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Chapter 158 - Leave It To Me


Although she knew that Yang Chen had done this for the sake of healing her, Gao Yue’s face still turned red. Especially when she sensed Yang Chen’s powerful arms around her slim waist, that powerful sensation was making her go weak.

She still remembered that joyful sensation while she was unconscious. Gao Yue sighed, thinking:

“We are master and disciple!”

But that sensation of infatuation made her lean slightly against Yang Chen’s cheek after she removed her forehead and leaned over slightly.

After enjoying a few seconds of warmth, Gao Yue suddenly asked:

“Where are we?”

Naturally Yang Chen had also enjoyed that experience of using pair cultivation for cultivating their spirit awareness. He possessed those unclear emotions towards his master from the beginning, and now he tasted that proximity, so after waking up, he found that he did not want to remove his hands from his master’s waist.

If it was possible, Yang Chen wanted to remain like this forever, but he knew that it was impossible. When Gao Yue opened her mouth, Yang Chen unwillingly released her.

“This is the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.”

Yang Chen replied:

“You have already returned home.”


Feeling slight surprise, Gao Yue hatefully moved her body forward slightly, separating herself from Yang Chen’s hug. Then, as if she had suddenly remembered something, she asked:

“What’s the matter with your spiritual awareness? Hasn’t it decreased a lot?”

Often, when cultivating as a pair one would only use the other’s strength to make up for one’s own weak points, so that they could progress together. Pair cultivation of spiritual awareness was the same, if the gap between the spiritual awareness of two people was too large, then one of them had to supplement the other.

Gao Yue’s spiritual awareness had risen greatly, so naturally Yang Chen’s would have decreased. Moreover, Yang Chen had previously assisted Gao Yue by arranging the chaotic spiritual awareness, for which he had to spend a large amount of his own spiritual awareness.

Yang Chen did not care much about it, as long as his master could recover, let alone losing some of it, even if all of his spiritual awareness was entirely destroyed, Yang Chen wouldn’t care. In any case, with a heaven defying cultivation method like the Three Purities Secrets, even starting from the beginning wouldn’t make much of a difference.

But Gao Yue’s question suddenly reminded Yang Chen of something, so Yang Chen hastily asked:

“Master, inspect your spiritual awareness and body and check if you have any problems!”

Seeing Yang Chen being so impatient, despite being anxious herself, Gao Yue calmed her heart down and entered her spirit sea to inspect her condition. Although it wasn’t very urgent, after taking a look, Gao Yue jumped in astonishment.

Initially her spirit sea had been completely empty, but currently it was clearly divided into two layers, one of fire and one of water. Moreover, the range of the spirit sea had also expanded by a lot, during the time she couldn’t sense anything. Her spirit sea had greatly increased and her spiritual awareness had suddenly expanded, she felt clearly that this would only have benefits and no downsides.

What made Gao Yue suspicious was that her spirit sea had two levels. The layer of fire was still understandable, but what was the meaning of that water layer? When she thought of the fact that Yang Chen had told her to cultivate water attributed secrets, she couldn’t help but feel even more baffled.

For some reason her cultivation base was not disturbed, but since she hadn’t eaten anything for a long time, she felt pretty tired. This could be settled very easily: as long as she circulated her cultivation once and absorbed enough spirit power, it would not be a problem. Currently, she could not find any problems with herself. The only thing that was bothering her was if it would be a problem since Yang Chen had lost such a large amount of spiritual awareness.

Turning around, she carefully sized up Yang Chen. He didn’t seem to have any changes, only his face was a little pale. But she already knew that it was definitely from excessive wear and tear while he was nursing her spiritual awareness.

Still, seeing Yang Chen’s conditions, she felt so much pain that she wanted to start crying. Unable to restrain her emotions, she reached out her hand and gently caressed Yang Chen’s pale face, lightly kneading it.

“It’s nothing, master!”

Yang Chen was almost unable to control himself. Finally still resisting his excitement, he said very slowly:

“You have already returned to the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. I have already killed all of the people who tried to kill you, and that thing you were robbed of, I have already gotten it back. I also brought one of the culprits here, would you like to see him?”

Strictly speaking, when she became aware that Yang Chen had treated her injured spiritual awareness, she was astonished, but after hearing what he had done, rather than being astonished, she was so frightened that her mouth had opened involuntarily.

Gao Yue had personally experienced the attack, so she perfectly knew the strength of those people. Even she, an initial JieDan expert couldn’t just do anything she wanted in the Greater Mountians. How could an initial Foundation stage disciple like Yang Chen enter the Greater Mountains and even kill those people?

