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Chapter 153 - Patiently Waiting For Revenge

26 Sep 2016

Why not? Yang Chen was naturally willing, but he still thought that there was some ulterior motive in this deal, so he could not help but warn him:

“That person is wearing an armor of Nanming Flame, so you must be careful, I want him alive.”

“No problem.”

The Cassia Tree Demon immediately agreed and instructed at the same time:

“Tell that metal attributed woman to get out of the way!”

This was once again an unfathomable mystery, but Yang Chen didn’t hesitate and immediately issued a command to Mo Qian and she immediately started to fly towards Yang Chen. Before reaching Yang Chen, she came across the domed hall of the Medicine Garden and entered it.

The three remaining fighters didn’t know why Yang Chen had called Mo Qian, but at that moment everyone was so furious and immersed in battle that no one cared about that.

The influence of four YuanYing stage experts fighting had already influenced an area with a radius of several hundred miles long ago. But nobody dared to check it out, for the fear of burning their own hands and were only listening to the sound of activity, trying to guess what was happening.

The people of the Devil Flame Valley had also discovered this berserk pressure and everyone’s complexion was serious. A big battle was taking place so close to the Devil Flame Valley and by the looks of it, it involved several YuanYing experts. What had happened, why were they so angry?

At the same time as people far away were guessing, Yang Chen was also trying to guess what kind of method the Cassia Tree Demon wished to use to deal with Scarface. But he didn’t have to think about it for long, as he could see the answer.

A complete mountain, a several metres high mountain, a few hundred metres away from the battle of those people, suddenly flew up from the ground. As if it had been uprooted it began to disintegrate into mountain rocks and began to fall on the battle of those three people from the sky.

Yang Chen could clearly see that the mountain had countless thick roots deeply embedded. These roots were without question the roots of that old Cassia Tree Demon. That old demon had surprisingly used the strength of its own roots and directly pulled out that mountain and smashed it towards the battle.

Those three immersed in their battle did not discover that mountain until it was already on top of their heads and by the time they found out, there was not enough time to take cover, so they only had the option of using their own strength to resist this mountain striking upon them.


A loud sound echoed and in the region where the three people were fighting, a throne suddenly appeared on that mountain’s peak, formed like a new small mountain.

Yang Chen was not even a little worried that She Kui and Xie Sha would be harmed, they were earth attributed demon beasts, let alone this mountain, even if it was a hundred times larger, they would still be safe and sound especially after refining the fifth earth True Qi.

Scarface on the other hand wasn’t at ease anymore. The spell flags couldn’t be taken out and regained in time, so they were also smashed. Just as he used earth evasion, he discovered that among the mountain roots in his surroundings, there were countless tenacious roots surrounding him.

Even if he used the Nanming Flame, those roots didn’t seem to care much and began to shrink their grip. Soon, only enough space for Scarface to stand was left, making him unable to take even a single step.

The Nanming Flame was burning brightly, but the tree roots secreted a peculiar juice. Regardless of how brightly the flames burnt, it was unable to harm the tree roots.

At this moment Scarface had realized that he had run into a formidable expert and could only stop his vain struggle and allow the roots to wrap around him. The roots took him out of the mountain base and delivered him in front of Yang Chen.

She Kui and Xie Sha had already turned into human shape and were standing at Yang Chen’s side, suspiciously looking at everything. Yang Chen only used a single sentence to explain:

“I ran into a senior of the demon race.”

Since the old Cassia Tree Demon had already made his move, She Kui and Xie Sha very quickly discovered the presence of this old tree demon. Plant type demons sometimes lived much longer than animal type. Seeing this tree demon’s cultivation, even if both of their ages were added, calling him senior would still not be an overstatement.

“When did the Pure Yang Palace get so many strong demon beasts?”

Scarface who was delivered in front of Yang Chen had his body covered with tree roots, but he hadn’t lost consciousness. Apart from not being able to move, he could still talk consciously. At this moment, he didn’t have any thoughts of fleeing, so he suspiciously asked.

“Someone saw you chase my master and attack her once, what do you say?”

Yang Chen sternly asked. The spider woman had said that Scarface had struck her once, then even if he had some kind of story, Yang Chen would not let him off easily.

“If it were not for my attack, she would not have been sent off flying, but would have been humiliated to death by the young master.”

Even in this situation Scarface hadn’t accepted defeat and only snorted, but although his tone was unyielding what he had said already explained everything.

