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Chapter 154 - Eliminating Hao Yi Manor

27 Sep 2016

Hao Yi Manor was very large. It had an area of several hundred mu and had servants protecting the courtyards and so on. They numbered almost a thousand people. Suddenly at midnight at a distance of almost ten miles from the Hao Yi Manor, a few people appeared.

“Senior, can you bind this entire building?”

Yang Chen could see a spell formation protecting Hao Yi Manor and asked the old tree demon at his side.

“This is just a trifling area of a few hundred mu, this old man’s roots can cover even bigger manors.”

The old tree demon looked like an old man at this moment, his beard was very long and he was wearing a type of mottled clothes. His appearance exactly resembled an old man in dire straits.

After saying this, the old tree demon suddenly seemed to sink his legs into the ground. After that, Yang Chen and others immediately sensed large movements from the grounds underneath. After a short moment, the tree demon, with a smile with his feet still inside the ground, said:

“Alright then, I can assure you that nobody can escape from here, you can attack now!”

The old tree demon had lived for countless years, so long that even Yang Chen could not judge the depth of his cultivation. But regarding his words, Yang Chen had no doubt.

“Scarface, regardless of whatever grievance or hatred you have, there is someone you will never attack.”

Yang Chen strongly urged him and particularly warned him:

“That young master, who had designs on my master, he is mine!”

Both eyes of Scarface who had been restraining himself for an extremely long time had turned blood red, the Nanming Flame Armor on his body brightened and the eight flame swords began to hover around his body. He issued a loud shout towards the Hao Yi Manor in the distance and his figure immediately turned into a blur, rushing forward.

She Kui and Xie Sha, standing behind Yang Chen’s body also had similar expressions. When Yang Chen had asked them to come, he had told them they were going to kill people. For a long time, they had not been able to release their killing intent, which was quite unpleasant for these two.

“This Hao Yi Manor doesn’t have any innocent people, so you two seniors can go on a rampage!”

Yang Chen had investigated the Hao Yi Manor properly. There were no innocent people there. Since they were only there to kill sinners, Yang Chen didn’t feel even a bit of guilt:

“But don’t rob that young master from me!”

She Kui and Xie Sha burst into a loud laughter and transformed into their original forms. Afterwards they rapidly began to move in towards the manor from two different directions in order to kill.

Soon, a wave of bloodcurdling screams could be heard from the Manor, together with countless terrified cries of help. A few people tried to flee by using their flying swords, but just as they had gone two miles outside, a huge root appeared from somewhere and wrapped around them, throwing them back into the manor.

Yang Chen was watching everything indifferently, but suddenly he loudly yelled:

“For every grievance someone is responsible and for every debt there is a debtor. Young master of this manor, since you intended to rob and kill my master, I will end your dog life!”

After he finished speaking, regardless of whether people had heard it or not, Yang Chen began to take large strides and move towards the entrance of the manor. Only, after walking a few steps, countless blood colored branches suddenly appeared from his body. Reflecting the fire burning far away, he appeared like a monster with tentacles growing all around him.

There were many people in manor which included many experts. Soon Yang Chen heard the sound of fighting. But the young master should be at the central region with the main forces and from the Nanming Flame which could be seen in the sky from far away, it was likely that Scarface had already begun fighting with those four brothers.

Suddenly five women appeared behind Yang Chen’s body, who rushed to the rear of the Manor to kill people. Yang Chen himself remained standing at the main entrance of the Manor, calmly waiting for someone to walk into the trap.

Nobody could escape by flying. All three directions had formidable enemies, so the only way was the main entrance, where Yang Chen was, so there would inevitably be someone who would want to escape from Yang Chen’s side.

Apart from the four manor masters, there was no other YuanYing expert in the Hao Yi Manor, so Yang Chen, together with the Blood Phantom Vine, was already able to deal with any remaining people. Moreover, there was still Mo Qian left. The YuanYing expert was ready to mount a sneak attack at all times.

Mo Qian only knew how to obey orders but could not judge the situation by herself, so for fear that she would also get rid of that young master, Yang Chen didn’t let her out and kept her only for defence.

The people fleeing from the gate were not able to come in front of Yang Chen. They could not even see Yang Chen’s face clearly before they collapsed because of the Blood Phantom Vine’s poison mist and afterward they could not even feel the vines dragging them to Yang Chen.