But when he showed them those heads one by one: ‘This is Hao Yi Manor’s young master’s head, this one is of that young master and the master of the auction house of the Devil Flame Valley.’ She started to believed him. When he also told her about the locations of these people correctly, Gao Yue had no option other than to believe that her disciple, Yang Chen, who was just at the initial Foundation stage, had really taken her revenge.

These two had been in that cultivation room for a long time and during this time the Great Master Wang Yong and the others who had been standing outside were very worried. Only when Yang Chen had told her the events that had happened, did he recall that they also had to go out.

“Master, do not tell anyone about that cultivation matter.”

Before going out, Yang Chen warned Gao Yue. There were some things, which could not be leaked and neither could they be used for everyone.

Gao Yue raised her head and looked at Yang Chen. Seeing his serious expression, she could not help but nod. Yang Chen had many things on him which couldn’t be explained, so having such a cultivation method was not too strange for Yang Chen.

Wang Yong had been worried for a long time. His disciple and grand disciple had been in the cultivation room for almost four months now, without any news. If Yang Chen had not warned them repeatedly that they could not be disturbed under any circumstances, he would have already rushed in.

Fortunately he could still sense that the two people inside were safe, otherwise, Wang Yong would have already entered.

Just when Wang Yong was worrying, the door of the cultivation room suddenly opened and Yang Chen and Gao Yue, one in front, the other in the back, came out.

Looking at Gao Yue walking like a normal person, Wang Yong almost couldn’t control his excitement. In the end, being a YuanYing stage expert, he forcibly resisted rushing forward and checking her. But his face still revealed an expression of gratitude for a moment.

When all of the elders of the Pure Yang Palace were helpless and even the healing experts of other sects couldn’t do anything, his own grand disciple had brought back his disciple healthy and active within four months by himself. This was simply a miracle.

“Good, you don’t need to say anything! I know everything now!”

Wang Yong interrupted Yang Chen before he could open his mouth:

“What you have is very good, if we have any hatred, we certainly must take revenge! Those people must be killed, if someone looks for you now, my Pure Yang Palace will deal with it!”

After talking with Scarface, Wang Yong found out about everything that Yang Chen had done. Originally, he himself wanted to make a trip when Gao Yue had become healed, but Yang Chen had done everything very proficiently. Even if he had went there, he also wouldn’t have been able to take care of it that proficiently, it was even possible that he would have done worse.

Annihilating the Hao Yi Manor, which had almost a thousand people, making friends and exploiting a formidable person like Scarface, none of these things were something which could be done by a simple Foundation stage disciple.

But Yang Chen had done so many miraculous things at the Pure Yang Palace to this date, that Wang Yong wasn’t surprised when he heard of these events and only thought that this was how it should have been. The power of habit could be seen clearly when even a YuanYing expert could think of such miraculous acts as just normal for a Foundation stage disciple like Yang Chen.

Scarface hadn’t spoken in much detail about the events. At least those five JieDan stage females and that YuanYing stage expert hadn’t appeared again and Yang Chen had also warned him, therefore he only told the part of the story related to him. Even a powerful expert like that tree demon was waiting for Yang Chen to come and talk personally.

As for why Scarface had been waiting there all along, it was because he had promised to Yang Chen that he would apologise to Gao Yue and to compensate for those injuries, he would do three things for her. These things hadn’t been achieved, but Yang Chen had entered the cultivation room with Gao Yue, so he could only wait there.

Scarface couldn’t do anything but wait. Other people may not know, but Scarface clearly knew that the old Cassia Tree Demon in Yang Chen’s room was a lot more frightening than anything else. Since he had promised to take care of Yang Chen’s matter, leaving aside whether Yang Chen would come out of the cultivation room or not, or whether he would have a heart’s devil in the future or not, being alone with that old tree demon would certainly not let him get comfortable.

He however knew that the old tree demon had been requested by Yang Chen, moreover he had also obtained a lot of benefits from Yang Chen and could thus immediately pass the Yin Fire tribulation and enter the DaCheng stage. If he offended that old tree demon, even by mistake, he could be killed anywhere, let alone Yang Chen’s sect, without a care.

Upon seeing Gao Yue, the woman whom he had chased and had intended to let live, how could he have any thoughts of thanking her at that moment? So without saying anything, he stepped forward and prostrated himself. Since he had already intended to apologise, why not do it appropriately?

