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Chapter 161 - We Have Nothing To Add


From the beginning, after Song Hang had started questioning disciples, the Palace Master and others had been astonished unceasingly. Instead of reducing everyone’s amazement, he had only increased it.

From the time Yang Chen had become the Merit Transferring Disciple to the time he left, in less than eight months, every disciple, every single disciple of the Nine Earth Manor had been guided so thoroughly by Yang Chen. All of them were simply flabbergasted.

Hearing the truth from each and every disciple, what kind of troubles they would face at what times in their cultivation, how their seniors had solved it in the history, how they could use other people as reference and perhaps how to settle it. Rather than guiding this could be called as guiding them by holding their hands, so that they wouldn’t get lost.

Everyone, including the Palace Master, couldn’t help but envy those who were outer disciples at this moment. If they had had such a Merit Transferring Disciple provide guidance when they had been at the Nine Earth Manor, wouldn’t it have saved them many years of work?

What’s more, at that time, everyone entered the sect with some close friends. But each one had received their respective opportunities and had now become the Palace Master, a hall master and so on, while those close friends had already ended up as servants. If they had had such a Merit Transferring Disciple at that time, then maybe they would have been able to maintain the relationship with their fellow apprentices.

In their excessive surprise, everyone began to see Yang Chen in a new light. Although Yang Chen was only a disciple at the initial Foundation stage, among the people present, who could guarantee that, if they had been the Merit Transferring Disciple, they would have done a better job than Yang Chen?

Leaving aside the fact that he was proficient in the cultivation of five attributes, just this knowledge and experience was not something everyone could compare to. Who could immediately remember which senior had come across which problem and how they resolved it at that time?

In front of a YuanYing stage expert, the Law Enforcement Hall’s hall master Meng Xian, these disciples could not lie, especially when they were under the influence of his Mind Confusing Trick, so every word they were saying was completely true.

There was no one who could raise any objection now, not even Song Hang. Yang Chen had just now correctly predicted his present problem, and had moreover said that he knew a method to resolve it. This fact intimidated Song Hang so much, that he was rooted to the ground, not moving anymore.

He had been trapped with this problem for several decades now and because he wasn’t able to resolve it, Song Hang could only remain trapped at the peak JieDan stage, unable to move forward. He even had a strong feeling that, as long as he was able to break through this junction, he would immediately face his thunder tribulation and form his Nascent Soul and rush to the YuanYing stage.

A person knew his own methods best. If it were not for this bottleneck, he would not have agreed to Liang Shao Ming’s request, to become the substitute hall master of the Luminous Moon Hall for the time being. He wanted to set aside his cultivation problems for the time being and then research other fields to find the path of breakthrough for himself.

If Yang Chen had said his cultivation had reached a bottleneck, then it would have still been fine, because everyone knew this. Even if Yang Chen had told him his cultivation method, then it would still not have mattered, after all this was not some big secret, all of the elders knew, so Yang Chen knowing it was not a big deal.

But Song Hang was shocked that Yang Chen had directly pointed out the crux of the matter. He had even correctly identified the condition of spirit power and the other symptoms. Even his master would not be able to know the condition of his body, but what Yang Chen had unexpectedly said was the exact situation. This did not just astonish Song Hang, instead it had already risen to the level of fear.

But on the other hand, this had brought a pleasant surprise for Song Hang. Since Yang Chen knew everything about his current situation, that also meant that he knew where the problem was and what the solution would be.

Only, Yang Chen had clearly refused Song Hang’s intention of consulting him. ‘I know what I know, but why should I tell you?’ These words were very clear. From the start, he didn’t have any intention of informing him of the solution, but however much Song Hang’s heart itched, he didn’t have anything he could say to convince him.

If their positions were switched, he also wouldn’t tell anything to someone who had looked for trouble just after he had saved his master.

Because of Liang Shao Ming and Chu Heng’s relationship, as well as the matter of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, everyone in the Luminous Moon Hall resented Yang Chen. As long as they had an opportunity, everyone wished to teach Yang Chen a lesson, even to the extent of obstructing him, even for a little bit.

It had to be known that, on the path of cultivation, apart from following the law of karma, the mental state was also very important. Even if one was very strong mentally, the emotional troubles and frustrations still accumulated and would make it extremely hard to make the breakthrough.

This was the motive behind Song Hang’s accusation of hampering the progress of students against Yang Chen. At most he would get a punishment, like examining his conscience or something similar, so he had especially come up with such a reason, for the Palace Master himself to come and see the problems with Yang Chen.

