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Chapter 179 - Justifiable Reason


No one knew how regretful Guang Zhu was at the time of his death. If he had just known earlier that Yang Chen was gifting him an even higher grade flying sword, why would he bet his life to insist on the Bright Ray Sword?

Yang Chen’s mood worsened even more. His good mood was completely destroyed and he still had to deal with a series of matters, feeling extremely vexed.

Within the sect rules of the Pure Yang Palace, there was a rule that disciples of the same sect should not injure or kill each other, but there wasn’t anything written about self defense. Since Guang Zhu had come with seven people to take Yang Chen’s life, Yang Chen would certainly not let them remain alive.

Moreover with Yang Chen’s worth in the eyes of the Palace Master, if he said that Guang Zhu had conspired to murder him, the Palace Master would certainly believe him.

Very soon, the Palace Master and the Law Enforcement Hall’s Master led people to the site. They had rushed over there after receiving Yang Chen’s notification.

After the matter had happened, Yang Chen quickly informed the higher ups and the identities of those masked men was confirmed. They were some loose cultivators who moved into the range of the MeiQing Mountain and had a good relation with Guang Zhu.

Not to mention that this matter had happened on the way between the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard and the Nine Earth Manor, which was considered as the inner territory of the Pure Yang Palace. Under ordinary circumstances, those loose cultivators didn’t dare to come here casually, but since they had appeared there, this in itself was quite suspicious.

The people of the Law Enforcement Hall immediately set out and quickly obtained the purpose of these seven people from other loose cultivators in the MeiQing mountain. These seven people were not everyone. There were other cultivators who hadn’t come, as they had too low a cultivation and thus didn’t want to become a hindrance.

The hall master of the Law Enforcement Hall had personally come out this time and the pressure of a YuanYing stage expert made all of them forget any ideas they were having and made them obediently say everything they knew about the matter.

According to what they had said, Guang Zhu had asked these people to help in forcefully robbing a newly refined flying sword. The sword was supposed to be extremely high grade, but its master was only at the initial Foundation stage and thus very easy to deal with. Moreover, that person didn’t get along with Guang Zhu, so he wanted to seize this opportunity to teach him a lesson so that he didn’t raise his head again within the sect.

Hall Master Meng Xian understood everything and then informed the palace master about this matter. Apparently Yang Chen was completely innocent in this matter. But when had he done anything to this Guang Zhu? Neither in this life nor in his past life… When did he have any contact with Guang Zhu?

“Guang Zhu was Song Hang’s disciple!”

Seeing that Yang Chen still hadn’t realized it, Meng Xian informed him about Guang Zhu’s identity.

Hearing that he was Song Hang’s disciple, Yang Chen immediately understood everything. While Liang Shao Meng was sent to think over his mistakes to improve his temperament, Song Hang was made the substitute hall master of the Luminous Moon Hall and he had already tried once to level the accusation of absconding from his duties against Yang Chen and had failed to get any punishment for him. Moreover, he had also become a joke among the other hall masters. The hatred was sown among them at that time.

“To get revenge for his master? Or to get a good flying sword for himself?”

>Yang Chen had always held such people in contempt, but in any case, he had just intended to suppress his opponents without the slightest regard for the general situation or the status of these people in the sect.

“Regardless of the motive he had, he was just a big idiot.”

Meng Xian waved his big hand and the the matter had already been settled and the conclusion determined.

Luminous Moon Hall’s disciple Guang Zhu had colluded with outsiders to scheme against a disciple of the sect. Colluding with outsiders and attacking a disciple of the sect… Even if Yang Chen hadn’t killed him, he would still be killed because of the sect rules.

Although Guang Zhu had been killed by Yang Chen, his master Song Hang didn’t have any means to escape and the accusation of not keeping his disciple properly was levied against him and he was also given the punishment to think about his mistakes for ten years.

Fortunately, by this time, Liang Shao Meng’s punishment was over, otherwise, it would have been a great loss of face for the Luminous Moon Hall, if both the hall master and the substitute hall master were in punishment.

“Liang Shao Meng, if you don’t have any way to control the disciples of your hall, you should allow someone else to become the hall master!”

After several incidents focusing on Yang Chen with the culprits being from the Luminous Moon Hall, the Palace Master Zhong Jiao had become very angry and the target of his rage became Liang Shao Meng.

“In addition, it also seems that the disciples of your Luminous Moon Hall don’t have any self knowledge and you as a hall master are quite incompetent!”

Yang Chen had killed Li Qingchen, who was at the peak Foundation stage in a life and death duel. This would have already made the situation clear, so how could Guang Zhu pit himself against him like a fool? Did he think that adding a few people would mean that he would win?

