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Chapter 151 - The Enemy Started Off Leniently

22 Sep 2016

Yang Chen, flying ahead, changed his speed many times, but no matter if he flew fast or slow, the people behind him certainly hadn’t intended to attack him near the Devil Flame Valley.

After discovering this, Yang Chen also began to move leisurely. Naturally, nobody had discovered the small snake which had just then left Yang Chen’s body and entered the mountain woods.

Departing next was a small scorpion who also silently left and entered the thick jungle.

Soon after that, when he was approximately two hundred miles away from the Devil Flame Valley, Yang Chen sensed that the people chasing him suddenly accelerated their speed.

When the group of sixteen people appeared in front of Yang Chen, they were stunned to discover that Yang Chen was calmly sitting on a piece of a rock, while behind him a woman covered in a veil was eagerly massaging his back and glanced at them from the corner of her eyes without even raising her head.

The sixteen people immediately stopped their flying swords and seemed to be in a mess, but they immediately disseminated in different directions, forming a half moon shape in Yang Chen’s surroundings.

The problem was the woman, whose cultivation should be around the mid JieDan stage, who did not match the information they had been provided. But they had sixteen people on their side, with the worst being at the later JieDan stage, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

Their group had handled a lot of matters like this. Initially, it was decided that only two of them would set out to kill the initial Foundation stage youngster, but for insurance, the young master had still sent everyone.

Although there seemed to be no problems, Yang Chen’s confident attitude baffled them. Sixteen people had surrounded him, but he was still sitting at the same place without any worries.

“That scar face hasn’t come?’

The first one to speak was the one who was still sitting calmly, Yang Chen. With just a glance, he could determine that the Scarface that spider woman had talked about was not there. Thus Yang Chen was not completely sure that these people were from the Hao Yi Manor and tried to confirm by pretending he knew Scarface.

“Hmph, for dealing with a youngster like you, there was no need for senior scarface to come!”

Perhaps here they were strong enough to proclaim themselves as tyrants or perhaps it was their usual habit to dictate, the person in the lead didn’t intend to hide anything and generously admitted to it.

“Good, you all admitted, that’s good!”

Hearing what they said, Yang Chen sneered and asked:

“Since everyone was chasing after me, what do you want, speak out!”

“Sire is indeed quick with words, then we will also not beat around the bush.”

The person in the lead hadn’t met a calm headed youngster like Yang Chen and was also somewhat nervous, but thinking that their side held the absolute advantage, he was not very worried that Yang Chen would play any tricks:

“Hand over all of your belongings and tell us the use of the last two items you purchased and maybe you will get yourself a chance to survive.”

The person who was in the lead knew that these words were just nonsense, how could they allow Yang Chen to depart alive? But if they did not convince him, although robbing spirit stones was easy, getting the details of the two things he purchased at the auction would be troublesome. So first they had to boast loudly and pretend to be good people. If this didn’t work, they could always capture him and extort the confession using some other methods.

“Sure enough, the auction house is also an accomplice!”

These words of Yang Chen were as if he had confirmed many things and was no longer interested in talking with these people.

Once his words came out, the leader apparently sensed something strange about the atmosphere, but no one knew from the problem was.

When he turned around to observe his surroundings, the people behind him indicated that there was nobody hiding near them for an ambush. But Yang Chen was sitting calmly, as if he had certain guarantees, which had worried the leader the entire time.


Suddenly, inside of the small area, four women exactly the same as the one who was behind Yang Chen’s body appeared. The woman standing behind Yang Chen also stopped, as five flying swords began to coil around in their surroundings.


The appearance of the four women caught the leader with surprise. Without continuing to scout for information, he directly ordered the attack.

Everyone was on their guard, but hearing the leader’s command to attack, several among the sixteen people immediately rushed towards the women from the surroundings. In their minds, sixteen against five, or rather sixteen late and peak JieDan stage expert against five mid JieDan stage cultivators, the outcome of such a battle was obvious.

But once they attacked, they immediately discovered that it was not as easy as it seemed. Each of the five women held their respective position, as well as advanced and retreated using the same method. Clearly this was a very high level spell formation. Against the sixteen people, not only were the five women not giving them an advantage, instead they were fighting on equal terms with the sixteen people surrounding them.

