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Chapter 162 - Her Opportunities Are None Of Your Business

08 Oct 2016

Song Hang wanted to teach Yang Chen a lesson, but in the end he was the one who was slapped across his face. Those hall masters and the Palace Master, whom he had previously asked to punish Yang Chen, had instead become spectators for his own humiliation, moreover he could not offend them and neither did he dare to have any thoughts of attacking Yang Chen.

The meeting was then disbanded, but the only one who left was Song Hang. None among the others left, waiting for Yang Chen to clarify that matter regarding the Da Cheng stage expert. Everyone could not help being curious. A Da Cheng stage expert was the target of every sect for roping in, how could it be so easy for Yang Chen?

Yang Chen would certainly not speak of this in the Nine Earth Manor, the group of elders this concerned the most were also not present, so Yang Chen did not say much and invited everyone to the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, and even specifically asked for that group of elders to be requested over, so that everything could be cleared up.

Wang Yong only now heard about Song Hang’s actions and was furious, but before he could do anything, everyone had already rushed to the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

Seeing Wang Yong so furious, everyone knew what the matter was. All of them greeted Wang Yong, one by one, and then began to praise his good fortune for having such a hardworking grand disciple.

When Wang Yong understood the events that had taken place, he was greatly comforted in his heart. The more face his grand disciple had, the more it would add to his own face. He greatly praised Yang Chen without any restraint and without any sense of modesty.

“What courtesy?”

When someone mentioned this, Wang Yong glared at him and said:

“My grand disciple has such great accomplishments, so naturally I will praise him. If you all do not like this, then you should try to find your own grand disciple with such great accomplishments!”

His intention to shield him was clearly displayed in his speech.

When the other elders heard something related to a Da Cheng expert, they also left all of the work at hand and hurried there. After everyone had arrived, Yang Chen asked Gao Yue to go and stay with them and only then he began to explain.

The reason why Yang Chen had asked Gao Yue to go and stay with them was because he wanted to pave the way for her success. These people not only included elders, but also the hall masters. If, in the future, Gao Yue wanted to enter the upper echelons of the Pure Yang Palace then she had to make good relations with these people.

But to everyone else, it seemed as if Yang Chen heavily respected his master, so they secretly nodded. At the same time, they also felt profound envy towards Gao Yue. Why couldn’t they have such a good disciple?

Afterwards, Yang Chen didn’t beat around the bush and directly made a report about the old tree demon, wanting to join the Eccentrics Hall to everyone. At the same time, he also invited them to attend the old tree demon’s tribulation.

As soon as Yang Chen’s words left his mouth, everyone in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard immediately took a deep breath.

Among the people present, Wang Yong, who was merely at the peak YuanYing stage, had the highest cultivation. Among the other hall masters, elders and the Palace Master, many were just at the JieDan stage and hadn’t even passed the thunder tribulation of the three tribulations. So, suddenly hearing that a peak YuanYing stage expert was going to go through his Yin Fire tribulation and all of them could attend the ritual, made everyone go crazy.

A Da Cheng stage expert was indeed a Da Cheng stage expert! According to Yang Chen’s words, that old tree demon was very formidable and had suppressed the Yin Fire tribulation more than a dozen times by now. What kind of cultivation would he need to have to suppress a heavenly tribulation? Furthermore, how had he suppressed it?

Leaving aside the worth of a Da Cheng stage expert to sect, just with this one trick, if the sect could grasp it, then everyone at the peak YuanYing stage would be able to get countless opportunities.

Even without this, just being able to witness an expert pass the Yin Fire tribulation at close proximity was simply a great opportunity to touch upon the edge of the Da Cheng stage for everyone there. Especially for those elders, who were at the YuanYing stage, this was simply a heaven sent opportunity, which many people could not witness in their lifetimes.

Even for JieDan experts to be able to witness someone passing their tribulation was very beneficial towards their mental state and this kind of matter was surprisingly happening within their own sect and the one who made this possible was moreover a disciple at the initial Foundation stage. This could not be said to just be a miracle now, this was simply making the impossible possible.

Such a good opportunity had surprisingly fallen into the lap of the Pure Yang Palace. Everyone was looking at Yang Chen as if they were looking at some freak. To be able to entice an almost Da Cheng stage expert with just the initial Foundation stage, what kind of good fortune was this?

Such a great expert entering the Eccentric Hall of the sect, who would not approve? A Da Cheng stage expert… What would he need from the current Pure Yang Palace? If he wanted, he could just exterminate the entire sect without any tricks. So there was nobody who thought that there was any hidden goal or secret here. Apart from lamenting Yang Chen’s good fortune, what else could they say?