Yang Chen believed these words. With his strength, Scarface had resisted Mo Qian, Xie Sha and She Kui; so if he wanted to get rid of Gao Yue, it was as easy for him as stretching his finger. Even capturing her would only be a small effort. Even if he wanted to capture her, it was still not worthwhile to pretend to attack her.

So regardless of anything else, Scarface had still saved Gao Yue’s life. After considering for a moment, Yang Chen transmitted to the old Cassia Tree Demon:

“Senior, I request you to let him go.”

“Aren’t you worried that he will attack you immediately after being released?”

The Old Cassia Tree replied with a chuckle.

Yang Chen thought of something and invited the Old Cassia Tree Demon:

“Senior this junior knows a exceptionally good place to discuss things, I wonder if senior is interested?”

“There is no harm in doing it, where is it?”

The old Cassia Tree Demon was very daring and was simply not worried of Yang Chen playing any tricks.

Yang Chen opened the domed medicine hall and enveloped everyone to take them in. The main body of the old tree demon also entered.

“Everyone, you must not move around randomly so as to prevent injuries.”

Yang Chen warned. In fact, even without Yang Chen warning, seeing the forty nine high grade flying swords fluttering at the top made everyone vigilant.

Mo Qian and her disciples were as if they had returned home and without saying anything they immediately sat down to cultivate without caring for anything else. She Kui and Xie Sha had also entered there for the first time and were looking around curiously, but none of them took even a single step.

The old tree demon had already released Scarface and in a moment he had transformed into a person who had complete hands and feet, but was still leaning towards the appearance of a large tree and began to curiously look around. Clearly he had already obtained slight success in the Appearance Transformation Secrets within a short moment.

“Your master was chased by the order of the young master of the Hao Yi Manor, not only for her wealth, but also to capture her.”

Scarface didn’t have any more ideas to attack, so he was sitting down on the spot and while looking at Yang Chen, he said:

“If you want to go to Hao Yi Manor, I can lead you there.”

“I will destroy Hao Yi Manor for sure, but for what reason are you the henchman of the Hao Yi Manor’s young master?”

Yang Chen was not someone easy to cheat. If Scarface didn’t give him a reasonable reply for helping him, Yang Chen wouldn’t mind beheading him on the spot.

“I have mortal enmity with the Hao Yi Manor. I have infiltrated the Hao Yi Manor, so that one day I can exterminate it.”

Scarface said this without the slightest hesitation:

“I was afraid that the old traitor would recognize me, so I disfigured my face and concealed my cultivation and became his son’s henchman, creating disasters everywhere, wishing that some expert would drop in to take revenge.”

These words were quite reasonable. Previously, everyone Yang Chen had asked, had told him that about the Hao Yi Manor’s atrocities: they committed all kinds of evils, like plundering and killing people without any hesitation. Almost everyone in the Devil Flame Valley knew about it.

From the beginning, Yang Chen had thought that the young master of the Hao Yi Manor was arrogant and conceited and his stupid actions only spread the bad name, but hearing Scarface’s words, it seemed that he was indeed adding fuel to the fire.

He also understood why Scarface had let his master go. Scarface deliberately showed off his scar and then afterwards he would always allow people to leave. After being released, someone could always come back with their sect’s strength, that was Scarface’s intention.

“Your cultivation is already at the peak of the YuanYing stage, can’t you just exterminate the Hao Yi Manor yourself?”

Yang Chen was confused and asked:

“I haven’t heard of any Da Cheng stage expert at the Hao Yi Manor.”

“You are slightly less informed.”

Scarface had already determined that although Yang Chen had the lowest cultivation here, he was the person who was making all the decisions, so he explained to him:

“The master of Hao Yi Manor has four brothers, all of them at the peak of the YuanYing stage. Although I can fight them alone, they have some spell formation which allows them to join together, which is very difficult to deal with.”

“That was passed down by Hao Yi Manor’s ancestor: the four devil spell. The combined assault of these four brothers is even sufficient to hold their ground against a Da Cheng stage expert.”

Scarface explained, without concealing anything:

“I have already tested it once: under their spell formation, I could not last even for the time it takes a stick of incense to burn. If I had not escaped quickly at that time, I would have already died.”

“Therefore you thought of using the bad reputation of their young master and waited for any experts’ retaliation?”

Yang Chen still didn’t understand one thing, so he asked again:

“It could be assumed that this is not your first or second time doing this, so why are the Hao Yi Manor’s people living so nicely until now?”