But Yang Chen was still sitting on a mountain rock as before, coldly looking at the ongoing battle without saying anything. This group of people wanted to attack him just moments ago, but now they couldn’t even leave.

Nobody had discovered that, at some unknown time, this area had been surrounded by a layer of blood colored vines. While everyone was busy in the battle, an indifferent and abundant red mist silently spread everywhere.

Within the battle, the people quickly discovered that their spirit power had already stopped listening to their orders. Seeing this, they were greatly frightened and wanted to flee, but it was already too late.

The red colored vine which had spread over the area, wrapped around the surroundings of everyone, including the five women. The vine had already coiled around everyone, successfully forming a closed network.

It was just as if the vine had a mind of its own and it avoided the bodies of the five women. As soon as it came in contact with them, it immediately left. But the other people were not so lucky, after the blood colored vine had wrapped around them, it began to frantically take root.

The violent pain which passed through the bodies of the sixteen people made them shriek miserably. But the five women were as if they hadn’t seen anything and were still on guard, surrounding the group of people who were already wrapped up in the Blood Phantom Vine.

The sixteen people were arranged in a row by the Blood Phantom Vine, because it had been absorbing their blood, they had already become powerless and lightly collapsed in front of Yang Chen. Yang Chen kept his stare fixed on them as if watching some dregs without any life.

“I really want to know something. Two months ago, did that man with the scar and your young master launch a sneak attack on a woman who had bought Red Sun Metal Soul.”

Once he opened his mouth, Yang Chen went straight to the point without beating around the bush.

“Since we have already fallen in your hands, if you want to kill us, then listen clearly!’

A man seemingly strong willed shouted loudly:

“Don’t even think that we would sell our young master out!”

“As you wish!”

Yang Chen lightly snapped his fingers and that person who was raining abuses was immediately thrown in front by the Blood Phantom Vine and under everyone’s eyes, he turned into a dried corpse following a blood curdling scream.

The group of people turned pale, but nobody opened their mouths. That young master did indeed have some ability. Even in the face of death, these people still weren’t giving the information Yang Chen wanted.

“It seems that I have come too late for the party!”

While Yang Chen was interrogating them one by one, a loud voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

Hearing the loud voice, the people lying on the ground were exalted. Yang Chen’s gaze turned towards the direction of the voice.

On that side, within the mountain woods, all plants began to separate, as if they were being pushed aside by a formless hand. With that appeared the figure of a strong person who was slowly walking there, as if taking a stroll in their garden.

“Humph! Useless people!”

Looking at the group of people lying on the ground tangled in Blood Phantom Vine, he snorted:

“If it were not for young master’s cautiousness, your mistake today would have caused a great loss to the young master!”

Even when they were tangled in Blood Phantom Vine and facing the threat of death, these JieDan stage experts only issued painful screams but never revealed fear on their face. But the appearance of this person, made dread appear on their faces.

Yang Chen was coldly watching this valiant man, his gaze was fixed on that long scar starting from the left corner of his eye and extending to the right corner of his mouth. Seeing him walking towards him step by step, Yang Chen furiously asked:


“Youngster, I hear you were looking for me?”

Scarface didn’t admit to his identity, the scar on his face already was enough:

“If you want to know anything, I will tell you before your death!”

“These people are useless now!”

His gaze fixed on the figure of the person with scar and with one thought, the Blood Phantom Vine began to crazily absorb the more than ten people it was coiled around.

“Senior Scarface, save us!”

“Save me!”

Mournful screams with cries for help echoed, but scarface kept on coldly watching the Blood Phantom Vine wreaking havoc on everyone, without the slightest intention to help them and just coldly snorted:

“Since you have failed young master’s affair, you must die!”

“If you don’t kill them, I will kill them, you attack while holding back, but I’m busy.”

Saying this to Yang Chen, Scarface placed his hand on the dried corpse of one of his companions who had been sucked dry by the Blood Phantom Vine, remaining indifferent.

When the blood colored vine suddenly wrapped up around Scarface, he didn’t make any movements, but an armour of flame suddenly appeared on his body. Once the vine touched it, it immediately shrunk back as if running into its nemesis. No matter what was said, it was still related to the second wood attribute. Running into fire which could subdue the entire wood attribute, it had to cower.

“A good treasure!”

