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Chapter 164 - First Appearance Of The Devil Cultivation Method



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Holding the Red Sun Metal Soul, Gao Yue began to refine the flying sword for Yang Chen again. Gao Yue had thought much about this flying sword and really wanted to complete it, at least in a few years.

With the Red Sun Metal Soul now, the main material of the flying sword was already complete and only some assisting materials remained, but this time, Yang Chen did not dare to let Gao Yue go out to seek the materials alone again, and called out to She Kui and Xie Sha, asking them to take out all of the materials they had obtained at the Hao Yi Manor and give them to Gao Yue to choose.

Despite already knowing that Yang Chen, She Kui and Xie Sha, together with Scarface and the old tree demon, had exterminated the Hao Yi Manor, upon seeing this many qiankun pouches being opened before their eyes, even the Palace Master and Wang Yong were alarmed.

Although the Greater Mountains lacked in spirit power, they were extremely enriched in natural resources. The Hao Yi Manor had been raking in materials for more than a thousand years now, so their collection of things almost couldn’t be counted.

Everyone was stunned looking at all of these things, crammed inside of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard and their heart were filled with shock. Even Wang Yong was doubtful that, had he been in Yang Chen’s place at the Greater Mountains, he would have been able to bring down that immense manor just by himself.

So many materials! Even the entire Pure Yang Palace may not be able to produce them so easily. Not to mention the other things, there were at least ten materials at the grade of Red Sun Metal Soul and as for spirit stones, their numbers couldn’t even be counted.


The Palace Master, who had already remained calm also began to stutter at this moment. His eyes began to glow passionately, as if someone, who had been hungry for more than ten days, had seen the food of a masterchef.

If it were not for the previous meeting regarding the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, where it was declared that everything obtained by disciples would not have to be submitted to the sect, the Palace Master would have wished to immediately announce that all of these things would be confiscated.

Looking at this, Yang Chen shook his head repeatedly. Fortunately he had not taken out those things he had got from the master and the young master of the auction house, otherwise, wouldn’t these people have gone crazy?

But in the end, these were just worldly possessions to people who had a high cultivation, the Palace Master also quickly pacified his wavering heart and turned his attention to Yang Chen.

“Yang Chen, can I consult you about something?”

The Palace Master asked in a pleasant manner. If people of other sects heard this, they would have surely joked that there was no difference between seniors and juniors in the Pure Yang Palace. The Palace Master was going as far as to show this much courtesy to an initial Foundation stage disciple, shouldn’t he order him? Why did he still need to show this much courtesy?

But it would perhaps be very difficult for outsiders to comprehend the Palace Master’s behaviour towards Yang Chen. Even, apart from the hall masters and elders, the ordinary disciples of Pure Yang Palace would not understand it. The reason was that, currently, even the Palace Master could not dare to say that his contribution to the Pure Yang Palace was higher than Yang Chen’s.

Let alone the matters of getting face for the Pure Yang Palace, just finding the spirit vein of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, as well as enticing the two YuanYing stage and one Da Cheng stage experts of the Eccentrics Hall were sufficient to make the Palace Master treat Yang Chen favorably.

If his contribution of guiding the outer disciples was added in, it raised Yang Chen’s status above all of the JieDan experts in the Palace Master’s eyes. So, let alone using a consulting tone, if Yang Chen’s cultivation wasn’t very low, the Palace Master would have already offered the seat of an elder to him. Furthermore, even if Yang Chen became the Palace Master, replacing him, he would not mind.

“As Palace Master commands!”

At this moment, Yang Chen did not dare to trust the Palace Master’s friendly tone very much and hastily replied.

“You see, all of these things here, you will not be able to use all of them completely in a short time.”

The Palace Master happily continued:

“Can you allow our sect’s disciple to purchase them for spirit stones, or perhaps exchange for some other suitable things? Furthermore, be relieved, the price will be same as the market value, so you will absolutely not suffer losses.”

The request was not very excessive, Yang Chen had already talked about this with She Kui and Xie Sha. They hadn’t taken out the real high quality products, so aside from the things needed for Yang Chen’s flying sword, they had intended to sell these things, which they had carried from there. While returning from the Greater Mountains, they only concentrated on bringing as many things as they could.