“As for the matter of attending the ritual of his tribulation, the senior said that there shouldn’t be too many people and he has allowed disciple to give away invitations.”

After everyone had absorbed the shock, Yang Chen calmly continued:

“Within the next few days, disciple will send out invitations to everyone. At that time, I request the Palace Master to restrain those who don’t have invitation cards. Senior has said those people who have nothing to do with it, should not show up.”

As soon as everyone heard these words, they immediately understood that there wouldn’t be many invitations, but at the same time, everyone of the Luminous Moon Hall heaved a large sigh in their heart. It would be a miracle if Yang Chen gave an invitation to Liang Shao Ming and Song Hang. Just now there was the matter of him not guiding disciples properly, so how could they expect him to return good for evil? At least the Palace Master didn’t have any extravagant hopes.

It could clearly seen from the matter of Song Hang’s cultivation bottleneck, and that Yang Chen had refused to tell him the method to resolve it. So for the opportunity of attending the tribulation, Liang Shao Ming and Song Hang should not even think about it. If they had known that Yang Chen still had such a card up his sleeve, would they still have constantly looked to create trouble for Yang Chen?

“This kind of opportunity, every disciple of the sect with a cultivation of the JieDan stage or higher must be allowed to witness!”

Elder Lin Yunfeng had come from the Luminous Moon Hall and he naturally understood what Yang Chen meant, so he couldn’t help but speak up.

But he also didn’t say it directly and rather talked about all JieDan experts. In this way, he had used the power of the group to force Yang Chen. Yang Chen also would not want to offend all of the JieDan expert of the sect, would he?


Wang Yong immediately shook his head. The Luminous Moon Hall’s people have looked for trouble with Yang Chen more than once. If his great master didn’t speak up for him there, then who would?

“How is it inappropriate?”

Lin Yunfeng rhetorically asked. He had to support his disciples.

“The senior has said there shouldn’t be too many people. After including all of us elders, how many seats would there be left?”

Wang Yong shook his head:

“Furthermore, if we added all of the hall masters and the Palace Master, the number of people would be many. I fear that senior would find it annoying.”

“Alright, then all of the hall masters should not be allowed!”

Initially Lin Yunfeng had wanted to get a seat for Liang Shao Ming. He had dragged in all of the hall masters as an excuse for this goal, but since Wang Yong had himself had made the decision for the hall masters, he naturally wanted to use this opportunity to get the final decision.

“The Luminous Moon Hall’s hall master has been punished by all of the elders and the Palace Master unanimously to meditate and examine his conscience for twenty years.”

Wang Yong also knew the intentions of his grand disciple and directly eliminated Liang Shao Ming:

“So it will not be good to interrupt him!”


Lin Yunfeng creased his brows:

“This is a rare opportunity. He can just come out to attend the ritual and then go back to examining his conscience again, wouldn’t that be alright?”

Liang Shao Ming being penalized to examine his conscience was a public matter in the sect, so Lin Yunfeng hadn’t boldly supported him and only used a conversational tone to help him.

“Elder Lin, hall master Liang has been punished because he has sinned!”

But Wang Yong didn’t back down even in the slightest. Even now the Luminous Moon Hall had tried to harm his grand disciple. If they could still obtain benefits from him, what would that mean? So he directly nodded his head:

“If he comes out to receive the benefits and then returns after getting the benefits, what kind of punishment is this? Everyone must know that playing with my Pure Yang Palace is not a child’s matter.”

These words of Wang Yong were completely reasonable. People who had committed offence, went out to get benefits and then went back, what kind of punishment would that be? It would be just an inconvenience. Once he said these words, the Palace Master had no option other than interrupting the discussion.

Lin Yunfeng still wanted to argue more, but the Palace Master deeply sighed:

“Senior brother Yun, regarding Liang Shao Ming’s matter, the decision will be according to senior brother Wang’s words! People who are being punished should not come out.”

“But, Palace Master!”

Lin Yunfeng became anxious. This was such a good opportunity, he just couldn’t accept his disciple being unable to witness it.

“Don’t say anything more!”

The Palace Master immediately stopped Lin Yunfeng:

“Although my Pure Yang Palace is not one of the big sects, sect rules are still sect rules, not some child’s play. If everyone started to look down on them, how would we restrain our sect’s disciples?”