Only, what he hadn’t expected was that, rather than finding trouble for Yang Chen, he would find a matter which would gnaw on his own mind instead. Clearly Yang Chen knew the method to make the breakthrough, but it was inside of his mind and Song Hang could not obtain it in any way. If he kept on holding this kind of anxious mood, that would precisely be a heart’s devil.

All the people present realized Song Hang’s predicament and also understood his vexation over having no room of maneuver. There were as many rights and wrong as there were mouths, but in this situation, Song Hang himself was responsible for trying to become the spokesperson for the Luminous Moon Hall and Liang Shao Ming for venting their anger, without thinking about the consequences.

Even the Palace Master didn’t know how to solve this matter. If Song Hang could break through, Pure Yang Palace would have one more YuanYing stage expert, but at this very moment, even he could not ask Yang Chen to lend a hand. Only after this matter cooled down a little bit, could he seek a method to resolve this.

“I see, regarding today’s inspection, the Merit Transferring Disciple, Yang Chen, seems to have done pretty good!”

The Palace Master clearly wanted to change the subject and turned to announcing the inspection’s outcome.

But just as Palace Master deliberately wanted to close the matter, someone had a different interest: Law Enforcement Hall’s hall master Meng Xian, who had always supported Yang Chen in the past because of his good relationship with Du Qian, stopped the Palace Master, saying that:

“For the time being, hold the verdict, just now we have only found a few disciples with low cultivation, but we haven’t looked for disciples with a high cultivation, and moreover Ye Xiu Manor’s disciples also hadn’t been checked. It is better if check all of them properly .”

Once Meng Xian opened his mouth, Song Hang also felt support and his mental state immediately began to improve. Until now he had been unable to obtain a solution from Yang Chen, so what harm was there in keeping the investigation of this matter open for the time being? Maybe he would be able to gain some leverage as well, so that he could make Yang Chen anxious.

“Yes, those disciples with high cultivation should also be interrogated.”

Song Hang immediately added:

“These past years, there haven’t been any outer disciple building their foundation, clearly there is some problem.”

Strictly speaking, from the time Yang Chen had become the Merit Transferring Disciple, there had indeed not been any Foundation stage disciple. In the previous eight months and the ten months prior, for an entire year and a half, there hadn’t been a single outer disciple becoming a Foundation stage disciple.

For low level disciple, increasing their cultivation was very easy, but it was not so simple for high grade disciples. Everyone knew this point clearly, and previously Song Hang had been preoccupied with finding low level disciples, believing that he could catch Yang Chen’s achilles heel, but he hadn’t anticipated that Yang Chen would leave a flaw so openly. Just now, after Meng Xian had reminded him, he had obtained his drive again.

But that vigorous Song Hang hadn’t discovered that disdainful gazes directed towards him. In fact, none of the people present on the scene had discovered this.

Yang Chen also had a card up his sleeve, so they could find anyone they wanted, he wasn’t worried. The more people Meng Xian would find, the more it would add to Yang Chen’s glory. Therefore, although he was baffled at Meng Xian’s behaviour, he hadn’t opposed him even slightly.

The Palace Master was also astonished by Yang Chen’s behaviour, but he also wanted to see the overall result of Yang Chen’s guidance. Meng Xian’s proposal was directly out of his heart, so he immediately instructed Song Hang to go and find more people.

Following the departure of Meng Xian and Song Hang, the Palace Master suddenly turned to Yang Chen and asked:

“Do you really know his problem?”

“Yes, Palace Master!”

Yang Chen replied with a smile:

“But, I will not say!”

Even the Palace Master had been refused by Yang Chen, without getting the slightest bit of information. Today’s matter had caused a great loss of face for Song Hang. Even if Yang Chen told him the method to resolve it, he would not feel thankful to Yang Chen.

Another thing, if Song Hang made breakthrough and entered YuanYing stage, then the Luminous Moon Hall would have one more expert and Song Hang’s position would also increase. Yang Chen would definitely not have an easy time. He was also not foolish enough to help a person who was hostile towards him get promoted.

“If Song Hang made a breakthrough, then my Pure Yang Palace would have one more YuanYing stage expert.”

The Palace Master also wanted to put a fight, so he muttered to himself:

“This would really be a great benefit for my sect.”

“Since you are missing a YuanYing expert so much, disciple takes the responsibility to find a Da Cheng stage expert!”

Yang Chen continued, without giving the slightest bit of face to the Palace Master:

“So that you won’t miss Song Hang even a bit!”

“What did you say? A Da Cheng stage expert?”

