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Chapter 145 - Great Master May Not Be Ideal

14 Sep 2016


Wang Yong who had just found Gao Yue, was surprised to discover Yang Chen just after inspecting the condition of Gao Yue’s injuries.

He had originally thought that he would meet Yang Chen a few days later, but he hadn’t expected that Yang Chen would come this quickly. But Yang Chen had always exceeded his expectations, so this did not count for much.

“How is master’s condition?”

Yang Chen sprinted to Wang Yong’s side and anxiously looked at Gao Yue, who was within Wang Yong’s hands. Gao Yue’s hands and feet were drooping on the side at this moment and her complexion was deathly pale, there was almost no liveliness in her face.

“She was seriously injured, so I had her eat some life saving medicine to stabilize her condition!”

Wang Yong was skillful in refining tools, but he was not very proficient with pills, so he was at a loss when faced with Gao Yue’s injuries.

“Then give her this one to eat!”

Without much thinking, Yang Chen immediately fished out a pill and was going to put it in Gao Yue’s mouth, but Gao Yue had already become unconscious at that moment, so how could she know that she was supposed to swallow the pill?

“What is this?”

The pill looked slightly familiar to Wang Yong, but he couldn’t recall what it actually was and couldn’t help asking. He was not worried that Yang Chen would cause harm to Gao Yue, but he feared that the pill would have no effect.

“It’s a Lingzhi1 Gyakuro2 pill!”

Yang Chen’s reply made Wang Yong overjoyed. The LingZhi Gyakuro pill was one of the top grade healing pills. It uses a thousand year matured Lingzhi and ten thousand gyakuro as the main ingredients and could heal all injuries for cultivators at the YuanYing or lower stages.

But at that moment Gao Yue was still unconscious, so there was no way to feed her the pill. Yang Chen anxiously looked everywhere, but aside from Wang Yong, She Kui and Xie Sha, there was no other person to help.

After much thinking, Yang Chen clenched his teeth, sucked the pill into his own mouth and without caring for the relation between master and disciple, transferred the pill from mouth to mouth while supporting Gao Yue’s head with his hand.

Within Yang Chen’s mouth, the pill had already turned into fluids. Yang Chen slowly pushed it into Gao Yue’s mouth and soon afterwards started softly massaging her throat and exerted some more force through her mouth, so that the fluids would start to flow down Gao Yue’s throat and enter her stomach.

Wang Yong was silently watching them from the side, but didn’t say anything. Right now saving her life was important, if necessary they had to do away with convoluted formalities. Even if this was somewhat overstepping the boundaries, but other than this they had no way.

Furthermore, among the people present, Yang Chen was the most suitable one, since Wang Yong, She Kui and Xie Sha couldn’t help in this kind of matter. Moreover, not to mention other factors, Yang Chen would not allow it.

The pill was definitely effective. After entering Gao Yue’s stomach, it immediately turned into a warm current and began to heal her injuries. Gao Yue’s complexion also seemed much more rosy.

“Who did it?”

Looking at the pill’s effect, Yang Chen relaxed and at the same time, immediately began to inquire about Gao Yue’s circumstances. Confronting his Great Master, Wang Yong, Yang Chen couldn’t be too aggressive, so he calmly asked him.

“I don’t know!”

Wang Yong shook his head, within his eyes there was the same anger:

“When I came, little Yue was lying inside that cave, but she had many injuries over her body, so we can conclude that many people attacked her. The most serious one was the wound on the back. The enemy most likely launched a sneak attack on her.”

Hearing Wang Yong’s words, Yang Chen also began to inspect her carefully. As soon as he swept her with his spiritual awareness once, he immediately grew even angrier.

On Gao Yue’s body, there were at least eight places with serious injuries: the arms and leg which were shattered into small pieces had already been fixed by Wang Yong, but all the other injuries were almost fatal, clearly the enemy wished to kill her and didn’t have the slightest intention of leaving her alive.

If Gao Yue did not have the high quality matured ginseng which Yang Chen had given her, or she hadn’t used it in time, then maybe she would have already been dead.

Even then, the injuries on her body were definitely fatal. If Wang Yong and Yang Chen had been delayed by a day or two, then maybe the situation would have already been beyond saving.

Previously Chu Heng had just abused her a little in passing, and Yang Chen could not hold his anger, but now someone had surprisingly dared to injure Gao Yue to this degree. If this could be tolerated, then what couldn’t?

What Yang Chen could not accept the most was that Gao Yue was refining a flying sword for Yang Chen and had come to the Greater Mountains for that purpose. She had received such serious injuries because of Yang Chen, so how could he not be furious?

