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Chapter 173 - Trade Can Also Increase Cultivation


Since Yang Chen had returned, he had been engrossed in refining the second wood flying sword, but now that the flying sword had been completed, Yang Chen could finally mention his request to his master. At the time of the bet with Cheng Wencai, Gao Yue had promised one request to Yang Chen. When Yang Chen had killed Lin Chenghe, he hadn’t raised that request, but had instead delayed the matter, afraid that she would not accept his request.

Now, a few months had already passed, so Yang Chen reckoned that his master should already have a rough idea of what he wanted to ask of her, so if he spoke at this time, there would not be too many negative consequences.

In this life, Yang Chen wanted to cherish Gao Yue in every possible way. He was unable to tolerate even a single wrongdoing to her. As for the matter of the water attributed cultivation method, he wanted to introduce her to this direction willingly rather than forcing her.

The next time Yang Chen went to see Gao Yue, she was engrossed in completing the final step for Yang Chen’s flying sword. Gao Yue had already spent several years on this flying sword. From the time she was saved by Yang Chen at the Greater Mountain, she had been immersed in refining the flying sword. If that ‘great calamity of the devil cultivation’ had not happened, she wouldn’t have left the work undone.

“Just wait for two or three months, then this flying sword will be complete.”

Looking at Yang Chen, Gao Yue cheerfully said. Sweeping her gaze over Yang Chen, she asked with a laugh:

“What’s the matter?”

“Last time, master agreed to do something.”

Yang Chen replied, beaming with smiles. The flying sword was nearly finished, so Yang Chen also became cheerful. Remembering this matter for which he was waiting for a long time, how could it not make his mood surge?

“What do you want from me?”

Gao Yue seemed to have guessed Yang Chen’s intention and asked:

“Is it the request from last time? You want me to cultivate the water attributed cultivation method?”

“Yes! Master!”

Gao Yue asking this question made it clear that she was thinking about this matter, so Yang Chen was very happy. Making her accept this slowly was also a pleasant experience for him.

Seeing Yang Chen’s smile, Gao Yue stared at him with a complicated gaze for a long time and only then did she nod:

“Ok! Since I have lost, I have to pay. Although you have a very beautiful and gorgeous dao companion, I am a woman who keeps her word. Since I have promised you, I will fulfill it.”

Hearing Gao Yue’s words, Yang Chen could not help but force a bitter smile. Surprisingly, Gao Yue had also begun teasing him regarding Shi Shanshan. This was such a headache. He also didn’t know how Palace Master Zhong Jiao and them were going to negotiate and resolve it.

Gao Yue seemed to enjoy teasing Yang Chen. Looking at Yang Chen’s anxious expressions, she cheerfully smiled:

“Go, wait for me to refine this flying sword properly, then I will begin to cultivate your water attributed cultivation method. But, beforehand, you must arrange for a suitable cultivation method and other things, so when the time comes, only you can be blamed.”

“Yes, master! Disciple will immediately go and prepare!”

Yang Chen was delighted. He had finally convinced Gao Yue to cultivate a water attributed cultivation method, which also removed a big nail in his heart. He would never allow the regrets of his previous life to be repeated in this life. As long as he would exist, he would certainly not allow that tragedy to happen again.

But now, everything had seemingly changed towards the direction Yang Chen wanted. Although the change was not very great, this life’s events had already started to deviate from his previous life’s events, which would become even greater with time.

“Master, has Cheng Wencai come to kowtow in front of you?”

After settling the major worry, Yang Chen began to ask about other things.

During the great calamity of the devil cultivation, if it were not for his mocking, Yang Chen hadn’t intended for things to develop that way. But since he had already gained the name for killing Lin Chenghe, he could not allow Cheng Wencai to renege on his debt.

“Word was sent to the Greatest Heaven Sect, asking them to make Cheng Wencai come and honor his commitment.”

Gao Yue slowly replied:

“But you were in closed door training at that time and I was at a critical juncture for refining this sword, so it was postponed for the time being.”

“Then ask him to come over!”

Yang Chen replied without any hesitation:

“Since he agreed to bet, he has to pay. The Greatest Heaven Sect has already shown this time and again, with the demeanor of a big sect.”

Although he was speaking praise for the Greatest Heaven Sect, anyone could hear the sarcasm laced within his words.

“Yang Chen!”

Gao Yue suddenly called his name:

“If you intend to keep hating the Greatest Heaven Sect because of Li QingChen’s matter, then I advise you to expel these thoughts. Li QingChen is already dead and nobody in the Greatest Heaven Sect is targeting you!”

