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Chapter 152 - Gathering of YuanYing Experts

25 Sep 2016

“Sword spell!”

With just one glance, Scarface could see that these five women were working in cooperation with each other. Clearly this was a high grade spell formation. Those henchmen falling before this was really not a shame.

However Scarface didn’t put them in his eyes. A few JieDan experts would never be able to suppress a YuanYing stage expert, Scarface firmly believed this.

Confronting those five women, Scarface didn’t even pull out his flying sword but instead formed a fist and had unleashed the Nanming armor for defense, which made the five women shiver.

It had to be said that the might of the spell formation of these five women was really unusual, even if they were only at the mid JieDan stage, through cooperation they were able to contend with more than ten peak JieDan stage experts.

But when confronted with a fierce person like Scarface, this sword spell was looking a bit inferior. Under the continuous barrage of Scarface’s fierce punches, the circle of the five women was growing bigger and bigger. At this moment, just remaining unscathed under Scarface’s attacks was already very exhausting, not to mention surrounding him.

Scarface’s every punch was landing with precision, every single punch was attacking the blade of the flying swords and moreover, each punch had a strength which caused a jolt in the body of the master of the sword. If it were not for the Five Direction Profound Female Spell through which these five women were sharing combat information as well as timing all attacks, and if they were replaced with a single person to face these attacks, that person would have surely been annihilated long ago.

“Ants are ants, even if they form a sword spell, they will still remain ants!”

Several tens of punches of Scarface had already enlarged the area of the sword spell by at least three times. Under the excitement of the fight, Scarface burst into loud laughter and got out of the spell formation forcibly and started to walk towards Yang Chen.

Facing the Five Women Profound Spell Formation alone, without even taking out his flying sword. This Scarface had to have a cultivation of at least the middle YuanYing stage. But seeing the results, Yang Chen was delighted in his heart. If these five women had a slightly higher cultivation and all of them were at the peak JieDan stage, then Scarface wouldn’t be able to escape without injuries.

While thinking this, Yang Chen could not help but start grumbling about that idiot Mo Qian. Mo Qian was truly stupid; her disciples didn’t lack talent, but even after so much time they had spent robbing others, they were surprisingly only at the middle JieDan stage. She truly was a lazy master who hampered the growth of her disciples.

Even when Scarface was coming towards him, Yang Chen was completely calm and unworried, his gaze fixed on Scarface’s face. Suddenly he made a signal with his hand.

“If these little girls won’t do, how about including me too?”

She Kui’s rough voice echoed behind Scarface.

Scarface was greatly startled. Someone had surprisingly crept behind him silently and he didn’t even notice. How was this possible? When he turned around, he saw She Kui’s huge fist coming towards him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The punches of both She Kui and Scarface were knocking against each other continuously, which could shock anyone to their core.

Finally these five women didn’t have to confront the tyrannical might of Scarface alone and their five flying swords quickly seperated and began to continuously attack Scarface.

Although Scarface had the Nanming Flame Armor to protect his body, he couldn’t rely on it alone. A flying swords would often reach his body and at that time, he would repel it in one punch, but he didn’t have any surplus strength to attack these five women as he had to confront She Kui’s next punch immediately.

This fight between two YuanYing stage experts in addition to the Five Female Profound Spell Formation had turned the mountain woods in the surroundings to wood chips. Initially, the forte of the five women was speed, which only required a moment’s effort to unleash, so those mountains woods and rocks which could possibly hinder these flying swords had to be chopped down. Thus after a few moments, this region had turned completely bare.

She Kui and Scarface were causing explosions using spirit power at the time of punches and because of that, the surroundings seemed like the god of thunder, Lei Gong, had been wreaking havoc. Pits had formed everywhere, a spectacle too horrible to endure.

But there was something strange about this fight: YuanYing stage experts had countless tricks and techniques, but both Scarface and She Kui were fighting with only their fists. She Kui wasn’t drawing his sword since he hadn’t refined his destined flying sword from his poisonous fang, but why was Scarface also not drawing his sword?

But Scarface was alone fighting against She Kui and those five women, yet he didn’t lose the slightest amount of ground. This already showed one thing clearly: that She Kui’s cultivation still couldn’t keep up with Scarface.

She Kui started howling repeatedly and unleashed his fifth earth true qi, which he hadn’t used earlier. Sensing the might of this punch, even if he had the Nanming Flame Armor, Scarface still didn’t dare to receive it head on and kept retreating.