“Great Master, do you know what kind of material Master was looking for here?”

Yang Chen asked Wang Yong, forcefully controlling his anger.

“Red Sun Metal Soul.”

Wang Yong was also not calm, but he still said the name of the material for Yang Chen:

“Little Yue wanted to refine a top notch fire attributed flying sword for you, but since she lacked the Red Sun Metal Soul, she had come to the Greater Mountains, but hadn’t expected that she would be entering a trap.”

Because of the effects of Lingzhi Gyakuro pill, Gao Yue’s face became much livelier. The injuries on her body also began to heal slowly, so her condition was apparently pretty good. But how could such heavy injuries heal immediately? It would take at least half a year or more to heal completely.

“Master’s qiankun pouch has been snatched by the enemy.”

Yang Chen noticed this during his careful inspection. Since Wang Yong would definitely not embezzle it, the only explanation was that it had been robbed by the enemy.

“The only thing that little Yue has is her destined flying sword and these seven feather clothes. Although the seven feather clothes have already been ruined, if it were not for these pearls on her body, I also wouldn’t have been able to find her.”

Suppressing his anger, Wang Yong looked at his cherished disciple’s face, which was still exposing a slightly pained expression and in a voice laced with hatred, said:

“She was lucky that she escaped here and launched the signal for help, otherwise the consequences would have been too horrible to imagine.”

This was certainly great luck, otherwise Yang Chen and Wang Yong wouldn’t have known until they heard the news of Gao Yue’s death.

“Since the qiankun pouch has been robbed, then clearly it had something which those people wanted.”

Yang Chen coldly analyzed:

“Since they have dared to attack my master, no matter who they are, I will help them meet their tragic death.”

“Yang Chen, you take little Yue back and return to the Pure Yang Palace, I must still investigate a little more here to find out who those bastards which dared to attack my disciple were!”

Wang Yong had also lost his temper.

“Great Master, I think it will be better if you would take master back.”

Yang Chen shook his head, directly opposing Wang Yong’s proposal.

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Wang Yong glared at him. If he did not have a reasonable explanation, he would not mind being rude to Yang Chen.

“You are a YuanYing stage expert, whoever did it will not dare to admit it in front of you.”

Yang Chen slowly said:

“But this disciple is different, I am only a Foundation stage youngster, so they would not be afraid to admit it in front of this disciple. In any case, they must have done it to silence her. This disciple also wants to take a look, who the son of a bitch, who dared to injure my master, is.”

The Great Master and the grand disciple were the same, both giving their reasons to look for the people who injured her. Hearing their conversation, both She Kui and Xie Sha wanted to laugh, but both of them knew the current situation, so they did not utter any sound.

Wang Yong also mulled over this. What Yang Chen was saying was correct. If he, a YuanYing stage experts went out personally, then who would be foolish enough to admit that they had launched a sneak attack on his disciple? In any case, if this youngster Yang Chen went out, then maybe he could spy on some people and swindle the information about who did it out of them.

After a moment, Wang Yong finally gave his approval:

“Good, I will take little Yue and return, you have to be careful!”

While speaking, he fished out a few pearl like things from his qiankun pouch and gave them to Yang Chen:

“These are some fire-thunder pearls, refined by me personally. They have immense firepower, so use them when necessary, there is no need to save them.”

Yang Chen reached out his hand, but he handed him a jade bottle in return:

“Great Master, these are some Lingzhi Gyakuro pills, give one to master every five days and her injury will heal even faster.”

Both of them were concerned about Gao Yue, so there was no need for formality. Following this, Wang Yong looked at Yang Chen and then again looked at She Kui and Xie Sha at his side. Seeing them, he felt relieved. With the two YuanYing stage demon beasts, who specialized in covering their tracks, there should not be any problems on his side.

“After you find the main culprit, no matter who he is, you must immediately kill him for me.”

Wang Yong said, his voice filled with endless hatred:

“If the matter becomes big, I will take the blame. Since they dared to harm litte Yue, I will kill their entire family!”

“Great Master, take care!”

Yang Chen nodded his head, following which his gaze followed Wang Yong carrying Gao Yue and leaving. Only after Wang Yong’s silhouette couldn’t be seen anymore, did Yang Chen heave a long sigh.

Finally he was relieved from the side of his master. With Great Master Wang Yong at her side during the return journey, her safety would be ensured. After she returned to the Pure Yang Palace, there would be no more problems and she could recuperate with ease.

But the case for finding the culprit who had launched the sneak attack on Gao Yue and heavily injured her was far from being closed. Inside of the Greater Mountains, everyone was responsible for themselves, it was a dog eat dog world. Yang Chen could absolutely not endure Gao Yue being injured, even more so after learning that she was injured while looking for suitable materials for him.