As long as it was not the young master whom Yang Chen was looking for, Yang Chen would allow these people to serve as the Blood Phantom Vine’s nourishment. Within the short period of an hour, the people dying under Yang Chen’s hand had already crossed over a thousand.

Finally, the terrible massacre made everyone inside the Manor feel dread when a group of people holding each other suddenly rushed to the main entrance of the Manor.

“Protect the madam, protect the young master!”

Several people who were clearly henchmen, were distributed in the surroundings of a man and woman and rushed out. Seeing Yang Chen’s silhouette in the distance, several people immediately rushed towards him.

Hearing the name of madam and young master, a smile immediately made its way on Yang Chen’s face. After waiting for a very long time, this young master would finally fall in his hands.

“Kill him!”

Looking at Yang Chen standing at the middle of the road obstructing the way, that young master immediately grew angry and loudly yelled at the few henchmen protecting him.

In all directions of the manor, formidable enemies were fighting. Nobody knew where they had come from. What was most astonishing for that young master was that his most powerful lackey, Scarface, was among these people. He didn’t know why Scarface had concealed his strength, but he was surprisingly at the YuanYing stage and was evenly matched with his father and three uncles.

The Manor master had sensed that the events were far from encouraging while engaged with Scarface and had ordered them to flee. Inside the manor was a secret pathway to the outside, but just as they were about to go in, they discovered that the secret path had collapsed because of some explosion.

He wanted to flee using earth evasion, but he suddenly discovered that he was being obstructed by something. In any case, escaping from the old tree demon would indeed be very strange. So there was no other option than running away through the front door.

That sulking young master had just shouted the order of killing him, when he suddenly discovered that those resilient guards of his were curled in front of that person’s figure and soon began to start screaming and dry up.

Seeing such a dreadful scene, that young master was scared out of his wits and was just thinking of recoiling back when he heard Yang Chen’s scary voice which was cheerful on discovering him:

“Young manor master, since you have come then you must not think of returning.”

“You… you, who are you?”

The young master asked almost weepingly:

“What kind of hatred does the Hao Yi Manor have with you that you have formed such an evil scheme?”

Even if he was an idiot, seeing Yang Chen standing at the main gate, he could easily see that Yang Chen was the one giving the orders. The young master thought to himself that he had never seen Yang Chen, so he should not have offended him in any way. Since there was no hatred or enmity, why was Yang Chen leading such a massacre here?

“Young master truly is a person with short memory.”

Yang Chen said with a smile:

“Two months ago, didn’t you order your people to attack on a female JieDan stage cultivator? Furthermore, you also robbed her Red Sun Metal Soul. Has the young master already forgotten this? Killing people and robbing them has probably already become your habit, young master, hasn’t it?”

“What relation does that woman have with you?”

That young master was greatly astonished. He realized that he had kicked a metal board that time. But how could he know that the female JieDan cultivator had such a fearsome backer like Yang Chen?”

“She was my master!”

Yang Chen slowly said to him, realizing that the young master had remembered.

“How is this possible?”

The young master loudly yelled, as if he had gone mad:

“She isn’t even on your level, how can she be your master?”

“What is so impossible about this.”

Yang Chen smiled and making the Blood Phantom Vine retreat, he alone confronted the young master’s party.

Without the Blood Phantom Vine, everyone immediately probed Yang Chen’s cultivation. But the results gave everyone an even greater surprise. Initial Foundation stage? How was this possible? Of those guards who had charged at him just a moment ago, who wasn’t at the JieDan stage?

While everyone was stunned, the woman behind the young master suddenly yelled and a flying sword rushed towards Yang Chen to behead him.


The ringing sound echoed and that flying sword was obstructed by some unknown flying sword. Soon after, another figure with her face covered appeared from behind Yang Chen and like a cheetah she rushed towards the group of the young master.

That female who had just attacked was caught by her throat by the masked woman, who then flew into the sky with her. All those people suddenly heard the sound of a neck snapping and the body and head of that woman landed in different places. When they heard the sound of the body and head falling to the ground, all of them began to shake uncontrollably.

After this, that masked woman again returned behind Yang Chen and disappeared, as if she had never even appeared.

That young master’s eyeballs almost came out after seeing this. An initial Foundation stage youngster had so many powerful bodyguards. By the looks of it, they all seemed to be at the YuanYing stage. How could he not regret? Why did he have to go and provoke such a monster?