“Fellow Daoist Gao, myself has injured fellow daoist Gao, I beg for forgiveness!”

After prostrating himself, Scarface knocked his head on the ground and loudly spoke.

Gao Yue clearly recognized Scarface. Among those people who had chased her, Scarface was in the front. She had heard about Scarface’s situation from Yang Chen, that he had let her go, and moreover secretly assisted her in fleeing. Gao Yue had also vaguely sensed something like that at that time.

Since the situation was like that, Gao Yue was feeling ashamed to accept Scarface’s apology, so she hastily helped Scarface up with her hands. One was expressing gratitude, the other was apologising, so it could be considered that the situation was to everyone’s satisfaction.

Gao Yue hadn’t taken Scarface doing three things for her seriously, but Scarface was earnest. Having no other option, Gao Yue could only store the three requests for a day when she would need them.

“Good, Yang Chen, you go and take care of your visitors!”

Wang Yong instructed Yang Chen, and his voice contained a trace of complain:

“You have already thrown away your guests without taking care of them for months, what kind of host are you.”

Although, he was berating him, Wang Yong certainly did not have that kind of opinion of Yang Chen. These few months, he had been treating Gao Yue, his own disciple. While still at the Foundation stage, he had saved a person whose spiritual awareness had almost dissipated, so if not satisfaction, what other thoughts could Wang Yong have?

Yang Chen also knew that, in order to save his master, he had neglected Scarface and the old tree demon, for which he felt very apologetic, so he took Scarface back to his courtyard at once, and put his heart to entertaining them.

That old tree demon hadn’t been walking around in his courtyard, he was satisfied in enjoying and nourishing himself in the abundant spirit power of the vein in the courtyard, with an expression of content.

That old tree demon did not have the same senile appearance he had previously. His Appearance Transforming Secrets had possibly become even more profound or maybe because he had obtained the nourishment of such abundant spirit power, he looked a lot younger.

“Who are you, I don’t think you are the person I was waiting for!”

Once Yang Chen entered the room, the old tree demon immediately made fun of him.

“Sorry, sorry for neglecting you senior!”

Yang Chen sincerely asked for forgiveness and after seating Scarface and the old tree demon, he asked for Scarface’s future plans.


Scarface shook his head:

“The only purpose of my life was to take the revenge. Since I have taken my revenge, only some trivial matters are left. Naturally, I remember your master’s matter. But I don’t know what should I do now.”

“There are many things. You could try cultivating and attacking the heavenly law, then see the world after ascending.”

That old tree demon clearly knew more than Scarface and also had higher goals.

“That is one of the to possibilities!”

Scarface faintly nodded, but then he shook his head again:

“I have already become used to life in the Greater Mountains. I am not accustomed to being comfortable every day. I don’t even have an urge to cultivate.”

“In fact, if you want, you can cure the scar on your face and get a new face and then go back to the Greater Mountains.”

Yang Chen smiled:

“Or perhaps some other region, where you can get the same adventurous life as the Greater Mountains. You could maybe also go to the side of the Greater Mountains where the demon beasts live. With your strength you would have no problems. Or if you want, you can go to the region of those devil cultivators, that place is also good.”

His face had to be changed. Although Yang Chen didn’t know it clearly, since the owner of the auction house was someone of whom the master was so afraid of, that he was ready to give up his life to protect that young master, it clearly showed many things. If Scarface, who had such a prominent feature, was researched by people, it would certainly not be good.

Scarface was fond of taking risks and provoking people. Hearing Yang Chen’s words, a shine passed through his face, but then he immediately turned gloomy:

“Change my face? Easier said than done!”

“How difficult could it be?!”

Yang Chen said with a smile:

“Isn’t it just a matter of getting a face changing pill?”


Scarface bitterly laughed:

“That face changing pill… Even that traitor of your sect, Chu Heng, couldn’t get it at the Greatest Heaven Sect, and you say it’s simple?”

While staying at the Pure Yang Palace for four months, Scarface had learned a lot of things, including some of Yang Chen’s past feats; therefore he also knew about Chu Heng’s matter.

“The Greatest Heaven Sect is the Greatest Heaven Sect, I am me!”

Yang Chen disdainfully said:

“Forget others, I am a third grade pill master at my age, leave your face changing pill to me!”


Scarface was exalted. The most troublesome issue was so easily resolved that he couldn’t even believe that all of this was true.

While Scarface and Yang Chen were talking, that old tree demon hadn’t even said a word. But the smile on his face had become brighter and brighter.

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