Not only was what he did wrong, but even his strength was insufficient. He didn’t even know what he was capable of. How could the Palace Master miss this? So naturally, he had to take his anger out on Liang Shao Meng.

The matter of the ambush on the way was quickly resolved. Although it was quite a scandal and the Palace Master was quite angry, he didn’t spread this matter outside.

Yang Chen also finally returned to the Nine Earth Manor and carefully inspected the flying sword which had taken her master and great master so many years to complete.

Gao Yue had indeed given much thought to the Bright Ray Sword. From the beginning she had wanted to refine it so that it could be used as a destined flying sword. But this was still a sword embryo, like the Blood Phantom Vine flying sword, it still required for Yang Chen to complete the final step of the refining.

After all, even though Gao Yue and Wang Yong had refined it, the real master was still Yang Chen, so if he really wanted to use it as his own flying sword, he had to refine it properly, so that it could be properly controlled.

But they were indeed worthy of being called great tool refining masters, the Bright Ray Sword was of third the fire attribute, therefore all of the materials used were also of the third fire attribute, without even a speck of any other attribute material. The refining technique was also extremely efficient. Apart from the materials being of slight lower quality, there were very few defects. Just after few simple refinings, Yang Chen could thoroughly turn this Bright Ray Sword into his own flying sword.

At the beginning of refining, Gao Yue had thought properly about the future upgrades and so of the total time and skill spent in refining the sword, she had spent more than half there. As long as Yang Chen could find some more advanced materials in the future than the Red Sun Metal Soul, they could be immediately integrated with the flying sword, increasing the quality even further.

Earlier, Yang Chen only possessed a second wood flying sword, but now he also had a third fire flying sword. For Yang Chen, the Bright Ray Sword held a special meaning: even if it wasn’t completely refined according to the expectations from his last life, Yang Chen still considered it a precious treasure. Moreover, the current Bright Ray Sword already possessed boundless prospects for upgrades.

Without much thinking, Yang Chen immediately decided to make the Bright Ray Sword the second sword soul of his Immortal Executioner Blade. The only problem that Yang Chen could think of was if, in the future, if he found some high grade materials, if he would be able or not able to start and completely destroy the body of this sword refined by Gao Yue.

Regardless of anything else, his old memories were once again being repeated, furthermore, like before, the flying sword named the Bright Ray Sword had also reached his hands. One more of Yang Chen’s desires was fulfilled. Now he had to carefully plan and deliver the throne of the Fierce Yang Hall to his master.

While Yang Chen was planning his next move, in the outside world, some changes were silently taking place.

Since the Heaven Seizing Pill had shown great efficiency when used by Elder Wu, it had been on the mind of a large number of Da Cheng stage experts. Every sect, intentionally or otherwise, had also begun to collect the ingredients for the Heaven Seizing Pill. Naturally, the main ingredient was still the Blue Green Zoysia. As long as the main ingredient could be found, finding the rest would not be very difficult.

Some YuanYing stage experts were pill refining masters and almost none among them had refined the Heaven Seizing Pill. Now, a lot of people had begun to hope. The Heaven Seizing Pill was no longer unattainable, it had seemingly already reached the stage of being obtainable.

Those pill concocting masters who had participated in the refining, Deng Yi, Zhu Peng and He Lianyun became the most sought after people. Regardless of whether the information came through different means or if it was the confirmation from Yang Chen, it had become widely known that these three people were the main force behind the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill. Within a short time, the queue of people wanting to hire them became larger and larger.

Very quickly, many people also discovered that of these three people originally who were YuanYing stage pill concocting masters, one of them, He Lianyun, had surprisingly fallen to the JieDan stage for some reason.

During the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill, what use would be there for a JieDan stage pill concocting expert? It required at least three YuanYing stage experts to cooperate with each other, so a trifling JieDan stage expert was just out of question. At most, he could do what Yang Chen had done at that time and that was to refine the ingredients for the main act.

His use may be even less than that of Yang Chen. For example, Yang Chen had refined the elixir which restored the pill spirit and moreover it still couldn’t be in conflict with the Heaven Seizing Pill itself. Especially this last point, if his understanding towards all kinds of effects of the ingredients was not thorough, then having a proper understanding of the Heaven Seizing Pill was simply impossible to achieve.

Until this day, there hadn’t been any Da Cheng stage pill concocting masters, which also implied that, for a very long time, if someone wanted to refine a Heaven Seizing Pill, there was was only one path: following after Elder Wu and using a few YuanYing stage pill concocting masters to cooperate with each other to complete the task.

