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Chapter 171 - The Matter Of Dao Companionship Was Not Concluded


The only people on the scene were Yang Chen and Gao Yue, as well as the Foundation stage disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Suddenly seeing such circumstances, apart from Yang Chen, both others were intimidated.

“With so many people chasing to kill you, you still want to flee through this road?”

Yang Chen sighed in his heart:

“For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor, this is a sin which you yourself have committed and you will have to pay for it!”

Immediately after sighing, Yang Chen swiftly turned and appeared at the side of the large tree, stretched his hand to take out the sword embryo and, without looking, he immediately returned it to the Achievement Ring.

Then his figure flashed again and Yang Chen’s silhouette could be seen at the top of the tree, where both parts of the corpse were hanging, yet no bloodstains were visible in the surroundings. Without saying anything, Yang Chen first took the qiankun pouch. These were his spoils of war, it would be better to take them. After collecting them, he jumped down from the tree, collecting both parts of the corpse.

“Who is there? Did you see it? Not only did I touch his hair, but he was actually killed by my flying sword!”

Yang Chen yelled rudely towards that disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect.


That disciple of Greatest Heaven Sect was greatly astonished. Pointing towards the two halves of the bloodless corpse, he was stunned and asked:

“You say this is the devil Lin Chenghe? What kind of joke is that?”

Just as he was speaking, Green Jade Immortal Islands’ elder Min appeared in front of everyone and, following her, the old tree demon, Gui Shanyou, also appeared.

Seeing the body of devil Lin Chenghe cut in two halves, elder Min asked exultantly:

“Who killed him?”

“This junior!”

In front of a Da Cheng stage expert, Yang Chen didn’t act that arrogantly and respectfully replied. Then he turned towards Gui Shanyou and greeted him, since according to the hierarchy of the sect, Gui Shanyou was Yang Chen’s elder.


If it was Gao Yue who had admitted to killing him, then it was believable, after all Lin Chenghe was already a spent force, so he could be injured by a JieDan expert, but if a Foundation stage cultivator like Yang Chen said he had killed him, elder Min really could not believe it:

“How is that possible?”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Yang chen replied with a smile:

“This junior was nourishing his flying sword with the wood attributed spirit power of this large tree, when he suddenly tried to escape through it.”

Yang Chen did not need to say what happened further, as everyone realized what had happened.

Yang Chen’s flying sword was horizontally inserted into the huge tree and was also wood attributed. Lin Chenghe was using the five phases evasion method and thought of using the wood evasion to flee through the tree and didn’t pay attention to the flying sword, which was the same as delivering himself to the blade of the sword and was cut in two halves.

The five phases evasion technique was also not omnipotent, at least in some circumstances. A refined flying sword was of one such circumstances. If that was not the case, then as long as someone could use the five phases evasion technique, they would not be injured by anything in the world; wouldn’t that just be a joke?

But, regardless of what was said, Lin Chenghe had died under Yang Chen’s sword, this was a fact set in stone.

That disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect who until now hadn’t dared to believe that the corpse belonged to Lin Chenghe, didn’t have any doubt after seeing elder Min. Moreover, a group of YuanYing experts also followed and reached there, which included experts from the Greatest Heaven Sect. Seeing this, there was basically no need to doubt the identity of the corpse.

The problem was that this disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect was left behind by Cheng Wencai to keep an eye on Yang Chen. Cheng Wencai had bet with Yang Chen and Gao Yue, that, if Yang Chen could even touch a hair of Lin Chenghe, then he would kowtow and admit his defeat. But Yang Chen had not only touched his hair, that devil himself was even killed by Yang Chen!

Originally Yang Chen had not intended to put the sword in horizontally, but upright instead. Although the sword embryo of the Blood Phantom Vine had been refined, it still hadn’t completely taken the shape of a blade so it still couldn’t be considered as complete. The best method to sharpen the edge of a flying sword was to let it drink the blood of an expert.

In this realm, the most powerful experts were Da Cheng stage experts. When the Blood Phantom Vine wasn’t turned into a flying sword, it had already absorbed the blood of elder Hua Wanting for several decades, only, that time, elder Hua wasn’t a genuine Da Cheng stage expert, instead just a peak YuanYing stage expert.

