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Chapter 156 - My Courtyard Has Abundant Spirit Power

29 Sep 2016

Demanding their master’s and young master’s life, how could the people of auction house agree? Perhaps the master could be abandoned, but who would dare to abandon the young master? Their only choice was to fight to the death.

The problem was that the enemy did not give them this chance. While the master and the young master were still hesitating, the ground suddenly opened up and engulfed both of them. No matter that they were both at the peak JieDan stage, all struggle was in vain and they mysteriously disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes, leaving behind a group of guards and administrative people, poking the place as if they were dreaming.

This time the people of the auction house were in great trouble. The master was expendable, but the young master was also taken away and as everyone had heard, the intention of the enemy was to take the young master’s life. If the owner knew about this, all of the auction house’s guards could forget about leaving there alive.

Someone among them suddenly shouted loudly:

“The young master is dead, quickly run for it!”

Rumble! The group of people looking at each other in dismay began to flee. In any case, this world was extremely large, even the owner would not pointlessly search for a few guards. If their cultivation base was strong enough, they could escape to some place far away before it was too late and remain alive.

They were clever enough to even take away the items of the auction house and before the people of the Devil Flame valley could understand what had happened, this place was completely deserted, without the trace of any person.

The auction house of the Devil Flame Valley, which had a large amount of fame and prestige as well as the most secret information in the region, had surprisingly been completely annihilated in a single day. The people of the Devil Flame Valley then recalled all of those pitiful people who had been killed because of the auction house. Maybe they had some special patron. Now, since the complete truth had been revealed, it would certainly be investigated for a lot of people.

Because of this, the Devil Flame Valley would certainly become a place for quarrels where normal cultivators couldn’t stay for long. In fact, many people had already begun to pack their things and escape.

Many people were very remorseful. They had, with great difficulty, found such a good encampment in the Greater Mountains, but now they were forced to depart. It was no surprised that they were unwilling.

But strictly speaking, this could not be blamed on outsiders. If they hadn’t been so apathetic towards these matters, the auction house wouldn’t have become so arrogant. Ultimately nobody could be judged as completely right or wrong.

Yang Chen was not responsible for the Devil Flame Valley in any way, so for him, since his master had met with misfortune here, he did not care that these people were being forced to leave. Him not wiping out the Devil Flame Valley was already giving too much face to them. As for where the people of Devil Flame Valley would go, it was not his problem.

That old Cassia Tree Demon was definitely very strong. He had dealt with the auction house almost by himself. Even the master and the young master were captured by him alone.

When the two people were brought in front of Yang Chen, their cultivation had already been sealed. When they saw Yang Chen, both of them immediately realized what sort of mistake they had made this time.

An initial Foundation stage cultivator coming to the Devil Flame Valley should have already thrown up a lot of questions. Moreover someone who could take out a top grade spirit stone just like that, which was something even the young master could not do, it would only be a miracle if he did not have any great power backing him.

What kind of stupidity had risen in the young master’s mind at that time, that he got the idea to attack Yang Chen? Maybe it was Yang Chen’s wealth or his low cultivation making him seem like a good target.

“Fellow Daoist, Fellow Daoist, our young master is stupid! He should not have offended you, but by all means, you also should not lower yourself to our young master’s level.”

As the master saw Yang Chen, he spoke as if a will to survive had rushed forth in him:

“I will kowtow and apologize to you here! Whatever compensation you want, I offer you double! As long as you let us go, any condition is not a problem!”

Within that master’s eyes, Yang Chen was so young and had so much authority, he would surely not back down so, but as long as he lowered his head and apologized to Yang Chen, admitting his guilt and giving him compensation, maybe it would cool off Yang Chen’s anger and allow them to live.

Other people might not know, but that master had seen many such a situation with the second generation young master. He would get angry over small things in one moment and afterwards the matter would be settled when people flattered him and offered compensation.

But the master could not even imagine that Yang Chen wanted to kill him not for himself, but for his master Gao Yue. That young master also hadn’t thought that the female who seemed to be insignificant, whom they had attacked two months ago, was the real trigger here.

“These words you should say to those dead people!”

Yang Chen sneered and took a step forward. He was just about to attack.

“Fellow Daoist, do you know who is behind us? Do you know who the owner is?”

Since begging for forgiveness wasn’t working, that master immediately switched to another tactic: he started threatening Yang Chen:

“The Young Master is the owner’s first son. The owner is extremely fond of him! If you dare to harm him, even if you run to ends of this world, you won’t find a place to hide!”