How could Gao Yue, his master, not see Yang Chen’s hatred towards the Greatest Heaven Sect? She already had a feeling of what would make Yang Chen angry. Apparently, as long as it did not involve herself, then Yang Chen could handle nearly all matters easily, but once anyone took the fire of war to her, Yang Chen would suddenly turn cruel, showing no sentiments.

This gave Gao Yue an unspeakable sensation, feeling delight and a little fear at the same time. Naturally she liked having Yang Chen care about her, but she was also afraid that Yang Chen had some emotions which surpassed the relations between master and disciple.

Unfortunately, since the time of the pair cultivation with Yang Chen, Gao Yue was afraid that her relationship with Yang Chen would cross that of master and disciple, but even then she had some expectations within her heart. Even though she knew it was absolutely wrong, she couldn’t help but feel stifled by Shi Shanshan, feeling conflicted about what to do.

The power and influence of the Greatest Heaven Sect was great, a fact which was accepted by all dao sects. Gao Yue did not want Yang Chen to be pitted against an enemy which he wouldn’t be able to handle.

“No one is targeting me?”

Yang Chen laughed. Until now, Yang Xi maybe hadn’t appeared because he had just recently started to stand out in the Greatest Heaven Sect and hadn’t achieved any higher realm, but who knew… When they time came, what methods would he use to deal with Yang Chen? Moreover, even without Yang Xi, Yang Chen didn’t intend to let the Greatest Heaven Sect slip by lightly. The hatred of ten thousand years, how could it be renounced just because of Li QingChen?


Looking at Yang Chen’s expressions, Gao Yue knew that she wasn’t successful in convincing Yang Chen, but she also didn’t intend to put this discussion off for later and warned him repeatedly:

“Be careful in everything you do.”

“Be at ease, master!”

Yang Chen nodded:

“Disciple is well aware of the situation!”

Both of them did not speak of this matter anymore, but they were clear about one thing: Cheng Wencai had to come over and kowtow. At the time of making the bet, he wasn’t very formal with Gao Yue and very rude, since he had thought that he would surely win, otherwise he wouldn’t have made that bet.

The ‘great calamity of the devil cultivation’ was considered to have passed. Yang Chen thought carefully: there was no major event for some time which would affect the larger cultivation world, so it should be better used to cultivate. Most of all, his main priority should be to make Gao Yue slowly switch her attribute.

He still hadn’t sorted out Lin Chenghe’s qiankun pouch. What kind of things should be sent to Shangguan Feng, so that he could sell them for the improvement of the sect? After settling the matter with his master, Yang Chen directly went to Shangguan Feng.

At the Second Fierce Yang Hall, Shangguan Feng had opened a small shop, but this small shop was very well known within the Pure Yang Palace, as everything it had was of good quality and the disciples also received a discount of twenty percent compared to the market price. Thus, because of such a benefit, the number of people coming there every day were endless.

“How are you, younger apprentice brother Yang?”

“Good morning, younger disciple Yang!”

“Uncle master, long time no see!”

When Yang Chen appeared, everyone he ran into greeted him with a smile. Everyone knew that the things in the store were owned by Yang Chen, so everyone had a smiling face upon seeing him.

Yang Chen was also happy to have a good reputation within the sect, moreover he was also indirectly contributing to increasing the strength of the sect. Yang Chen smiled at everyone greeting him and then went to find Shangguan Feng.

Seeing each other, Yang Chen was stunned by Shangguan Feng’s condition. In the years they hadn’t seen each other, Shangguan Feng’s cultivation had unexpectedly increased greatly. This Shangguan Feng was a completely different person compared to Yang Chen’s previous life.

“Senior apprentice brother, what kind of elixir did you take?”

Upon seeing Shangguan Feng, Yang Chen asked with astonishment.

It was not that Yang Chen hadn’t offered to make pills for him to increase his cultivation, but Shangguan Feng himself knew that cultivation gained by pills and such things would be shallow and it would still be difficult for him to break through, so he had declined Yang Chen’s kind intentions. But Shangguan Feng’s current condition made him unable to be unastonished.


Shannguan Feng widely smiled:

“If I had to say, I would say the kind intentions of young apprentice brother, which I had received last time.”

“That’s it?”

Yang Chen stared at Shangguan Feng:

“I still haven’t congratulated senior apprentice brother for your increase in cultivation!”

Last time when he had seen Shangguan Feng, he was only at the third layer of the Foundation stage. The result from using the Heaven Measuring Ruler was also normal, but he had already clearly broken through to the middle Foundation stage and had stepped over at least two layers. This was certainly not the condition of someone who was thought to have zero future prospects.

