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Chapter 155 - Fate Of The Auction House

28 Sep 2016

Hao Yi Manor had been completely razed to the ground, Scarface hadn’t left even a single person alive. The entire manor was like an impenetrable fortress being surrounded by the old tree demon, so nobody was able to escape.

That young manor master’s head was preserved properly by Yang Chen, who wanted to return it to his master. This mess of the Hao Yi Manor still required someone to straighten it, however.

There were dead bodies of thousands of people, as well as their belongings, which wouldn’t decay and disappear with the dead bodies. Thus, with Scarface’s advice, Yang Chen and the others started gathering the spoils of battle.

For all those years, the people of the Hao Yi Manor had robbed a lot of good things in the Greater Mountains. Just that young master alone had robbed materials and magic weapons worth several high grade spirit stones in a decade, then what about his father and the other three brothers, who were even more greedy?

Yang Chen’s sword box required large a number of flying swords, so he wasn’t polite and took all of the flying swords he could. In addition to that, the Red Sun Metal Soul wasn’t something which he would let go. After all, it was something which Gao Yue had found for him after a long search, so he wanted to get the hold of it no matter what.

The remaining things were divided equally among all of them. The Hao Yi Manor was quite rich, all of these things had filled up almost a hundred ordinary qiankun pouches. Finally, since nobody was in the mood to fight over things among themselves, the qiankun pouches were divided evenly. Anyone could get anything, so nobody had an advantage nor were they at a loss.

Scarface, who had finally taken his revenge, lit a fire and burned the entire Hao Yi Manor to the ground. From then on, there was no Hao Yi Manor in this world.

Scarface also abided by his promise as he took out one of the eight flame swords on the Nanming Flame Armor and gave it to Yang Chen as a present.

Scarface hadn’t actually believed that Yang Chen would teach him some method to deal with the Four Devil Spell, but the things that Yang Chen had taught him afterwards were completely logical, allowing him to fulfill his desire of revenge personally.

With Old Tree Demon to keep watch as well as She Kui, Xie Sha and Yang Chen to assist him, Scarface faced the four masters of the Hao Yi Manor with great confidence. Once the fight began, the enemy had sensed that Scarface was very difficult to deal with and thus immediately unleashed the Four Devil Spell.

This Four Devil Spell was the unique skill of those four brothers to save their lives, which they had stolen from a bag of some expert after they had sneakily attacked on him during their adolescence. When it was unleashed, it would reveal endless might. Enemies could only save their lives by escaping at high speed, otherwise even a Da Cheng stage expert would be unable to do anything in front of this.

But Scarface discovered that the method which Yang Chen had taught him was useful. Not just useful, but extremely useful.

Yang Chen did not tell him to look for some particular flaw in the Four Devil Spell and attack it, but rather told him about the places where the attacks of spell could not reach him. If the Four Devil Spell was launched, it had extremely formidable strength, but it had one fatal weakness: that was that their were some positions which could be used for cover. Very few people knew about this secret, but unfortunately for them, Yang Chen was one of them.

Perhaps just missing one or two attacks would not have mattered much, but, if all the attacks are missed at every decisive moment, then it could be a fatal weakness of the Four Devil Spell or rather, fatal weakness for the people who had arranged the Four Devil Spell.

Continuously sending attacks into empty air and the backlash which it brings with itself could accumulate on the body of the people operating the spell step by step. When Scarface began to use this method of hiding, the four manor masters were already doomed to die.

Unfortunately, the four manor masters did not know that they would have to face such serious consequences and only kept believing that this time the attack hadn’t hit because the enemy was dodging quickly. After a few hours, because the backlash was accumulating, the peak YuanYing stage experts finally died on the spot, being burned from inside.

Ecstasy, astonishment and disbelief. Looking at the four manor masters who were defeated by himself alone, Scarface had very complicated emotions.

Currently Scarface couldn’t see Yang Chen as just a simple youngster anymore. He was clearly just an initial Foundation stage youngster, but he knew far more things than the YuanYing stage experts present. Moreover, because of Yang Chen, he was able to take the revenge with his own hands, so he had an almost blinding worship for Yang Chen, to the stage of following his every word.