“That young master, although he is arrogant, it is not like he does not have a brain.”

Scarface vented his anger:

“Before every attack, he would make proper inquiries regarding the victims, whether they had some backing or not, otherwise he would certainly not act. Regarding the time of your master, I was responsible, so knowing that she was from the Pure Yang Palace, I hid that information to draw out someone like you.”

Speaking until here, a strange light suddenly appeared in the eyes of Scarface:

“If little brother can help me eradicate the Hao Yi Manor, allowing me to take revenge and wipe out the grudge, I, Scarface am willing to lay down my life as a present for you!”

Scarface could already see that, although the strength of She Kui and Xie Sha was slightly inferior than him, their bodies were very strong. Even his Nanming Flame Armor couldn’t do anything to them. And that old tree demon who had captured him was even more frightening, in one simple move, he had captured him. If that old tree demon were to act, then the demise of the four masters of the Hao Yi Manor was certain.

Even if the old tree demon didn’t help, just this domed palace hall where he was sitting right at that moment also had some unknown sword spell. Those forty nine swords were all high grade and one could easily imagine the potential strength of one strike of this sword spell.

After burning with hatred for many years, Scarface had finally seen hope, so he was a little impatient. He had completely devoted himself to his hatred and suffered untold humiliation, but he had still listened to the orders of that young master, bossing him around. He had already reached the last straw long ago, but now that an opportunity presented itself, he hastily wanted to capture it.

“Although you gave my master a way to survive, her serious injury still had something to do with you.”

Yang Chen was attentively watching Scarface and fiercely asked him:

“What do you have to say about that?”

“As long as you help me take revenge, the day when the Hao Yi Manor disappears, I will give up my life to compensate for your master!”

His whole life, Scarface had devoted to hatred, which had become his only reason to live. He hadn’t thought much about the matters after his hatred was resolved.

Scarface’s circumstances made Yang Chen remember himself. In his previous life, he was similar to Scarface, living only for the sake for taking his revenge. Even in this life, he had been unable to forget that until now. But since the heavens had given him another chance, he also wanted to make his master’s life even more beautiful instead of taking revenge.

Yang Chen could understand his mental state, so after thinking to himself for some time, Yang Chen made the decision:

“You don’t need to speak further, I also want to destroy the Hao Yi Manor, this is not for your revenge but for my master’s revenge.”

Upon hearing this, Scarface showed a delighted expression, but before he could say anything, Yang Chen stopped him:

“But since you have injured my master, after this affair is over, I want you to kowtow and apologise to her and do any three things she asks of you, do you agree?”

This was a pleasant surprise, outside of his expectations. Even if Scarface didn’t want to agree, he furiously nodded his head, unable to say anything due to excitement. Impatiently, he immediately stood up, but he finally remembered Yang Chen’s warning that here, he should not take even one step randomly, so after standing up, he didn’t move around, but the expression on his face had become comparatively more impatient.

Yang Chen turned towards the old Cassia Tree Demon and cupped his hands towards him:

“Senior, this junior requests senior to help with something. After that matter is finished, this junior will present you with wood attributed Body Dividing Secrets. Is it possible for senior to agree?”

“Body Dividing Secrets?”

The Cassia tree demon had already cultivated the Appearance Transforming Secrets very quickly. After training for just a short while, he could already speak, even though his speech was rigid.

“What is that?”

“Since senior is a wood attributed demon beast, your main body can take roots at a secure location and your divided body can move around anywhere.”

Yang Chen simply replied:

“As long as the main body is not killed, even if your divided body is destroyed, senior will not die.”

The old tree demon immediately realized the difficulty of Yang Chen’s Body Dividing Secrets, so without much thinking, he directly nodded:

“Ok, we have a deal! When do we attack?”

“Senior, wait for some time!”

After getting the tree demon to agree, Yang Chen turned to Scarface again.

Hearing that Yang Chen had already obtained the support of that old tree demon, Scarface was unable to contain his joy. When Yang Chen faced him, Scarface was unable to express his joy in words.

“Scarface, I can teach you a method which will allow you to break the Four Devil’s Spell and cut the enemy yourself.”

Yang Chen was trying to entice him:

“But in return, after this matter is settled, I want you to give me a strand of the Nanming Flame, do you agree?”

“Yes, I agree!”

How could Scarface not agree? Hearing Yang Chen’s words, he almost started jumping with joy. He clenched his fists, which made a crackling sound, and his excitement could be seen clearly.

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