Shangguan Feng was in a good mood and in order to increase in cultivation rapidly, it required a friend to whom everything could be disclosed, so without caring for anything, he immediately started to speak to Yang Chen non-stop.

From the start, Shangguan Feng knew about the inferiority of his natural aptitude, so he had to renounce and turned to running this store successfully. But what no one had thought was that Shangguan Feng was like a fish in the water here.

It already had good treasures and Shangguan Feng could operate it freely. In addition to that, all of the treasures were managed by him, so he could arrange anything as he liked and at the same time delight himself. So, unconsciously, it also began to help his cultivation and by the time he paid attention, his cultivation had already risen by one level, and even more when he concentrated on raising his cultivation quickly.

Seeing that, Shangguan Feng was also baffled, but he quickly placed this matter at the back of his mind and immersed himself in business and by the time Yang Chen had come, he had already risen by another layer.

Rising two layers within little over seven years, from the third layer of the Foundation stage to fifth layer of the Foundation stage, this could put even Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling to shame.

Yang Chen continued to listen to his narration with a smile on his face and immediately realized what had happened: Shangguan Feng had taken another direction in cultivation. Actually, cultivation could be done in various ways after the Foundation stage. As long as a person immersed themselves within work, like cultivating, then it was easy for them to increase their cultivation.

Someone could immerse themselves into the four arts, someone into defeating the devil to protect the dao, someone would take up refining tools or concocting pills, so this was by no means an isolated case. In short, everyone just needed to find something they loved and single mindedly concentrate on it. Shangguan Feng also loved doing the work of a merchant and had thrown himself into the work, leading to such a variation.

To be able to find a suitable direction was good luck, but to be able to find it at the Foundation stage was indeed heaven defying luck. Throwing himself into taking care of business was indeed a sensible decision at that time, otherwise he would never have received this opportunity.

“Congratulations, senior apprentice brother!”

Hearing everything, Yang Chen only smiled and congratulated him:

“So senior apprentice brother has already found his dao.”

But Shangguan Feng hadn’t thought that he would also be to attain such a heavenly fortune one day and his whole body shook. Then he happily patted the back of his head and mocked himself:

“So from the start, I was meant to be a merchant!”

After knowing this, Shangguan Feng was unable to contain his joy and since he had the opportunity, he also gained confidence in cultivation again. Yang Chen was also satisfied with seeing his friend make the breakthrough and simply supported him from behind.

“Senior apprentice brother, I also have some more things here, come take a look.”

Saying this, Yang Chen started taking out things from Lin Chenghe’s qiankun pouch one by one.

Only two people were present in the room, so they didn’t have any formalities between them. The other people outside didn’t know what was going on and Yang Chen was taking out things one by one without the fear of anyone.

Yang Chen also hadn’t sorted through Lin Chenghe’s things, the time now was perfect for such things. Lin Chenghe had received many things in exchange for the Heaven Meteor Heart Crystal, which was more than Yang Chen could use and was just right to be sold at Shangguan Feng’s shop.

Some ordinary materials were delivered by Yang Chen, only taking some treasures, the other materials were all given to Shangguan Feng after one look.

It had to be said, although the time of Lin Chenghe was very short, he hadn’t obtained any treasures. Most of the materials were just common materials, which didn’t have much use apart from enriching Shangguan Feng’s inventory.

“Junior apprentice brother, all of the things that you have brought back these past years, were exchanged for……..”

After the exchange, Shangguan Feng started to recount the result of the past few years to Yang Chen, regarding how many spirit stones he had harvested. All of these things belonged to Yang Chen, Shangguan didn’t have any intention of taking them.

“Perhaps senior apprentice brother should go and become a shopkeeper at the Thousand Autumn Pavilion.”

Yang Chen could not help but smile, seeing Shangguan Feng’s serious appearance.

While the two people were chatting, in the outside world, a boundlessly majestic sensation which can make people delighted suddenly appeared within the sky. Suddenly a huge lotus flower which didn’t disperse for long time appeared. Immediately afterwards, the sky was covered with many rays of light, which were shooting towards some region and then dispersed, after which they were no longer visible.

These bizarre circumstances forced the cultivators present to look up. Seeing the different shapes in the sky, everyone knew what was happening.

“Someone… Someone is ascending!”

Seeing this scene, Yang Chen immediately realized what happened and suddenly thought within his heart:

“This is Elder Wu’s ascension!”

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