“I, I am ready to compensate you! Even that piece of Red Sun Metal Soul, you can have it back!”

That young master’s voice started to tremble due to his nervousness and with shivering hands he pulled out a pile of things from his qiankun pouch:

“These, these are for you, just let me go, just let me go!”

In fact, there were many good items among the things that young master had pulled from his qiankun pouch. Once Yang Chen’s eyes swept over them, he immediately discovered many materials at least as precious as the Red Sun Metal Soul. But how could these things make Yang Chen’s fury disappear?

Looking at this things with an expression of disdain, Yang Chen sneered mockingly:

“Kill you for what? These things are mine already and I can take them after killing you.”

“Since you haven’t killed me for so long, you definitely want to leave me alive!”

Although there was still some slight panic in the young master’s voice, he hastily said things trying to curry favour, as if he had found something to reassure him:

“What do you want? Tell me! As long as I can give it to you, I will give it to you. If you want to know something, I will tell you, but just please don’t kill me!”


Yang Chen revealed the trace of a smile and praised him:

“Surprisingly you know that since you are still alive, I definitely want something.”

“Tell me, tell me!”

Young Master immediately turned cheerful:

“As long as you tell me and I have it, I will give it to you!”

“In reality, I don’t want anything from you.”

Yang Chen calmly shook his head and continued on:

“You also can’t give me anything I want.”

“Then why haven’t you killed me yet?”

Again the young master turned fearful, he also began to sob:

“You definitely have some aim, definitely some purpose, just tell me!”

“The reason why I still haven’t kill you is this.”

Yang Chen gazed fixedly at those frightened men and women, and calmly said:

“Only that I want you to look at the demise of Hao Yi Manor before you die, that’s all.”


Hearing Yang Chen’s reason, the young master’s legs became weak and he immediately sat down on the ground. The women behind his body also began to weep.

That slaughter within the Hao Yi Manor had already advanced to the finale. The painful screams had also became rare and the loudest sounds were coming from the battle between Scarface and the four masters. The hundred or so mu of the Hao Yi Manor were completely razed to the ground.


The young master loudly yelled:

“My father and my uncles join together to form the Four Devil Spell! Even a Da Cheng stage expert cannot deal with it, so wishing to exterminate my Hao Yi Manor is absolutely impossible. As soon as my father and uncles kill your people, you won’t be able to escape from your calamity!”

Knowing that Yang Chen would kill him in any case, the young master actually released a strong pressure and began to threaten Yang Chen:

“Let us go right now, I am the master, so I will make the previous matter forgotten, otherwise, we will destroy you indiscriminately! My father and uncles will certainly not let you go, you and your people will all be killed!”

As if fulfilling the prophecy, just as the young master’s words had barely left his mouth, the victor was also decided in the fight of those five people in the Hao Yi Manor. With a rumbling sounds, a glaring light continued to flicker incessantly and soon afterwards, a flame sword began to wave around and the silhouettes of several people were thrown out not very far from them.

There was one thing common among the four people who were falling down: everyone was burnt completely and while falling their bodies began to disintegrate. By the time they had fallen to the ground, they had already turned into pieces of burnt meat.

But that young master and the few women sitting behind him, who were extremely familiar with those four figures involuntarily yelled madly and then began to sob loudly. Those four people were clearly the four master of the manor, but they had already been annihilated.

Scarface’s figure appeared immediately afterwards and looking at those people in front of Yang Chen, he burst into a loud laughter:

“There is still some filth remaining, receive your death!”

And he directly rushed towards them.

Before the young master could turn his head around, he already heard a series of screams. When he turned around, all he saw was the ground littered with dead bodies. At the last moment, Scarface had remembered that the young master was Yang Chen’s prey, so he hadn’t touched him.

After the death of these people, Hao Yi Manor had become completely quiet, without any more screams. Soon, She Kui, Xie She and those five women appeared from different directions. While walking, She Kui showed a cheerful expression after fulfilling his craving, just like Xie Sha next to him.

“For every grievance someone is responsible and for every debt there is a debtor.”

Yang Chen walked a few steps and walked to face the young master:

“Young master of the manor, since you dared to move against my master, even a hundred deaths cannot save yourself. Farewell!”

After speaking, he slashed the flying sword in his hand once and that young master’s head immediately flew. After that, Yang Chen caught the severed head at his hair bun began to walk away with blood still dripping from the severed head.

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