But now, the Blood Phantom Vine flying sword had finally drank the blood of Lin Chenghe. The reason why the corpse didn’t have any blood was precisely because of this.

Strictly speaking, it was not just one Da Cheng stage expert, since Lin Chenghe had also just absorbed the cultivation of those two Da Cheng stage expert some time ago.

But this was obviously not the time to analyze the changes in the sword embryo. There was a large group of experts in front of his eyes to deal with.

Not only had Yang Chen killed Lin Chenghe, but he also had the old tree demon, Gui Shanyou, at his side, so nobody dared to demand the qiankun pouch of Lin Chenghe from Yang Chen. The group of people could only curse Lin Chenghe as much as they could. When they looked at Yang Chen, their intestines turned green with envy. How much heaven defying luck could one have, that a Da Cheng expert got himself cut by a stationary flying sword?

Speaking of this, many sects had sent countless experts, they had even paid the price of two Da Cheng experts’ and tens of YuanYing stage experts’ lives, but nobody had expected that the person who would get the fame of killing the devil to protect the dao would be a trifling Foundation stage expert.

Though most people could not accept that all of their hard work for such a long time after paying such a bitter price had just helped a junior succeed, nobody showed it. Everyone on the scene was at the YuanYing stage, while a Da Cheng stage expert was also present, so how could they lower themselves to embarrass a junior?

After looking at the dead corpse of Lin Chenghe with their own eyes, everyone was somewhat glad in their hearts. At the final moment, Lin Chenghe had surprisingly used a forbidden technique and escaped. If it were not for Yang Chen, maybe he would have been successful in fleeing. And if they had failed to kill Lin Chenghe, then the dao sects and schools would have to face the counterattack of that cunning devil in the future. Nobody would have been able to take the responsibility for that.

Yang Chen killing Lin Chenghe, regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional, was a great service to the dao sects. Nobody could deny this; so after the initial moment of unwillingness, everyone showered Yang Chen with praise.

Those who heard of Yang Chen also began to envy Yang Chen’s heaven defying luck. Which sect wouldn’t want a disciple who had such great luck?

This time, the one who most embarrassed, was the Foundation stage disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Seeing the elders of his sect, he had to come forward and greet them, but when they asked him for the reason of being there, he stammered and could not say anything.

It was not that he could not say, but he did not dare to say it. His uncle master Cheng Wencai was a JieDan expert, so maybe he didn’t care about a YuanYing expert’s grandeur, but he was a trifling Foundation stage expert, so in front of so many elders, he could not speak a single word because of the their pressure.

“He is just an eyewitness of the bet between fellow daoist Cheng of the Greatest Heaven Sect and me!”

But Yang Chen exposed the gamble in front of all the elders without any hesitation:

“Fellow daoist Cheng had said that this youngster could not even touch a hair of the devil Lin Chenghe.”

After saying this, Yang Chen bent down and plucked a hair from Lin Chenghe’s head and then said to everyone loudly:

“I request all the elders to be witness!”

Saying this, he used his hands to pull the hair in two parts:

“Junior has touched Lin Chenghe’s hair properly!”

The matter of the bet had been spreading for a long time. In the beginning, the group of experts had thought it to be a joke, but after hearing it from the mouth of the party involved, they had to believe that it was genuine.

Other than the experts of the Greatest Heaven Sect, all of the experts began to laugh, seeing such circumstances. This kind of bet was really a joke. But Yang Chen’s luck was so monstrous that people killed themselves by his sword, so Cheng Wencai losing was not an injustice.

Two YuanYing experts of the Greatest Heaven Sect snorted without saying anything. Naturally, they also couldn’t say anything. The result of this matter was indeed beyond their control.

“Yang Chen!”

Elder Min carefully tried to remember this somewhat familiar name:

“You are Shanshan’s dao companion, right?”


Hearing this, the group of YuanYing experts revealed shocked expressions.

Also, only some people had heard about the duel between Yang Chen and Li Qingchen. But that JieDan expert of the Greatest Heaven Sect hadn’t reported to the elders of his sect because, in his view, this was only a joke. If he even reported such a joke to the elders, wouldn’t they think he was not earnest?

The events that happened afterwards were also somewhat in his expectations, in addition to that, the matter of Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen becoming dao companions was not formalized, so he believed that it was just a joke even more firmly.