But after his immense hatred had been settled, Scarface suddenly felt that he didn’t have the drive to move forward anymore. He did not know what should he do in the future. Should he go and train so as to search for the path for ascension or should he stay at the Greater Mountains? Scarface was at a loss.

“No need to think about it, there is still one great enemy left!”

As if he had realized Scarface’s dilemma, Yang Chen stepped forwards and patted on his shoulder:

“The auction house of the Devil Flame Valley, they are also one of the main culprits!”

Scarface had been the number one henchman, so he was completely aware of the auction house’s role in the robbing and the killings. He agreed and obediently began to walk towards the Devil Flame Valley behind Yang Chen.

She Kui and Xie She were also completely satisfied. Even when they were at the Desolate Valley, they hadn’t been able to kill people so freely. Slaughtering the innocents and killing scoundrels to wipe out a grudge were two completely different things. They were completely calm.

The auction house also had a great influence, but as long as there were people, someone was bound to give in to greed. All of the information Hao Yi Manor’s young master obtained was most likely received from the young master responsible for the affairs of the auction house. That one young master was responsible for supplying the information while this young master was responsible for killing people and looting their things, which were then divided between the both of them.

Just this point had already broken the rules of the auction house, moreover the rules which they themselves had determined. That’s why the auction house had provided them with special mantles for hiding their appearance, which were fitted with special compasses to leave a trail. The rules they themselves had set had been thoroughly broken by them behind the stages.

Yang Chen wanted the old tree demon precisely to deal with the auction house. Previously, at the Hao Yi Manor, he had just assisted them for their friendship, but the auction house was the main target where his help was needed.

Compared to Hao Yi Manor, the defenses of the auction house were even tighter and they also had more experts. Moreover, in case it was not handled properly, the entire Devil Flame Valley could rise against them.

The most troublesome thing was that the auction house itself was a magic weapon. The huge auction house not only offered a place for auctions, but was also a magic weapon with absolute defence. As long as people entered it, they would be safe from all kinds of attacks. If this kind of magic weapon was not taken care of quickly, attacking someone was just impossible.

The auction house hadn’t fallen until now because of that reason.

Three days later, Yang Chen’s party arrived outside of the Devil Flame Valley. Yang Chen’s aim was simple: the master of the auction house and that young master were both people who had a connection to the attack on his master, they had to die.

Hao Yi Manor’s information still hadn’t been passed to here. In fact, there was no possibility that it would be passed on to here. If not for someone to pass through there by chance or someone who was visiting a friend, then the Hao Yi Manor, which had already been turned to ruins would never be discovered by anyone.

As long as it was not discovered, the people of the auction house would not notice for time being, which would be even more convenient for Yang Chen. This was also the reason why Yang Chen had first made his move on Hao Yi Manor. If he had first attacked the auction house, which had great fame and prestige, maybe the young master of the Hao Yi Manor would have already run away.

In half a day, a rumor began to spread like wildfire in the Devil Flame Valley. The auction house had been colluding with Hao Yi Manor and was involved in the business of killing people to rob them, which Scarface was completely aware off. This rumor was being spread by Scarface himself.

After some time, the place, the people who participated, the items sold by auction and what things they had seized or planned to seize were all made public. In fact, this was no longer being considered a rumor, but rather a list of items of the victims.

Anyone with a brain could immediately discover that the items sold by the auction house on the list were all real and there was one thing common with all these items: their whereabouts were all currently unknown.

The people who had participated in the attack were also recognized. When the people recalled their whereabouts at that time, it all seemed true as proclaimed on this list.

With the analysis of this list and adding in the information which Scarface had provided, everything became clear. The reputation of the auction house reached rock bottom in a very short amount of time.

The master of the auction house did his utmost to block this information, but who could block information when they wanted within the Greater Mountains? The more it was blocked, the more it appeared that they were guilty. The entire matter was spread, bubbling and gurgling. People did not dare to pass by the auction house’s surroundings anymore.