So many things certainly could not be used by them entirely and originally they had intended to give them in return of favors. Naturally, they would not give them to anyone for free, spirit stones were a must, but the Palace Master had said that they would priced according to the market value, so he was not just asking them to do a favor.

“Among this, one portion is master’s, two others belong to the senior’s of the Eccentrics Hall.”

Yang Chen happily replied:

“These things, are sold at very high rates in markets, but in reality, about eighty percent of the market price will be fine. After master has chosen, I will deliver everything to fellow apprentice Shangguan to help me in taking care of them. If anyone within sect wants them, they can get them at the Second Fierce Yang Hall at eighty percent of the market rate.”

Although Shangguan Feng had reached the Foundation stage, his innate talent was limited and so his future accomplishments would also be limited. A person at Yang Chen’s level could not waste his time with these things, therefore, he required someone who could handle these matters. Shangguan Feng had been the manager of the Ye Xiu Manor for several decades and had gotten very adept at dealing with these kind of situations.

When Yang Chen met with Shangguan Feng the last time, he had talked to him about things like this. Shangguan Feng was also aware of everything about himself and he knew that, with his aptitude, reaching the JieDan stage was the peak, but he actually liked handling these kinds of matters, so he readily agreed and patted his chest, guaranteeing that he would certainly deal with them properly.

These kinds of things were exactly what the Palace Master had been seeking. Why would he not agree. Even these things were only for the inner disciples of the sect, outer disciples and servants should not even think of using an external object and concentrate single mindedly on reaching the Foundation stage. Naturally, it would also be taken care of, that nobody could take advantage of these difference in prices and make a profit. Once someone was discovered doing that, everything in their possession would be confiscated and they would not be provided with anything anymore.

Obviously, some people were an exception: Gao Yue and Wang Yong could take anything they wanted, this was out of Yang Chen’s respect for them. They were his master and great master, so others couldn’t say anything.

After Gao Yue had picked sufficient material, she closely began to discuss with Wang Yong about how to refine a flying sword for Yang Chen. Shangguan Feng also became a big shopkeeper at the Second Fierce Yang Hall.

Very quickly, the Second Fierce Yang Hall became the point of talks in the Pure Yang Palace again. It was continuously bustling with people looking for Shangguan Feng all day. The number of people coming there was even higher compared to those going to the sect’s store.

With all of these matters settled, Yang Chen wasn’t worried anymore and put his mind to his duty as the Merit Transferring Disciple and, at the same time, began to prepare for the predestined event of the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method’s emergence.

If this world’s developments hadn’t changed, then, apparently, within the next few months, the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method would emerge, and would spread across the entire world like wildfire.

After Yang Chen returned to the Nine Earth Manor, he carefully inspected, and gave pointers to each and everyone. On one side he checked how much the cultivation of the outer disciples and servants had grown, while on the other hand he earnestly reminded them that they should not cultivate a cultivation method of unknown origins. As for inner disciples, they would get their arrangements from the Palace Master.

Yang Chen had even suggested to the Palace Master to wait until the first signs of developments and then immediately publicly announce not to cultivate this cultivation method. This was not Yang Chen being very kind, but rather Yang Chen knowing that, even if the Pure Yang Palace made such an announcement, the majority of people would still not care to follow.

In his previous life, the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method gave rise to attention of many people. The majority of people did not believe it at first and everyone adopted the strategy of waiting and watching. Especially the experts: especially those who had just entered a bottleneck, they would be ready to try any method to make the breakthrough.

Even the big sects were the same: as long as any big sect had more than a thousand inner disciples, they were bound to have a Method Researching Hall, which would do a study on every cultivation method, in order to perfect the older cultivation methods or perhaps create all new cultivation methods.

This was a very good system for improvement and innovation. No cultivation method was born perfect, instead it would become perfect over time, after passing through the amendments of different people.

These people looked for every method to promote the sect, so they would certainly not ignore this. Within every big sect, aside from those disciples at a bottleneck, the biggest loss would precisely of this cream. If it was not for them, Lin Cheng He would certainly not have been considered as the target, when in reality he had harmed the foundations of every big sect.

Very few people would indulge in this kind of research, but among these few victims there was no lack of YuanYing stage experts, as they didn’t have anyone to guide them on their side. It was not like they did not understand that haste was waste, but unfortunately they had to cultivate to find out. Therefore, with the Pure Yang Palace issuing such a warning, it would certainly gain a good reputation after the event, and there would be no change to the event itself.