Naturally, he did not spread the news, not because he did not wanted to humiliated Yang Chen, but because he did not want to create trouble for the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Therefore, apart from the two YuanYing experts of the Green Jade Immortal Islands and a few people of the Pure Yang Palace, not many people knew this and so there also wasn’t any such rumor in the cultivation world.

But presently, after elder Min Huafeng of the Green Jade Immortal Islands had asked this question, the matter had immediately become a fact.

Who was Shi Shanshan? There was rarely anyone who had not heard about her. The genius disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Islands whom the sect had focused all of their resources upon, the heavenly talent who had already reached the JieDan stage at such a young age. If even a rumor of such a disciple looking for dao companions spread, the number of people lining up to become her dao companion would fill the entire Green Jade Immortal Islands.

Such an outstanding disciple surprisingly had a dao companion? Moreover, not only was he not from the Green Jade Immortal Islands, he was also only at the initial Foundation stage?


From the beginning, Yang Chen had not intended to raise this matter and wait for a few years so that someone else would ask to be her dao companion, but he hadn’t expected that elder Min Huafeng also knew about this matter.

Clearly, this meant that everyone inside the Green Jade Immortal Islands knew about this and had even given tacit approval. Otherwise, a person with the status of an elder would not ask this question publicly.

“This… Senior… There is some misunderstanding in this!”

Yang Chen could only give such an explanation. Gao Yue, standing behind him, was also very anxious and immediately stepped forward and greeted everyone and said:

“It is only a joke from that time… Senior, you must not take it seriously!”

“What misunderstanding?”

Elder Min Huafeng waved her hand:

“The matter is already settled and cannot be altered. Fellow daoist Gui, I say, it would be better if you asked your noble sect’s Palace Master to personally handle the matter. Shanshan is our most beloved disciple and should not be wronged!”

These words were directed towards Gui Shanyou, after all, the person who had the most seniority in the Pure Yang Palace was Gui Shanyou.

Since a person of elder Min’s status had said such a thing, it clearly implied that the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace personally had to go to the Green Jade Immortal Islands and find a solution. But after hearing the opinion of elder Min, it was clear that the Green Jade Immortal Islands had agreed to this matter, against Yang Chen’s wishes.

Fairy Shi of the Green Jade Immortal Islands was a heavenly talent who had a metal attributed full spirit root. Becoming her dao companion was certainly something that most people in the world yearned for; how could Yang Chen be dissatisfied?

“Idiot, this kind of opportunity doesn’t come again!”

Countless people despised Yang Chen in their hearts. Similarly, many people also envied Yang Chen’s good fortune.

Very quickly, someone managed to understand that it was not that Yang Chen was not satisfied, it was just that Yang Chen was a clever person and who knew his worth and knew that he was not suitable for Fairy Shi, and had therefore declined.

This theory would explain many things. When everyone looked at Yang Chen again, their good opinion of Yang Chen increased even more. A disciple who had knew themselves and also had such heaven defying luck was indeed rare.

Right now, everyone was still thinking about Lin Chenghe’s matter. They had just talked about the matter of dao companions because elder Min had put it forward, but the most urgent thing was to inform everyone that the devil, Lin Chenghe, had been annihilated and make everyone feel relieved.

But everyone was feeling awkward, thinking about how to announce the information. Although it was true that Yang Chen had killed him, he was only a Foundation stage cultivator. If the news that the devil who had killed two Da Cheng and several YuanYing stage experts and absorbed the cultivation of countless experts had died in the hands of a Foundation stage cultivator, then all of the experts who had participated would certainly not be pleased.

“Naturally it is everyone’s credit!”

Yang Chen again calmly replied:

“Seniors forced him to enter this gap and with all of you coming behind him, he still would have been unable to escape. This credit of destroying the devil and protecting the dao naturally must belong to all seniors. This junior only requests that the seniors testify that this junior had touched Ling Chenghe’s hair!”

These words of Yang Chen gave rise to laughter. Since Yang Chen had himself taken the initiative to give the credit, even the YuanYing experts of the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t want to make things difficult for him.

“Be at ease, as soon as this matter is over, this old man will send Cheng Wencai to the Pure Yang Palace to honor the commitment!”

Yang Chen knew good from bad, so all of the elders would also have a favorable attitude towards him and the Greatest Heaven Sect’s YuanYing stage expert immediately made the decision.

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