This was still not over. Most fierce was the appearance of those compasses. These few compasses could search for any person who was wearing the appearance hiding cloak. So anyone who attended the auction could be tracked.

Almost everyone in the Devil Flame Valley had an appearance hiding cloak. After a few confirmations, all of the rumors had ironclad evidence. People who possessed the appearance hiding cloak immediately destroyed, it as soon as they heard the information.

No one had anticipated that the appearance hiding cloaks, which facilitated their participation in the auction, were actually a way to their own demise. Fortunately, the majority of them were poor and could not afford good items, otherwise there would have been no difference between them and the people who had gone missing.

The auction house had thoroughly become the target of everyone’s criticism. Everyone in the Devil Flame Valley was watching it like a tiger watching its prey. If it was not for the formidable strength of the auction house, these people would have already surrounded it.

The master was greatly alarmed, but he didn’t dare to take any action. This time, he also couldn’t complain to the young master, after all he had also agreed to many things tacitly. Those two people were tied by karma. One could not escape without the other.

He had broken the rules of the auction house, which the owner also knew now, so apart from death, he didn’t have any choice. Even if the young master was the owner’s favourite son, it would be very difficult for him to escape punishment.

Although the master had thought of running away, he knew about the owner’s formidable influence, if he took the responsibility together with the young master, perhaps there was a chance for him to save his life, but if he ran away just before the battle, then his life would be more miserable than death.

The only option right now was to retreat within the auction house and maintain his guard and afterwards send information to notify the owner. As for settling the matter, that was already not something which a trifling master, who was only responsible for looking after the regular affairs of the auction house, could resolve.

The reason why the auction house had been standing tall in the Devil Flame Valley of the Greater Mountains was their formidable strength, not just their manner of doing business. Although such a large affair has occurred, the master was convinced that those people in the Devil Flame Valley could only keep on shouting to express their resentments, but attacking the auction house was not possible. If the master did not want them to, those people could not even enter the main gate of the auction house.

Despite however clear that was, the master would never have thought that someone would actually attack the main gate or even use such an unreasonably shocking method to attack. This was simply unimaginable to the master.

Suddenly the people of the Devil Flame Valley had witnessed a shocking scene which made them unable to believe their eyes.

The entire auction house was suddenly uprooted from the ground and thrown into the air. Within the air, it was once again forcibly pulled down and ruthlessly smashed into the ground.

Nobody understood what had happened, but everyone knew one thing: that the attack on the auction house would bring great trouble.

The master’s endless pride in the defense of the auction house was shattered like glass in front of the old tree demon, who had lived for countless years.

A series of strikes began to crazily fall on the outer surface of the auction house. The master frightfully discovered that the defense of the auction house was being stripped layer by layer. Every strike was critically damaging to the auction house. After a few attacks, the auction house was completely shaken up by these strikes.


At the same time as the auction house’s final layer of defense was broken, the huge auction house disintegrated.

Several people began to come out, like bees evacuating from a honeycomb. But just as they were about to come out, they immediately sensed a pressure as if thirty thousand catties were falling from the sky, which immediately made them recall the previous attacks on the auction house.

Nobody dared to resist and immediately rushed out, but they couldn’t see an enemy, yet they could sense endless killing intent everywhere.

“Where is the master? Where is the young master?”

A voice suddenly echoed in everyone’s ears, but the owner of the voice could not be seen.

Everyone’s eyes involuntarily turned to the master and the young master. The identities of those two were immediately exposed under the questioning gazes of everyone.

“Senior! Myself is greatly terrified in your presence! If I have offended senior in anyway, I request senior to come out and tell myself personally, and I will make sure that senior is immediately handed over the compensation by the owner!”

Just recently their fraud had been exposed and now this attack came, there was no need to ask, both matters were definitely related. The master could only step in personally, hoping that the enemy would give them a chance to negotiate, to give face to the owner.

“If you and that young master die, I will not investigate further!”

That strange voice echoed in their ears again:

“Your auction house is struck off the face of the earth from now on!”

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