After retreating several steps continuously, Scarface attacked ferociously. His complexion changed and an earth shattering pressure suddenly covered everyone. According to his expectations, Yang Chen would lose consciousness immediately and those five women would also not be able to display the complete efficiency of the sword spell and thus he could face She Kui alone.

What Scarface hadn’t expected was that, Yang Chen was surprisingly still sitting on that mountain rock, three hundred meters far from the battle region without showing any signs of falling unconscious. Even those five women hadn’t slowed even a bit and were still attacking him relentlessly.

Regardless of how much Scarface racked his brains, he was unable to find a reason. Since when could a few middle JieDan stage and an initial Foundation stage youngsters disregard the pressure of a YuanYing expert?

Being driven into corner, Scarface finally revealed his real skill, or at least it seemed so in Yang Chen’s eyes. In the previous attacks, Scarface hadn’t revealed any killing intent, but the current attack was extremely fierce, as if wanting to destroy the enemy.


A light red flying sword suddenly flew out from Scarface’s body and in a flash, it obstructed the sword spell of those women. Soon after that, a halo began to condense around Scarface’s fist and it valiantly collided with She Kui’s fifth earth True Qi.

With every fist, the ground below them sank a little bit, as if it was being hit a huge iron hammer. The figures of the two people were becoming more and more quick, almost turning into two rays of light for onlookers. The Five Direction Profound Female Spell was already unable to keep up with them.

“Good, I have finally been able to satisfy my cravings after so long.”

Scarface’s voice suddenly came through. He had seemingly been able to fight to his heart’s content:

“But you are not my opponent, even with these young girls, you are still not my opponent.”

“Together with what?”

Suddenly an unfamiliar voice came from the surroundings, which made Scarface tense.

When had YuanYing experts become so abundant? Furthermore, why were there so many of them in the support of this initial Foundation stage youngster? The Pure Yang Palace shouldn’t be so formidable, right? Even scarier was that this expert had also appeared silently. Scarface didn’t even notice his traces before.

Xie Sha appeared in his true form from the start. Although the usually huge sand scorpion wasn’t several hundred meters long, it was still several meters in size. After changing forms, his carapace had become even stronger. His huge tongs rushed towards Scarface’s waist without any warning, and his tail stabbed towards Scarface from the top, like a sharp blade.

“Another YuanYing stage demon beast?”

Scarface was gobsmacked. Until now, She Kui was fighting with him in human form and he was in the advantage since She Kui didn’t have his destined magic weapon. But now Xie Sha had changed into his original shape and was using his physical advantage thoroughly, which made Scarface feel the pressure.

Xie Sha’s outer carapace was strengthened by fifth earth True Qi, so even if Scarface’s flying sword stabbed it, other than leaving a small trace, it wasn’t able to penetrate through.

For a while, the sound of a sword stabbing continued to echo, but even after Scarface’s flying sword had stabbed Xie Sha’s outer shell several times, it was unable to do anything against it. Apart from the time when Xie Sha attacked him, there was no opportunity of injuring him.

On the other side, She Kui was incessantly bombarding him with punches. Having no alternative, Scarface was forced to use his true ability. The Nanming Flame on the armor began to burn even more brightly and very quickly several swords were formed around Scarface and they began to attack relentlessly.

With the fifth earth True Qi protecting their body, the Nanming Flame was basically unable to injure them, but they also couldn’t gain an advantage. Especially, the flame swords which Scarface had seemed like a sword spell and immediately flew and surrounded the two people.

She Kui also shouted loudly and also turned into his original shape. He also was in a compacted form, a several meters long meadow viper revealed his sharp hunting teeths and fiercely rushed forward to attack.

This move had increased the fighting strength of She Kui and Xie Sha. The time for which they could remain in human form was still not long and they were basically unable to display their complete fighting strength when in human form. After turning into original forms, they immediately gained some ground with the help of their instincts for countless years.

At this moment, those five women surrounding the fight couldn’t enter anymore. The spirit power that spilled out in a fight between three YuanYing stage experts was enough to critically injure these five women. Under Yang Chen’s control, they were stationed near Yang Chen, alertly observing the surroundings.

But the more they fought, the more vigourous Scarface got. Eight flame swords were revolving around his body, stopping all attacks from She Kui and Xie Sha while simultaneously attacking. One more flying sword was whirling around at the back of those two like a viper, waiting for its chance.

Even after they had changed from one to two, Scarface wasn’t showing any signs of being defeated. This kind of strength made Yang Chen even more suspicious. Could it be he only let his master slip off because he didn’t want to kill people after robbing them? With the strength he was showing currently, just one strike was enough to kill Gao Yue on the spot.