Yang Chen still hadn’t said anything, but the master had seemingly already anticipated what Yang Chen was going to say and spoke in advance:

“You think that your identity is a mystery and the owner cannot find you. But the owner will certainly investigate the last auction first in this matter. The things you purchased were special and your bids were huge, which will certainly catch the owner’s attention and at that time, the first person owner will find will be you.”


Yang Chen seemed to be a little surprised:

“Then tell me one thing, who is the owner in the end?”

Once he heard these words, the master immediately relaxed. He was not worried of negotiating with people, what he was most afraid of was that the other person would not even give him a chance to negotiate. As long as he could mention the owner’s name, maybe they could get an opportunity to leave there alive.

“If your master is very popular and affluent, maybe he is willing to pay a huge price to redeem the head of the son he doted on most.”

Yang Chen’s words, immediately dumbfounded the master. He was thinking that the conversation was going very good, but now he was speechless again.

“Redeem the head?”

That young master was already scared silly on the spot. What did Yang Chen mean by those words? He couldn’t remain silent anymore as the head in question right now was his!

“You young master, for every grievance someone is responsible and for every debt there is a debtor. You have not only broken the rules you set yourself, you have also injured my master.”

Yang Chen’s complexion darkened:

“There is no need to say anything about you being some powerful person’s favourite son, since you have dared to lay hands on my master, even if your father was the Jade Emperor, he wouldn’t be able to save your head!”

After he finished speaking, Yang Chen simply didn’t give any more opportunities to the young master and the master to say anything and, in one slash, the young master’s head flew into the air and was then caught by Yang Chen. Then his gaze turned towards that master.

The master was already paralyzed because of fear. How could he have anticipated that Yang Chen would not leave any route for retreat and directly chop off the young master’ head? Looking at the head from which blood was still dripping, that owner had almost gone into a daze.

“You, you, you killed the young master!”

That master was pointing his finger towards Yang Chen and said this in a tone that clearly expressed that he did not dare to believe what he had just seen. His expression had also turned similar to his tone, not daring to believe what had happened.

“Now you can tell me if your master will be willing to spend a price to redeem his favourite son’s head!”

But Yang Chen slowly spoke, raising the head in the face of that master.

“You, you, you will surely die!”

That master’s eyes had already started to turn blurry. That young master’s head was chopped off in front of him. This was already something which escaped the range of things that he could believe. In shock, he couldn’t even say anything else.

“How can you still call yourself a cultivator with such small guts?”

Yang Chen looked at that master who had nearly gone insane and spoke with disdain. Shaking his head, he slashed his sword at his head.

“For every grievance someone is responsible and for every debt there is a debtor. Since you offered that information about my master, you must also die!”

Saying his customary phrase, he chopped off the master’s head. Afterwards he froze both severed heads and placed them in his qiankun pouch.

“Senior, here is your Body Dividing Secret!”

After the matter was finished, Yang Chen walked to the tree demon and, using the Beast Taming Secrets, he immediately delivered the chants of the Body Dividing Secrets to the tree demon using his spiritual consciousness.

The old tree demon, who had taken the form of an old man, nodded with a smile. Then, without saying anything else, he closed his eyes and began to comprehend. Yang Chen also did not say anything and began to wait, calmly looking at that tree demon comprehending it.

After a good while, that tree demon opened his pale yellow eyes and took a deep sigh:

“Wonderful! What a treasure!”

“Since senior is happy, it is all good!”

Yang Chen replied with a smile and then asked:

“I wonder if senior has any future plans?”


That old tree demon chuckled:

“To look for a secure place to plant this main root. Afterwards I’ll wait for the Yin Fire tribulation! I have already suppressed the Yin Fire tribulation for countless years, again and again. Fortunately, with your Body Dividing Secrets, if I fail, only this incarnation will be destroyed and I will still be able to live!”

Hearing these words, everyone was greatly startled. Burning by the Yin Fire was one of the tribulations which peak YuanYing stage had to experience. That old tree had surprisingly been suppressing it. What level of cultivation did he even have? Apart from Yang Chen, nobody present had heard of such a fierce person.

The later words of that old tree demon expressed his gratitude towards Yang Chen. With this Body Dividing Secrets, the Yin Fire tribulation would be shifted completely to his other body and the main part would not be injured, so the tribulation could be passed easily.

Yang Chen’s words were very clear. This technique was especially for plant attributed demon beasts to pass their Yin Fire tribulation. No matter how much the other people envied it, for them it was not very useful. She Kui and Xie Sha were still fine, but Scarface couldn’t conceal the astonishment in his eyes.

“I wonder if senior is interested in moving to this junior’s sect?”

