding, we won’t have to worry about that family.”

“Giving them the pill recipe, how would the just big sect know if it is the correct one?”

Xu Chengxin shook his head:

“It is not appropriate. The pill recipe which has been created by the disciple of our Pure Yang Palace, why must we give it to another sect to judge? Moreover, which big sect could undertake the heavy responsibility of judging?”

“The Greatest Heaven Sect is already considered as the top sect unofficially, moreover, since we are asking them to judge, why not ask a few elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect to come over.”

Lian Shao Meng who had already wanted to merge the Pure Yang Palace with the Greatest Heaven Sect according to Yang Chen’s memories in his past life, so him saying this was nothing unusual.

“Fair handling? Not necessary?”

Wang Yong wrinkled his brows. Just as he was about to refute, the Law Enforcement Hall’s master interrupted:

“Shielding our sect traitor disciple, in addition to their behaviour at the Desolate Valley, how justly do you think can they handle their affairs? Hall Master Liang, do you think my Pure Yang Palace is just for the benefit of outsiders?”

“You! Humph, this is not a matter that I created, whoever created the misunderstanding should go to settle it!”

Liang Shao Meng anxiously replied, but then he was unable to say anything more. He snorted and after saying the last sentence, he did not open his mouth again. But the meaning of his words was clear: Yang Chen had created the misunderstanding.

Wang Yong was extremely angry. A lowly hall master had dared to focus on his grand disciple publicly! He was just about to speak up, when Palace Master Zhong Jiao coughed lightly and calmly said:

“This matter is related to you, Yang Chen, what do you think?”

Once the Palace Master opened his mouth, all eyes turned to Yang Chen, the person with the lowest cultivation in the room, sitting in the back, waiting to hear if he had any method.

“Even hoodlums dare to shout in front of an immortal sect’s gate, yet we can’t deal with them?”

Yang Chen smiled, without showing any nervousness in front of the sect elders:

“Tell them to shut up immediately. If they dare to speak again, we will behead them! Don’t tell me the prestige of our Pure Yang Palace could be ruined by a few hoodlums?”

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