This Scarface surely had some story behind him. After coming to this conclusion, with one thought he gave an order to Mo Qian and she immediately disappeared from the hall in the Medicine Garden and appeared on top of the region where the three people were fighting. Soon afterwards, without making any sound, she put her flying sword in front of her face and rushed to attack Scarface.

Within the fight, killing intent suddenly appeared in the sky, and in a flash, Scarface sensed the danger, so he placed his flying sword in front of him. Only after obstructing one punch, did Scarface have the opportunity to see what was attacking him from the top.

“Another a YuanYing expert?”

Scarface began to shake in surprise. When had YuanYing experts become so cheap in the Greater Mountains? Going as far as to forming a group to support an initial Foundation stage expert?

At the instant, he saw Mo Qian, Scarface became sure that Mo Qian was also a companion of Yang Chen. Her disguise was similar to all the females at Yang Chen’s side: similar clothes, similar black veil to cover the face. The only difference was that of her cultivation, as Mo Qian was at the middle YuanYing stage.

With Mo Qian’s appearance the direction of the battle immediately changed. Yang Chen was unable to completely control Mo Qian, therefore he had used simple a hypnosis on her. Under his direct command, disregarding her own safety, Mo Qian was attacking with all of her strength, an extremely reckless position.

She Kui and Xie Sha also realized that Mo Qian was their helper. Therefore, both of them used their huge bodies to act as a shield for Mo Qian, allowing Mo Qian to attack with her full strength. Although these three people hadn’t cooperated with each other before, at this moment, their cooperation was flawless.

Confronting, such a difficult enemy, Scarface finally showed his true strength. With a loud howl, he spilled several spell flags, which quickly sank into the ground. Once the spell flags sunk, the entire area was covered with smoke, enveloping everyone within it.

None of those three could see anything, even their spiritual awareness was slightly affected. These spell flags were basically used to hinder their sensation. Once these spell flags were used, the offense of Mo Qian, She Kui and Xie Sha was slowed.

At that time, Scarface was controlling nine flying swords, one sword spell and one lone sword as well as controlling the sword spelling while also resisting three YuanYing stage expert, without losing any ground. His cultivation in Yang Chen’s eyes had already reached the late YuanYing stage at that moment.

Yang Chen wanted to form some sort of contact with Scarface at this moment, but when he diffused his spiritual awareness in the surroundings, a thread of spiritual awareness surprisingly jolted slightly, after sensing an unfamiliar spiritual awareness.

Who was that? Someone was surprisingly spying on them, using spiritual awareness from not too far. Yang Chen was alarmed and immediately, without paying any more attention to the ongoing fight, made a thread of spiritual awareness tightly follow that unfamiliar spiritual awareness to track its owner.

The spiritual awareness was extremely minute. If Yang Chen hadn’t cultivated the Three Purities Secrets, he basically wouldn’t have been able to sense it. Moreover he only discovered this because there were some slight fluctuations in the spiritual awareness, either because of those spell flags or because of the fight, otherwise Yang Chen was unable to discover it until now.

The spiritual awareness was being released from a tree top, several hundred meters away. This huge Cassia tree had been at the Greater Mountain for countless years. Although it was extremely thick, the treetop was not very high. If one looked from the bottom to the top, everything at the top could be seen.

If it were not for Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness drilling into it, he basically would have been unable to determine the thickness of the tree. If an ordinary person had swept his spiritual awareness, he would have believed that this was a part of the forest.

This Cassia tree had turned into a demon and had the innate ability to hide its presence which was even more outstanding than the meadow viper. Other people would be basically unable to discover this anomaly.

Yang Chen thought of something and immediately used the beast controlling secrets and when their spiritual awareness met, he passed on one thought:

“Are we disturbing senior?”


The Cassia Tree demon was caught off guard, but it immediately became normal again. A trace of extremely formidable spiritual awareness mixed with Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, which was removed in a flash, leaving behind a trace for communicating with Yang Chen:

“Interesting little calf, how did you all become humans?”

“Senior, my sect has an Appearance Transforming Secrets, which has to be cultivated.”

While communicating with it, Yang Chen didn’t hide anything and directly told it about the Appearance Transforming Secrets.

“Since you have called me senior, this old man also wouldn’t be impolite in taking your things.”

Nevertheless the Cassia Tree Demon immediately accepted, and soon afterwards communicated further:

“In return, how about this old man helps you capture your opponent?”

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