Yang Chen tried to entice him with a smile:

“This junior is owner of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, which has abundant spirit power, where safety is also ensured. If senior is willing, my entire sect, from top to bottom will come out to welcome senior.”

“Haha, you junior, in the beginning I thought that you were a small calf, but only now I know you are not.”

That old demon spilled Yang Chen’s intentions with a smile:

“That young Meadow Viper and Sand Scorpion have told me everything. Aren’t you intending to make me enter that Eccentric People Hall of yours?”

“If senior is willing, then you naturally may enter.”

Yang Chen smiled and without showing the slightest embarrassment over having his intentions revealed he said:

“If you are not willing, then you can come as a guest and stay in my courtyard as long as you want!”

“Aren’t you worried that other people will complain?”

That old man smoothed out his beard and said with a smile:

“I have heard that a lot of people are coveting that courtyard of yours!”

Seeing that She Kui and Xie Sha had completely sold him out, Yang Chen fiercely glared at these two. Although they were at the YuanYing stage, under Yang Chen’s glare, they still lowered their heads, feeling guilty.

Actually, both of them had wanted to get the tree demon to join the Pure Yang Palace, because if that happened, their Eccentric Hall’s strength would increase by leaps and bounds and they would have even greater face in the sect. These two, who had already tasted the feeling of being in an organization, absolutely didn’t want to return to living lonely.

“It is my courtyard, what can anyone else say?”

Yang Chen once again turned to that old tree demon and said with a smile:

“If senior really doesn’t want to come in contact with those people, then please feel free to just plant your main body there. Don’t tell me that you think other people would even say a thing about the type of plants I grow in my courtyard?”

Although his tone was slightly disrespectful, his meaning was completely clear. With the cultivation of the old tree demon, if he didn’t become arrogant at the courtyard after passing the Yin Fire tribulation, even the Palace Master wouldn’t be able to discover it. The clear proof of that would be that the old tree demon had not been discovered at the Greater Mountains for so long. After all, not everyone had a spiritual awareness as sharp as Yang Chen.

“Fine then. This old man will bother you as a guest for a few days. That Eccentric Hall, if you all think that there is some necessity, then this old man will immediately enter!”

That old demon nodded with a chuckle and agreed to Yang Chen’s request, but he also didn’t hide his desires:

“This old man has always thought that you have something which will allow this old man to ascend. That thing is very close, but I couldn’t find it. So following you will also be a good opportunity.”

Hearing that old demon’s words, Yang Chen immediately thought of the PengLai Divine Wood branches planted in the Medicine Garden. Could it be that the old demon was talking about them? Perhaps because the old tree demon had entered the domed palace hall, he was able to sense the PengLai Divine Wood nearby. After all, the domed palace hall was the lid of the Medicine Garden’s bottle, both were parts of a whole, so the old tree demon saying that it was nearby made complete sense.

If he was really talking about the PengLai Divine Wood branches, then Yang Chen had to admire the sharpness of the old tree demon. But thinking about this, it seemed to be normal. After all, the old tree demon possessed the wisdom of countless years. His spiritual awareness was extremely formidable. In his entire past life, Yang Chen had barely met any experts of the Mortal World, so it was not strange that someone could sense them.

But Yang Chen would certainly not hand that thing to the old tree demon, not to mention that he didn’t even know what kind of trouble this old tree demon with such a high cultivation could cause. Until now, the old tree demon hadn’t done anything, but he wanted to obtain a spirit grade object like PengLai Divine Wood. That really would be too easy for him. Even the Body Dividing Secrets were only given to him after he had settled the matter of the auction house, Yang Chen certainly did not want to make an example showing that he was a person from whom things could be obtained without any work.

He had finally taken his revenge, and also obtained the Heaven Measuring Ruler as well as a Qilin’s horn, while retrieving his master’s Red Sun Metal Soul and roping in a powerful expert, not to mention that the three people from the Pure Yang Palace had obtained around seventy or so qiankun pouches, which was almost three fourth of the harvest from Hao Yi Manor, their profits were enormous, which could make anyone drool.

The circumstances of Scarface were unique and he could be said to have committed many evils previously. Although his cultivation was formidable, Yang Chen hadn’t invited him. The Pure Yang Palace surely didn’t want an expert who had such a complicated background, even if he was at the late YuanYing stage.

But Scarface had already agreed to go to the Pure Yang Palace to apologise to Gao Yue and had moreover agreed to do three things for her. So after returning, Yang Chen would have to find another way to settle him.

The party again started their journey and the goal this time was the Pure Yang Palace at MeiQing Mountain.

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