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Chapter 157 - Master Has Still Not Woken Up



Because of time constraints this chapter is a little rushed, sorry. :(

Everyone was travelling within Yang Chen’s Flying Shuttle, flying very quickly. From the Devil Flame Valley to the edge of the Greater Mountains and then rushing from the edge of the Greater Mountains to the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen only needed a fortnight’s time.

The speed of the Flying Shuttle was very quick, which even startled Scarface and that old tree demon. Despite being amazed, that Cassia Tree Demon didn’t let any surprise appear on his face, but Scarface wasn’t the same.

What a fast Flying Shuttle Yang Chen possessed! If at that time Gao Yue had it, then Scarface and his people would not be able to catch her. Scarface really couldn’t imagine how big the strength of the Pure Yang Palace was.

But Yang Chen did not care about this. He had spent half a year in the Greater Mountains, of which almost five months were spent on the journey. The time to handle these affairs was not very long. At that moment, he was very anxious, thinking about if Gao Yue’s injury had healed or not and had if it affected her cultivation.

Normally, since the Great Master was taking care of Gao Yue while returning, Yang Chen should have been relieved, but he had a bad premonition: only, he could not return immediately and had to take care of these matters.

The first stop was naturally the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. Just as they reached there, everyone sensed the abundant spirit power, which was almost at the point of solidifying and successively took a deep breath.

No wonder Yang Chen was saying that the spirit power at his place was abundant: after all, he really had a place with such a profound spirit vein. That old tree demon continued to inhale long breaths, as if trying to absorb all of the vaporized spirit power in the air and kept praising:

“What a good place! What a good location!”

Although Scarface didn’t say anything, his eyes revealed a sense of deep regret, which he couldn’t conceal. Big sects really were big sects: even their cultivation regions were so luxuriant.

She Kui and Xie Sha had their own places. After arriving, they immediately returned to their own courtyard. The Cassia Tree Demon and Scarface were visitors, so Yang Chen led them to his room, so that they could take a rest for some time, and afterwards he led Scarface towards Gao Yue’s room, while letting the old tree demon stay to get familiar with the environment.

The Second Fierce Yang Courtyard was not very big. They reached Gao Yue’s courtyard within a moment, but Yang Chen was astonished to see that the Great Master was still at Gao Yue’s side.

Looking at his Great Master, Wang Yong, Yang Chen’s heart began to beat loudly: could it be his master’s injury had worsened? He hastily stepped forward to perform his salutations and enquire about master’s injuries.

“Who is this?”

Wang Yong didn’t reply to Yang Chen’s question at first, and instead asked about Scarface, wrinkling his brows.

Scarface hadn’t concealed his cultivation at this moment, so when he displayed his formidable strength of the late YuanYing stage, Wang Yong became vigilant. If Yang Chen was not the one who had led him here, Wang Yong would in all likelihood have already began to interrogate him.

“He is Scarface, he had chased master, working under someone’s order and had secretly allowed her to escape alive.”

Yang Chen didn’t hide anything and immediately answered.

Hearing that Scarface was the one who had chased Gao Yue, Wang Yong’s once again creased his brows, but then he immediately relaxed them. With this kind of cultivation, if Scarface had wanted to kill Gao Yue, then he would have already killed her and would not have only injured her, allowing her to be saved. Generally speaking, it could be considered as a favor from Scarface for saving Gao Yue’s life. When he thought of this, Wang Yong’s complexion brightened again.

“What is fellow daoist Scarface doing here?”

For the time being, Wang Yong didn’t speak with Yang Chen regarding Gao Yue, and instead received his guest first. Regardless of anything, Scarface was still a guest, so Wang Yong also adopted the attitude of a host.

“Senior Scarface has come to apologise to master.”

Before Scarface could open his mouth, Yang Chen took the place of Scarface to explain everything:

“Senior Scarface has been feeling guilty since he had injured master by mistake and is determined to apologise to master personally.”

On one side was Yang Chen talking, and on the other there was Scarface, nodding. Seeing this kind of behaviour Wang Yong couldn’t say anything and had to nod, but he immediately stopped him:

“Fellow daoist Scarface, the wound on my disciple is rather deep and she still hasn’t woken up, I am afraid that fellow daoist won’t be able to fulfill your desire at this time.

Hearing this, Yang Chen was startled and, not caring about Scarface or Wang Yong anymore, directly rushed towards Gao Yue’s room.

Wang Yong understood Yang Chen’s impatience and didn’t say anything, but instead extended his hand towards Scarface and invited him:

“I request fellow daoist to come with me, I just had some issues which I wanted to discuss with fellow daoist. My Pure Yang Palace is simple and crude, so please forgive us for not serving you properly!”