People loved to draw conclusions after the event and could only remember the gems of wisdom they had heard at that time and when such a moment came. The Pure Yang Palace’s reputation would increase even more in all of the big sects.

“Really, there is such a troublesome cultivation method, where even researching it is out of the question?”

Although the Palace Master considered this very important, he also had the same thoughts. Even researching it was out of the question?

“No need to have such wishful thinking! Like the elder of the Clear Sky Sect who had not believed that the Blood Phantom Vine would break through the qiankun pouch.”

Yang Chen used the matter of the Clear Sky Sect’s elder to remind the Palace Master:

“In this matter, even a simple mistake should not be there. If the Palace Master does not want to lose any disciple of the sect, then the best is not to even look at this matter.”

Yang Chen’s words had a very profound impact on the Palace Master’s mind, after such a serious warning, the Palace Master also knew good from bad. A matter which could even make Elder Wu afraid would naturally not be so simple. A ban was quickly introduced in the Pure Yang Palace and those who violated it would be evicted from the sect. Such a serious punishment was unprecedented in the sect.

Around this time, the rumors of the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets had already started floating and some people had even tried to cultivate it. So when the Pure Yang Palace’s prohibition news spread to the outside, many sects began to joke about it. Why was the Pure Yang Palace being so careful, as if it had eaten a bad medicine.

They were so intimidated of a minor cultivation method, even after getting a Da Cheng expert? What little courage.

Very soon, every kind of crazy words began to spread, thick and fast. Even with a grand Da Cheng stage expert overseeing them, the Pure Yang Palace had such little courage, why were they still acting like an immortal cultivating sect? They should go become a farmer somewhere!

Even many JieDan stage disciples and YuanYing stage expert objected to it. It was just a cultivation method, was it so serious as to call for an eviction from the sect? Apart from Yang Chen, Gao Yue, Wang Yong and now the Palace master, everyone thought this was going too far.

But this time, the Palace Master had become unshakable like a tortoise, not going back on his decision and using his authority as the Palace Master over the elders. Even if the elders broke this rule, they would be punished severely.

Regardless of whatever the outsiders were saying, the Pure Yang Palace had sealed itself, paying no more attention to them.

Yang Chen also seriously inspected and examined the cultivation of all the disciples at the Ye Xiu Manor and Nine Earth Manor and then after guiding them once, he became carefree.

Very soon, the calamity regarding the devil cultivation method would happen and Yang Chen would certainly not miss this opportunity. She Kui, Xie Sha and even that old tree demon, all began to refine their destined magic weapons under Yang Chen’s guidance.

She Kui had four of his poisonous fangs, Xie Sha had the sting of his tail as well as big claws, while the old tree demon had chosen an extremely strong trunk and thick roots.

Although all three demon beasts had a strong cultivation, regarding the refining of tools, they were just children in front of Yang Chen. The demon race’s tool refining methods were different from normal cultivators, so apart from obtaining pointers from Yang Chen, they would only get such an opportunity after ascending to the Spiritual World and obtaining guidance from their seniors.

The formidable cultivations of those three allowed them to obtain outstanding results and within the short time of half a year, their destined magic weapons had already formed their embryos. After all, this had to be refined, suiting them mentally and physically, so that their wasn’t any rejection. Yang Chen on the contrary hadn’t made any progress himself lately.

What Yang Chen wanted to refine was a second wood attributed flying sword, fitting with his Great Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, using the Blood Phantom Vine.

The Blood Phantom Vine had already absorbed the blood of someone who was about to become a Da Cheng stage expert at the Greater Mountains, it had absorbed the blood of countless people at the Hao Yi Manor, including both dao and devil cultivators. Being enriched with blood had allowed the Blood Phantom Vine to get the opportunity to become healthy and strong. This occasion was also the best opportunity for Yang Chen to refine his flying sword.

Naturally, with Yang Chen’s current cultivation, the most he could refine was the sword embryo of the second wood flying sword.

According to Yang Chen’s plan, after the arrival of the huge calamity of the devil cultivation method, this sword embryo had to be completed by the time the cultivators of the dao sects surrounded Lin Cheng He. This sword embryo would have an important use for Yang Chen.

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