After the Palace Master used the sect’s rules, there was no more room for discussion. Lin Yunfeng could only shut up, but he glared at Yang Chen with a bitter gaze. All of these matters were because of this Yang Chen, including the matter of his grand disciple Chu Heng turning into a sect traitor. Everything was done by this Yang Chen.

Once Lin Yunfeng shut up, the other elders could already see that this line of Wang Yong, from great master to master to grand disciple, were all gritty people. As soon as they were wronged, they would immediately pay it back.

Among all of them, a few were very happy as their relationship with Wang Yong’s line was very good, especially with Yang Chen. This included the Medicine Hall’s master Zhu Chen Tao, Foreign Affair Hall’s master Xu Cheng Xin and Law Enforcement Hall’s master Meng Xian, who were extremely grateful to the heavens for giving them the opportunity to make such a young friend, whose luck was completely in defiance of the heavens. This made countless people envious to death. This kind of disciple had to be guarded and cultivated properly.

Which disciple had broadened the master vein of the Pure Yang Palace? Which disciple had discovered a new spirit vein and had still left rooms for them? Which disciple could help the sect with Elder Wu’s cultivation experience, even when he could have kept it all for himself? Which disciple would invite them for the opportunity of witnessing a tribulation? Other than Yang Chen who could do all of this?

In comparison, what had the Luminous Moon Hall done for the sect? Apart from enjoying the natural resources of the sect, what benefits had they given back in return? A person’s true value could only be determined by comparison and everyone could see who was better.

“In fact, it is not impossible that hall master Liang will have the opportunity!”

Just when everyone thought the dust had settled, Yang Chen suddenly opened his mouth. Not only that, the words he said startled everyone.

“What kind of opportunity?”

Lin Yunfeng was exalted, at that moment he didn’t mind Yang Chen being a junior and hastily asked.

“Although this disciple hasn’t seen the Yin Fire tribulation, I know that, during the time of the tribulation, the energies of heaven and earth fluctuate greatly and it is not confined to a single region, it will cover almost the entire area of our MeiQing mountains.”

Yang Chen continued further:

“As long as they are within the area of our Pure Yang Palace, anyone can sense the turmoil in spirit power.”

These words were indeed reasonable and everyone who heard these words happily nodded. But Yang Chen had not finished speaking and continued:

“Disciple has also seen some past records of tribulations of other seniors: during the time of tribulation, if the cultivation is not sufficient, then it will be better to watch it from afar. If the distance is too close, they won’t be able to protect themselves and will be affected by the tribulation. During that time, the only ones who can watch the tribulation are the elders.”

Once these words came out of his mouth, everyone’s complexion immediately turned awkward. Although these words were to provide an opportunity to Liang Shao Ming, it was the same as not actually providing it. Moreover, these words completely eliminated Lin Yunfeng’s previous suggestion of letting all JieDan stage experts watch the show.

Until now, every JieDan expert was looking hopefully at Yang Chen, because of Lin Yunfeng’s proposal, but after Yang Chen declared this, everyone with an insufficient cultivation could not approach. So from the start, there was no opportunity. Who could still blame Yang Chen for not giving them an opportunity?

Although it was reasonable, the color on every hall master’s face changed. According to Yang Chen’s words, they would not have the opportunity to go close and could only sense it from far away.

“If a few hall masters want to watch, the elders can cooperatively protect them.”

Immediately after Yang Chen had spoken, several JieDan experts looked at the Palace Master with hopeful gazes.

Excitement could be seen in everyone’s eyes. They hadn’t thought of this, but after Yang Chen’s warning, all of them began to think about this problem. Apparently, the few YuanYing stage elders in front of them, protecting them would still be problematic. Even without adding Liang Shao Ming, these few people would be unable to save themselves.

In these kinds of circumstances, it was impossible for Lin Yunfeng to add more people because, for Liang Shao Ming to come, someone had to go out and every one of them had the same status, so why would someone give up their seat for Liang Shao Ming, who was being punished?

“So then, only the elders in addition to everyone present here.”

Lin Yunfeng could only concede that Liang Shao Ming didn’t have good fortune. But he still attacked another person: Since his disciple didn’t have such good fortune, their’s shouldn’t, also.

“Since Gao Yue is also not a hall master, shouldn’t she be excluded with them?”

While saying this, Lin Yunfeng hadn’t looked at Gao Yue, but rather Yang Chen, as if waiting to see what Yang Chen would do if Gao Yue did not get this opportunity.


Yang Chen conceded, without caring in the least:

“Elders, you just need to concern yourselves with these few uncle masters. This disciple will handle his master’s matters.”

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