When Scarface heard that Yang Chen’s master still hadn’t woken up, he knew it meant trouble. He estimated that Wang Yong wanted to ask questions about the technique he had used at that time and other things, but he also could not decline, so he followed Wang Yong to the guest room.

Once Yang Chen entered Gao Yue’s room, he immediately saw Gao Yue’s female servants waiting on her. Furthermore, Gao Yue, the person herself, was lying down on the couch, motionlessly, as if she was asleep.

Seeing Yang Chen enter, few female servants hurriedly saluted him. But Yang Chen did not pay much attention to it, hurriedly nodded and directly walked to Gao Yue’s bedside and extended his hand to touch her vein and he began to check carefully.

Her pulse was steady and did not resemble that of an injured person in the least. After checking, he also slightly relaxed. Apparently, those serious injuries she had received that day, had recovered at least on the surface.

“Senior disciple Yang, master’s inner injuries have already been healed.”

One servant on the side hastily told Yang Chen:

“But it seems as if her spiritual awareness has been heavily injured, and had moreover been excessively consumed, such is why she had been unable to wake up until today. Great Master Wang has tried all kinds of methods and asked various people, but he was still unable to do anything.”

Yang Chen’s brows creased again. He released his spiritual awareness and began to pass it into Gao Yue’s body through his hand, directly entering her spirit sea.

Once he made contact with Gao Yue’s spirit sea, Yang Chen couldn’t help but immediately take a deep breath: The spirit sea of ordinary cultivators was supposed to be like a calm lake, but Gao Yue’s spirit sea was like an active volcano, wreaking havoc everywhere. Her weak spiritual awareness rolling around in Gao Yue’s spirit sea basically didn’t seem able to calm down any time soon.

Not only this, if it had just been wreaking havoc, then her spiritual awareness would have already calmed down and started to recover, but the weak spiritual awareness was currently still rebelling and attacking from all sides, for some unknown reason, so it would indeed be a strange occurrence if Gao Yue woke up.

On that day, Gao Yue had sustained severe losses and had become extremely weak, but later she had still forcefully launched the warning signal and sent it to the Pure Yang Palace, which had put her spiritual awareness in such a situation, like a lamp whose oil had dried up. If Yang Chen had not given her that Lingzhi Gyokuro pill at that time, the circumstances would have been even more serious.

Seeing this situation, Yang Chen’s heart started to break into pieces. When he could not deal with it anymore, he quickly instructed the few female servants:

“Prepare a room for her where no one can disturb master! It must have abundant spirit power, I will heal master!”

Hearing Yang Chen’s instructions, the female servants were exalted and asked Yang Chen in a cheerful tone:

“Senior disciple Yang, do you have a way?”

“I can only try!”

Yang Chen didn’t have complete confidence, but at this moment, Yang Chen could not delay any longer and had to try, in spite of the danger.

The room was quickly made available: almost every courtyard had a room that could be used for seclusion. It could also be used for cultivating normally and when required it could be used to unleash a spell formation and finally it was still a place to enter seclusion. Those few female servants only had to quickly tidy up things there and come out.

The sound of activity on the side immediately alarmed Wang Yong, who had just understood the circumstances. Anxious for his lovely disciple, he forgot all of his manners and hastily rushed there and asked impatiently:

“What is going on here?”

Yang Chen, who was carrying Gao Yue in her hands, walking towards the room, quickly answered upon seeing Wang Yong:

“The treatment of master cannot be delayed any longer. Disciple must test something to check if she can be rescued or not.”

Gao Yue was in an extremely dangerous situation right now: That spiritual awareness wandering around had begun to weaken even more and was almost at the point of exhaustion. If this continued, Gao Yue would sink into eternal rest due to exhaustion of her spiritual awareness in a short while.

Even if she didn’t die, she would become similar to Mo Qian, just a body without any consciousness. Even the chances of that were still low, death was still a highly probable outcome.

Yang Chen was very clear about this fact. Apparently Wang Yong also understood this. But the Palace Master of Pure Yang Palace and the other elders had also come to check her and weren’t able to find a way. They had also consulted experts of other sects, but they were also unable to help, everyone could only look helplessly while Gao Yue became weaker and weaker, her spiritual awareness starting to drain bit by bit.

How could Yang Chen allow this to happen? After his rebirth he had come back precisely to stop the tragedy of his previous life from happening and to ensure that his master had a safe and happy life, but right now his master had surprisingly suffered such a serious injury. How could Yang Chen watch, like a bystander?

There still wasn’t any medicine in the Mortal World which could heal spiritual awareness, so he had to use some other method. The matter was extremely urgent and Yang Chen could not care about anyone else right now and immediately entered the cultivation room, carrying Gao Yue.