Yang Chen praised. This flame armor was definitely a good treasure. The flames could be seen on top of the armor, this was a mixed magic armor formed by Nanming flame. Not only could it be used for defense, but the armour also had the Nanming flame which could be used to attack the enemy. This was indeed a good magic tool. It had both attack and defense.

Just this magic tool alone was far more powerful than everyone’s flying swords added together. Even if Yang Chen was included, the magic weapon on him still could not be ranked at the same level as the Nanming flame armor. Its grade still hadn’t been upgraded and it was unable to act as both an attack and defense magic weapon.

Not to mention other things, even the Nanming flame integrated with the armor was a flame which could be compared to the Real Sun Fire. And the one holding this kind of weapon, Scarface, was certainly not a person with a cultivation at the peak JieDan stage as he had heard from the spider woman, Yang Chen judged.

“YuanYing stage?”

Yang Chen’s gaze turned chilly. This was the first time after coming to the Greater Mountains that Yang Chen had run into a YuanYing stage expert. This person was surprisingly successful in spreading his reputation as a peak JieDan stage expert, indeed very cunning.

Concealing one’s cultivation was not very difficult, but scarface had already revealed the Nanming armor so it could be assumed that he didn’t plan on letting Yang Chen walk away alive.

What astonished Yang Chen was that the spider woman had told him that she had personally seen Scarface strike Gao Yue, but with his cultivation it was impossible for his master to run away from him, so how was this the same thing?

“With your strength of the Foundation stage, your eyesight is pretty good!”

The Scarface still hadn’t attacked and was still fixedly looking at him, he even praised Yang Chen a little, which made Yang Chen not know what his intentions were.

“Two months ago, did you attack a woman who had bought Red Sun Metal Soul?”

Regardless of anything, Yang Chen first had to confirm who attacked Gao Yue. Not to mention that Scarface was a YuanYing stage expert, even if he was a Da Cheng stage expert, as long as Yang Chen had confirmed this, together with his destined magic weapon, he would stake his all to get justice for his master.

“Pure Yang Palace’s young lass, has what kind of relation with you?”

Scarface raised his eyebrows as if he hadn’t expected Yang Chen to ask this kind of question. But he didn’t deny, nor try to conceal it, instead he admitted it with great confidence. He even made it clear that he knew Gao Yue was a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace.

“Myself is Yang Chen, the woman you tried to hunt was my master!”

Before coming to the Greater Mountains, he had already hid all things which could prove his identity. In addition to that he cultivated the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, so other people basically could not discern his sect from his cultivation.

Since the enemy himself had admitted it, Yang Chen also did not hide. But at this moment, Yang Chen didn’t have the kind of hate which was carved in his bones and engraved in his heart, on the contrary it had been replaced by gratitude.

With the cultivation that Scarface had revealed right now, not to mention Gao Yue’s cultivation at the initial JieDan stage, even if she had a cultivation at the peak JieDan stage with some life saving treasure in her hand, she still wouldn’t be able to flee from Scarface, if Scarface had truly wanted to kill her.

Gao Yue wouldn’t have been able to leave alive, that meant the other party had been lenient. Thinking of this, cold sweat covered Yang Chen’s forehead. If Gao Yue had run into someone who was not Scarface or if he hadn’t been lenient, then wouldn’t Gao Yue have died to refine his flying sword? This was completely unacceptable for Yang Chen.

“Eh? Attacking the strong but the weak comes for revenge?”

After learning the fact that Yang Chen only had the strength of the initial Foundation stage, he was even more astonished:

“But it seems you are more difficult to deal with than your master, even your master was no match for this many people.”

“I am indebted to you for being lenient with my master, my gratefulness can’t be explained in words!”

But Yang Chen cupped his hands with a serious expression and said that to Scarface.

“You flatter me, when seizing something, if one does not have kill people, then it should be avoided, there is no need to especially thank me.”

Scarface only waved his hand, without taking it seriously:

“You are the same, today I am very happy that you have dealt with this garbage in my place. As long as you tell me, the two things you have won the auction are, what their use is and hand them and your spirit stones over to me, I will spare your life!”

“You have injured my master, so we cannot live together under the same sky, if you want these things then you must deal with me first!”

Yang Chen hadn’t changed his intentions in the slightest, with a thought, the five women immediately surrounded Scarface. Their five flying swords began to move around and started to attack.

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