The region were Wang Yong had appeared was the entrance of a cave, so Gao Yue had probably been hiding inside previously. Without saying much, Yang Chen went in to take a look.

This was a naturally formed tunnel, though it was unknown how Gao Yue discovered it. After being seriously injured, she escaped to there and, using the last bit of spiritual power that she had, she launched the signal for help and immediately concealed herself at the cave’s entrance and lost consciousness. Yang Chen could still see mouthfuls of blood Gao Yue had spat, but at this moment, they had all turned purple black already.

Looking at these, Yang Chen could imagine the pain Gao Yue had suffered and the more he saw them, the more his hatred towards those people rose.

This was however certainly not the site where the attack happened, because apart from some mess which Gao Yue had made outside when she had hastily escaped to there, there were no other traces. So since no clues could be found inside, after staying there for a short moment, Yang Chen came out of the cave and covered the entrance. After loudly calling She Kui and Xie Sha, he began to leave.

“Where should we go?”

Xie Sha casually asked.

“Master’s qiankun pouch was robbed, so there was definitely some precious object inside. Let’s have a look in the surroundings and see where can we find some market, maybe we will find some clues there.”

Although Yang Chen was angry, he was not frantic, and calmly analyzed everything to find the region where they could find some clues.

Frankly speaking, the most reliable way to identify the culprit was for Gao Yue herself to identify them after waking up, but the enemy had launched a sneak attack on her, so Yang Chen was not sure if she knew the enemy’s identity, so maybe trying to use some other method would be easier.

The Greater Mountains also did not completely follow the jungle law everywhere, there still were some safe places. These regions were places to carry out business transactions, and since everyone had participated in this, everyone agreed that no fights could happen at these places. All grudges had to be settled outside.

These regions were important to Yang Chen’s investigation. As long as he could find some clues, Yang Chen could immediately make She Kui and Xie Sha connect with the demon beasts of the Greater Mountain. Maybe then he would be able to find the site of the incident and then the attacker.

The two formidable demon beasts changed back into their original shapes, following Yang Chen’s wishes. A palm sized Sand Scorpion and a palm long Meadow Viper occupied Yang Chen’s shoulders. These two appeared to be most ordinary animals. When other people looked at them, they would only think that they were Yang Chen’s house pets and would not even consider them to be demon beasts.

Within Yang Chen’s hand there was a flying sword. This flying sword was gifted to Yang Chen by elder Wu after he had refined the Heaven Seizing Pill as a present. This flying sword was very high grade. Apart from the defensive spell of the medicine garden’s dome, this was the highest grade magic weapon which Yang Chen had. Holding it within his hand clearly looked like he was showing off.

Because this kind of high grade flying sword, which was even good for a YuanYing stage expert, was in the hands of a mere Foundation stage cultivator, it would clearly look like waste in the eyes of anyone.

In the Greater Mountains, everyone hid their identity, but they were JieDan stage cultivators at least. Only very rarely would some peak Foundation stage cultivator appear, but he would then be extremely careful and never reveal his valuables so as to not catch the attention of others. But there was basically no case of an initial Foundation stage cultivator like Yang Chen who would swagger around, carrying such a precious treasure.

Yang Chen did not try to find a destination very meticulously and just picked some random direction and begin to steer his flying sword. The speed of the flying sword was not very fast, but the light of the flying sword reached quite far, as if it was afraid that other people would not see it.

He had been flying for barely two hours when someone suddenly looked at Yang Chen and a formidable spiritual awareness sweeped across. Yang Chen also did not pay much attention to it and kept on minding his own business, but the master of the spiritual awareness couldn’t hold back.


A flying sword quickly rose from halfway up the mountain and rushed towards Yang Chen. The flying sword had still not reached there, but the master of the sword light yelled in a loud voice:

“Fellow daoist, wait a minute!”

Yang Chen immediately stopped in the sky, but the flying sword continued forward and only stopped after travelling a bit further. In the eyes of the other person, this was a clear sign that Yang Chen did not have a complete grasp of his flying sword, which made him even more determined. This person was a male JieDan expert.

“Fellow daoist, why are you in such a hurry? Where are you going?”

The JieDan stage expert had a smile on his face. He was looking at Yang Chen like a wolf was looking at a fat lamb in front of him.

“Myself is just looking for some people to ask for directions.”

The smile on Yang Chen’s face was even wider than that of the JieDan expert:

“Fellow daoist just appeared at the perfect time, maybe you can give me some directions?”

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