Although he didn’t know any method to treat weakening spiritual awareness, Yang Chen remembered a type of cultivation method known as Profound Yin and Yang Heart Sutra. The Profound Yin and Yang Heart Sutra allowed two people to cultivate together, drawing support from one’s partner’s spiritual awareness, both could strengthen the cultivation of their spiritual awareness by one step.

It could be simply explained in a single point: this was a kind of method for pair cultivation. Initially Yang Chen hadn’t thought that he would have to conduct pair cultivation with Gao Yue, even if it was a pair cultivation of spiritual awareness, but he couldn’t tolerate Gao Yue’s condition and to save her life, he would use everything he could.

Since the master’s consciousness was totally dormant right now, Yang Chen arranged Gao Yue in proper posture for cultivation and then himself sat behind her, embracing her body from behind, so that she wouldn’t fall down. After he had prepared everything properly, Yang Chen touched his forehead on the back of Gao Yue’s head and began the Profound Yin and Yang Heart Sutra.

Gao Yue final memories were of herself being chased by a group of people, then she began to panic over choosing a path to flee and finally chose a tunnel. Then she launched the warning magic tool and immediately lost consciousness.

Currently, Gao Yue had finally begun to sense that someone had come to save her, only, she was extremely weak and couldn’t even open her eyes to see who it was. In a normal day, she could easily sense who it was, even without opening her eyes, which now seemed to be heavier than thirty thousand catties.

She was extremely shocked at the fact that she could not even sense her own body, she felt as light as a feather, as if she was floating on air, but she could not sense anything in her surroundings. She felt extremely tired and very hard pressed, as if she was near death.

This kind of situation lasted for an extremely long time, when Gao Yue suddenly felt as if her body had become warm, like she was being hugged by someone and felt very comfortable.

An warm current, which made her feel very comfortable, started to flow from the top of her head, increasing her strength by much, but, she was still extremely weak. She could however already sense many things: her body seemed to be in a terrible mess, tossing everywhere, without stopping.

But there was that current passing from the top of her head. She could neither see nor hear, but she could sense that current was nursing down her body, knocking into everything and beginning to comfort it. Furthermore, Gao Yue herself felt a joy which couldn’t be described in words, being passed from every direction into her consciousness.

This process also lasted for an extremely long time, but Gao Yue knew that the person who had assisted her would be extremely tired and had done all of this without resting. But, she didn’t know who it was that had helped her so much.

Although she didn’t know who it was, Gao Yue was extremely grateful. Only when Gao Yue obtained more and more strength, did she discover that she was within her spirit sea. That mess was not her body, but her spiritual awareness.

She wanted to see who had assisted and taken care of her, but it was impossible for her at the moment. The only certain thing was that, when this person was assisting her, she felt very comfortable, very warm and completely safe. Apparently this person was someone who she completely trusted and she completely relaxed.

Her chaotic spiritual awareness had finally calmed down, and Gao Yue could finally control her spiritual awareness, but her spiritual awareness, which used to be extremely formidable, was very weak at the moment. It didn’t even have the strength to move around.

“Master, with this cultivation method that I am giving you, you will be able to recover very rapidly.”

A thought suddenly appeared in Gao Yue’s brain, which made it clear that the person who had been helping her was Yang Chen.

She was extremely confused, but Gao Yue knew that this was not the time to investigate and immediately began to research the cultivation method which Yang Chen had passed on to her. That cultivation method was very complicated, but Yang Chen’s explanation was very detailed, so Gao Yue quickly understood the crux of it and began to move her extremely weak spiritual awareness, little by little.

Basically the pair cultivation method had a higher efficiency than if a single person was cultivating, so Gao Yue’s recovery speed began to accelerate.

As they became more proficient in the cultivation method, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness began to blend with Gao Yue’s spiritual awareness, to the point where his consciousness was within hers, and her consciousness was in his. And that fusion gave Gao Yue never ending joy.

But Gao Yue was also exceptionally shocked to discover that her disciple, who was just at the initial Foundation stage had a spiritual awareness even stronger than a peak JieDan stage expert.

Yang Chen’s cultivation method was extremely formidable and very soon Gao Yue discovered that her spiritual awareness had recovered, but the situation was not over yet: after her recovery, the spiritual awareness began to strengthen. It stopped only after reaching the late JieDan stage.

But Gao Yue also sensed that Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness had reduced by much because of her own spiritual awareness being strengthened. This made her very worried. Only after Yang Chen reminded her through his thoughts, did Gao Yue stop cultivating.

Her spiritual awareness had been restored to its original state and Gao Yue immediately became clear headed, but she was immediately embarrassed to discover that she was cozily leaning into Yang Chen’s bosom, while both of Yang Chen’s hands were tightly holding her waist, with his forehead still touching the back of her head.

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