Not only the Palace Master, but all of the other hall masters were greatly alarmed. The Pure Yang Palace already didn’t have a Da Cheng expert for many years, but Yang Chen was surprisingly talking about finding a Da Cheng stage expert. Did he really think that finding a Da Cheng stage expert was child’s play?

“This matter can be discussed later.”

After giving his conclusion, Yang Chen didn’t reveal anything and pushed the matter to the future:

“Today, I first request all of the seniors to check the results of this disciple’s ability to provide guidance!”

No one was glad at Yang Chen’s words, but everyone understood. The party had come to the Nine Earth Manor with great fanfare to catch the Merit Transferring Disciple, Yang Chen, for the crime of being absent without notice and hampering the progress of his disciples, a blame which none of them would like if placed on them.

“Fine, today we will inspect everything carefully!”

The Palace Master also let go of all anxiousness. Since Yang Chen was saying, so then he had to have something to back it up. In any case, it was only a matter of time. The Palace Master also became optimistic and sat up upright on the seat of honor and began to wait.

After another hour, Song Hang and Meng Xian had found suitable people from the Ye Xiu Manor and the Nine Earth Manor and arrived in front of everyone.

“Greetings to the Palace Master. Under the guidance of Uncle Master Yang, disciple’s cultivation has greatly increased.”

One disciple at the peak qi layer, respectfully greeted everyone and began to narrate:

“Previously this disciple just wanted to increase my cultivation quickly and thus the spirit power in my body was not pure, but under uncle master Yang’s guidance, disciple has been able to remove the impurities and obtain purer spirit power.”

“Uncle master Yang said that being hasty is not good, that I must build a good foundation at the qi layer, which is far better than increasing my cultivation quickly. Forcefully building my Foundation would damage it on the contrary.”

The qi layer disciple didn’t seem to hide anything, he said everything he knew:

“The profits this disciple has received from nourishing the spirit power in these one and half years are not shallow. This disciple has complete confidence that, in few months, this disciple will be able to build his Foundation in one stroke!”

Everyone present was an expert, if there had been some mistake in his words, everyone would have known. Just his confident words of being able to build his Foundation in one stroke, already clearly explained the benefits he had received from nourishing his spirit power.

Even after few more peak qi layer disciples were questioned, their words were nearly the same, the only differences were their problems. All of them wanted to cultivate quickly and build their Foundation before others, but the same thing was their confident tone towards reaching the Foundation stage.

Apparently every one of these people had no doubt about themselves being able to reach the Foundation stage in one stroke. Furthermore, their confidence was not based on any external force like a Foundation stage pill or things like that. If such disciples succeeded in building their Foundation, everyone there would clearly know at what level their future achievements would be. After a few more successive disciples, everyone looked towards Yang Chen as if he were some kind of monster.

Following those disciples, the newly entered disciples of the Ye Xie Manor were the same. Apart from those who had just entered this year and were only learning about other things, among those who had started their cultivation, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t have a proper understanding of his cultivation, and furthermore all of them also knew what would be suitable for them at this stage.

The reply given by these disciples even evoked the admiration of those experts. If in the days when they had started their cultivation, they had had such a high level Merit Transferring Disciple like Yang Chen, then they would have also had an even higher cultivation base. Not to mention the time they would have saved which they had spent going on wrong paths. It would have brought lots of benefits to them.

After a time, everyone looked at Yang Chen as if they were seeing a ghost again. Especially the Palace Master, within whose sight a flame could be seen, burning fiercely, as if he was looking at a precious gem.

None of them could see as far as the Palace Master. If the outer disciples had such levels of achievements, then after hundred years, what kind of situation would the Pure Yang Palace be in? Maybe, at that time, the Pure Yang Palace would also be able to stand together with big sects like the Greatest Heaven Sect or the Clear Sky Sect.

“Song Hang, do you still have any further doubt?”

The Palace Master turned towards Song Hang. Since this matter was incited by him, then naturally, he also had to be the one who had to conclude it. If he was still not satisfied, then he could still find some example.

“This disciple has nothing to say!”

Song Hang could not speak even half a word in this kind of situation and could only bow and reply. But in his heart he was full of curses for Liang Shao Ming. He definitely had an opportunity to break through, but because of Liang Shao Ming prompting him, he had ended up making up a disgrace of himself in front of everyone.

“What about the rest of you?”

The Palace Master turned towards everyone and asked.

“We have nothing to say!”

This time, everyone replied in a uniform tone, with everyone’s eyes on Song Hang.

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