This also meant that those pill concocting masters could not subdue a DaCheng stage pill spirit. So the only way was to use the method which had been used once: that was to consume the strength of the pill spirit and after the pill had been successfully made, restore it.

Although this method of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill would lead to some inherent deficiencies in the pill, it also had a great benefit: At the time of the pill tribulation, the ferociousness of the wind tribulation could be sensed, which would provide some help regarding their own tribulation.

So according to these facts, Deng Yi was important, Zhu Peng was important, Yang Chen was important, but He Lianyun, who had participated in the refining, was not very significant. After all, refining required three people and Yang Chen couldn’t be substituted.

After discovering this fact, how could He Lianyun, who had the Real Moon Fire but still hadn’t absorbed it, endure it? Originally he was considered high and mighty, a YuanYing stage expert whom people would flatter and fawn over, but now he was considered as a minor figure and even a Foundation stage youngster had more worth than him. Regardless of what other people would do in his place, for him, this was unbearable.

What made He Lianyun the most furious was that the Real Sun Fire which was supposed to be his had been lost because of Yang Chen. This also made him filled with hatred towards Yang Chen. But in these last few years, since Elder Wu hadn’t ascended, he didn’t dare to openly show his extreme hatred. But now that Elder Wu had already ascended, He Lianyun could finally vent all the anger he had within him.

But very soon, He Lianyun miserably discovered that Elder Wu ascending didn’t mean that Yang Chen had lost all backing. Instead it was just opposite: Clear Sky Sect’s Elder Hua Wanting thought quite highly of Yang Chen and also owed him a favor. Moreover, even the Pure Yang Palace, whom he hadn’t paid much attention had gained a Da Cheng stage expert.

Even without these, Yang Chen had promised everyone that he would refine the elixir to restore the pill spirit for them and this already ensured his safety. This was something only Yang Chen knew how to do, and how could those who wanted the Heaven Seizing Pill allow He Lianyun to touch even a hair of Yang Chen?

Therefore, although his hatred against Yang Chen was at the deepest levels, He Lianyun didn’t dare to reveal even the slightest trace of it. On the contrary, he even praised Yang Chen highly to everyone coming to him.

Although He Lianyun was now a minor figure, he was still extremely intelligent. Soon the words Yang Chen had said at the Pure Yang Palace reached his ears. Comparing it with the problems he encountered during the refining, he quickly understood that Yang Chen’s words were certainly reasonable.

Although Yang Chen had said something about restoring the pill when they were refining, those words could be applied to the Heaven Seizing Pill itself. It was not that he didn’t want to obtain the complete pill recipe, but that he didn’t have any way to obtain it.

At that time, they had only used one pill spirit and he had also thought of this problem at that time, but he didn’t know what kind of variations there would be when the type of pill spirit was changed and what adjustments would be required, so how could he make the perfect pill recipe?

Although Yang Chen’s last step had seemed to be quite easy, after all it was only restoring the pill spirit, none of the ingredients he used could be in conflict with the Heaven Seizing Pill, moreover it should also be able to completely fuse with the pill itself. This implied that Yang Chen could solve the problem with different pill spirits at least at the initial stage.

This fact made He Lianyun both frightened and happy at the same time. Frightened that Yang Chen had understood so much at such a young age, even more than his YuanYing stage seniors. Happy because, looking at Deng Yi and Zhu Peng’s opinions, they didn’t seem to have realized this point. Even Yang Chen himself was probably not aware of it, otherwise he wouldn’t have opened his mouth publicly. This secret belonged to He Lianyun alone.

If he could grab this secret within his hand, what would happen? Once this thought entered his mind, He Lianyun was unable to remove it from his mind, he even started imagining the scene when the time came.

But first he had to obtain the secret from Yang Chen’s mouth, otherwise He Lianyun wouldn’t have anything to work with. Moreover, he only had a seventh grade flame at the most. Even if he was willing to take it out, he couldn’t, as he was a fire attributed cultivator, so how could he exchange such an important treasure?

Make some power become hostile with Pure Yang Palace? But if not in exchange of this secret, there wasn’t anyone would do such a thankless task. Moreover, it also required a genuine reason to become hostile with the Pure Yang Palace. Which powerful person would be such an idiot? Who would allow He Lianyun to manipulate himself.

After thinking for a long time, He LianYun was still unable to find a proper way to acquire Yang Chen’s secret. Right now, he lacked a proper reason, a justifiable excuse.

Suddenly He LianYun thought of a particular clan. Those people who had been part of the creation of the Heaven Seizing Pill a long time ago… If those people appeared personally, then wouldn’t it be a rational reason?

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